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About anime movie distribution, as someone who knows a bit about anime I'd guess it'll happen something like this 1) Film releases (likely Winter or Spring 2018), 2) detailed reports from JP audience, 3) illegal cam version uploads somewhere, 4) limited theatrical run in some countries such as the US and UK, a few months after the JP release, 5) JP BD release, 6) very soon after 5 someone uploads subs for the JP release, 6) much later, a western BD release. 1/2

Its possible I guess CR or another company will do a deal of some sort to stream soon after release, but I consider it unlikely as that would reduce incentives for the main JP audience to go see it. No Game No Life (a very popular show) Zero didn’t get any sort of streaming deal either. The only example of that happening I can think of is Digimon Tri. So our first chance as westerners to see the YOI movie in good quality will very probably be a limited run in theatres.

thank you so much anon! ♥♥♥ this sounds very believable and likely to happen! i’m hoping that the movie will be shown in other countries as well, since yamamoto and kubo have been saying they’re trying their best to make it happen! but yeah the stream thing is extremely unlike and i’m very skeptic of it for the reasons you mentioned. i really wouldn’t count on it even tho it’s not impossible.

my fav thing about the jonsa reunion scene is the way they both run towards each other at the same time and like jons arms go under and her arms go over and theyre just so in sync? like yall havent seen each other for years how are you guys so coordinated???? and he LIFTS her??? he didnt have to do that, he coulda just held her but he lifted? that boys so extra tf

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oh my god the genres to be expected on this album:  tropical house, alternative rock, trap, R&B, Funk, New jack swing

This new album from The Angling Loser (aka Lee Anthony Norris and friends), is an absolutely beautiful blend of the nostalgic and the pastoral. With it’s treated, guitar centric electronics and sampled voiceovers and field recordings, this is a perfect soundtrack to a lazy English day spent on the riverbank, fishing pole in hand, listening to the sounds of nature and the waters as they dream their way downstream. This release also comes with a remix disc.

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