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The Cygate sparkling ask gave me an idea! What if the LL found a bunch of beans in stasis, took them aboard, and they imprinted on their human friend! The beans follow them around like ducklings,beeping for attention, and at recharge time they all pile in the human's bed for a cuddles! To their credit the human is amazing at raising them and becomes the guardian of the beans. Of course the bots have to help out (each bean having a favourite "sire") but they all love their "carrier" the most.


EDIT: This is the Cygate and sparklings ask that’s being discussed about! I am forgetting a lot of things I do today when I fill a request, eeep. Sorry for that. )

✦ The Lost Light crew originally were planning to make a stop back at Cybertron to have the sparklings raised there but realised the pack had imprinted on their human liaison. Because they’re small? Because they’re soft? Because they give the best cuddles in the whole wide universe? It’s a mystery but no one has the heart to remove them from the liaison since they begin to beep nervously and wiggle in fear should they be approached with that intent in mind. It’s like the babies know. Ultra Magnus and Megatron try, uncomfortable as they are at how those little optics look at them imploringly, and it’s Whirl actually steps in and threatens to beat them up to a pulp if they separate the sparklings from the liaison. He gets sent to the brig for threatening the officers and thinks worth it when he learns the babies are going to stay on the ship for the time being.

✦ One of the unused habsuites is set up as a baby centre for the sparklings with Ratchet and Velocity designated as the ‘caretakers’ of the place when it opens. At first the team selected to help build and furnish the rooms was small: Perceptor, Velocity, Rung, and First Aid with Megatron to oversee the construction. Then Rodimus wanted in on it because he’s co-captain why is Megatron allowed and he isn’t?? Then Brainstorm forces himself on the team, claiming his inventions will keep the babies safe. (NO STORMY YOU CAN’T PUT ELECTRIFIED BABY GATES UP. NO-) Then Swerve, Nautica, Rewind (with Chromdome tagging along), and Tailgate snuck themselves on and aren’t really helping either. They’re just there to cuddle and coo at the babies whenever the liaison drops by to see how progress is going. (Slowly. The progress is going slowly since Rodimus is arguing for pink for the walls and Whirl(???) is wondering why he wants to paint it in the colour of their blood? Rodimus why.) It takes far, far longer than it should have but the daycare is built and is a perfect place for the beans to stay and play and learn and everything else they’ll need. Except when it comes to naptime or sleeping time. The baby pack like to sleep with their carrier in their habsuite and become an actual pile of cuddles and purrs.

✦ It’s not hard to tell when the liaison is making their rounds now. They’re followed by the noisiest beepers in the world who are declaring their love for their carrier and how they’re the best carrier in the world. It’s an amusing and cute sight: The liaison attempting to look serious and stoic, going over the documents they had to read that day, while a bunch of bouncy balls chase after them. Brainstorm ends up making hover baby carrier so the beans stay in one place and don’t wander off in these rounds since a few have gotten into some awful adventures this way. (How did one of them get in the vents?? A mystery.) Perceptor, at the request of the human, checks to see if he installed weapons in there and the ‘bot is pleasantly surprised by Brainstorm’s restraint. He only put three in it. Three.

✦ If their carrier doesn’t like someone or the baby pack picks up their carrier’s distaste for a particular ‘bot, they will attempt to gang up on this poor individual. Many a time Rodimus or Megatron has entered hallway to see Getaway frozen in place, doing the Cybertronian equivalent of sweating since he’s surrounded by the angriest beepers in the world and he doesn’t have the the spark in him to scare or move them away. He’s been standing there for hours. He’s about to enter stasis shock since his systems are mistaking his locked joints as paralysis. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP HE JUST WANTED TO GO TO THE WASHING RACKS.

✦ Sooner or later the beans will begin to attach themselves towards certain ‘bots, having chosen them as their sires. They can’t stick with their carrier forever and their coding instructs them to find another source of support and comfort in case their main source is not reasonably available. Be it personality or looks or who the bean thinks will be the most fun to spend time with, they will fan out and pick a favourite they deem as their ‘sire’ more or less. The sires are: Nautica, Velocity, Rodimus, Dirft and Ratchet, Megatron, Chromedome and Rewind, Ravage, First Aid, Rung, Ultra Magnus, Whirl, Brainstorm and Perceptor, Cyclonus and Tailgate, and Swerve. The liaison’s busy schedule is even busier than ever now that they have to fill in +10 playdates somehow.

✦ The little bitlets are angels with their carrier and are so cute and cuddly and soft. If the liaison sits down somewhere, you can bet they’ll quickly find themselves having bunch of wiggly beans and balls and squares crawling up their lap to get cuddles. If the carrier ask them to behave or to stay quiet, the tiny one will listen to the request and immediately hush up and not make a peep. If the carrier drops a datapad or is asking aloud where they put something, the beans will scatter and bring back the item with so much pride in their optics. Lots of kissies and compliments are showered on the beans by the liaison with how patient and good and perfect they are.

✦ But when left with their sitters or their sires whenever the liaison is too busy to spend time with them? Oh boy that’s when absolute chaos erupts. It’s almost like they’ll behave for their carrier and their carrier only. Something their sires learn painfully on the first day they have to watch the beepers alone since the officers’ call they need to take with their superiors was confidential. (That and the superiors back at home had no idea their office on the ship became the equivalent of a robot parent shhhhhh.) The moment the liaison is out of sight and can no longer be heard by the beans, they immediately get into trouble to the shock of the others present because?? What’s going on??? Why is this happening no baby don’t do that-

✦ Nautica is trying to stop her bitlet from drinking her high grade energon she’s been saving that!! Velocity’s sparkling won’t stop crying and she can’t figure out what’s wrong with them so she’s about to cry herself. Ratchet is too old and tired to chase after his nyoom’ing sparkling and can only watch (in amusement) as Drift attempts to snatch them up. Rung’s bean accidentally found his subspace full of candy is trying to vibrate through the wall to his guilt and worry. Those are considered the mild cases as well.

✦ Brainstorm keeps trying to give his and Perceptor’s charge a gun - It’s not a real gun, it only shoots stun shots! Yes, the sparkling can use it! I made sure this can be activated by the slightest of nudge! - and Perceptor is trying to prevent that and help Rewind and Chromedome get their baby out of the vents. Both parties are yelling at Stormy for making things worse when Stormy and Percy’s bean bumps against the gun by accident, it shoots a charge at the open vent which causes the little boxy baby to hop away in fear. Rewind is yelling for Skids to get in there now plEASE. Chromedome is worried his Conjunx is going to break his vocaliser at the rate he’s yelling.

✦ Cyclonus and Tailgate are scrambling to save their bean from jumping off a beam, wondering where the heck the bouncy ball got the idea to jump from dangerous spot to dangerous spot like that. Rodimus is trying to teach his bean how to parkour and Ultra Magnus is trying to stop him from that since his bean and Megatron’s bean is trying to imitate them too. Off in some corner of the room, Whirl is trying to delicately pick his bean out from the inside of a titty gun of his. All the while he is praising his baby for being such a little shit.

✦ The only beans that are kind of behaving are Ravage’s, Swerve’s, and First Aid’s. That’s only because the beans somehow locked themselves in the little dollhouse that was built for them and can’t go anywhere. A lot of ruckus is happening inside, however, and all three are scrambling to get them out. The liaison won’t be back for another three hours. It’s only been thirty minutes since they left. Everyone (except Whirl) is suffering.

Drarry AU

My brain keeps returning to this idea – what if, in POA (movie universe), Harry never realizes that the crane Malfoy sent him was a note (because I mean, who would)?  Like he just stares at it, confused, then goes “okay” sets it down on his desk and goes back to ignoring Snape

I mean, Draco would be furious because how dare you not appreciate my bullying Potter and the next class they have together, he grabs another piece of paper, writes something along the lines of “You suck Potter”, folds another crane and blows it over – only for it to be left sitting on Harry’s desk again after the lesson, and Harry didn’t even look inside, he didn’t do anything with this damn crane, and Draco is absolutely seething from this lack of attention

So he does it again.  And again.  And again.  

First it’s insults (because of course he hates Potter, they’re archenemies, never mind the actual murderer stalking Harry at this very moment) – “I hope you die Potter” “I wish I met Sirius Black I’d help him” “Your glasses are appalling why do you still have the same ones from first year your prescription can’t possibly be the same you moron” “Eat a bag of dicks Potter” – but a month goes by and he’s running out of things to say and Potter never reads the notes anyway so Draco just starts ranting about everything else he finds annoying

Soon the cranes are just a way of venting – talk about your day, fold a beautiful crane, send it to the person you definitely hate the most.  He still tries to snark and generally antagonize every time he sees Potter, because it’s practically my duty to take the Golden Boy down a peg, Goyle – but he can’t do it the same way anymore, so he takes a step back – in everything except the cranes.  

Every day, every class, and sometimes at breakfast, a crane will land next to Harry Potter’s elbow.  Without fail.  Harry will pick it up, stare at it, and set it back down.  Or maybe slip it into his bag, and Draco’s stomach flips the first time he does that.  

It’s almost like they’re friends.  By now, Draco’s told him things he never even voiced to his friends – that he’s actually terrified of the Dementors, that he keeps feeling like he’s not good enough, because no matter what he tries, there’s always somebody better than him at it – that he still can’t understand why Harry didn’t want to be his friend that time on the train, seriously Potter what did I do?  you didn’t even know me! – and Potter didn’t crumple any of the cranes, so maybe he doesn’t hate him so much anymore?..  Draco knows Potter never reads these notes, but he likes to pretend that Harry knows all these things about him.  And maybe even cares a little.  

It’s stupid, and he really shouldn’t be putting any of such personal details in writing (honestly Lucius would be so disappointed, these cranes are perfect blackmail material and what the hell are you thinking Draco yells Draco’s inner voice) – but he can’t stop.  It’s become a habit, and Potter stared at him for fifteen minutes at lunch today, so he can’t stop.  Draco keeps talking, and making Harry little doodles, and trying not to smile too obviously when another crane ends up in Harry’s pocket.

And meanwhile, Harry’s going nuts.  He just doesn’t understand what Malfoy wants from him, or why he doesn’t run into him so often anymore – and the cranes really seem to be just paper (Ron why does Malfoy know origami is this a general wizard thing or is it just him), and they’re delicate and elegant, and he feels bad about destroying them – so he just leaves them.  

Until, of course, he absentmindedly shoves one in his bag one day – and finds it that evening.  Sighs and sets it on his bedside table, because what else can he do?..  Even if he throws it out, he’ll just get a new one tomorrow.  Or three.  

He’s confused, because Malfoy isn’t even so loud or dramatic anymore, it’s almost as if he’s trying not to attract attention – beyond the cranes – but Harry’s eyes are glued to him anyway.  He knows that Malfoy has to be up to something, because of course he is – but he just can’t tell what, there’s no way to know, and holy shit Ron he just smiled at me what the hell is he planning – and all this time, the pile of cranes on his bedside table keeps growing

He doesn’t lie awake at night, thinking of Malfoy’s smile.  He doesn’t.  Really.  

The next day, when he gets his morning crane, he flashes Malfoy a brilliant smile, and laughs at his stunned expression like ha, two can play at this game!  Gotcha now!  and he’s still thinking that Malfoy’s messing with his mind – except he can’t help but think that it would be nice if Draco was really like that.  If he really just sent the cranes over to brighten Harry’s day.  If there wasn’t something else behind this, because he’s starting to like it.  

All this goes on until Hermione barges into their dormitory again, in the ungodly hours of the morning, like she usually does – and stops dead, staring at the pile of cranes, Ron may have been complaining but she never imagined the true extent of this new, yet age-old obsession.  And of course, Harry tries to protest, that it’s all for science, Hermione, I have to find out what he’s up to and this is the only source of information – but the excuses run dry when she quizzes him a bit and finds out that none of the cranes are cursed, or charmed to yell insults, or anything, really 

So she’s like “well have you tried to unfold one” and no he didn’t, who the heck writes notes inside a crane anyway, isn’t it an artwork??  But hey, that’s an idea, and that night the trio gets together, sitting on Harry’s bed with the crane he just got in Charms, bated breath and all, waiting for it to unleash something nasty (Harry finds himself really really hoping it won’t) 

All kinds of security measures done, and they unfold it 

Hermione’s like “oh.  Oohh,” and Ron’s eyebrows fly away to roam the world

Because inside

there’s a shitty little drawing of Harry and Draco holding hands, with little hearts all around 

Sometimes I wonder how I can love books so much but not have read many of them but I recently started rereading a 17 book series for the 4th time and I think I’ve worked it out

So, what if, instead of thinking about solving your whole life, you just think about adding additional good things. One at a time. Just let your pile of good things grow.
—  Rainbow Rowell ,  Attachments

I got inspired after I decided Bones was part dragon in the tags of the last thing I posted.  Now everyone’s part dragon.