time repeating itself


What is a ghost? A tragedy condemned to repeat itself time and again? An instant of pain, perhaps. Something dead which still seems to be alive. An emotion suspended in time. Like a blurred photograph. Like an insect trapped in amber. A ghost is me.

The Devil’s Backbone (2001), dir. Guillermo del Toro

@awesomenell65: It isn’t just the new triumvirate of bravenlarke. It’s ALL of them.

A significant portion of the plot is driven by no one in a position of authority ever being sensible or practical.

And they are all essentially tyrannies as well. The ark had a vaguely democratic gloss on it by electing their tyrants, but …. none of the peoples we’ve met are responsive to the ‘will of the people.’

Why should bravenlarke be held to a standard that doesn’t exist inside the story universe?

Why? because they’re our central heroes learning from the past generation’s mistakes.  

Everything repeats over and over again, no one learns anything because no one lives long enough to see the pattern
—  Marceline, Adventure Time
Peter Parker- Web

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“Funny how things turn out,” Harry hisses between his broken and sharp teeth. “How time seems to repeat itself,”

“Harry, please,” Peter gasps as Harry loosens his grip on your neck, and you claw at his arm in a desperate attempt to hold on. “Don’t do this. Not again,”

“Why, Peter? Because it’s not fair?” Harry grins as you wince when he digs his finger nails into your skin. “I think she’ll look prettier when she’s dead, too, don’t you think?”

You scream as Harry lets go of your neck and then you’re free falling. Peter instantly dives for you but Harry snags him by the ankle, shooting up into the sky and Peter watches helplessly as you descend through air.

“Let me go!” Peter shouts, webbing Harry in the eyes and breaks himself free when his grip loosens. “(Y/n)!”

You find yourself suddenly clawing at the air, trying to reach for Peter as he straightens his body and dives faster towards you. With the ground coming in sight, you prepare yourself for the worst.

“Peter!” You do not expect the web wrapping around your waist of the sudden tug, swinging your body up and you’re then in Peters arms. He’s breathing heavily as he stops himself and you against a building, dropping down onto a railing and holds you tightly.

“I thought I was going to lose you,” He murmurs, and you realize that he’s shaking as he tugs on your hair lightly. “You almost hit the ground and all I could see was her body all over again but it was you this time and I couldn’t-”

“It’s over, Pete,” You say, trying to calm your own racing heart as you peer over the edge of the railing. “We’re safe and-”

“Um, excuse me?” Harry screams, racing towards you two. “Did you forget about-”

Peter doesn’t even look up as he extends both arms and webs Harry’s hover board and he goes flying into the building with a shriek.

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“If it doesn’t let you grow, let it go.”

~ Lesson #1: Self Care

The mind is in need of Spring Cleaning
Too many clusters of cobwebs along the attic
Suppressing memories, rusting up locks,  I lost the keys, I was always clumsy 
a long time ago
No longer sweet, sweet nostalgia wrapped up in the crooked smile of the moon, but remnants of nuisances, I forgot to snuff out
a long time ago
History repeats itself; a parent’s advice I didn’t ask for
I tell him, “Enough with the redundancies, I heard you the first time”
I tell him I might be dumb, but I’m not deaf
The mind is in need of Spring Cleaning
a long time ago

I got high for the second time, recently

I admittedly took way too many drags off of my vaporizer and I got so baked I had a massive trip. I felt like I was stuck in time and everything was repeating itself. It was like I was stuck in a dark void where nothing existed outside of the car.

Stakes and the reason why Everything Stays

Oh man, now I saw the ending of Stakes.

First I was kind of disappointed that Marceline came back to being a Vampire, and in fact everything went back to “normal, leaving us with many more questions than answers. Then I was mad at Adventure Time for doing it again.

But then I listened to Everything Stays again, such a beautiful song by the way, and I realised that is the exact essence of this show. it’s not that they are “lazy”, or are afraid to commit to their changes. It’s their message, so to speak.

The whole story is about time repeating itself, times of chaos and stabilization, the world is always going through some agent of change, to be deep in chaos, just so to restore to it’s order and goes through another agent of change. Finn himself is an incarnation of an agent of change. The comet, the Lich, Finn, they are all change coming to the world, and at the same time the bringer of new eras of calmness, stabilization.

Stakes it’s the essence of the show done through some episodes, so we see it clearer, so we see the pattern.

But even if the show was “lazy or afraid to commit”, the producers found a truly beautiful way to go around this issue and deliver a great message through their own flaws.