time piles

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d=ar tgm, pl=as= h=lp m=; i hav= an absolut=ly WOND=RFUL moirail! th=y'r= smart, charming, and can pap lik= no on='s busin=ss. but th= thing is, th=y lik= making HUG= pil=s out of ch=w=d up gum. which is fin= by m=! th= probl=m is that th=y INSIST on ch=wing up all th= gum th=ms=lv=s, and always =nd up hurting th=y'r= jaw. no matt=r how much i t=ll th=m that i can h=lp, th=y insist on doing all th= ch=wing alon=! i'm r=ally worri=d. pl=as= h=lp m=?

That’s disgusting!  I am disgusted.  That sounds hard, crusty, slimey, and unsanitary.  They need to stop that and you need to help them!

Readers, back me up here, that’s just gross, right???

- Adjutant Bauble

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Hey! Can you draw Marinette's Genderbend version and original Adrien together? I think it will be awesome :D Thank a lot!

have some genderbent!Marinette and Adrien?

Khajiit came out to buy furnishings and have a good time and this one is honestly feeling so attacked right now

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OKAY so I work an eight or ten hour shift today and I walk the entirety of campus and it's snowing and my shoes have holes in them and I just got surgery on my knee so I'm in pain but that Bokuroo with the babe has CURED ME MY PAIN IS GONE MY FACE IS CLEAR THERE ARE BIRDS SINGING THROUGH THE SNOWFLAKES MY SOCKS ARE DRY


Anon said: AHHH your Bokuroo as parents left me dead I looove it (parents/family au is my favourite ) I feel so blessed thank you would you do more some time? ^^

I’m happy you liked it!!!! And I dunno, there was no plan to continue it but who knows what the future will bring us

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Wilted Flowers

                                                          -Shikha Singh

Those flowers which once thrived in the wild,
on the ground,their petals like confetti lay piled.
In time their lovely petals had leisurely unfurled,
and now with time they’ve turned stiff and curled.

Seasons ago,some were purple, some were red,
adding lovely colours to green,grassy flower bed.
Some were scarlet too and some were pretty blue,
but slowly-n-steadily they’ve turned to brown hue.

Those flowers which smiled and merrily bloomed,
now appear lifeless, limp, grotesque and doomed.
Whose exquisite fragrance in the air once lingered,
those sweet flowers lost their scent as they withered.

And as they watch their successors take their place,
they realise the fact that they’re no more in the race.
But their history is rich and shall never be forgotten,
those wilted flowers, once a delight, now have rotten.                                                                                

a wip that i kinda like as is, and hopefully it’ll still look decent once completed..?? …..i love kookmin…. lol that’s all i draw now…

edit: the completed version is done~~~

i see confession blogs are still alive and well. to those anonymously talking shit about any members of arashi: u do what makes u feel good but spare a thought of the fact that we have it so good with arashi. try to be less judgemental of arashi members u don’t like because we’re so blessed to have this kind of group with this kind of chemistry together with this kind of respect and care for each other and most of all, with this kind of willingness to stay together as a group for how long?? 17 years already?? enjoy ur #1 literally each and everyone in arashi deserves to be ur #1 and deserves to be the “main star” (but the real main star is the group! how awesome is that!) but also try to enjoy him with the other members because it’s a gift not many fandoms have been blessed with