time piles

I FINISHED ALL MY MAJOR WORK PROJECTS i’m free now (kinda) lololol no more working overtime for daysss ★ ★ ★ they let me take the week off finally yessss

what do i update?? jumin doge or zen angst or draw out a new mini comic series post or idk ahaha ill finish the autumn portraits first before then *v*



1. again, i never see septiplier as a “ship” worthy. i only see it as a joke about 2 bros being stoopid. when they, mark and jack, introduce me to ‘septiplier’ i always find it as a joke. so yeah, never shipped them as a fic or real.

and what the heck tho? fictional characters?? good lord man-

2. its from emily is away video :^y

16 is an old age…

4. i’m 16 irl, but i feel 26 inside…
5. because i’m not mark’s friend? i’m amy’s friend :^D
6. aaww thank you!
7 & 8. kathyrn is another mark’s editor, he explain it already in one of mark’s live stream, i can’t remember which one, but.. PAY ATTENTION!
9. again, i’m not a ‘professional’, i got SAI from random searching o google…

yes, it did take a while, because error here and there.. but i finally got it, and it was a 2 years ago so i can’t remember the web’s name…

10. well- that’s YOUR problem, you can’t draw instantly good when u try a digital art program , it took me 2 years to get to the point where i am now. so YOUR deal is to builed up your lazy ass spirit bro!! and smooth line arts.. again PRATICE, don’t complain just yet if you haven’t done anything much. so pls i belive in you.

11. we’re already friends here anon ;)
12. i trigggered every fangirls everyday anon. that’s my job apparently lmao
13. thank you! :D
14. amyplier is one of the best couple, and thank you!  <3
15. practice.
16. it pops out whenever i’m in a weird situation, like that one time i was getting my hand stuck on something (i can’t remember) i immediately want to draw amy in a reptilian suit. dunno why, but it happened.
17. it is tho!
18. noooooo??? why would you say that tho?


1. i am a glasses. :^D love from indonesia!
2. reference just by looking at some random art, and follow it. and at first it looks the same as the artist that i’m following, but as time goes by, it naturally creates its own art style.
3. i have no idea what you are talking about anon.
4. twitter, insta DA, FB all of em is floatingmegane-san lol, except for insta its floating_megane
5. i did take some classes for a month, but i didn’t really learn much + its boring, so i guess is 90% self taught?
6. meh, i dunno, a year or two? probably more.
7. magic.
8. aren’t we all friends here anon. ;D
9. chillin’
10. 2-3 hours
11. i dunno :^DDD
12. what ever pops on my recommend list on youtube lmao.

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you answered that question already but is it okay to repost your art on Instagram? :)

Ahhhhh sorry but I don’t allow my art being reposted anywhere (it’s actually the first line in my blog’s description…)

Anon said: Just a reminder so you have plenty of time but mattsun and yahaba’s bday is March 1~

…that’s really far away, isn’t it. Let’s think about the boy whose birthday is today instead! (it’s Yamagata) ((hbd my baby)) (((let’s hope I’ll feel good enough later to actually draw something for him)))

Anon said: Do you ever think about how convenient it is that some parents named their kids in accordance with their powers? (Denki, Bakugou, etc)?

Well, Bakugou’s called Katsuki so I’m assuming that was more of a hopeful wishing thing on Mitsuki and Masaru’s part than anything else, but yeah! I kinda headcanon Denki to be a name that runs in the family, and!!!! Horikoshi actually made canon that in the bnha universe kids can also take the mother’s surname! (like Jirou, who together with her quirk also got her mother’s surname!)

It’s a pretty neat thing to think about, how the quirks are full part of a family line even on the small things like names and surnames! Makes you wonder if some of their ancestors just straight out changed their surnames to fit with their quirks, or if the surnames sometime in the past became some kind of way to more easily keep track of people’s quirks, so people just got their surnames changed whether they wanted or not? It’s such an interesting topic to me tbh

Happy belated V-day~

Bubble! Sans reference I’m also going to write his personalities-

-curious as a child
-loves anything
-sweet heart
-eyes are literally bubbles
-loves you @vivynek0 ;; u ;;

a wip that i kinda like as is, and hopefully it’ll still look decent once completed..?? …..i love kookmin…. lol that’s all i draw now…

edit: the completed version is done~~~


can i just pop in for day 25 for the shipping pride month? 

i just love these dorks too much. sorry probably saying the same thing for almost a year now lol dont wanna get all mushy on this ship but im thankful for all the amazing people ive met through it C: 

also thought that sans would be the one doing the silly romantic stuff for gaster but when he tried this one out he probs didnt think that he was gonna be half the size he already was when he knelt down lol 

he tried tho C: