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Time Canary Week: Scene Stealer AU: Star Trek AOS

Captain Rip Hunter recruits Sara Lance into Starfleet after finding her picking fights in a bar in Riverside, Ohio. She’s got a problem with authority and a rebellious streak a mile wide, but she’s a tactical genius who is wasting her potential. As a cadet, she gains infamy for being a rule breaker, but Captain Hunter recognizes her brilliance and takes on the role of her mentor. Upon graduation, she’s assigned to his ship, the USS Waverider, where her unorthodox methods help save the fleet and Earth, after a mysterious ship from the future emerges from a blackhole.

Upon the completion of the Waverider’s first mission, Captain Hunter, now an Admiral, steps down from the chair, promoting Sara to Captain of the Waverider.

While transporting Admiral Hunter to a diplomatic conference in Yorktown, the Federation’s newest base, a space pirate by the name of Kanjar Ro attacks the USS Waverider, taking Admiral Hunter hostage. With the crew decimated, and the ship damaged beyond repair, Captain Lance forges on to save Admiral Hunter from Kanjar Ro. He’s the man who saved her life and gave her purpose, and she can’t leave him behind. She has no idea how she’s going to manage it, but she’s probably going to break a lot of rules.

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i keep rewatching soo's flashbacks of her time with so in the finale and they make me so sad, because she clearly treasured him so much as a lover and a friend. the 'my dear friend' song is so lovely. i always felt like soo and so actually connected over a feeling of shared loneliness, but that might just be me extrapolating from what little we know of ha jin's backstory. also, i think it's quite telling that we see soo having flashbacks to so, but never to her time with wook.

Firstly, I want to say that I’m in love with these flashback scenes, how they were edited with Wang So’s phrases which were basically engraved in Ha Jin’s subconsciousness - they gave me chills. And as you said, these flashbacks also confirmed that her love is as deep as So’s

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I love this song too, it’s so meaningful and fits their story. 

I find it absolutely beautiful that though So and Soo’s characters are different, there are so many similarities between them and they share same values and ideals.

Yep, who cares about Wook, this unnecessary sneaky snake-time stealer when So is her epic and only love. *cries*


Lol you breadlings remember this and this

Sorry for any mistakes, I’m currently shaking with rage 8D

Apparently that lovely person (previsouly MotherLoaf, now iTrafalgar) who was stealing my identity on iFunny (a phone app)  is still stealing my art and claiming they drew it! How lovely! I thought that person undestood the lesson, but apparently they are so fucking stubborn that they are still stealing my shit owo They thought I had forgotten about their pitiful behaviour but hey, what they don’t know is that I’m the kind of person who stalks those who were jerks to me in many ways. So this time, I found out they were stealing by myself yay

Last time, I was kinda FRIGHTENED about all this (because of the stolen identity thing) but this time, I’m not scared anymore. This time, I’m pissed and I want this person to stop stealing art. I’m not the only one they are stealing from. Last time, I didn’t tell the other bloggers that this person has been stealing their art. I saw @elyonblackstar‘s, @earthcookies‘s, @itsamemarshallbanana‘s, @go-go-go-karu‘s art… And many others I don’t know. Though they are only claiming my art to be theirs.

Last time, I acted correctly to that stealer. This time, I won’t be nice at all. This is the second time. No need for the person to run towards me like “AH IM SORRY IDK WHY I DID THIS” because you deliberately did it again. YOU KNEW IT WAS WRONG! YOU KNEW. I thought you understood. But really you didn’t. If you come to apologize, I’ll throw your excuses back at your face. Last time, I was concerned you would feel lame. This time, oh, this time… This time, I almost hope you feel lame. Because what you did is no good. Stealing is no good. Now you did it one time, I knew you were going to steal my art and claiming it yours again one day. You hear me? I knew it!

Now, if you Breadlings are still reading this, I’m asking you to report this person. If only me does it, it won’t work. Feel free to do it or not, guys. Do it if you think they deserve it, don’t if you’re against it. I won’t force you, I won’t look down at you because you didn’t do it.

You guys may be thinking, “yes but… maybe they are going to do it again… what can you do against it?” Yep that’s right.
What I’m gonna do is making my own account on ifunny. Follow me on there so the REAL Breadlings army will rise again, with the REAL Bread MC at its head!!! 8D
If the real Mother Loaf is on iFunny… Why would people follow a fake account? B] That would greatly help me out!

My iFunny username is BreadMC. Look for me and follow me if you want! 8D

Ah. Now I feel less angry. I’m going to send a message to that iTrafalgar person so they know they won’t be able to post my art anymore without it being so fucking obvious they are stealing. vuv

Have a good day my Breadlings! I love you lots! >u<
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