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Last Minute Date (Jackson)

Originally posted by kookihyunnie

Plot: there’s a date party happening. You wanna go. And Jackson needs a date. How about that…

Length: 2,549 words

Genre: fratboy!Got7

*I am still on hiatus/considered inactive but I had a little free time and I wanted to get my Jackson feels out… as well, this is inspired by a true story 👀

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supercat week 3: day 1

Sunday, April 16 – Abilities; being near your soulmate gives you abilities/takes away abilities (e.g., healing injuries, immortality, powers, etc.)



“What do you see when your soulmate is far away from you, daddy?” Kitty asks after the last page of Rapunzel turns, the hardcover shutting with a soft thump. Her father chuckles.

“I don’t see anything, sweetheart,” he says, Brooklyn accent familiar and comforting. “You mother and I don’t see through each other’s eyes like Rapunzel and Phillip. When I’m near her – not far away – my feelings are…amplified. It’s very strange – you know how daddy feels, yeah?”

“Like there’s a blanket over your head. So when you’re near mom, you can feel properly?”

“I already feel properly,” he corrects her, placing Rapunzel on the side-table. “The blanket just goes away. Everything gets very personal all of a sudden – my emotions get stronger and my physical feeling gets more sensitive. It was scary the first time it happened. Your mother was the same as me, but a little different and she always tried to run when it started.”

“And you chased her! Like Cinderella and Prince Florian!” Kitty sits up, grinning. “Mommy’s always shakes her head when she tells me about it, but it’s like what you said to me before, she shakes her head because she thinks it’s silly.”

“Mmm, yeah,” her father gently pushes her off his lap, standing. “Remind me to tell you about the corduroy incident when you’re older. Now, my little Kitty-cat, bedtime.”

“But dad-”


Cat never had any so-called ‘unusual trait’ when she was growing up. She wasn’t colour-blind, she didn’t have any sensitivity or strange tolerance that would disappear when her soulmate was nearby. She was the epitome of normal – and that grated on her. All around her, there were people with identifiable abilities or weaknesses. Only Lois was the same and they hated the world together, for a time, fucking in the privacy of their shared apartment before Lois met Superman and came to understand why she loved the sky so much.

“Being able to fly isn’t something you want to be able to do,” Cat later tells Carter, when he declares that he wants to fly like Lois Lane. “Lois isn’t invulnerable like Superman – if she flies, she has to stay side-by-side with the caped wonder in case she suddenly falls out of the sky. Also, she doesn’t have the Kryptonian strength to pull herself out of wind-currents. How do you think she dislocated her shoulder?”

Carter then, of course, gets terrified of flying, through no fault of his own. Cat sometimes wonders what meeting his soulmate would do to him. Being on the spectrum isn’t wrong – it makes him Carter and she worries. Her own parents both suffered terribly before making something of it, discovering new methods to cope. To cope. Being soulmates just made their personality disorders…for all her skills and talents, Cat can’t describe it properly. She just hopes with all her heart that being autistic isn’t something that finding his soulmate will ‘fix’.


Kara impresses something in her. Kara knows she hasn’t made a difference yet, but she wants to, she wants to find herself and do something good. That’s the kind of confidence Cat can do something with. Cat can build a person out of that, or rather, what Kara can build herself out of. She has potential.

Potential is good.


When Leslie attacks and Supergirl comes to her rescue, Cat sees it for the first time. Supergirl is brave, young and determined – much like her assistant. Cat thinks back, later, on all the instances she’s seen Supergirl up close and personal and comes to a stark conclusion, one that leaves her strangely confounded.

“I said you had potential. This was not what I had in mind,” she mutters to herself at home, Carter in bed and Supergirl’s picture on her desktop, staring up at the sky. “Really? I had an alien for an assistant and I didn’t notice? Where is my head? Has it fallen down a rabbit-hole?”

It must be fate, however, when she sees a column in The Daily Planet announcing Lois Lane’s marriage to Clark Kent.

“Clark Kent? Oh, that fox-” Cat would go on to bemoan the loss of such a fine specimen, but then she glances at her computer screen again, Kara’s picture alongside Supergirl’s. “Clark Kent. Clark…Kent.” Cat has already made up most of her mind before she manages to bring up a picture of Clark’s handsome face and Superman’s. “No. Now that is unfair.” A brief second passes, before Cat then remembers another fun fact. “Kara requested time off work this weekend – by all the Pulitzers I’ve won, no! Supergirl and Superman are cousins!”

Cat groans, putting her hands on her face.

“I can’t believe you, Keira! You went to Lois Lane’s wedding? I feel betrayed, Keira, betrayed.” Cat shuts her laptop, thoughts running through her mind, ping-ponging back and forth. “Kara went to Lois Lane’s wedding. Kara is Supergirl. Clark is Superman. Clark and Lois are soulmates. Kara went to Lois Lane’s wedding. Ugh…” Cat glances at her framed photo of Carter on her bedside table. “You know what the worst part is? I can’t talk to her about this. I can’t confront her in a glorious fury about attending my nemesis’ wedding. For all I know, she was just taking some time off, probably with that sister of hers.”

Cat goes to shut her eyes, but then she sees the flash of red through her open bedroom window. Sitting up slowly, Cat gets up, stalking over, raising her eyebrows.

“Are you spying on me, Kara?” There’s a long, long moment, before Cat glances a bit further up and sees Supergirl floating near the wall, clutching the end of her cape. “Get down to my level. I am not craning my neck any longer.”

Supergirl floats down, floating a little outwards, before Cat’s unimpressed look has her coming within touching distance.

“You have some explaining to do, Miss-I-Went-To-Lois’-Wedding.”

The alien grimaces. “She’s really not that bad.”

“Oh? Well, I invite her to tell you about the night that she rudely broke up with me, just because she started sharing Superman’s power of flight – oh wait, that would be Clark’s power of flight, wouldn’t it?”

“You and Lois were together?” Is the younger blonde’s reply, causing Cat to roll her eyes before she moves backwards, making space.

“Come inside.”

“I really shouldn’t…” Supergirl says, floating in anyway, lightly touching the ground, eyeing her plush green carpet. “I wouldn’t have taken you for green. White, maybe.”

“Carter chose it. It reminds him of moss.” Cat elaborates, before shutting her window, the cold breeze ruffling her silk chemise.

“Um, before we talk further, I think you have the right to know,” Supergirl starts, looking at her awkwardly…pityingly? “Lois, she didn’t- she couldn’t fly until she made out with him.”

It takes a second to process, but then it’s like a punch in the gut. “Oh,” she breathes, swallowing the lump in her throat. “Do soulmates work differently when it comes to aliens, then?”

“Y-yeah,” Supergirl brushes her hair behind her ear nervously, still holding her cape, grip visibly tightening. “Human soulmates find each other through detection of hormones each person puts out. Not all other beings have the glands to detect them. Kryptonians need to, uh…”

“Kiss.” Cat gets out, practically forcing the word to leave her mouth. “So you might have difficulty finding them then, yes?”

“Well, actually, we have our own way,” she replies, voice light and so full of nerves, Cat wonders at how she hasn’t had some sort of panic-attack yet. “We get…there’s a nicer word for it in Kryptonese, but translated, I suppose ‘obsessed’ would be appropriate.”

“Oh?” Cat blinks, thinking back to earlier times, when Clark Kent would look at Lois with recognisable longing. There had been so many bets on whether Lois would snark about it in front of him – he’d always turned red so easily – but she never did. She was strangely nice about it, too nice now that Cat thinks about it.

The “I’m sorry” interrupts her thoughts.

“What?” She snaps back to the present, frowning at Supergirl.

“I’m sorry,” the other woman repeats, “I’ve been lying to you for so long about who I am, what I am. I suppose you don’t really want an alien on your staff.”

“No,” Cat says, before taking in her expression and belatedly realising it could be seen as an agreement. “Of course, I mean, I do want you on my staff, Kara. Don’t think otherwise. You’re brilliant and I’ve never had a better assistant.”

The tension in Kara’s body visibly drops, her cape twisting back into position as she drops it, breathing a sigh of relief. “Thank-you.”

“Think nothing of it,” Cat shakes her head, before coming forwards. “One thing though, before you leave. You might call it idle curiosity.” Kara’s eyes widen as she steps into her personal space. “Also, getting back at Lois.”

“What?” Kara asks, voice worried.

Cat eyes her assistant, thinking of the implications. “This doesn’t have to mean anything, but I would like to kiss you, Kara, if you don’t mind.” Kara stares. Cat swallows. “You don’t have to. It doesn’t need to mean anything at all-”


Cat pauses, “Yes?”

Kara surprises her then, hands coming up to her jaw, cradling it gently as their lips touch. Her lips are smooth and Cat somehow isn’t surprised by the taste of sugar as her tongue dips into her mouth. Cat clutches her skirt, nails digging into the skin below, but then Kara pulls away, squeaking and putting a hand over her mouth. Cat flushes at the pink smudge she’s left behind before discreetly wiping around her own bottom lip.

“That was very…lovely, Kara.”

“I- ah-” Kara steps back sharply, looking to the window. “I gotta go! There- there’s a cat up a tree!” Before Cat has any chance to reply to her frankly strange comment, Kara rushes to the window, opening it again and disappearing into the night.

“What in the blazes…” Cat looks out the window, nonplussed. Shaking her head, she goes to her bathroom, trying not to think about…what just happened and how she had liked it far more than she should. It meant nothing and anyway, what harm can one kiss do other than inspire far more awkwardness at the office? I hate awkwardness.

Cat grimaces at herself in her mirror.


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Josh Dun X Reader

Request: Could you write in imagine where you and josh recently got married but when he has finally come home from tour he barely spends any time with you and you get upset about it so you try to talk to him about it but he yells at you and a big fight happens but then you guys make up and it’s cute yay? ❤️

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The Marble Machine

((Not a prompt, just something I felt like writing based off of this video. (Y/F/N) stand for Your Full Name. This also takes place in the GTA!AU. -Mod Kim))

The Marble Machine

Michael Jones only took one day off of work every year. He never requested time off for if he was sick or injured or extra vacation days. Every year he would request a single day off and every year Geoff said yes without thinking much of it. But after five years of Michael being in Geoff’s crew and asking for the same day off every year Geoff is bound to get curious so when Michael came up to Geoff with the customary “time-off” form filled out, Geoff asked about it.

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The Tip Jar- A Scary Encounter Working at a Bikini Coffee Stand at 4:00 AM

By HelloSaroh/reddit

This encounter has been verified by reddit.

I am not willing to share the evidence that earned the “verified” flair with anyone else except the mods for obvious reasons. I am no longer responding to hostile comments or comments about dis-believing my story. If you don’t believe it, I no longer care as the support shown to me has been far greater and shown by intelligent, compassionate individuals.

The Tip Jar

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Hi Y'all!!

Im gonna take some future diary doodle requests if y'all have anything in mind you wanna see! Ill take requests until 7 central time (or when I get off work) and ill get to as many as I can after that!!
(Also no nsfw with underage characters)

anonymous asked:

Winter suga in 16 would be very cute!? (i love your art, it`s so nice)

thank you!! i know nothing about winter and i’m not fond of using too much blue in my drawings, so this was considerably challenging! i had fun drawing suga tho ^_^v

accumulated-hostility  asked:

Hi, my 15 y/o dog was put to sleep today and Im really sad so wondering RFA reaction to MC losing her pet and getting depressed?

So I wasn’t gonna start working on this request until tomorrow, but @beefymcstrongarms‘s dog also had to be put down today so I thought I’d write this as soon as I could. As most of you know, Maddi’s a very very close friend of mine so if you could, please send both her and @accumulated-hostility some love i mean without maddi this blog would have gone inactive long ago bc she keeps me sane so ya’ll kinda owe her one 

  • Jumin: he’ll be initiating multiple cuddle sessions throughout the day. He won’t say anything as your form’s engulfed within his arms; all Jumin will do is just listen to your vents and cries. He suppresses his emotions towards everything except you and Elizabeth 3rd - that being said, Jumin will be the most empathetic out of everyone in the RFA. He’s never even considered the possibility of Elizabeth passing away, so he could only assume how draining this time is for you. Jumin will also make sure that your dog gets a really large gravestone. He’ll also spoil you a ton, buying you anything you want regardless of the price. 

  • Zen: he’s already rather affectionate, but upon hearing the news, it’ll double. Zen will spoil you quite a bit, buying you a bouquet of your favourite flowers and even some matching couple sweaters and scarves. He’ll also take a picture of your dog over to an embroiderer, and a couple of days later, a simple, circular handcrafted photo of your dog will show up at your nightstand.

  • 707: he’ll postpone whatever assignment he was currently working on, his new task being providing you with optimal comfort. Whether it’s cuddling you, showing you every outdated cat meme, or giving you some uplifting words - it’s all going to be there. The next day, you’ll receive a suspiciously large package that appears to move slightly. After informing Seven about it, he insists on you opening it. Turns out it was a box of puppies that he ordered the day you’d told him of your dog’s death. 

  • Jaehee: she’ll request some time off from work, to which Jumin will refuse. To compensate for that, Jaehee will return home as soon as office hours are over, working at home instead of the C&R building. She’ll be seated right beside you as she works, asking you random questions about your day. Other than that, your face will be receiving plenty of kisses from Jaehee’s lips, whilst the spaces between your fingers will become occupied with hers. 

  • Yoosung: the entire day will be spent with cuddles and kisses from him. Yoosung’s had a similar experience with Sally’s death, so he’ll know how to console you. Yoosung will pull out a couple of photos and videos, trying to solidify every pleasing memory you had with your pet. He’ll keep telling you how he was a ‘really good boy’ and that you’d given your dog the best life you possibly could’ve. 

remember-within-me  asked:

Can I ask a question? When will the forth chapter of The Second Son Of Gaster be out, or other comic? I can't wait! Your comics is the best undertale comic i ever seen! The way you draw Sans and Papyrus are so great! And I just love the story line you create! I was almost blow up when I finish your comics! IT IS SO GOOD! I can't wait! Hope there're a forth chapter! It will be the end of the world if you stop drawing them.

I know how frustrating it can be when a thing you like isn’t updating /:) But I don’t think it will really be the end of the world… will it? SSoG only has 3 chapters, it’s complete. When I write more it will be a different story. Thanks so much for sending this note of support! Undertale time is ‘play time’ for me… It’s my reward for getting something serious done. I’m really missing these boys, though, and I’m using it as a BIG big carrot for my current focus (read on)…

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No Bigger Than My Thumb (Soryu fluff)

Hey all! Man am I on a roll! And why am I only creative when it’s in the wee hours of the morning??

So… This is dedicated to @animekasandra! I thought she might want some cheering up, and what better way than to read some nice fluff about your bias? I only know Soryu though, so sorry bout that! 

And this is based on the OTBS side-story of ‘Honey, I shrunk MC’. I was reading a fic where the MC was shrunk, and I thought, hey! What if it were the guy who got shrunk? And you have to admit… A tiny Soryu in his pjs would be cute…

So anyway, hope you guys like it! And I hope it actually make much sense, considering it was written past midnight…

“____! Wake up ______!” You heard your name being called out. You blearily blinked as you looked over at the bedside clock. It was earlier than your usual time, and you wondered what caused you to wake up. You heard your name being called out again, and turned over to glare at your boyfriend, wanting to demand an explanation for waking you up at an ungodly hour. All words died on your lips as you froze at the sight before you. You blinked a few times, even rising up into a sitting position to rub your eyes, unable to believe the sight in front of you. In front of you was Soryu in his pajamas. Which would have been normal, except that Soryu was no bigger than your thumb!

“I must be dreaming,” You murmured. You pinched your cheek, hard.

“Ow!” You exclaimed. Rubbing your cheek to alleviate the pain, you stared at the mini Soryu. So you had established it was not a dream. Painfully. However, you had no idea what had happened or what you were to do. You carefully placed Soryu onto your palm and studied him carefully. On the inside, you were squealing over how cute he was. He was just so tiny! A small smile escaped you, but you quickly sobered up when you thought about the day. How was he supposed to perform his duties? And eat? Where would he stay? Was this a permanent issue? Millions of thoughts swirled in your head.

“______, calm down,” Soryu ordered, understanding the conflict you were experiencing. You were distracted momentarily, internally cooing over his cute voice. He sighed.

“I won’t be able to go into work today. Luckily, there are no important meetings planned for today. You’ll have to call Samejima for me though, and tell him I’m busy today and will be unable to take any calls, and that he’ll be in charge.” Soryu momentarily grimaced as he looked down himself. He would never live it down if any ice dragon members caught sight of him. Or the bidders too, for that matter. You nodded, before voicing a question.

“Soryu, what will you be doing today? I have to work, but you can’t stay here yourself…” Both of you lapsed into silence, thinking of possible solutions. Ultimately, the only solution you could come up with, and that he grudgingly agreed to, was that he accompanied you to work. Your uniform had a breast pocket, and while it was slightly awkward for you, it was the best solution. That way, you could watch over him and ensure that no harm would befall him. You would have requested time off work, but the hotel was understaffed at the moment due to a flu bug being spread around, and all available help was required.

You breathed a sigh of relief when lunch break came around. There had been too many close shaves that morning. For the first part of the morning, you were with Hikaru and went round the various rooms. You took extra care with your actions, afraid that any small movements may cause injuries to your boyfriend. Your unusual actions thankfully went unnoticed by your partner, but there were times you swore that Hikaru were puzzled by your actions, and was about to ask you. You would divert his attention elsewhere or move to another part of the room to clean, thereby preventing any possible awkward questions from being raised. Luckily, during the middle of the morning shift, Hikaru was requested by Kenzaki to help out at another wing of the hotel, leaving you in peace to continue your work. The rest of the morning was spent chatting with Soryu, whom you had placed on bedside tables in the rooms that you were cleaning while working. You managed to find a quiet spot to have lunch. Sitting down, you gently placed Soryu onto the table beside you. You then fished out a small plate that you had used for tea parties when you were a child from your bag, before placing small pieces of food on it for Soryu to eat. Soryu frowned in displeasure. The small body was so inconvenient! He glared at the food as though it had insulted him. Noticing his glare, you sighed.

“Soryu, at least eat a little,” You wheedled him. “See, I even made you your favourite omelettes!” Seeing your puppy-dog eyes, Soryu sighed. He picked up a small piece of the omelette and started eating. Seeing him eat, you relaxed and started enjoying your meal. Inspiration suddenly struck you, and you sneakily took out your phone. Making sure it was on silent and that he was not focusing on you, you quickly snapped a few shots before hiding your phone again.

Lunch break was over, and Soryu was back in your pocket. After eating, Soryu was feeling sleep, and soon dozed off. Noticing that, you bit back a smile and tried to work without jostling him much. However, in the middle of your chores, the penthouse pager buzzed. Crap! Your eyes widened. You dashed to the penthouse, just making it in time.

“Make me a cup of coffee,” Eisuke coldly said before returning to his laptop.

“One for me too, pretty lady!” Baba called out.

“Tea for me, koro,” Ota chimed out. You sighed and made the drinks quickly, placing each cup in front of the respective bidders. Baba as usual started teasing you, with Ota chiming in. The conversation soon however turned to Soryu.

“Where’s the mobster anyway? He’s normally here at this hour,” Baba asked, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. His eyes widened. “He couldn’t be trapped in a dangerous situation, would he?!”

Just at that moment when you were about to come up with an excuse to explain his absence, Soryu’s sleeping voice piped out.

“What’s all the ruckus about?” He asked sleepily, peeking over your pocket. His eyes snapped open however, when he realised what situation he had landed himself into. He tried to hide himself, but the damage was done. Baba had heard and noticed Soryu, and that was all that was needed for chaos to erupt.

“Soryu!! What happened to you??” Baba nearly screamed out, almost causing Ota to fall off his chair. You backed away, but Baba simply cornered you, trying to get Soryu to peak out. Knowing that you were feeling uncomfortable, and feeling a bit jealous himself for having Baba so close to you, Soryu popped out again.

“Get away from her,” Soryu stated as menacingly as he could, trying to glare too. But the menacing aura that he usually exuded was diminished in his mini size. Instead, it simply made him cuter. Baba could not help gushing over how cute Soryu was. Seeing that the situation was already at that stage, you let Soryu climb onto your palm and onto the table. The three bidders crowded round it, observing him. Ota prodded him, with Soryu doing his best to ward the attempts off. All his threats fell on deaf ears as they teased him mercilessly. Even Eisuke joined in at times, inserting smart-mouth comments at times.

After what felt like an eternity, the bidders finally let the two of you go. Soryu kept quiet throughout the rest of the time taken to get back home. Sighing, you placed Soryu onto the bedside table. You decided to make his favourite foods for dinner to make up for the incident. You knew he stepped up to bear the brunt of attention due to your discomfort, and that his pride would probably be bruised after being so thoroughly teased. After whipping up your dinner, and preparing a special plate of food on a smaller scale for him, you carried him over. His eyes lit up when seeing his dinner, and he happily tucked into it. You laughed over the sight. As there were no suitable cutleries, your boyfriend used his hands, which resulted in a mess.

It was soon time for bed. You laid Soryu down on his pillow and settled onto your side. Soryu had been strangely quiet the past few hours. Knowing how he normally read a few pages of his detective series, you had read out aloud a few pages for him instead.

“Is everything alright?” You asked, concern shining through your eyes. He hesitated for a moment.

“It’s nothing. It’s just that… What if I’m stuck in this body forever? I feel so… helpless. I can’t do anything in this body,” He poured out all his insecurities that had built up over the day. You smiled, and carefully patted his hair.

“It’ll be all right. You’ll see. Just go to sleep. Things will be better tomorrow,” You murmured, comforting him. He sighed before nodding, and then climbing into the makeshift bed, which consisted of a handkerchief and some cotton pieces.

“Goodnight ________”

“Goodnight Soryu.”

You awoke to the feeling of warm arms around you and small kisses peppering you on your face. Squirming away from the ticklish feeling, you cracked an eye open, only to see Soryu’s handsome face inches away from yours. It took a few moments for the implication to sink in, whereby your mouth fell open in shock, an opportunity he took full well of to slip his tongue into your mouth. When the two of you finally broke apart, your eyes were unfocussed and your cheeks were flushed.

“Wow…” You breathed out. He grinned devilishly, before sliding a hand up your blouse.

“Oh, things are only beginning.”


It was your day off, and you were nestled again Soryu on the couch. He was reading his detective novel, and you were idly playing with your phone, and going through old pictures. All of a sudden, you started giggling. You tried to control it, but Soryu could feel the vibrations. Frowning, he lowered his book to glance at you.

“What’s so funny, _______?” He asked, curious to know what caused you to start laughing like that. You hurriedly turned to face him, cheeks pink with the exertion of trying to control your laughter.

“Oh, nothing,” You waved your hands to dismiss any questions he may have had. “Just some photos of…” You could not finish the sentence as another set of giggles erupted from you. You turned your phone to show him the pictures, and what he saw made him flush all to the tips of his ears.

There, on your phone screen, was a picture of him snuggling into the mini bed and hugging a cotton ball.

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Awkward Crying and Comforting- Tony Stark

Originally posted by cadocomepioggia

You knew it wasn’t the professional option but your heart hurt too much to be professional at the current moment. You shouldn’t have carried on walking around the building doing the errands that your boss had for you, but you didn’t want to. For the last five years you had worked here, and not once had you acted incorrectly. You had always been a professional PA and done your job to the highest standard. It was about time you did something not to protocol.

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{ @toomxnymuses }

“Did you get all your toiletries and stuff?” Harry looked over his shoulder at his girlfriend before unlocking the trunk to begin the loading process. He knew she was going to get annoyed at him asking, but she always managed to forget something when she traveled. Besides, that was the norm for them these days - fighting. Actually, Harry being the “know it all” of the couple (as Ave would say) would calculate that at least 85.3% of their relationship was arguing and constant banter. He did know for sure that it had been exactly 3 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days since they had had sex. He also knew without a shadow of a doubt, that he still loved Ave just as much as he did when they met as teenagers. As far as Ave was concerned though…well. He wasn’t sure how she felt anymore. He was surprised that he’d even been able to convince her to take this trip in the first place, but he’d requested the time off from work a long time ago, and he thought a nice romantic trip to the cabin they used to spend their summers in with their families as teens would ignite that flame again that they once had. 

Christmas Countdown (3/16)

“I’m working in the fitting room on Christmas Eve and you keep coming over here, it’s been two hours, why are you here?”

Yesterday’s fic here. From the beginning here.

Working retail was a special kind of torture, but someone had to do it. And Emma Swan was every manager’s dream employee. She was a grad student working on a law degree, but since the semester was over, she was available any time. It’s not like she had any reason to request off work. She had no family to speak of, and her friends had all gone home for winter break. Mary Margaret and Ruby had both invited her, but she hadn’t really felt the desire to spend the holiday with a happy family when she didn’t have one. So she spent her free time alone in the apartment she shared with her two friends watching Netflix.

Which is how she ended up working an eight hour shift on Christmas Eve. In the fitting room no less. Talk about being an island. There were maybe three customers in the store and she still had three hours until close. It was going to be a long night.

Speaking of customers, there he was again. The guy had to have come by to try stuff on at least four times and he’d been in the store for over two hours.

He was incredibly attractive (she wasn’t blind) with the startling blue eyes surrounded by long lashes, and dark hair that looked disheveled enough that it looked unintentional, but just barely. He had scruff on his jaw and eyebrows that acted of their own accord when he would grin at her. Which was often.

 He always brought in only a couple things and would leave to return with a completely different ensemble. She didn’t mind on busy days, but she was craving something to do and if he wasn’t going to get something the least he could do was allow her to put it back on the rack. And not keep asking her opinion on everything (she wasn’t necessarily complaining about an excuse to examine him head to toe, but it was still annoying).

“Last time, love, and I swear I’ll stop bothering you,” he said, holding out his hands for her to count his items and give him a number.

“Who said you were?” she asked, suddenly defensive. He wasn’t bothering her necessarily, it’s just that she wanted stuff to do and he wasn’t letting her have stuff to do. Slight irritation at most.

“You don’t realize it, but you’re quite easy to read. Something of an open book.”

She stared after him as he took the plastic number from her fingers. The entire time he was in the changing room she was contemplating what he said. Open book? Hardly. She had learned from foster care and from having her heart broken how not to show emotion and she was good at it.

He emerged from the room and she was a little disappointed he wasn’t wearing a new outfit for her to critique.

“What do you mean open book?” she asked, before he could even open his mouth.

His eyes danced with mischief as he grinned as if she had played right into his hand.

“As I said, you’re easy to read. Don’t be too worried, to the common man you are very much a mystery.

She wasn’t going to admit that she was impressed, but she was impressed. “Well, Detective Holmes, I think you need to work on your observation skills,” she said, and her smile was a little less customer service and a little more on the flirty side. The guy was hot, and Ruby would yell at her if she didn’t take the opportunity.  

“It’s Killian, actually. Killian Jones,” he said, handing her the plastic number. His smile said he definitely knew she was flirting with him.

“So, Killian, why are you out so late? I mean, it’s Christmas Eve, shouldn’t all your shopping be done already?” she asked.

“My life exists in a dull cycle of work and home. Other than the typical gifts for work friends, I don’t have to do much shopping. Which is actually pretty great because I don’t want to break anything when my credit card bill comes in, unlike some people,” he smiled. Emma laughed. She hadn’t realized how close he had gotten until he crossed his arms on top of the podium she was working behind.

“No family you’re close to then?” she blurted out, and she immediately kicked herself afterwards. She hated when people asked her that very same question, and the look on her face must have given her away because he deflected the question as well as she did when she got it.

“That, love, is a conversation better had when you are not on the clock.”

She rolled her eyes at the thinly veiled flirtation. “Is that your way of hitting on me?”

“No, when I kept repeatedly asking your opinion on which jeans looked better, that was my way of hitting on you. This is me asking if you would like to get a drink with me,” he grinned and she felt herself blush because she definitely hadn’t minded critiquing jeans.

Then she realized that he had actually asked her out and she really didn’t know how to respond. Sure she had been to bars a few times to snag the occasional one night stand and had gone on a few blind dates to appease Ruby and Mary Margaret but an actual date where she knew who she would be with before she met them? Not her style. So she did what she always did when faced with anything involving feelings. She resisted.

“I’m at a bit of a disadvantage here, aren’t I? If I say no, you know where I work. You could just keep showing up here and stalk me.”

As she spoke, his smile changed into a more knowing one. “Remember what I said about being an open book? You’ve been hurt before and you’re afraid to trust me,” he said, and she stared at him with an open mouth because it had taken this stranger all of ten seconds to see right through her.

“In any case, you know my name, so you know who to report to the police if I start hanging around you too much. Have a good night, love,” he turned to walk away and something in her told her to stop him.

“Killian, wait,” he turned back to her immediately. “We close at eight. I can meet you at The Rabbit Hole downtown at 9. Do you know it?”

“Aye, I know it. I’ll be the dashing one waiting at the bar.” His words were flirty but his eyes betrayed his obvious joy that she had agreed.

“Wear that black Henley you had earlier. and roll the sleeves up, girls love that,” she grinned, suddenly anxious for her shift to be over.

“You know, I do typically like to know the name of the lovely woman that I intend to get a drink with,” he said.

Now she really couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “My name is Emma. Surely you’ve seen my name tag at least once in the billion times you’ve come in here,” she joked.

He chuckled. “Perhaps I did, in the twelve times I came over,” he emphasized, “But I thought I’d be a gentleman and let you tell me on your own terms. Emma.” She shivered despite the warmth she felt when he said her name.

Her eyes flickered to his lips for split second, but it was enough that he caught it. His tongue came out run across his bottom lip and

“See you tonight,” he said, holding her eyes while he backed away from her slowly, before turning to walk to the registers.

He was right where he said he would be, and she had to admit it was a pleasant surprise. She refused his offer to pay for her drink, just like he refused her offer to accompany him home. He didn’t even kiss her. For that, he waited until New Year. Sometimes clichéd traditions aren’t so bad.

And next Christmas Eve she had a reason to request off work, with a ring on her finger the next day to prove it.

Told my supervisor about surgery.

So awkward, but I’d rather him just know what’s going on versus being all mysterious. The great thing about my job is they have been very understanding whenever I need to adjust my schedule, request time off, or work remote. I had so many changes to talk about today. 

I’m now starting an hour later two days a week because I was feeling way too rushed trying to get home in time. I got the entire week off for surgery without any issues and then can work remote the entire week after (depending on how I feel obviously). And then I got approval to work remote for over FIVE weeks while I’ll be gone this summer because of weddings. It’s easier/cheaper to just go to Minnesota that entire time versus flying twice. 

I was having anxiety thinking about this conversation, but I’m glad it all went okay. Tackling one thing at a time!

anonymous asked:

Hi, Nina. I'm curious. How do you manage to get the time off work for conventions? You work multiple jobs and you go to A LOT of conventions.

As I’ve explained, all of my multiple jobs are associated with social media coordination for event companies, conventions, and costuming. I’m at a point where attending conventions is part of my income in one way or another (with exceptions for cons where I’m going literally just to relax and nothing else, i.e. DaishoCon last year). View this as an exception, not a typical situation. Most cosplayers do not have jobs based on their hobby like I do.

If you’re looking for advice on how to take time off from a Serious Job for conventions, I can’t give you any personal advice, as even the media firm I used to work at didn’t care if I took a weekend off to attend a con, as long as I filled out the proper paperwork and notified them ahead of time. If you have an extremely strict workplace, that’s going to make taking a bunch of weekends off to attend cons much more difficult, as opposed to working somewhere more relaxed/casual. A lot of that will depend on the industry and type of business, such as a law firm vs. Starbucks.

The only advice I can give is to show respect to your managers, cross your t’s and dot your i’s when filling out time-off requests, and make sure con attendance doesn’t negatively impact your work responsibilities. Your career and making a sustainable living is more important than conventions. Most cosplayers have to find that balance, and most cosplayers have to choose work over cons. I’m fortunate enough that I was able to combine the two, but again: exception, not the standard.