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Where Bucky turns 100

They originally got it as a gag gift but after seeing how genuinely happy he was no one had the heart to tell him it was a joke.

Steve hates everyone now because Bucky won’t let him go on a mission without it… just in case.

Tomorrow, Tumblr Divided. Following the world premiere of the brand new Captain America: Civil War trailer, Team Cap and Team Iron Man will be answering questions live at 10 am PST/1 pm EST. 

Join Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Sebastian Stan, Chadwick Boseman and The Russo Brothers for an Answer Time Session on BuzzFeed’s official Tumblr. 

See all of the questions and answers here!

Follow Weekend

I was gonna do a Follow Friday, but I got a late start so Im gonna do it for the whole weekend.

I’m gonna follow more blogs during this weekend, but here’s the catch. since Sebastian Stan and Marvel make me happy and smile from ear to ear, if you want me to follow you, send me an ask with anything you think would make me smile. Could be a name, a statement, a joke, a movie, food, or just a silly word!

I work quite a bit this weekend so don’t worry if I don’t get to your ask right away. 

Make me smile and I will follow you!!

I’m pretty sure this is what tomorrow’s european splatfest is gonna be like

Credit goes to whoever made this amazing Bucky fanart


Killin the ladies

things i absolutely love about this scene:

  • steve’s pecs bouncing
  • bucky in casual clothes
  • bucky in casual clothes leaning against the punch buggy
  • bucky in casual clothes leaning against the punch buggy with A HAND ON HIS HIP

i love dying


Bucky’s name is on the wall of valour in ALL SHIELD facilities

YES, Peggy and Howard added his name postmortem as the first fallen agent 😭💔

Also, can we just take a moment to imagine Steve seeing Bucky’s name on it when he first came out of the ice? 😭😭😭

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“Traigan un lápiz con tinta dorada para escribir una nueva historia”, dice la Roja linda y querida, que nos dibuja una sonrisa a todos los chilenos, y en especial a los que se olvidaron de sonreir.