time players are known for their watches

Some AftG headcanons because I am Suffering
  • There’s a betting pool on whether Neil’s fashion sense is actually That Bad or if he’s just screwing with them at this point
  • (It’s actually just that bad)
  • The Foxes finally decide fuck the bet it’s time to intervene when they see Neil in like a bro tank, jorts, and neon crocs. None of them are willing to be associated with that mess anymore
  • Nicky definitely has at least a couple embarrassing stories from Aaron’s childhood that make appearances when he deems it necessary
    • “Hey Aaron, remember that time you wanted to see how far you could stick a crayon in your ear and started crying when you thought it touched your brain?”
    • “Fuck off Nicky”
  • Kevin tries to convince the rest of the team that he’s the Superior Player because of his superior diet and they’re all like. We literally watched you down an entire bottle of vodka last night
  • Renee can beat Matt in arm wrestling
  • Teaching Neil incorrect pop culture references and slang becomes the new team hobby
    • They tell him that ‘booty call’ is the correct term for a butt dial and he rolls with it. They’re anxiously awaiting the first time he manages to butt dial someone
    • He has been thoroughly convinced that Kanye West is known for singing Cotton Eye Joe
  • The only thing the twins agree on is that pineapples are the best pizza topping. Much to the disgust of literally everyone else
  • The Foxes start referring to Exy as anything but Exy (e.g. boxball, stickball, fake-lacrosse) just to see Kevin twitch
  • Matt and Nicky once decided to figure out which of their teammates is which Spice Girl
  • The only one they could unerringly agree on was Kevin as Sporty Spice
  • Like sure they all sport
  • But Kevin is just so Extra about it. Even more so than Neil
  • Despite their disagreements the game quickly caught on with the rest of the team and evolved
  • They’ll now attempt to assign each other to the members of literally any squad
    • “Look I see your point but Neil is clearly Dipsy”
    • “Neil is Po and I will physically fight any one of you assholes who disagrees”
Freddie Andersen- lost connections

Request:  I love your writing! I was wondering if you could write one with Freddie Anderson and like you knew him from when he played for the Ducks cause your one of the players little sister and you always got along and liked each other but lost touch when he went to to Toronto. Then you get into a ma/phd program at Toronto university and contact him so you’ll have a friend and like you end up together. Maybe some of the leafs in it too lol sorry it’s so long! I’ve just had this idea in my head 🙈

Author’s note: I was so excited about this but then my brain refused to let me write! lol. Anyways pretty sure I’ll be adding a part 2 to this…

Warnings: I think a few cuss words? Just assume that’s always a given with my writing. I cuss like a hockey player in real life too.

Up next:  Mikko Rantanen

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Instead of watching PewDiePie, Jontron or Markiplier, who continuously make racist, misogynistic or antisemitic jokes, or defend people who do, how about you watch WillBits who is a lesser known let’s player. I’m mostly saying this because he put out a video called ‘’Respect, a two way street’’ (in response to Markipliers video ‘’Respect’’, in which he defends PewDiePies racist and antisemitic jokes) which discusses the casual racism and misogyny that Youtube likes to express, and how this is a real issue that affects people in real life as well. Even if you’re not into his let’s plays, you should give that video a watch, it’s very educational and definitely worth the time.

On Sidney Crosby (and his recent incidents).

So along with the amazing goal he had in our last game, Sid has been the subject of much controversy due to his stick to the groin of O’reilly and the slash to Methot’s hand tonight.

Both should have been penalties. However, do you realize how many times throughout the course of a single game, let alone a season, things that could be penalties are NOT called?

The stick to the groin was a shitty play and I do think he knew what he was doing (Sidney Crosby does not miss pucks often, if at all).

However, slashes happen multiple times in ANY given game. Methot was really unlucky that it hit him in a bad spot and I wish he hadn’t been injured and that he is able to play again soon.

But if you think some random referees mean that the LEAGUE has a bias towards the Penguins I honestly don’t know what to tell you.

Should he have been fined for the cheap shot in Buffalo? Probably. Should he have gotten penalties for both of the above instances? Absolutely.

But the man also takes so many cheap shots each and every game that I’m not entirely surprised that he reacts and does things like this from time to time.

I watch literally every regular season game (and obviously all of playoffs). Has Sid been known to make a dirty play every now and then? Sure, but you know what? He also usually is the first to apologize if it’s something truly awful (he did this just the other night after he ball-tapped O’Reilly). 

Anyway, has he taken some dirty plays that should have been penalties recently? Yes. Is he a “dirty player”? I personally don’t think so, but I’m sure there are people out there who will disagree with me. 

Also, to those claiming “The League” favors the Penguins, that’s kind of laughable. We are penalized pretty regularly and our challenge and overturned goal totals are pretty far up there, too.

But, hey, who am I to tell you to stop whining about Sidney Crosby? After all, that’s what you all hate him for, right? Being a whiner back in his rookie year?

The Stromes and McDavids - Part IV

(1) (2) (3)

Word Count: 1603

Player: Connor McDavid (Edmonton Oilers/Erie Otters)

Warning/s: mild swearing

A/n: I’m so sorry for everyone that had to wait but I’m proud to finally finish this!

Originally posted by nugent-hopkinks

“I can’t believe this is happening.”, you giggled, trying not to burst out into laughter. 

You had never seen your twin brother likes this. He was a wreck! His hands were shaking as he was gripping onto the armrest tightly. Like the seat was his last lifeline. 

“Don’t laugh at him, Y/n. You don’t know how nervous he is right now.”, Ryan scolded you from your other side.

“Your hands weren’t shaking though.”, you smirked before you turned back around to Dylan.

“Calm down, Dyl. It’s going to be fine, okay? You already know you’re getting drafted.”, you said, putting your hand on his arm. 

If looks could kill, Dylan wouldn’t be drafted but put into jail. He knew you were just mocking him, but the nervousness was too much for him. He was more nervous than ever before. He would trip on the way to the stage. He wouldn’t be able to put the jersey on or accidentally punch someone in the face. What if there was a mistake and he wouldn’t be drafted?

“Dyl? Oh my gosh, look at Mom.”, you grinned. 

Dylan followed your gaze to your Mom. She was waving with both of her hands, and on the other end of the arena, you could see someone do the same. That someone, turned out to be Connor’s Mom.

“Looks like she found the McDavids.”, Matt chuckled. 

Dylan and Connor made eye contact through the room and started to do the same wave making you laugh even harder. But it was distracting Dylan, so why not? That moment of quiet was good for him, although it didn’t take long. Soon the lights were out and Gary Bettman (damn you hated that guy) made his usual speech. You were basically counting the seconds until it was over, just wanting everything to start already. And it did. 

The first pick, made by the Edmonton Oilers.

You were aware that Jack Eichel was a great player. But you just hoped that Connor would be drafted as first overall. You had known him for years, watched him give his best countless times. That guy that had a Justin Bieber haircut when he was 15? You weren’t sure of many things, but you were sure that he deserved to be drafted first. 

And he did, setting everything in motion.

The Draft day had been exhausting for everyone involved. After photos that were taken, numerous hugs for people that you knew, and having to calm Dylan down multiple times while simultaneously handling all three of your brothers at the same time - it was fair to say you were tired. 

You needed sleep. Everyone would’ve agreed on that.

Everyone but the person denting your door with their continuous knocks.

“What the fuck.”, you muttered to yourself as you turned on the light on the nightstand. 

The clock next to your bed made you groan in frustration. 2 AM. Who would do this to you?
Was it one of your brothers trying to mess with you? Maybe an emergency occurred or someone mixed up room numbers. Actually, you didn’t care about that, you just wanted to slip back into your dreams. But the knocking wouldn’t stop.

“Just a second.”, you groaned, wiping your eyes. 

You pulled your shorts and Dylan’s T-Shirt back into their rightful place, trying to fix your hair a little. You didn’t want to move, but you dragged yourself to the door.

But it wasn’t one of your brothers. Instead, it was Connor. He was wearing comfortable clothes that looked like he had hastily thrown them on and his hair was a fluffy mess on top of his head. He was nervously bouncing on his feet while he was waiting, his eyes snapping to yours the second you opened.
You hadn’t seen him since you congratulated him. You’d shared a tight hug, but all you managed to say was how proud you were until both of you were ushered into different directions.

“I forgot.”, he said hurriedly.

“The time?”, you questioned in confusion.

“I forgot Edmonton. Oh, my goodness- I don’t know how I forgot but I forgot that I was drafted by the Oilers.”


“I’m going to Edmonton. You’re going to Edmonton.”, he explained hurriedly, the words he was blurting out lifting your confusion a little. 

What did he mean? You were going to Edmonton because of UAlberta and Connor would play hockey in… Edmonton. 

The realization hit you like a truck. How did you not notice this?

“We’re both going to Edmonton!”, you blurted out, eyes going wide. 

Connor chuckled, taking a big step towards you. You didn’t even have time to say anything else. He wrapped his arms around your waist and crashed his lips to yours.
After that first kiss at the party, you thought you would never get to kiss him again. But here you were, kissing Connor McDavid. Your childhood friend, best friend of your twin brother, your continuous crush since you were even interested in boys. Connor’s own mind was whirling as much as yours. He didn’t even process the draft yet, the start of his career. But there was no one he would want to know at his side more than you. 

Both of you didn’t want to end the kiss, but you were surely running out of air. Gasping when you pulled away, you rested your heads against each other, trying to catch your breath.

“I love you. Damn, I’m so in love with you.”, Connor admitted. Words, that he never thought he would tell you.

“I love you too, Con. I really do.”, you replied, putting your lips back to his.

“Y/n, where have you been? Mom is driving everyone insane looking for you.”, Matt groaned, obviously still tired. 

You would bet your ass he got more sleep than you last night, but that boy could sleep a solid 9 hours a night and be tired. Maybe he would end up like Dylan, looking dead inside all the time. 

“I just got up, relax. I’m here now.”, you grinned with a roll of your eyes.

“Where’s that smile coming from?”, Matt asked, thinking it was a little suspicious.  

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”, you lied, trying to stop smiling like an idiot.

“Uh whatever, come over to the table so Mom stops bugging everyone.”, he muttered, basically dragging you over to the table. 

You were squeezed in between him and Ryan, with Dylan giving you curious looks the whole time, as he was seated on Ryan’s other side.

“What?”, you muttered under your breath.


“Then quit staring.”

Dylan opened his mouth but he closed it again, your whole family falling into the usual breakfast chat. You were nervous the whole time, waiting to be released into your room so you could pack up your suitcase. What if someone knew that you didn’t stay alone in your room? That you had a visitor that snuck back into his own room at 4 in the morning to get some sleep?

You hoped that Connor did manage to sleep a little, but you couldn’t see the McDavids anywhere in the breakfast area. And if they were, your mother probably already invited them to the table next to you, so you couldn’t miss them either. Maybe they were done already? You were longing to see Connor again, the smile on your face still there since when you had first woken up.

“Ok, so you three got time to pack your suitcases. You, Dylan, have some interviews to finish up. We meet in the lobby at 5 PM to catch our fight, alright?”

All of your siblings nodded, seeing it as the sign that you could get up. All four of you used that chance, Dylan, right next to you.

“Ok, so did anything else happen yesterday?”, he asked, trying to sound casual.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean… with Connor.”, Dylan clarified. 

He knew that there was something you didn’t tell him, but you just loved to tease him. He was really annoying sometimes. To frustrate him was one of the things you did best.

“Dylan, you left your phone.”, your Mom said, cutting off every potential answer you could’ve given.

“Wait here.”, Dylan ordered. 

You stopped in the large doorway and watched Matt and Ryan file out into the general direction of the elevators. Dylan went back to the table, snatching his phone, right as the elevator dinged and a very familiar group of people came out, making their way through the doorway. 

The McDavid’s all greeted you as they passed, Connor’s Mom immediately locking eyes with yours. But they stopped when they realized that their youngest one wasn’t there anymore. Maybe it wasn’t the ideal moment because both your families were looking the two of you, but Connor stopped next to you, a smile similar to your’s on his face.

“Morning.”, he greeted.

“Morning. You sleep well?”, you teased.

Connor nodded.

“Very.”, he murmured, before slowly leaning in to peck your lips. 

You could basically feel everyone’s jaw dropping, and Dylan’s shit eating grin in your back. But you didn’t give a damn.
You would go to Edmonton. With him. So your thought of you might never being his girlfriend was proven wrong, but the circumstances never changed.

Where a Strome is, a McDavid is not far away.

anonymous asked:

Help me convert to the Bruins, I'm a Boston native but I've never liked the Bruins :((

Okay well:

  • They have publicly supported the trans community
  • The players individually and the team pooled resources to help out Denna Laing 
  • They also support BOTH women’s pro hockey teams in their area. Offering camps for both pride and blades players to run.
  • They have continually supported the gay community. BRad Marchand just recently got a lot of support for being an ally The Right Way (ie aggressively not letting homophobes get away with shit)
  • They have their own TV show so you can get to know the guys
  • Zdeno Chara was one of the first players to support You Can Play. He learns languages so new players will always have someone to talk to. And he doesn’t like rookie culture because he thinks it creates a system of bullying. Also if you fight him he will give you a love pat because he appreciates the effort.
  • Adam McQuaid is the guy you have to fight if you won’t fight Chara. he’s Big. and so good. If he could he’d spend all day watching netflix and working out. He’s shy and soft but can beat the shit out of guys. He fought John Scott once and held his own.
  • Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron are very close and very affectionate with each other. They literally tell each other they love each other all the time. and with like the rest of their teammates.
  • David Krejci’s nickname is french fries because he called tyler seguin a franchise player and Segs thought he said “french fries player.” He also got to naked wrestle with Jagr.
  • Tuukka Rask is known for throwing milk crates and being just generally the only player on the bruins with sense. His daught is also very shy and very cute I love her.
  • David Backes has a dog radar in his head also he rescues cats and one of his cats has only one eye. 
  • Torey Krug fucking demolished andrew shaw and tried to fight gallagher singlehandedly killing homophobia.
  • David Pastrnak falls alot one time he dropped his helmet during an anthem and then fell over trying to chase it to get it back. ice is slippery.
  • Anton Khudobin makes “weewoo” noises when he wants people to know he’s coming and get out of his way.
  • Brandon carlo is 6 foot 5 and he’s a rookie !!! he was born the same year his defense partner zdeno chara was drafted !!!!! he also likes his dogs a lot.
  • They as an organization have just always pumped out very good, morally progressive men??? and they’re all so humble and good??? like bruh if you don’t like them for those reasons you’re never gonna like them and you’re also wrong.
Life’s Candy and the Sun’s a Ball of Butter [Illya Kuryakin x Reader]

Author’s Note: Oh ho ho, what do we have here? ;) So happy to have finally written something for Illya. This was the inspiration. Listening to that while reading would be a good idea haha. Also the ending was like, I don’t know, just… there. xD Does that even make sense? Ah whatevs, hopefully it’s okay. ^^ Btw, I think yagodka is a Russian term of endearment/pet name? I think. I hope.

Word Count: 1,308

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One Year - Joe Sugg Imagine

Summary: it’s your son’s first birthday, and during his birthday party, you reminisce on the year that’s been and the years to come.

Word Count: 1248

Trigger Warnings: None. This is a happy imagine born from a happy place and a happy day.

Author’s Note: This imagine is partially inspired by my god son and nephew as it was his first birthday this week and I went to his party today. It is also partially inspired by Joe Sugg and my best friend (@earrthwalkerr) and her insatiable love for both Joe and for babies.

Originally posted by it-us

You let out a small smile of relief as you leaned against the brick wall of your home, looking out over your back garden with glee as you surveyed the plethora of small children and equally elated adults that filled it. Your smile only widened dramatically once your eyes fell on your boyfriend and your son, the birthday boy.

You could scarcely believe that it had been an entire year (plus a couple of days) since Theo had entered the world. You could remember that afternoon as clear as day too, you’d had Joe on one side, his hand brushing back your hair gently as he reassured you that this would all be worth it, that your little boy would soon be in your arms. On the other side, you had one of your oldest friends, her own pregnant belly protruding from her body as she smiled at you, reminding you of all the lazy afternoon ideas and late night conversations that you’d had about one day having your own families.

After what seemed like an eternity though, you finally had Theo in your arms, his already bright blue eyes blinking up at you hazily, and you wondered if this is what it felt like to love someone so wholly and so unconditionally.

The past year had flown by in a rush of playdates, engagement announcements,  weddings and new births, and now you were here at Theo’s first birthday, your little boy decked out in the cutest little swim trunks that you had ever seen.

He was the spitting image of his father, all blonde hair and bright blue eyes, constantly laughing and pointing at this and that, and always being more than keen for a feed and a boob. He was truly Joe’s mini me. You hadn’t known that your heart could ever feel as full and as ready to burst as it did now, but it was good. Whatever it had taken to get to this point didn’t matter anymore, because you were here and you had a beautiful family to prove it.

You were shaken out of your daze by Theo letting out a rather exuberant shriek of glee before he was on all fours, crawling across the grass as fast as his chubby little limbs would carry him. Your eyes followed him, watching as he sat next to a little girl with honey blonde hair and a pair of deep and dark blue eyes that you would know anywhere, your gaze landing on your closest friend and Theo’s godmother as she placed her daughter, Nora, on the blanket next to Theo before looking up at her husband as he hovered next to her.

You had known Jack Maynard for nearly as long as you had known Joe, and for most of that time, he had been a notorious player, the king of booty calls and never shy about sharing the sordid details with anyone who would stand still for long enough. You had imagined that he’d end up doing the same thing for as long as he lived.

And then, by pure accident, you had ended up introducing him to your friend and it was game over after that. She was not what you would have imagined he would go for; she was shy and meek and mild, whereas Jack was crass and wild and obnoxious, but from the moment they had met, they were endgame. You had been ready to throttle him for leaving when she told you she was pregnant not four months after they had been introduced, but he’d taken to parenthood like a duck to water.

You were thankful for it all though, Nora had been born just a couple of weeks after Theo and the pair of them were the best of mates. You were thankful to have another mum to share your concerns and confusions and struggles with as well. Especially with your prospective partners having such active careers, it was comforting to know that you weren’t alone.

You jumped slightly when you felt a pair of arms wind themselves around your waist gently, followed by a pair of lips pressing against your shoulder softly. You peered over at your boyfriend over your shoulder, smiling slightly when you caught sight of the grin plastered over his face.

“We did good, didn’t we?” he whispered in your ear, his grin broadening as the goosebumps on your arms spread up to your neck and shoulders. You followed his line of sight to where your bright and bubbly baby boy was now perched on Jack’s hip, giggling up at the blonde man as they took a picture with his wife and daughter.

“Well I did at least, his lack of co-ordination is all you,” You grinned up at him, wrapping an arm around his neck as you turned slightly in his arms, giggling at the look of shocked offence on his face. “We’ve done well so far though, everyone always says how happy of a baby he is,” you smile up at him, admiring the way his blue eyes sparkled down at you; the eyes that you saw every time you looked at Theo.

Your moment was disrupted by a loud screech across the garden, both of your heads snapping up at the sudden cry. Your eyes immediately flew to your boy, his plump bottom wobbling as you looked towards him, his chubby hands reaching out for you as your arms dropped from around your boyfriend as you hurried over, scooping Theo up into your arms.

“Mama!” he giggled, clapping his chubby little hands together as you propped him up on your hip, “My happy birthday?” he asks you as you bounce him slightly on your hip. You smile down at him adoringly before nodding.

“Yes baby, it’s your happy birthday, are you having fun with Uncle Jack and Norah?” you asked him, seeing Joe appear next to you out of your peripheral vision. He brushed his hand over Theo’s blonde curls gently as he rested his other arm around your hips.

“Yeahhhhh,” Theo giggled, hiding his face in the crook of your neck as you laughed softly, brushing your hand along his back as he giggled into your neck. “Wanna play with daddy though,” he mumbled into your neck, before pulling back and trying to launch himself into Joe’s arms.

You smiled as Joe scooped him up, tossing him into the air heartily and catching him, Theo’s giggles reverberating around the garden as Joe brought him back down and pressed a kiss to his pink cheeks before tossing him up in the air again.

“Dada!” Norah Maynard’s voice piped up, her tiny little fist clutching onto the bottom of Jack’s T-shirt and tugging on it, “Wanna go up up too!” she asked, blinking her big blue eyes up at her father. Soon she too was being thrown into the air, her little dress twirling up around her as she flew into the air.

“We’ve certainly come a long way from obsessing over boys on the internet,” A voice piped up beside you, having not even noticed your friend standing next to you, “Who would have known we’d ever end up here?” She grinned at you, her arms crossed over her stomach lightly. “Have you told him yet?” she asked you, her eyes flicking down to your stomach inconspicuously.  

“Not yet, tonight though,” you replied, your hand subconsciously resting on your stomach. Although you weren’t showing or anything yet, you had known for nearly a month.

Soon enough, you would be celebrating another babies first birthday.

Click On My Heart
Summary: Levi is a well-known, full-time let’s player on YouTube who just so happens to take care of his deceased relative’s child. Content with his punk/gamer life, he did not expect to one day click on a video of fellow YouTuber, QueenPastelEren. He especially did not expect to be so smitten within the first few seconds of watching the pastel goddess with green and gold eyes.

Fight- JVR

Originally posted by marntthews

Ok so last nights game killed me. Literally. First period love of my life got into a fight. Third the same Sabres dude decided to take on the rookies. Ugh. Stress. So I might have squealed about not hitting the face, but I can’t deny JVR fighting was hot. So @drabblemesilly wanted me to write more so here’s this. This is the PG version of what I wanted to write XD Enjoy!

Warning: Cussing (it’s hockey dudes and dudettes)


             You sat on the couch, curled into a ball.

              Well, as much as your 7 month pregnant stomach would allow you to curl into a ball.

              You weren’t feeling so good so instead of watching James play live at home, you grabbed your Maple Leafs blanket and van Riemsdyk jersey and made yourself comfy on the couch. You felt bad that you weren’t there to support your fiancé, but James was more than happy to have you at home.

“You’re safer there” he said. You just rolled your eyes at him.

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I've been ready my whole life

Summary: A Series of Pitch One-Shots.

Note: Special thanks to @lincolnburows and @alienrumi

Chapter I: “It’s not what is looks like.” | ao3

     Mike knew his eyes looked like the balls in those pinball machines he used to play when he was younger, as he tried to take in the scene in front of him. He decisively settled his eyes on his rookie pitcher, on her knees, her curls wedged in his rookie catcher’s belt loop, while said catcher was looking at Mike with a smug smile. Mike heaved a huge sigh.

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starladyqvill  asked:

Also for ship: Belle/Adam and Plumette/Lumiere


Who said “I love you” first:

Belle. He’d rather belt out a dramatic song about his feels.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background:

He does. Proudly shows off the love of his life.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror:

I don’t really see either of them doing this. I think they do what we talked about which is leave little book quotes or love quotes in books.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts:

Adam. She knows he means well but she’d rather prefer a book so of course he hunts down first edition books cause only the best for Belle. XD The guy is dramatic and extra.

Who initiated the first kiss:

It looked mutual. XD

Who kisses the other awake in the morning:

He does. He just loves and adores her and can’t believe she’s real.

Who starts tickle fights:

He does.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower:

I want to say he does but I think she may do it just to see him blush and stutter.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: Adam.  If she’s reading or tutoring then he brings her food and if he can’t then Mrs. Potts delivers them and hands her a note from him that makes her smile.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date:


And then he sings about his feels later. I like sh*tposting him, okay. XD

Who kills/takes out the spiders:

You know he screams for one of the servants to do it and Belle just rolls her eyes and takes the poor spider out. He follows her to make sure the spider doesn’t hurt her. She says it not poisonous but he stays tense until it’s gone.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk:

It’s Adam. The wine lessens his inhibitions. It’s freaking adorable too!.


Who said “I love you” first:

He does and probably sings about his love for her.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background:


Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror:


Who buys the other cheesy gifts:

Lumiere. He’s very romantic and over the top. He’s the type that has their loves name done in fireworks.

Who initiated the first kiss: She took him by surprise and kissed him.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning:

He’s just a “I’m going to kiss you everywhere. I can’t get enough of you.” type. Mornings are her favorite time of day because of this.

Who starts tickle fights:

He does and there’s a 50% chance he gets smacked in the head for it. That is a really big castle and it doesn’t clean itself and yet they are constantly making out when they think no one is watching. He doesn’t exactly make her job easy but she doesn’t care.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower:

It’s just a given that they shower together. Shower time is their time. They take long showers. ;)

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch:


Who was nervous and shy on the first date:

Plumette. I have this headcanon (fic idea) that Lumiere was a well known player and he started pursuing her the minute she arrived. She was hired by Adam’s father and was afraid of the king so she was a bit shy and cautious at first with Lumiere, but once she realized he was truly smitten then she opened up a lot more and was just as enamored with him as he was with her.

Who kills/takes out the spiders

: I pity the spider that crosses paths with this maid.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk:

You’d think it would be him but he will proclaim his love for her stone cold sober. She’s a hilarious drunk and will proclaim her love for her spark. She calls him ‘Sparky’ when drunk. 


suzanne - shawn mendes imagine

A/N: this is the shortest thing ever. i’m struggling a lot to write right now and this is actually incredibly self-indulgent (hence the nyc, the music, the apartment decor, etc) but. inspired by the leonard cohen lyrics, hence the title: “just when you mean to tell her / that you have no love to give her [..] you’ve always been her lover / and you want to travel with her / you want to travel blind”…. enjoy…. if you want this continued eg into travelling or marriage or whatever request here

word count: 626

Your name: submit What is this?

New York for Shawn means you, now.

It means your cosy little apartment in Williamsburg, with hardwood floors and white walls and house plants and tatty old prints of Gerhard Richter paintings held up with patterned tape. 

It’s sitting in the afternoon sunlight on your IKEA sofa and reading a book while he absentmindedly strokes your thigh, both trying to decide whether or not to go out for pizza later.

And, on this particular Thursday afternoon (heading towards early evening, now), that’s exactly what you’re doing. He’s not in town for much longer, only a couple of days, but this feels like the only right way to pass the time until he has to go again. 

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Past Life

Tyler Posey X Reader

Word Count: 583

Requested: @evolutionofkatep

Request: Can u do a Dylan obrien or Tyler posey imagine where the reader and him were childhood friends and after high school never saw each other again but then he is watching tv and sees the reader was voted like best soccer player in Barcelona (even tho she’s American) and then she comes back to USA and is a guest star in teen wolf playing a soccer player and is his love interest and he’s so obsessed with her and talks about her a lot and then they finally get together after like a time skip??? 💗😘💖

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You’d known Tyler when you were throughout the whole of your childhood but after that, you left high school you both lost contact, you moved and Tyler focused on acting, you remembered seeing him in ‘Maid In Manhattan’ you remembered giggling at him when you got older. You saw him in Teen Wolf and you loved the show but you didn’t realise that he saw you on T.V too.

You had been voted for the best football player for Barcelona, that was where you moved, you moved to Barcelona and you loved football so you decided that was what you wanted to do professionally. You were successful in your field. Tyler was sitting with Dylan and Holland when he saw you on T.V “Hold on.” he said suddenly leaning forward.
“What?” Dylan asked looking over at Tyler.
“What’s her name?” he asked and Dylan frowned.
“(Y/N),” Holland answered.
“Huh? It is her.” Tyler mumbled to himself.
“What?” Dylan asked.
“I knew her, we were best friends when we were younger,” Tyler answered. “She always was good at Soccer.”
“Looks like she might be more like amazing.” Holland corrected and Tyler nodded wondering if he should try to get back in touch with you.

You walked onto the set with Jeff as he explained a few things to you. They needed a soccer player for a part. You agreed to play the part they left out that you would be Tyler’s character Scott’s new love interest. You were introduced to Victoria first, your character was going to be her best friend so they thought that you should meet her first and you both got on well.
“So you ready to meet the rest of the cast?” Jeff asked and you nodded.
“Sure.” You smiled. He leads you into another room where the cast was messing around and doing nothing really it was their break, you looked over each of them pretty starstruck, you did love the show after all.
“(Y/N)?” A familiar voice asked and you looked over at Tyler and smiled before rushing over to him and hugging him.
“It’s been a while.” You whispered as you pulled back.
“Oh, you two know each other that’s good.” Jeff nodded and you looked over at him “because of you his new love interest. Meet on set in an hour!” he said before he was gone.
“So you moved to Barcelona?” Tyler asked.
“Oh yeah, I moved and I lost your number and then the whole soccer thing took off and everything got crazy but I’ll be here for a while by the looks of it.” You smiled.

After introductions, you all filmed one of the first scenes for the show and everyone was surprised at how well you could act as well as play, you spent a lot of time teaching the group a few tricks. When you weren’t around Tyler would literally gush over you.

It went on like that for months before he even considered asking you on a date and you were kind of sad about it, you thought that he was pretty good looking ever as a kid you thought he was cute you just didn’t know what that meant until you were older. “(Y/N)!” Tyler called and you turned to him.
“Yeah?” You asked.
“I was wondering if you wanted to you know go on a date sometime,” Tyler suggested as you walked towards him.
“I’d love to.” You smiled leaning up and kissing his cheek.

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What if Neil’s uncle came just a little bit too late? and Nathan had the time to completely fuck up Neil’s legs. he wanted to stop Neil from running away again, but Neil can’t even stand on them anymore.

He has no feeling in them now. the doctor point blank tells him there is 0% of Neil ever walking again. and Neil’s devastated. Exy was his life, the reason he came out of hiding. Exy is what gave him friends, a family, a home. and now it’s just gone. ofc his dad would take this final thing from him. he could of killed him, but he took away his reason for living instead.

and Neil’s just withdrawn. he can’t bare to even look at anything Exy. he avoids Kevin like the plague, cause that boy just bleeds Exy. but Kevin’s avoiding Neil too cause, how’s he supposed to look Neil in the eyes knowing his futures gone? i mean, the foxes lost the championships by not having enough players, and that killed Kevin enough, but at least they all get to play again. and Kevin recovered from his injury, but Neil can’t.

after weeks of Neil refusing to come out of his room, or talk to anyone, Andrew’s had enough. he bursts through the bedroom door and just chucks these leaflets at Neil. Neil picks one up and see’s they’re about Wheelchair Exy.

(it’s like a mixture of wheelchair hockey and basketball, known as Power Exy. Exy’s already a violent sport, but it’s even more violent when you’re not only throwing yourself at someone, but your wheelchair too.)

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This is Pernell Karl Subban. PK Subban. PK Superman. The Only Ray of Light™ in this dark world. #76 Defenseman (dman, d) for the Nashville Predators. He is 6'0" and 27 years old. He has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. His brothers also play hockey; Malcolm is the middle brother and is a goalie prospect for the Boston Bruins, and Jordan is the youngest brother and a forward prospect for the Vancouver Canucks. His sister’s names are Nastassia and Natasha. He is Canadian born and bred, but his mom and dad are immigrants - both coming from the Caribbean (mom = Montserrat; dad = Jamaica).

He has played for Team Canada in 3 international tournaments - winning gold with them in all three (2 World Juniors and the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014). He is one of the top scoring defensemen in the League.

He was drafted 43rd overall to the Montreal Canadiens (the Habs) and has won the League’s top defensive trophy while there - James Norris Memorial Trophy aka the Norris. While in Montreal, this literal embodiment of human sunshine became the most charitable athlete in all of Canadian history as he donated $10 Million to the Montreal Children’s Hospital. (fun fact: that’s more than he makes in a year. I love him bye.) He would go to the hospital during his down time just to spend time with the kids and he did so much for them. He became the spokesperson for the Children’s Hospital and went out of his way to learn French so that he could better cater to the language of the Montreal community. His BFF is Carey Price the goalie for the Canadiens and they are know for their shenanigans and general cuteness.

On June 29, 2016, the entire hockey world was rocked when Montreal traded PK to Nashville for the Preds’ captain and franchise face, Shea Weber (who had been there for 10 years). PK had been with the Habs for 6 years and was almost eligible for a no-trade clause. But the Habs management sucks and doesn’t appreciate anything. Aka they’re super racist and have backwards principles so I pray for Shea and the whole other two players I like on the Habs. They said that PK had “a character problem”. Like okay that sounds REAL fake but okay. PK has been super grateful and loving towards Nashville and the people and has been incredibly salty toward Montreal management. Like he learned another language to reach your people and you’re gonna trade him?? Bye Michel.

His interviews after the trade literally breathe life into me because he’s like “with Nashville I feel closer to winning the Cup than I ever did in Montreal” and other salty and petty ass things like that that also shows that he is super loving toward Nashville. Also recently EA Sports did a simulation of NHL 17 and had the Preds winning the Cup in Montreal which PK loved. He’s already made friends in Nashville with the Preds players because of course he’s literally the best - mainly Filip Forsberg, Roman Josi, James Neal, Ryan Johansen, and Pekka Rinne (😍).

He also watches his nieces and nephews a lot and posts pics on Instagram. It’s really cute. So PK is known for his flare and fashion. Kelsie said that his fashion is “sometimes suspect”. I like it - most of the time. He recently designed his own line of suits too. One time he said he wishes that Houston was in talks for NHL expansion because that’s where Beyoncé is from and he loves her.

On October 14, 2016, PK played his first regular season game with the Nashville Predators at their home season opener against the Shitcago Trashhawks. He opened up scoring for the Preds 7 minutes and 46 seconds into the game with a slapshot from the blue line (almost half ice). Also being a hero, our beloved ray of sunshine punched Rapist and Trash Extraordinaire™ Patrick Kane 13 minutes and 37 seconds in the 3rd period of the game. PK Subban is the hero we need and love.

His signature goal celly is the kneeling thingy [seen in a pic I sent them], and his signature thing is him pointing to the sky because “Glory to God” (he’s perfect, fight me). He is truly iconic and one of the best in the game. I love him a lot and so should you.

Monsta X as High School Students (includes quotes and how they’d act if they liked you)

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A/N: This was so fun to write. Did not expect it to get this much detail put into it. Hope you like it ^^

Swim team captain. Student Government Class Representative. Friendly and well known guy. Athletic in the water and just alright on ground but does better than others because of his height and athletic build. Someone accidentally signed him up for the Class Rep election and he beat the person without even campaigning, just by sheer popularity. Volunteers as the lifeguard for the community pool during the weekends. When it’s club sign up week, the team just has him stand in front of the booth and let the sign ups happen on their own. In regards to his duty as his class representation at the Student Gov meetings, he’ll propose the most daring/big ideas and end up pleasing his fellow classmates with he managed to get approved (e.g. pool day, beach day, spa day).

If you’re ever drowning, you can always call me … Well, I guess you really can’t if you’re drowning.

If he likes you, he will …
stop what he’s doing to smile at you even if you’re afar (can be dangerous if he’s training for a swim meet and he prolongs his time just to wave at you). If he sees you at school between classes, he’ll jog up to you just so he can walk with you and chat for a bit before he has to race back in the direction of his own class.

Well known football player and quite the charmer. Flirts without even trying. Fairs well with his school work without stressing too much about it. On the football field, he’s one to watch out for. University coaches scout for him and are waiting until he graduates. Off the field, he’s a pretty friendly guy. If you happen to trip and drop your books, he won’t point and laugh like the others; instead, he’ll help you out and make sure you’re okay. Against bullying and will stare/talk down those that he catches in the act. Gets bored easily in class, so he’s always up to mischief with his little pranks. Teacher catches him at least once a week, and he’s forced to clean the class after school ends that day. Lingers in the hallway between classes and knows admirers are ogling at him (he thoroughly enjoys it).

Repeat after me: ‘Wonho oppa’.

If he likes you, he will …
be a lot more touchy with you, like arm over shoulders and pulling you away from bumping into anything. He’ll prioritize talking and hanging out with you whenever he sees you, even if he’s surrounded by a group of his own friends. Would also tend to show more skin/muscles when you’re around.

That heartwarming, friendly, welcoming events Committee Leader in student government. Always thinks about new ideas to make new students welcome and to get the student body closer together. Helps out the lost freshmen. Voices for the little guys. Hands are always full with things for events and school. Always running late to class because he was busy guiding others or talking with fellow Student Gov members about events. All administrators know him, in a good way. His smile is all that’s needed to waive that tardy streak. Horrible in P.E. Avoids the ball at all costs. Somehow always ends up with Jooheon on school projects and is the only one who can calm the younger one from all the stress. Knows everyone and everything that goes on at school. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with him.

Hello! Don’t have anything to do this weekend? Be sure to come back to school to check out our benefit concert!

If he likes you, he will …
get you the best servings of lunch and helps you carry things. Uses his student government/event committee benefits to get you discounted tickets and the best seats. If you can’t make it to an event he’s hosting, he’ll pass on the Day Of responsibility to someone else just so he can spend time with you.

Student Gov President and damn proud of it. He earned it though. Well liked amongst all the faculty and students. Thinks progressively of what to improve with the school and events. Advocates educational field trips. Partakes in numerous after school activities to amp up his ()resume. Works part-time at a nearby Bardot. Studious too. Pretty well balanced with his hectic schedule. First to arrive at school and last to leave. Ensured valedictorian … If it weren’t for Hyungwon’s smarts rivaling his. Does morning announcements with that honey voice of his. Whenever he hosts the school’s talent show, the crowd cheers him on to perform a song for them. Although he is a model student for all universities for any major, he secretly wants to be a singer. Lacks the courage to actually audition to be one.

Yes, peasant? I mean, yes, I’m President.

If he likes you, he will …
share his notes with you and let’s you into the student government room just so you have a place to study where he can easily check up on you. Everyone in the student government knows who you are because he’ll always have you around even at events exclusive for them. Gets you to events with free admission.

An innate genius. Prefers sleep over class and pays little attention when in class. Doesn’t study and does the minimal work on all assignments, yet gets the top rank in each class. Doesn’t know where the library is or that there’s such thing as a ‘study hall’. Sits beside I.M. and I.M. nudges him awake whenever the teacher’s looking or walking close. You know how there are like small fish that accompany/help out a whale? Yeah, well, Hyungwon is the whale and IM is the small fish. Oblivious to just about everything. Even his ranking, but isn’t surprised that he’s no. 1. Profound in sports. Like with all the sports. Casually shoots three-pointers. Casually scores goals from afar. Casually brushes off the coaches’ and athletes’ recruitment. Generally quiet yet is always chilling with the popular ones.

” (No words because he’s either ignoring you or sleeping.)

If he likes you, he will …
find the energy to stay awake during class just so he can talk with you and always wants you to be his partner for projects (and will actually partake in the work). Will actively make sure you’re okay with the class material and helps you with your studies, somehow making you get in the top five ranks for each class.

Dude who works hard in all his classes, yet just barely makes the top ten ranking for each. Self proclaimed rival to Hyungwon when it comes to studies and sports. He’s pretty good at basketball. Music enthusiast and is like student number one in music class with how diverse he is with the instruments. Static performer at talent shows. Sometimes spotted doing street performances over long weekends and holidays. Super focused in class and tries his best to participate, but gets distracted from time-to-time with Wonho’s antics and sometimes joining in on the fun. Some dub him the class clown only because of his clever quips when another student has already begun fooling around or has asked a stupid question. Stresses easily with his studies and projects. Always antsy about things being due, tries to finish things in advance.

No words can ever explain how I feel about spending the last sixteen hours reading over my history textbook … only to find that I read the wrong textbook for today’s test. No words.

If he likes you, he will …
always find a chance to make music with whatever is around him and sing a short song for you. Study buddy. Late night study sessions are always cozy and fun with him. Brings you coffee the morning after a late night. If you weren’t able to get what you wanted at the cafeteria because it was all taken, he’ll somehow acquire it for you.

That one guy everyone knows of and has good thoughts of. Passes out flyers for a new club he makes every semester. Ends up finding a home in the poetry club. Poetry skill amazes the performing arts teacher and ends up being the teacher’s favorite that he sits beside him during play auditions and rehearsals and makes comments when the Director doesn’t. Somehow ends up getting free lunch because of his great acquaintanceship with the lunch workers. Somehow skips out on P.E. because he managed to confuse the counsellors in enrolling him in different classes in different periods. Has anything and everything in his bag (quietly slips them to Hyungwon, Wonho, Shownu, andJooheon when they grumble about not having something). Distracts the teacher when any of mentioned dudes forget to do an assignment while they copy off another person’s.

Come join the Intergalactic Space Food Appreciation Club! Where we eat and discuss about food we think other worldly beings eat!

If he likes you, he will …
slip notes to you during class and leaves special/affectionate ones on your desk for you to see when you return. Would have a ton of inside jokes with you and just beam whenever he sees you. Disregards what he was doing in order to talk with you, even if it’s only for a minute or two.

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At one point in time, a muggle-born Ravenclaw student brought in a “House” DVD collection and a small DVD player. Watching the show in the Ravenclaw common room, even the wizard-born students thoroughly enjoyed the show, and began to almost idolize Dr. Gregory House for his razor-sharp sarcasm and brutally honest common sense. Not long after, it became one of the first (known) wizarding instances of a “meme”. Ravenclaw students respond to particularly idiotic statements made by professors and students alike with quotes from the show, much to the confusion non-Ravenclaws. Many of these statements have resulted in considerable loss of House Points for Ravenclaw, but the vast majority in the house consider it “totally worth it”.

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Hello. Love your blog. It's quickly becoming A favorite. For the questions; 2. 12 and 16. I hope you are having A lovely day. :)

THANK YOU <3 <3 Hope you’re having the best day!! 

2. favourite dressing (clothing) style of a player:

12. favourite weird and rarely known fact about a hockey player: WHAT ARE WEIRD FACTS ANYWAY?? HMMMMM  i can’t think of anything

everyone knows this (BUT IF YOU SOMEHOW DONT) watch this video of alex ovechkin hitting a hole-in-one the first time he ever played golf it will make your day so much better


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