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All Time Low by Matt Christine
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Fabio Orsi - High on Shards

“Fabio Orsi is an electronic musician from Taranto, Italy, specialising in atmospheric drone. In his compositions the languages of popular tradition meet the avantgarde approach, creating a charming mix. Orsi’s music originates with field recordings through which he seeks to capture images in sound inspired by the historic pre-war folk recordings made by Alan Lomax. Orsi says he admires the way in which Lomax was able to present folklore not merely as some historic artefact but as “an expression of suffering with a thirst for rebellion”.

Orsi creates atmospheric audio postcards with a tangible sense of time and place, utilizing layers of guitars, old keyboards and found sounds, having a keen attention to details, loops develop so naturally that it’s almost impossible to notice when certain sounds are brought in and out. Electronic sounds meets the humoral sonorities made by the six chords, projecting enchanted landscapes on a vibrant horizon.

With an intimate sensibility, abstract and emotional, deep and dreamy melodies, Orsi structures pieces of crystalline beauty and his music sounds like the shout of revolt of a young guy in the south of Italy, who starting from poetry, has then chosen music as the most effective way to his vent of expression, hypnotic and seductive. 

Where the streets are swelling as the veins and the buildings are collapsing, he plants a microphone cold as a needle, he plays naked and old melodies just for lovers.”

His latest, ‘High on Shards’ is a lathe cut record released by Time Released Sound

Plinth Collected Machine Music.

An edition of 70 individual hand made music boxes, with original song strips hand punched. Each beautiful, very heavy duty, hinge lidded, chocolate boxes is collaged inside and out with 150 year old English engravings, original Victorian calling cards, clock hands, brass nuts and bolts, hand printed inserts and other ephemera. Screwed to the inside of the box is a miniature music box mounted to a stained oak base. Nestled in each box is the signed, numbered, titled, and hand annotated original song strip from Michael Tanner.

These unique little tunes were composed on a harp and painstakingly transcribed to the strips by punching one hole at at time! No two songs/strips are the same. Tied to the outside of the box with a ribbon is the digipak with replicated factory pressed disc.

Also included will be an extra blank strip, and a punch, to make your own song!

This new album from The Angling Loser (aka Lee Anthony Norris and friends), is an absolutely beautiful blend of the nostalgic and the pastoral. With it’s treated, guitar centric electronics and sampled voiceovers and field recordings, this is a perfect soundtrack to a lazy English day spent on the riverbank, fishing pole in hand, listening to the sounds of nature and the waters as they dream their way downstream. This release also comes with a remix disc.

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