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class doodle sketch dump,,, aaaa mostly spliced dimensions…hhhhah

Attention, Switches and subs.

Tomorrow from 4-9, 10-11 if I’m generous, I’m going to be splicing my time into 30-45 minute windows for scene practices. Do not just show up, let me know if you’re interested, and unless I find you objectionable I’ll make some time, since I intend to take this week quite seriously. People who have asked me prior may get one of these windows or may schedule something else with me this week is Tuesday won’t work.

Chasing Promises (5/6)

Title: Chasing Promises
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 510
Warnings: None
Spoilers: spoilers for Captain America: Civil War

I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much I love you for the love you’ve shown this series. It was supposed to be ONE DRABBLE FOR PETE’S SAKE. Just… thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

(also, I feel this might be in order: I’m sorry)

If you want in on the taglist, please, send me an ask. Tag list found under the cut at the end of the chapter.

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He comes at you with a fervor that immediately sets you on edge, the tension in his muscles back after months of slowly bleeding out of him. Bucharest has been good to the two of you, allowing you to relax, to grow, to become accustomed. The apartment is small, windows covered with newspapers, one mattress that you sleep on back to back, the proximity and point of contact no longer awkward. You sent Bucky to the market for plums, not wanting to tear yourself from the little bookstore you found. The man behind the desk smiled knowingly at you, and you blushed. It’s not like that.




You honestly don’t know anymore. For so long, you lived in fear of the man he was, the things they said he could, would, do to you. Then he came back for you, pulled you out of captivity. You’ve asked yourself often why you followed him, and every time he’s spliced electricity to keep you warm, moved you when HYDRA has come to close, smiled as you’ve thrust a piece of fruit into his hand, it’s affirmation enough. Not a monster, a good man.

And yet.

He comes running at you, and for a moment you’re back with HYDRA, you’re seeing him for the first time, and your insides turn to frost. Something’s wrong.


“You need to leave.”


“I- I don’t know how. They will come for me. You can be safe, but you need to leave, now.”


He pulls out a thick envelope from his jacket and pushes it into your hands. You don’t need to open it to know what it is, you’re just surprised he’s been walking around with it.

“Go home. Go anywhere, anywhere that’s away from me. You need to be safe.”

“I… I don’t want to.”

You’re surprised to hear the words come out of your mouth, maybe even more surprised than Bucky is at hearing them. This life you two have created, flawed and fractured as it may be, is better than anything you could create for yourself. There was a reason HYDRA took you; no real family to miss you, no community or wide circle of friends to worry about. You were sheltered and displaced at the same time, and this strange little life has everything you once didn’t.

“Have you been happy with me?”

The question comes out of nowhere, stuns you momentarily, but you still nod mutely, watching his expression contort into a strange mix of despair and calm.

“Then, please, go,” Bucky pleads, cupping your cheeks in a rare display of affection. “I need you to be safe. You need to go. I will come back for you, I will find you, I promise.”

He enunciates the last two words, hammering in their importance. It’s only temporary. You press a kiss to his cheek, and he takes off, back down the street and you feel like something is ripped from you.

It might have been your heart.

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I decided to start my splicing adventure by editing the BW2 sprites of the Hoenn Gym Leaders who appear in ORAS (poor Juan) so that they would look closer to their remake counterparts’ VS. Portraits.

The catch? Any missing colours could only be extracted from ‘mons they have in any of their teams. For example, Wallace’s… things that he has draped over his shoulders is coloured by his Walrein and Ludicolo, and Norman’s light tan is thanks to Slaking. Winona and Flannery are the only ones with actual splicing involved - Sigilyph (leg wings and google eyes), Tropius (glove wings), Pelipper’s right foot for Winona, Camerupt for Flannery’s belt - but it’s just not the same if I only upload the two of them…

For being my first time splicing and editing (far as I remember) it’s not too bad, is it?



“In you and I, there’s a new land” - literally in Sora and Riku there was a new land (like the sleeping worlds)

“Where fears and lies melt away” - SORA MAKES FEARS AND LIES MELT AWAY

“MUSIC IN TIME” - SORA AND RIKU’S SOUND IDEAS PLAY DEARLY BELOVED IN TIME TOGETHER (but also how different splices in time were introduced and I guess if you really want to, you can refer to these splices as “melodies” that move in a different rhythm from each other (so parallel time lines etc…)

“what’s left of me, what’s left of me now” what’s left of Sora near the end of ddd. And also, what’s his true self really like when all the people in his heart are gone?

“I watch you, fast asleep”

“MY HEART’S A BATTLEGROUND” applies to sora and riku

“You show me how to see that nothing is whole and, nothing is broken” How Riku thinks of Sora


Some things Caine and Jupiter do for each other

Caine takes Jupiter to the real birth planet of humanity, answering all her questions, (agreeing that Earth is still more awesome). 

Jupiter learns that augmented humans are a thing and gets a freaking dog tail to both a) make a statement about splice rights and b) make Caine feel more like a member of her pack (the tail is just fun too). 

Caine gets Jupiter gravity boots that actually fit her but Jupiter still uses his because they were his

Jupiter learns that Caine technically doesn’t have a birthday, comes up with one for him, and makes sure it’s one that really impresses her family. 

Caine finds Jupiter an ancient manual on the gravity boots so that she can learn how they work. Neither of them understand it. That’s okay. 

Jupiter helps Caine with Earth fashion so that he fits in. 

Caine teaches Jupiter his tricks with eyeliner because his is perfect

Jupiter enrolls Caine in some random summer classes because he always wanted to experience formal education. 

Caine collects information on all the damage and injuries they indadvertedly caused during their chases so that Jupiter can anonymously pay the victims. 

Jupiter gets Intergalactic Advocate Bob to pull some legal strings and has Caine made Kiza’s formal godfather. It’s the first time two different splice species are legally related. 

Caine finds Jupiter crying and licks away her tears, exactly like a dog. It sets her laughing - exactly like he knew it would. 

katxhavok  asked:

Houndoom and Arcanine

A demon dog! And as an added bonus, I’m including an Arcanine that’s easier to recolor. I changed the black stripes so you can recolor that without messing up the black outline. I also changed some of the outline for the orange parts, so if you wanna make the orange one color, and the cream another color, that will work.