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If Ben & Sophie did a romantic movie together


Saw Beauty and the Beast last night.

Seeing it tomorrow morning…and Sunday morning…probably more.

Why can’t every movie be this perfect? The original was done justice in my opinion, nothing was left out yet we were given so much more.

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My favorite thing about this story is that for once it’s the Prince that needs saving and the educated/fearless/head strong woman does the rescuing. 

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No love at first sight, instead we see a friendship blossom and an unexpected love emerge. It’s beautiful.

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The cast couldn’t have been more spot on, like seriously, they were born for these roles, especially Luke Evans, what a scene stealer.

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AND MIGHT I JUST ADD how happy I am that Lefou was LGBT. Praise! It’s 2017 and I am proud to say my daughters weren’t traumatized by it but instead loved that the two boys danced at the end. Like I said, beautiful.

Plus Beasts solo, Evermore, well lets just say I ain’t mad at it. Get it beast, feel that sorrow filled love!

Basically, everyone should go see it. Immediately. You won’t be sorry.

Solar System: Things to Know  This Week

This week, we’re looking at MAVEN’s exploration of Mars, the Orionid meteor showers, Mercury’s “great valley” and more.

1. Celebrating MAVEN

MAVEN, the Mars Atmospheric and Volatile Evolution, was the second mission selected for our Mars Scout program and the first to explore the planet’s upper atmosphere . It launched on November 18, 2013 and entered orbit around Mars on September 21, 2014. 

+ MAVEN Quick Facts

2. Jupiter Moon Dance

This time-lapse sequence of Hubble Space Telescope images shows Jupiter’s moon Europa as it moved across the planet’s face over the course of 19 minutes. Europa is at the bottom center on Jupiter’s disk, the Great Red Spot to the left and Europa’s shadow to its right. The video was created by combining six snapshots taken in ultraviolet light with Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3.

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3. The Orionid Meteor Shower

Orionid shower peaks November 28. Look for the constellation Orion in the Southeast sky by 9 p.m. Using binoculars, look for the Orion Nebula. 

4. Comet Warming Up!! 

Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdu áková will brighten to expected stunning binocular visibility in mid to late December, but is near Venus on November 23rd.

+ Track the Comet

5. Mercury’s “Great Valley”

A newly discovered “great valley” in the southern hemisphere of Mercury provides more evidence that the planet closest to the sun is shrinking. Using stereo images from our MESSENGER spacecraft to create a high-resolution map, scientists have discovered that revealed the broad valley – more than 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) long – extending into the Rembrandt basin, one of the largest and youngest impact basins on Mercury. About 250 miles (400 kilometers) wide and 2 miles (3 kilometers) deep, Mercury’s great valley is smaller than Mars’ Valles Marineris, but larger than North America’s Grand Canyon and wider and deeper than the Great Rift Valley in East Africa.

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Discover the full list of 10 things to know about our solar system this week HERE.

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Official Owari no Seraph Workbook art feat Yu and Mika from Wit Studio 
turned into a gif by Namanari. (So no re-posting)


Ichiruki. Not!Angst. Written for @deathberryprompts weekly drabble theme; ‘cape’. 100 words. 

This death will be quick, and it will be painless and all of the dragging weight on her shoulders will finally be lifted. Rukia breathes, feeling the heat of the flames on her face, feeling the scorch of the air as it reaches her lungs, and she welcomes the bite of the pain in her chest – one final act of penance.

She is ready, she is at peace.

Rukia closes her eyes.

Now, she thinks, consume me.

The fire never comes.

Instead, Ichigo grins, and his cape flutters in the wind and the illusion of peace is shattered with one word.


As you’ve probably seen from my comparison posts, recently I’ve been watching episodes 5 and 6 of Yuri on Ice, the TV version and the DVD version side-by-side, which was what allowed me to spot those differences in the first place. I’ve shared with you the improvements in the art in a few specific scenes, but what about the animation? Specifically, the skating animation?

I suppose my feelings are mixed. I was definitely happy to see that they fixed Phichit’s short program, basically replacing it with the footage from episode 11, which made it look great - as it very much deserved to look. The case was similar for Yuuri’s FS - they replaced some of the ‘audience reaction shots’ with animation sequences that were shown to us in later episodes, which much improved the flow of the program and its visual appeal as a whole.

At the same time, the skating sequences of other skaters seemed mostly unchanged. This was particularly visible with Minami’s which was probably the stiffest and most jarring of all of them. I found it to be a pity since I thought they had enough time to fix it, but at the same time, I get that they would essentially have to reanimate a good 2-minute chunk of the show, which I suppose may be asking for much. As for the others skaters, they polished certain elements and added some small sequences in the programs we’ve seen previously, replacing some of the audience reactions. (I may do gifs for comparison eventually.) I’m quite sure they improved stuff in Leo’s program, but left Georgi and Chris’s programs essentially unchanged.

At the same time, rewatching all the skating made me realize that it’s not that bad? Not as bad as people made it out to be, at least. Like, Phichit’s SP was originally probably the worst one, but with that now fixed, the others look completely fine. I’m guessing there’s some psychological effect at work here. In any case, watching them all again after some time has passed made me realize that they’re really not that bad. Yes, some of the jumps or the faraway shots look a little stiff and the faces/heads are sometimes distorted and not on-model but overall? The skating animation is really decent and rewatching it definitely gave me an opportunity to appreciate it more.

While I sort of wish they would have polished the skating animation even more, I appreciate what they’ve done and I definitely like the changes in shots/scenes off the ice, since they give the anime a sense of higher quality, which is basically what DVDs and BluRays are supposed to give.

Overall, I’m mostly satisfied and I’m looking forward to the next volume!