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ShukaBlog 2017.03.19: Super Nerve-racking Day.

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I haven’t posted in a while.
My bad.

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not having a sephora-esque store in england saddens me on a daily basis

I’m mixing silver with gold,
throwing the finger to the old.
You’ll all be in the ground
by the time I release my sound.
Five thousand years of screams,
this soul is splitting at the seams.
I need a mistress, even a wife
love cuffs to hold me tight.
Night scares me, as does light,
fleeing daily from the fight,
avoiding flights,
chewing ice,
scratching lice,
life’s spliced.
Wind the wires,
crash the waves,
devour the fallen,
rectify the brave.
All the lights in all the houses in all the world
dim down, under the pressure 
cataclysmic, unbound.
You are the woman wailing in the dark,
you are the father strangling the stork,
she is the quiet simplicity of a meal alone,
walking home pretending to talk on the phone.
Ghosts watch from the closet as you struggle to please her in the dark,
wiggling your fingers and speaking from your heart.
Quiet is a word foreign to my head,
feeling is unbeknownst to my bed.
You are living, yet thinking only of death,
wishing you could keep her as a pet.
I stroke her soft head and she purrs,
my jaguar of desire,
slip sand over my fire.
Fingering the lyre of vampire longing,
diesel and barbecue and cigarette smoke and coke,
summer is coming to Americana,
fill the gaps in our blood with cheap beer,
building walls that won’t keep us here,
threatening the broken as we draw near,
what a year, and my dear
i fear for us, in the dusk,
kissing under the cherry tree.
This is the last fictional memory
of you and me.

This new album from The Angling Loser (aka Lee Anthony Norris and friends), is an absolutely beautiful blend of the nostalgic and the pastoral. With it’s treated, guitar centric electronics and sampled voiceovers and field recordings, this is a perfect soundtrack to a lazy English day spent on the riverbank, fishing pole in hand, listening to the sounds of nature and the waters as they dream their way downstream. This release also comes with a remix disc.

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