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omg when i was at work today this german family came through and they had a little girl who was like 3 and she walked up to the register and was like "Hallo, mein name ist Katrina" so i was like "hallo Katrina wie gehts?" and she was shook but happy at the same time. made my ugly shift better. god bless germany

Omg this is cute where do u live

The earth’s a little harder than it was.
But I expect that it will soften soon,
voluptuous in some age hence,
because we captured it as art
the moment it was most itself:
fragile, flecked with nimbleweed,
and so alone,
it almost welcomed its own ravishment.

I was a maiden in this versicolor plain.
I watched it change.
Withstood that change, the infidelities
of light, the solar interval, the shift of time,
the shift from farm to town.
I had a man that pressed me down
into the soil. I was that man. I was that town.

They call the chicory “ragged sailors” here:
sojourners who have finally returned
and are content to see the summer to its end.
Be unafraid of what the future brings.
I will not use this particular blue again.

D. A. Powell, from “Tender Mercies”

Charlie: We kind of screw with the timeline of when you’re seeing each episode, and a moment that you might see in an episode will happen in an episode, so you’re realizing this episode actually happened two days before this one…It’s just like a little kind of thing, we don’t really beat it over the head, it was just something we tried in the writers room this year…

Glenn: You could actually sit and watch this season, and if you’re really paying attention you can track certain things. You’re like, oh that’s actually from that other episode, and that was happening concurrently with that one. And we kind of build to an ending that was something that we’ve never done before, and I won’t give anything away, but if you’re really paying attention, you can track how we got there.

—  Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day, “The Writer’s Room” podcast.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the Mandela Effect, which is when a large amount of people have a shared memory of something that apparently was never so. There are 3 particular things I read that have been bugging me.

1. I loved the BerenSTEIN Bears books as a kid. But now it’s spelled BerenSTAIN with no record or ever being spelled as Berenstein. I remember this distinctly because it was very similar to my cousin Danielle ’s last name. Anyone else remember this? Wish I still had old books to confirm.
2. Interview with A Vampire is now Interview with THE Vampire. Both movie and book are now “THE Vampire” with no record of ever being “A Vampire”. I’m positive it was “A” because Audra and I watched that movie at least 20 times when we were younger and I’ve read the book twice. Wtf?
3. Apparently chartreuse is a lime green color, but myself and others remember it as a maroon color. I distinctly remember having a chartreuse crayon as a kid and it was a reddish color…

So…are we all mad here? Some alternative timeline? Or is it like in 1984 where “they” rewrite history and information at will?


Tord: Uh, sorry but I do not know who is this “Tom” person you’re talking about, and I don’t understand why do you associate me with him so much. But, I remember Edd occasionally mentioning he had a friend named Tom and that’s it.

Ah, and thanks for the cookies.

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Hi! ^~^ Can you do a BTS reaction? Their s/o placing BTS' hand in between her legs when they're sleeping and secretly trying to rub themselves with their hand? Is this confusing? I'm sorry if it is !

Jungkook : *Wakes up looking at you with one eye open in confusion*

Staring at your face for a long period of time, he’d shift his body and start moving his fingers slowly and lazily up and down your core.

Jimin : *Acts like he’s asleep*

Tries his hardest to not laugh because of how needy you are.

J-Hope : Right when he feels something warm and wet he’d jump in surprise yanking his hand out between your legs.

Yoongi : Asks “what you’re doing,” in a mean scary tone just because you interrupted his sleep.

Taehyung : Pulls his hand away mumbling “Jagiya stop,” not even realizing what you’re actually doing than goes back to sleep.

Jin : Say “stop,” loudly right when you put his hand in between your legs.

Namjoon : *Continues snoring louder than ever*

His eyebrows would start to furrow and his face would start changing expressions in his sleep.



a series of unlikely crossovers

Letting Go of The Old Cycle - Remember THIS IS THE PAST.

These coming days have been very intense energetically been personally on hibernating mode. we’re entering a very heavy energetic period because we’re losing a LOT of past baggage. We must think about this, we entered the new year IN a retrograde.

The way I see we set ourselves up to build a fantastic foundation for the new year. We’re purging a lot of past baggage and even pieces of our ancestral lineage. Mercury Retrograde is a bit like time traveling, we’re revisiting the past from a different perspective. Mercury allows us to do a soul evaluation - what is working and what is horribly not working anymore in our lives?

Tomorrow Mercury moves direct. So if you could imagine yourself on a ride, we’re slowing down, reaching the end of the old cycle. the last bits of 2016 are leaving us and we’re starting to welcome the new energy with open arms.

The resistance many of us are feeling is OUR PAST BAGGAGE. Not your present. Rather than just exclaiming this is all negative and polarity like, dig deeper and ask how does this connect to my past? What is the lesson here? What do I need to see?

Remember this is just the Past. Keep Pushing through the resistance and you’ll pop out on the other side.

love you all,