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littlemisssteroline  asked:

Why do you hate TS? I'm just really curious...

Okay these might not be valid reasons in yours or others eyes and I’m not going to pretend that I’m better than her (because seriously I respect all that she’s managed to do in such a short time) but here’s why:

1. I think she’s really fake. Every time someone wins an award they do a little shocked face for a minute and then smile or express their surprise at winning through words in their speech or even break down crying, but when she wins an award and makes that face where her mouth hangs open for the ENTIRE WALK UP TO THE STAGE I just want to PUNCH HER. It’s fake. It should be no surprise to her that she’s winning all these awards she literally dominates the music industry and all of her Swifties make sure she gets the votes. On another fake note, I feel like a lot of the kind things she does (such as giving money to her fans and such) is all in the name of publicity, She knows that those fans will tweet about it and word will get around until every news gossip is covering the story. 

2. I think she is a terrible singer. I’m sorry. I am a singer and I study with a teacher who went to Julliard (who was roommates with Audra McDonald!!) and I’m not saying I’m all that and a bag of chips but even if my voice isn’t amazing I know how to sing correctly. Even if you love her voice it is a fact that she sings incorrectly and therefore won’t have the longevity that others such as Dolly Parton or Reba have been able to achieve. Voice teachers teach her songs to their first time students because they have a very simple, unwavering melody and that is just not my type of music. That being said, I am very impressed with her ability to write that many catchy songs because that is not an easy feat, but her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

3. Although she is not pretending to be country anymore, that whole stint annoyed me to no end. There is no way to fake a good voice in country music and while she had a few great country songs on her first album and that is probably the best her voice has ever sounded, it is obvious on her new stuff that she is completely auto-tuned and uses layering over every single high note she attempts to hit. I am SO happy that she is out of the country community! Also, what is up with her not putting her stuff on Spotify? Obviously being a musician is a career but first and foremost it’s about sharing music with others. Almost every artist has their stuff on Spotify because it’s a way to get their music heard, not for profit, but because they’re proud of it and want people to know about it. Making people buy your albums to listen to them and taking down every YouTube video that uses one of your songs is disgusting to me because music is not all about making money.

4. Her fans are CRAZY. Obviously not all of them (I hate when people umbrella every fan of a person based on one) but most of the ones that I’ve interacted with will not even entertain the notion that she could have done anything wrong. For instance, I’m OBSESSED with Carrie Underwood and I can admit that some of her songs aren’t amazing and while she is a superhuman singer (literally praise to the highest heavens), some performances aren’t her best,  but even if T Swift was to crack on every note her fans would blindly tell everyone how beautiful it was and how amazing she is. I have a friend who’s uncle worked with her on her new music video and said she was awful. She was rude and dismissive to every member of the crew and other people in the video, but that friend continues to worship her and denies that she’s not a nice person (love you Hannah but gotta speak the truth here!!) I mean, all of her backup dancers left her to go work with Katy Perry, that has to mean something!! 

5. The most IMPORTANT reason.. Carrie Underwood doesn’t like her. As I just said I am not someone who blindly follows a celeb (even Carrie) but I agree with pretty much every single thing Carrie does and since I have never met TS and Carrie used to come in contact with her on a fairly regular basis, it’s safe to say that if she sees something unlikable in her, that can only add to my already burning hatred. I don’t think Brad Paisley likes her very much either, in fact, aside from Tim McGraw I don’t think many people in the country community like her very much at all and I am a die hard country fan and already a Taylor hater and their attitude towards her only validates my opinions in my eyes.

WOW that was a long rant I am so sorry that I could not give you a simple answer to your simple question but I just CAN’T with T Swizzle. The one thing I will never hate her for though is having “too many” boyfriends. She’s young, fairly pretty, and super famous I mean pretty much every boy wants to date her. She’s young and looking for love, let her live! It does annoy me a little bit that almost every song she has is about a boy but as I said I do not make a habit of listening to her music and therefore am not exactly sure if that’s all she writes about anymore. Overall I am in awe of everything she has accomplished at such a young age do hope her mother makes a full recovery, my dad had cancer last year and it was the scariest time of my life and I would never want anyone to be in that position. But I do not admire her. I admire her publicist and the other people in the entertainment industry that have to put up with her, but I do not like her or her music.

SWIFTIES: I would appreciate it if you didn’t attack me in my askbox. To quote Holly from Dance Moms (I know sorry) “You’re entitled to your wrong opinion”