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you know so much about bruce, please tell us some less know traits about him or just random facts or even headcanons please i love it when you talk about bruce!!!

oh my gosh, i love this ask. i’m glad you like it when i talk about bruce because i love talking about bruce and am always looking for the excuse to. ~just vengeance things~ include:

  • he is, actually, very sweet to civilians. he would sacrifice his identity if it meant saving a single person, and yes i can confirm his weakness is actually babies the ratio of times batman has held a baby compared to other characters is absolutely insane. and in BTAS, there’s an episode where he rescues a little girl and comes back to visit her just to make sure she’s okay. and in the BTAS tie-in comics, he rescued people’s pets, kept kids out of traffic, helped put out fires, the works. and also he went out of his way to find dick’s teddy bear
  • he has a sense of humor! i promise you! he just saves it for when no one’s looking, which is what he does with every trait someone might possibly misconstrue as cute. gotham knights made it canon that he talks to the bats in the batcave. he probably talks to them about cases when nobody else is around to bounce ideas off of
  • bruce paid for a class field trip after jason died because helping kids made the loss more bearable - he also visits troubled kids in canon and takes an active role in their life, to the point where one time he was concerned about kids he sponsored getting in a bad way and showed up literally at their house, because despite having 708983 responsibilities as batman he still makes time for that
  • this fucker has protocols in place for contacting him. the JL have to go through a goddamn system to get 5 minutes with him, and you just know it’s an excuse so bruce has to talk to people less, you just know it. also, this is in the same comic where plastic man recruits bruce to scare his wayward son straight, bruce is nervous about scaring a kid, and gives patrick an actual compliment (“of all of us, even clark, i thought you would make the best father. because i thought you would be the kind of father that would show his children that he loved them, instead of just telling them. i thought you would make them laugh all of the time.”) and encourages patrick to reconnect with his son
  • once put on enough make-up to trick people into thinking he was a guy dressed as bruce wayne who might possibly be batman, while he was actually bruce wayne who is actually batman. he disguised himself….. as himself. i fucking hate him. when oliver queen found out his identity how much do you wanna bet he was beyond pissed
  • i’m not kidding about the justice snuggle thing. he does actually do that, where he perches on something and puts his chin on his knees. he does it in front of gordon, and also the justice league. someone who refuses to show people he has 1 iota of personality is totally comfortable curling up like a small child. what even is this man
  • when tired and injured sometimes he just collapses wherever. in knightfall, he passes out by a dumpster, and a roof, and on the stairs. in the batman and robin 2011 run he makes it to a hallway and alfred finds him just like crashed on the ground. in batman: year one, he literally just sits in a chair casually bleeding all over everything until a bat crashes through his window
  • tries to tell people he cares for them in a really roundabout way filled with metaphors and lots of grand gestures. the only person who usually understands them is dick, and even then it’s like 75% of the time. if he actually says the word ‘love’, the vulnerability of the moment will cause him to keel over and die
  • master of the uncomfortable invasion of privacy. i cannot stress this enough. if you bought purple listerine instead of blue this week, he’s watching you. he has your number. he has a file on everything that breathes, and also he writes everything down. he has like 400 some files on hugo strange alone, he knows whether the man prefers coke or pepsi. also, three words: brother eye satellite 
  • whenever something emotionally traumatic happens he locks himself in the batcave for a while because he is a turtle (of justice) and the batcave is his shell
  • now, this one is mostly a headcanon i was talking with audrey about earlier (i say mostly because i’m 65% sure there’s a panel somewhere that made it canon that bruce helped train kyle, but my receipts folder is 5 miles long) but i do solidly believe bruce is one of the people who teaches inexperienced league members, along with other expertly trained league members like diana and dinah. not only because of his expertise in martial arts, but also because he’s had more experience than other heroes training individuals to be the best they possibly can. he is absolutely the tough love coach. he is the AP teacher that knocked off points for every little mistake and made you cry three times a week, but it was worth it when you got a 5 on that exam and were so far ahead of the curve in college the class was a breeze
  • summary: i love batman
  • a lot
  • like a whole lot
  • he’s trying his best

he is my very favorite

Over 45,000 vendors in Rajasthan refuse to rent out wedding supplies to protest child marriages
The Rajasthan Tent Dealers Kiraya Vyavsai Samiti, will verify and scrutinise the birth documents of the bride and groom each time theyre approached for wedding supplies.

With an aim to help terminate the extensively prevalent issue of child marriage in the country, over 45,000 tent vendors from the state of Rajasthan have decided to turn their backs towards those who facilitate the social evil.

The vendors, who come under the umbrella of the Rajasthan Tent Dealers Kiraya Vyavsai Samiti, have taken it upon themselves to closely verify and scrutinise the birth documents of the bride and groom, each time they’re approached for wedding supplies.

But their role doesn’t just end there.

If there is a discrepancy in the birth certificates and they feel a child marriage is what is being planned, the association has also taken the responsibility of informing the nearest police station.

“If anyone comes to book us to supply the tent and do other decorations, we will ask for the birth certificate of the boy and girl to ensure it is not a child marriage. In case a person or group of persons gives us wrong information, we will immediately inform the police and other government officials for the required intervention,” Ravi Jindal, the president of the group Rajasthan Tent Dealers Kiraya Vyavsai Samiti told The Times of India.

As horrific as the act of child marriage itself is, its prominence in some Indian states–Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka in particular–is what makes the situation all the more alarming.

The Logical Indian reports, “India ranks sixth in the world in the number of child marriages that happen every year. According to the Census report of 2011, nearly 17 million Indian children between the ages of 10 and 19 are married. Of this number, 76%, or 12.7 million, are minor girls.”

The Secret To Shinhwa’s Longevity? The Answer is Their Leader, Eric Mun.

Eric Mun, one of the best leaders, if not the best, sets an example of what true leadership is. What has he done for Shinhwa that the group stayed intact, becoming the longest-running idol group in Kpop, with no disbandment & no member change?

Let’s start from the very beginning. After winning a street dance championship in the US, Eric was selected by Lee Soo Man in March 1997 & he debuted as the leader of the 6-member-group Shinhwa on 24 March 1998

In 2003, Shinhwa’s 5-year-contract with SM came to an end. At that time, many 1st generation groups faced disbandment, like H.O.T, Secks Skies, S.E.S. So it was expected that Shinhwa would disband too. Following the group’s contract expiration, SM wanted to disband the group & offered solo contracts to only some members. But Shinhwa’s aim was that the 6 of them would stay together as a group and could not be separated. So, Shinhwa refused the solo contract offers with SM, which was undoubtedly a shock in the industry. So far no artist had ever dared to offend the big boss of the Korean entertainment industry, and they were the first.

So, what did Eric do to avoid disbandment and keep the members together after the contract expired? 

Eric, the leader who chose to keep his group together over money. His first priority was his group. 

He was offered solo contracts that were FOUR times more than the other members. “Honestly, others would think about those offers for a month, but Eric rejected them immediately, just to let the members be together.”

Truthfully, how many people do you know that can make such sacrifice, whether in real life or in idol world?!!!! .. Eric could’ve said, ‘screw Shinhwa’ and then accept SM’s offer to double his contract 4 times on the condition that they disband Shinhwa and he go solo.. But Eric’s genuine love & loyalty for his group couldn’t be replaced by money or securing a place in SM. He turned down the offers IMMEDIATELY & & took Shinhwa to another company, which was even a great risk as they were leaving the big boss of kpop entertainment to start again in another much smaller company. The result didn’t matter to him as long as remained with the members. 
imagine that Eric accepted those tempting solo offers, then we wouldn’t have Shinhwa anymore. The fact that the six of them are able to stay together now, Eric contributed A LOT to it.

and to Eric, his choice wasn’t a sacrifice .. it was the best decision he has made in his life.

After Eric chose Shinhwa over money & suggested moving to another agency, then came the next problem. Leader Eric had to fight for the rights to “Shinhwa’s” name.

After Shinhwa left SM among much controversy & refused to extend their solo contracts, then came a huge problem. The members needed to continue using the same name “Shinhwa”. But since SM still owned the rights to Shinhwa’s name, so Eric had to put himself through a crash course in legalities to resolve Shinhwa’s contract issues. Eric was the one who negotiated with the management and no one will ever know how much hardship he had to endure during the negotiations. Eric went to court against SM to retain the rights for Shinhwa’s name. He even studied law to find a way for Shinhwa to continue being active under the same name. (Bear in mind that he was only 24 years old back then!!) .. He paid a HUGE sum of his OWN money to buy the name’s rights.. Eric really went through hell during that period until in the end, Shinhwa won & left SM with the rights to their name.

Can you imagine that a young man in his early 20s, gave up on massively tempting solo offers and chose to go through hell & fight for his team just to remain with his band mates & keep the group intact?!!! .. who else can do such thing?!! .. what a true leadership & loyalty! 

It’s also Eric who negotiated -alone- with other companies till he chose the best offer for his group. Then Shinhwa moved to Good Entertainment. But unfortunately, not so many people were pleased with that decision & so they tried their best to bring Shinhwa down, asking them to disband like what other groups did back then.

In 2004, a journalist once wrote an article heavily criticizing Shinhwa & blatantly used personal attacks on the Shinhwa members implying that they are failed musicians who try too hard with solo activities. He proceeded to slam Shinhwa with ruthless criticism, leading to a big media frenzy. It was then that Eric stepped up once again as the leader to speak out. He made a powerful reply to the reporter & published it on the Internet, asking for a more meaningful review. That reply of Eric went viral & found its way to the official school books in Korea, marking him as the 1st & only artist to have such feat. He ended the letter with: “It’s not so easy to see Shinhwa. If there’s anything, you can look for me.” & this line became very famous.

Here’s an excerpt of his lengthy letter..

WOW! such powerful reply! Eric might be 4D & act like a cute kid, but when someone or something threatens Shinhwa, he turns into a totally different person. totally dependable & trustworthy leader.

When Eric was at the peak of his success, being the nation’s flower boy after starring in the very popular drama “Firebird” in 2004, & dominating almost all CFs and he was dubbed the “CF King” .. Many thought that he would leave Shinhwa & there were many articles released that urged him to go solo & pursue his successful career as an actor & rapper away from Shinhwa.

“I remember a conversation I had with Eric over drinks back when we were filming Firebird (Phoenix). I said ’“It’s a good idea to go into acting. Anyway, you can only be an idol for a few years, just make acting your lifelong career”. Eric turned serious and replied “NO! I’ll be with Shinhwa for more than 10 years, for a lifetime. Please wait and see!”
- Firebird Director San Ray’s twitter (2012.03)

Eric strictly clarified to everyone what his top priority is, which is the group Shinhwa. Eric: “Shinhwa is everything. Without Shinhwa there won’t be the present me, and I would not meet precious friends and members who love me.”
                 Eric: “Shinhwa is our root and it has to be our core.”

This man’s loyalty & devotion to his group is simply unbelievable!

2008 - The group hiatus due to military service. Eric is always the leader who knew how to keep his word.

In 2008, Shinhwa held their last concert before the 4-year hiatus due to the army enlistment. In that concert, they promised the fans that Shinhwa will come back after all members finish their military service. “Shinhwa will come back, please wait for us”

But .. during those 4 years of military service hiatus, Shinhwa was on the verge of disbandment. So the dependable leader Eric stepped up again to keep their promise to the fans & keep the group together.

and that’s how Shinhwa came back to us again, thanks to Leader Eric who lived up to his position as the best leader & the big brother to his group members and brought them together again. Couldn’t be more grateful to this AWESOME man! he’s truly a man of his words! .. Thanks to him, we have Shinhwa today!

Eric: “Shinhwa must go on forever. Even if there is no company that wants us, we might just form our own company and carry on.”

In 2007, some members left Good Ent. (the company Shinhwa moved into after SM) & many people thought Shinhwa were going to disband. But the loyal leader Eric stepped up again and assured that Shinhwa will go on forever even if there’s no company that wants them, Leader Eric came up with the idea of forming their own company! He’s truly the leader that thinks ahead & seeks for what’s best for his group! to this extend he’s so loyal & dedicated to Shinhwa!

Eric’s efforts to gain the full rights to Shinhwa’s name.

But .. to establish Shinhwa’s company, there was a serious issue needed to be resolved. Shinhwa didn’t have the full rights to their name yet, since SM handed over the full rights of “Shinhwa’s” name to Jun Media Ent. in 2005.
So before establishing “Shinhwa Company”, leader Eric went through a very tough time & had loooong negotiations with Jun Media to use Shinhwa’s trademark. And finally, after reaching an agreement, Eric’s dream came true & Shinhwa Company was established in 2011, marking Shinhwa as the first & only idol group to establish their own agency with their own name & personally run it. 

But due to many legal issues concerning Jun Media, Shinhwa filed a lawsuit and leader Eric went to court against Jun Media in 2012. He went through hell again with many trials & appeals & temporarily changing the company name to “ShinCom Ent.”. Until finally In 2015, Shinhwa won and gained the full rights to their name after 12 years. 
This man, Eric, used to show up in varieties, all smiling & laughing, acting 4D & as 3 yrs old kid, while he had such huge burden over his shoulders, fighting for years for Shinhwa to continue with their name. He makes me speechless!

The members expressed their gratitude & thanks to Eric as he was the one who struggled the most during the the whole process.
Such a dependable Leader! 

The leader that always thinks of Shinhwa as family.

Eric has always been the dependable big brother to all the members. “I always think of the members as my real brothers”. And as a real brother, Eric is always there for the members when anyone of them faces troubles & does his best to help the members out.

Eric, to help Minwoo out, gathered the members & suggested that everyone of them contributes a sum of money so that they help Minwoo overcome his financial trouble as loyal brothers. 
This man continuously sets examples of how true friendship should be.

When Eric earned a large sum of money in CFs, he split up his pay and supported other members who had financial difficulties. When he was dominating CFs, he called the members to his house and gave them bonus money. He’s also filmed CFs originally meant for himself but he got the company to include the rest of the Shinhwa members.

Shinhwa’s appearance for China gag concert in 2015 was originally meant to have Eric as the only guest, but he refused & told the production team that if it wasn’t a SHINHWA segment, he wouldn’t attend. So, Shinhwa as OT6 was casted instead.

One of the things that make other groups disband is when the members care more about their solo work than the group itself.
Then comes leader Eric, who leads by example. For his solo activities, he always thinks of “us” before “me”! his group always comes first.

To Eric, Shinhwa always comes as a top priority even before his solo work. When he does a solo activity, he does it because he knows it will benefit the group itself, not doing solo to shine away from the group. He does his solo work to promote Shinhwa.

  Even when he gets a solo activity, he never decides on it by himself… Eric will first get the agreement of the members if there is something he wants to do for himself. If there is a solo activity that he wishes to do, he would first gather the opinions of the members & seek the agreements of all the members first!!. 
Seriously who ever does something like this?!!!! .. such an attitude of his sets an example of what made it possible for Shinhwa to promote separately and together. 
Eric: “Rather than my solo activities, Shinhwa’s activities are more important.”


another secret to longevity? it’s the leader’s genuine care and support to the other members’ solo activities. Eric always sets an example for others to follow. 

Dongwan: “Eric always thinks about every member, and seeing how he helps make us take care of each other.“

Eric has always been a truly supportive & selfless Leader. Not being selfish & focusing only on his solo activities, but he always helps his members in their solo careers, showing ultimate support & encouragement to them & happily agrees to feature in their albums, and always expresses how proud he is as his members are doing great in their solos. While staying at home, he keeps on monitoring their performances & giving them very useful feedback & advises.

Eric: “Aside from our group activities, I’m really happy to see the members do well in their solo careers. If I can offer my help in any way, I’d like to help them continuously.”

  & what does he gain in return for his massive help & as feat. fees in his members’ albums?! .. Pizza or sunglasses :D

Eric, the leader who leads from behind & puts the members in front. He doesn’t like to stand out and always stays away from the limelight, happily giving it to the members. 

and there is always that noticeable thing about Leader Eric. He has always been supporting Shinhwa from the back since debut. Never been bossy. He always stays away from the limelight, happily giving it to the members. You’ll find him standing quietly in the interviews. So humble & quiet to the extend that many people are still not aware that Eric is the leader of Shinhwa. This is because he is a man with few words and doesn’t stand on the front of the group. His true features of taking care of his people shone brightly as him working behind the scenes. But when Shinhwa encounter a problem, he takes the front line, protecting the group & the members.

and after all of this, it’s expected that Eric will be thinking highly of himself as one of best leaders, if not the best ..
but ..this man is so humble to an extend you can’t believe! 

Another thing about Eric is that he never thinks highly of himself!! he’s one of the most humble people you can ever meet!!. Like he’s one of the best leaders, if not the best, the loyal, selfless & dependable leader that has been keeping Shinhwa for such a long time in the industry & still, he doesn’t think that he does something extraordinary!! 

Seriously, how can he even be this humble?!!.. Eric, you’ve been setting standards of how ideal leadership is! 

Whenever someone praises or says something nice about him, he’ll do some funny stuff to cut that person off & move to another subject. Like what he did in Shinhwa’s latest concert when Dongwan thanked him for his great efforts in getting the full rights to Shinhwa’s name back. Eric kept on kissing Dongwan to cut him off.

Or when someone praises his outer looks, & it’s known that Eric is one of the most handsome Korean celebs (he was dubbed Korea’s handsome representative) but he never brags about his handsomeness for even once, and when others tell him that he’s handsome, he’s gets so shy & flustered & tries to change topics. 

and even though he’s the mighty Eric, with more than 20 years in the industry, regardless of his fame, he remains the humble Eric who still bows 90 degrees to even the hoobaes & the fans. Forever humble as Day 1. Eric really sets an example that no matter how famous you are, you should always be humble & down to earth with everyone.

The leader that always thinks of Shinhwa before himself !

& he also doesn’t think he’s doing something extraordinary!!! 

and even during his solo activities, he seizes every chance to promote Shinhwa & the other members’ solo events. 

Then there is this amazingly meaningful quote of Eric, that makes me feel so lucky for being a Shinhwa Changjo ..

“It’s impossible for Shinhwa to disband now even if we wanted to. Shinhwa doesn’t just belong to us, it also belongs to the fans and people who love us.”

To any group, before disbanding, think deeply of this quote. Your group doesn’t just belong to you, it also belongs to your fans & people who love you!

Now.. With every anniversary we celebrate with Shinhwa, the group that debuted in 1998 & still going strong with no disbandment & no member change, let’s forever remember that the main reason behind this is Eric, the best leader we could ever ask for. The leader who knew how to keep his group intact & overcome all troubles they’ve been through since debut. That troubles that could’ve easily made any other group disband.
Eric always puts Shinhwa as a top priority over anything else .. To him, the group always comes first. He really lives for Shinhwa!

“Eric is really like an otaku. If he gets addicted to something he’ll bury himself at home but after we left our first agency, as the leader of Shinhwa, he became the otaku of Shinhwa. Even now, he worries a lot for Shinhwa and is also in charge of dealing with external matters. He is a leader I’m thankful to and can trust.” - Dongwan

Thank you leader Eric for all of what you’ve done & still doing to Shinhwa. Thank you for keeping them as forever six .. thank you for always protecting us, Shinhwa Changjo .. Thank you for always protecting Orange .. Thank you for always protecting Shinhwa Company .. Thank you for always choosing Shinhwa over anything else no matter what the temptation is .. Everyone of us appreciates your great efforts & dedication for Shinhwa. Plz continue on leading Shinhwa for more anniversaries & more success. 2gether 4ever, walking on the same road. Never apart, friends till the end. ♥♥

#HappyEricDay ♥♥  Happiest birthday to our awesome leader Eric ♥♥


So…I met Chris @slamncram through tumblr in 2011. We were good friends for a few years, both eventually realized we’d fallen for each other, and started dating in 2015 - from opposite sides of Canada. I was here in British Columbia and she was born and raised and living in Ontario. 

We spent years going back and forth twice a year to see each other for 10 days at a time, with teary goodbyes every time we had to part again. At the beginning of this summer, she made the move all the way across the country - I drove with her - and now…today, she proposed to me at the edge of the ocean on a beautiful sunny fall afternoon. Of course I said yes.

I don’t know how I got lucky enough for this to be my life, but I’m damn grateful, and I love her so much. I knew for years that I wanted to spend my life with her 💕 

(I can’t believe I have to credit this website and a certain 13 year old TV show for us meeting in the first place but…well, it sure worked out)


Nine years of painting in a sketchbook

As a freshman in art school I cringed when I was told that students were required to keep a sketchbook. I never draw preparatory sketches because I like to work a painting out as I go, not in advance. When shown a finished artwork and its original sketch, I usually find the first draft to be more spontaneous, energetic, fresh and beautiful. But I was an obedient student so I forced my hand and began drawing in a Moleskine journal.

Drawing in public places always led to striking up conversations with strangers and helped me to make friends outside of school. I began drawing and experimenting on a daily basis. I bought acrylic ink for a school assignment and poured some into my sketchbook using an eye dropper. I liked how the ink bled onto other pages, adding color and texture. I fell in love with the medium and started drawing with ink using a dip pen and brush.

It’s difficult to use dip pens, brushes and ink jars while sitting in a cafe, so I began painting in my room. The privacy loosened me up and my themes became more personal. For years I was in the habit of punctuating paintings with song lyrics, but I finally started using my own poetry. After a while, I grew so invested in the sketchbooks that I began referring to them as “books of paintings” to imply they were complete, indivisible artworks.

I used to surf the internet to find images to draw, but that became boring because I kept googling the same things: antelope, construction cranes and light houses were among my usual search terms. In 2011 I got into photography and started using my own photos for reference. Now I exclusively paint scenes from memory or personal photographs.

Change is so gradual it’s hard to tell if I’m improving at all, so occasionally I flip through my collection of Moleskines. I think the most important creative change was the decision to stop copying images from the internet and other people’s poetry. This really opened me up creatively and I’ve become more observant of my surroundings– time spent outside of studio feels creative and productive because I always have an eye out for material.

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poetry book recs, kind sir?

ooooooh YES!! 

ok so I’m going to leave out stuff that’s Too Obvious, which means a lot of this is niche (to me) or contemporary, and… I recently had a canary on twitter about how much ~*~modern~*~ poetry GETS MY GOAT. I’m reading a lot of New poets/collections this year purely because I… didn’t really read that much contemporary stuff before, and I thought I should branch out. (so far I’m dubious.) so, yes – obviously Plath, Blake, Hughes, Sappho, Eliot, Keats, Shelley, etc. etc. ad nauseum, The Greats, yadda yadda, here’s some others.

so far this year I’ve read (and ENJOYED - I’m not reccing the ones I wasn’t into/thought were pants, soz): 

  • Letters From Medea by Salma Deera
  • Grief Is the Thing with Feathers by Max Porter
  • Hold Your Own by Kate Tempest (I actually LOVED this) 
  • Mouthful of Forevers by Clementine von Radics

I’ve also read and loved:

  • Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth by Warsan Shire
  • The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy by Tim Burton
  • The Curse of the Vampire’s Socks and Other Doggerel by Terry Jones
  • Love Poems by Carol Ann Duffy
  • Let Us Compare Mythologies by Leonard Cohen

my personal 10/10 all-time go-tos are:

  • Crush by Richard Siken (despite appearing on every single tumblr graphic between 2011 and 2013, it still gets me in the heart guts)
  • The World’s Wife by Carol Ann Duffy (which I have loved wholeheartedly since I was 17 years old)
  • pretty much any collection of Great War poetry: Up the Line to Death, Men Who March Away, Lads: Love Poetry of the Trenches (the Great War poets are my favourite. like, of all poetry, ever)

my favourite individual poems, as we’re on the subj, are: 

finally, a heads up: youtube literally anything by Brave New Voices, sit back, prepare to be Shook. ‘Transcript of Civil Rights’ by Shanita Jackson and Dakota Oder still DESTROYS ME five years later.

THERE YA GO. not much, but not nothing! enjoy!! maybe?!?

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People don't talk enough how much Steve has lost. His father died in WWI, meaning he grew up fatherless in a time when it was much more difficult for a single mother to support and provide for herself an her child. When he was only 18 (and chronically ill himself) he lost his mother to a horrific disease. He saw the love of his life die horribly right in front him. He lost every person he'd ever known and woke up alone in a strange time. I feel like many ppl really gloss over Steve's trauma.

Right! And I feel like people gloss over it because the films gloss over it. Like, Tony stans literally do not shut up about everything Tony has gone through, everything Tony has lost, the issues that left Tony with - but they have 3 films that address that. The entire purpose of IM3 was to address Tony’s PTSD and Anxiety.

But with Steve, it’s just brushed passed. Steve is an orphan. When we first meet him in catfa he’s an orphan. He probably watched his mother die slowly, and rather horrifically in front of him. He never would have really known his father as Steve was born at the end of WW1 and his father died in it. When he enters the war he’s got 1 person, and that’s Bucky. He picks up people along the way - like Howard, like the Howlies, like Peggy - and however you see these relationships, there’s no doubt all of those people meant something to Steve, he cared about them. And then he watches Bucky fall, and that’s his world right there, it’s always been SteveandBucky, ever since they came home from school joint at the hip the first time. As long as he can remember, it’s been him and Bucky, and he’s watching half of his heart fall away from him. Then, all the rest happens and he wakes up in 2011, and it’s 70 years on nearly, and everyone he knows is dead. Literally every single person he knew is gone, it’s just him. And sure Peggy is still alive but she’s not really there, she’s also pretty much gone. And not only has he lost people, he’s lost his world. Steve Rogers literally woke up one morning in 1945, fell into a sleep he never planned on waking from, but when he did he was in 2011. Every single thing he knew, was gone, or different or changed somehow.

And the films literally never address that. They never address the extent of how much loss Steve has dealt with. They sorta briefly hint at the fact he could potentially have PTSD in regards to the war, and the shit he saw as a soldier, when he goes to visit Sam at the VA. But even that’s like subtext. But Steve lost everything, and he consistently displays reckless behaviour with little to no regard for his own safety or potential survival, which to me indicates that he’s probably severely depressed. And whilst he might not actively be suicidal, he’s also incredibly careless with his own existence, almost in a “I’m not trying to die but if I did, it’d be okay” way. Steve Rogers is going through so much shit, and the films do not do a god job at showing how much he’s mourning, how much he’s hurting and how much suffering he’s dealing with, and I don’t think fandom really does either.

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What if Dan has depression and it hit him hard 5 years ago causing 2012? Dan shows signs of depression. An existential crisis is commonly tied with depression (look it up!). Also he lost a lot of weight then and it's probably not just from his 3 week long vegan diet.

This post will be 100% my own opinions and views through things dan has said/posted over the years. I also have depression and anxiety myself so I know some things and I will be using the internet for other facts. This is all just thoughts and opinions so please don’t take this as fact or proof, it is all speculation.

 Since Dan’s been on twitter he’s never been quiet about having mental health problems. Just because he’s never outright said he has depression or anxiety doesn’t mean he doesn’t have them either. From posts saying he’s depressed at the moment, he’s thinking of killing himself, or his existential crisis’s

(I just find It nice that phil tweeted love you 3 minutes after dan tweeted about hating his body)

He even has spoke about it in liveshows. The most recent one being in his show “everything is different now” at 52:27. he talks about not being able to bang out content because of his mental health problems. He wouldn’t say that I he didn’t indeed have mental health problems.

Existential Crisis’s are often linked to depression and anxiety. For the reason that overthinking about life and death and existence in general is bad for ones self. Sometimes I think Dan is too smart for his own good, that he knows and looks into the world a little too much and it’s what’s caused him to fell down sometimes.

I also read that people with existential depression often have it because of what their childhoods were liked. Dan’s said his parents didn’t properly prepare him for the world, they we’re quite busy when they had him, and he seemed to spend a lot of time with his grandmother as a child. There are old tweets about him fighting with his parents, and them not understanding him, and even now they still don’t watch his videos or understand his career.

 For Dan to think “what’s my purpose? Why was I placed on the earth? What am I going to do to leave my mark on the world?” constantly makes sense for a kid who didn’t have the happiest upbringing. He was bullied, he didn’t have a lot of money growing up, and he wasn’t taught to follow his dreams. (all things he’s said in liveshows or his videos.)

 So when college rolled around he did what he thought would make him the most money when he grew up, instead of doing what would have made him happy. He went for law school, when he really rather have done anything else, and hated his life. Thus started the first spiral of existential crisis’s. “College Drop Out

 In 2011 him and Phil were quite happy in their small Manchester apartment, they were doing more YouTube things and making good money doing what they enjoyed and they got their first radio 1 opportunities. He seemed happier at the time.

 But in 2012 when they moved to London everyone seemed to sense a change.

 I’ve spoken about this before, but I personally believe that the reason behind the infamous 2012 “no-homo Howell” phase was because of how quickly their lives changed in that year. I don’t think either of them were ready for the level of attention they started to receive, they didn’t expect for people to ship them and make theories about them being together, and Dan definitely did not think people would message his 14 year old brother asking him if Dan’s a bottom.

 I also think that in that year they were more focused on their careers. They wanted to be known as danisnotonfire and amazingphil not phan. They wanted to get attention and build their careers as singles not Dan and his boyfriend Phil. Which is what would have happened seeing as Dan sort of took off more than Phil did that year. Dan hit 1 million subs, and even 3 million subs before Phil had hit 1 million.

 As for Dan being a lot skinnier in that time, they have spoken about how they didn’t have a lot of money that year, rent was high, they were new at their job and the youtube money back then wasn’t the greatest. They lived on ramen noodles and tv dinners for a while before they had enough money to start living properly.

 On September 28th, 2012 Dan uploaded “The Meaning of Life.” in which he describes what his life was like since his college drop out video. He say’s he’s been living in “a state of permanent existential crisis” and then says:

As someone with anxiety and depression I know this feeling. It happened quite a lot. It takes me forever to answer emails, reply to text’s, I hate having showers, I really just want to sit on the ground and cry most days. Before I was diagnosed I thought that was all normal, that I was just a kid but it’s a common problem for people with mental health issues to not have the energy or mental power to persuade themselves to take care of themselves.

 After a year, he uploaded “Existential Crisis” This is around the time that I think Dan started to take medication or really look into ways to feel better.

He’s mentioned looking into different calm down methods, such as breathing exercises and meditation, (here’s a video of him helping the audience calm down in liveshows x) which is what my doctor told me to look into before she wanted me on medication. I’ve found that doctors often want to see if you can help yourself before prescribing anti depressants.

Now I hear you saying “emily there is no proof that he’s on medication” but hear me out okay. You can see him change ever so slightly in 2014. he seems happier, he talks about his existential dread slightly less, he’s more open and free and comfortable with things, and I don’t think that was just random.

I also believe he’s on medication of some sort because of some of the side effects of mine that I’ve seen in him. Such as Congested or runny nose, trouble sleeping, insomnia, increased sweating, dry mouth, and yawning. Most importantly though, is Dan’s whole stay hydrated thing. When on medication they say you have to stay as hydrated as possible in order to feel better, and Dan’s drinking a lot of water.

 The one that I’ve seen a lot is the increased sweating. People were ripping on him for becoming a sweaty mess at tatinof while phil was dry and perfect when it could have been a side effect of his medication.

As well as how he was sweating in the Impossible Quiz #5 video

He’s very educated in anxieties ( as seen I this video as he explains why he tweeted using the word anxiety) and he speaks about his problems often in liveshows, and no one takes him seriously.

i know this was an ask about dan having depression in 2012, but if he had it then he most likely has it now and we need to stop tip toeing around it. he speaks about it and he’s not scared of talking about it. he’s also wonderful at talking to his audience who have mental health problems, as well as knowing how to help us calm down and wanting his content to be a safe place. 

just a reminder not to freak out about any of this to us after you’ve read it all. it’s purely my own thoughts an opinions, not fact


Saying goodbye to my 20s and my birthday wish to all my young hopefuls.

Today I will be saying goodbye to my 20′s. It has never been so clear to me that time is indeed real, and what you do with your time is crucial.

I remember when I turned 20.. actually, I don’t. My memories are blurry when I was young, solely because I choose not to care, because I was 20 and I thought I had all the time in the world. All I knew was that I was young, I was healthy,  I cared only about spending time with my boyfriend (I was determined to get married to him at the age of 21), and that I have to submit my assignment to my legal professor by Monday. Mediocre, and lazy- that was me. At 20, I had no idea that at 9.9 years later I would be in the kitchen of my apartment in the heart of Los Angeles, and writing this, with you in mind. Also at 20, I went to my first indie band rock show, and that changed EVERYTHING. And so, my life lessons began..

At 21, I decided I didn’t want to settle down so soon, I wasn’t ready. I went to an entirely different direction, went into music and discovered that my whole childhood of loving music and singing wasn’t a scam, and I started writing songs of my own.

Me at 20

22 (2008) was when I learned about dignity. I walked into my first record label meeting, sitting across a man, leaning back in his corporate chair telling me I will not go far in the music industry if I
1) kept my headscarves on
2) sang my English songs.
I said no thank you, and proceeded to (with my little knowledge of Company law that I learned in school) start my own company called Yuna Room Records, with my 22 year old cousin, Wawa. We still run this company today. Also this year, I got interviewed for the very first time by my favorite music magazine at the time, Junk, by my all time fav person today, Didi Ramlan.

Young Yuna with bandmates Efry, Paan, Adil.

22 was also when I learned that quality is key. I wrote a song called Dan Sebenarnya, and was willing to let the rough recording of it live forever. Turns out I was wrong, radio wouldn’t play my music because of the crappy quality. I went to get a RM1000(about USD$200) loan from my dad, went to a professional recording studio, to record an EP so the radios will stop saying no to my song.

My bedroom in university. You can see my passion for photography and a photo of me performing my first show with a guitar on the wall, and my law notes sprawled across the table as I stay up studying.

23 (2009) I learned how to manage my financials. I received my first royalty paycheck in the mail, and when I opened it I had to sit down and made sure if it was meant for me, and remember thinking if I deserved all of it. Dan Sebenarnya EP was being downloaded almost 100,000 times a month, my first paycheck was almost RM30k. Too much. I paid off my dad’s loan, split it with my bandmates who helped recording it in the studio with me, and started my savings account and learned how to pay tax. I also graduated from legal studies this year.

With friends from law school. Already you can tell I’m out of place.

24 (2010) I learned that even if I thought I worked really hard for something, second place is a good place to be. I competed in my first national tv music award show performing my song, and lost to a very talented young man who I am now close friends with Aizat Amdan. Sometimes you have to know that some things are just not meant for you. That night, I didn’t get an award, but I got a wonderful friend that I can depend on forever. 2 years later, I got an award that was taken away from me, but because of this incident, I had already learned how to not care so much about awards. Awards do not define you. I also graduated this year, earning my degree in legal studies. Finally!

25. (2011) I learned to take a leap of faith. I went to America with a small bag and a big dream. I was a shy foreigner, I was alone and I was a little bit scared. But, I knew that if I don’t start talking, I will not go anywhere. Being awkward and shy is a waste of time, I learned. The more you want to talk to people, the more respectful you are, the more you will learn.

I learned that you are the only person who can sabotage yourself. When people say you can’t, the only person who can prove them wrong is yourself.

Pharell and I, 2011.

My very first apartment in Los Angeles. I remember every dollar i made from work was to pay for this rent.. I ate a lot of instant noodles and shopped at dollar stores. My furnitures (and one piano that I still have) were all hand-me-downs from my friend, Niles (now a big time DJ, KSHMR!)

26. (2012) I learned how to travel and perform at the same time. I was in different cities everyday, performing every night. Something I didn’t know I could do. I saw people from all races showing up at my show, a diversity and I learned to loved them all, something I didn’t know existed. All my ignorance and stereotypes melted away just from traveling across America. I also learned about loyalty, and the meaning of friendship. Didi, Faiz, Lincoln formed this experience together with me and I will never forget it.

Faiz, Didi and Lincoln, us on the road, across the country for a month in 2012.

Lollapalooza 2013.

27.(2013) I learned about the REAL treasures in life. That your parents are the true treasure that you will never find anywhere else, at any point of your life.  That breaking their hearts is never an option for as long as you live. 

My last moments with my late grandfather. I miss him so much.

28.(2014)  I learned that money is not everything. You can make millions, but you can’t buy happiness. Money will not save lives. I tried my best to save my uncle or my grandfather from their sickness with whatever money I had, and I lost this battle. God saves lives, and he takes them at His will. You can plan, but He is the best planner.

I learned that fame is not everything. You can have millions of followers, a few friends who thinks you’re awesome, but you can still feel very alone. Being liked, or dislike, does not give you infinite happiness. I also learned the horrible truth that for some, fame and money is everything.Time is the best gift you can give to your loved ones.

I learned that physical beauty of a person means nothing. We are all flawed. I am flawed. I learned how to see people’s hearts and hoping that my heart is worth seeing. I learned that being in love is not everything. I learned how to piece myself back together slowly after someone has broken every fragile part of me. I learned that the person you spend your time with can either bring the best out of you, or unleash a monster inside of you. People come into your life to teach you valuable lessons, and you have to learn from it. I learned that if you lose someone, it doesn’t mean its because you’re not worth it. It just means you’re growing. How you rise above this, will be your life’s best victory.

29,(2015-today) this is my favorite year. I learned to let go, and learned to realize that if you don’t love yourself, you can’t love someone else. I learned that I was not entirely healthy, and decided to take care of myself better before it’s too late.

I learned that you can find love in the calmness of being in someone’s presence. Never disrupt that calmness. ‘Don’t be an idiot’, I tell myself, ‘Don’t screw this up!’

I learned to stop caring what people have to say about me, because of the simple reason being- they have no clue what’s going on. They don’t deserve a space in my thought process. I learned about having the courage to be me. I learned the hard way, that there are givers, and takers. There are people who are here to take advantage of me and use me, and I have to walk away from them. I learned to shut doors to people who sees life in a negative way without any second guesses. I learned how to say no when people try to take away the best qualities that I’ve taken all these years to shape. I learned how to sever ties with people who drain my energy. I learned how to fight for my identity. I learned how to fight for my life and the lives of people that I care about. Most importantly, after all these years of thinking I should be this and that, I want this, I want that, .. blablabla. I learned one important thing - its not about me. It’s about how can I contribute to make the world a better place.

Al-fatihah for Aina.

On my 30th birthday, I don’t need gifts. I just wish for my young fans to not waste their time. Know that your time is yours, but it’s not yours. If you are in your 20′s, spend your time wisely. Go have fun, you’re young, but don’t forget to contribute your energy, you’re young. Time flies, but take your time learning. Make mistakes, but learn from them. Don’t try to grow up too fast, stay in your zone and be present as much as you can. Remember, you are so much more than what people say about you. People rush you into doing things.. but ask yourself what do YOU want? Go and live life fully, learn as much as you can. Achieve greatness and bring out greatness in others as well. Be aware of whats happening in the world, not just yours. Learn to see whats on the other side, and try not to settle in what your setup has been set up for you. 

Be woke. Be intelligent. Be there for the people who need you. Keep your head up and be confident, but know when to keep your head down and be humble. Never underestimate what your heart tells you. It’s okay to be wrong, its okay to fail and know that you are flawed, and life will prove this to you again and again. Know that you will rise, again and again. Being flawless comes after you learned that you can accept your flaws and not giving up doing something beautiful for the world.

Happy birthday to me and to you, here’s to us, who will see today as Day 1.

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Plain and simple:

They did not have a falling out in 2012.

This might be really long so buckle up because I’ve got a lot to say for you on why “2012″ was NOT a bad year for them. 

There’s a thing called “The Honeymoon Phase” sound familiar?
In psychology The Honeymoon Phase lasts about 2 years between a relationship. This honeymoon phase is when you’re basically obsessed with someone, you’re constantly together, you love them to bits. Basically, you never want to leave their side. AKA, the beginning of a relationship if you will.

(Also studies show that you can go back into The Honeymoon Phase after periods of time with the same person. Reasons why they’re closer than ever lately? And have been like that since 2016? Possibly two more years of The Honeymoon Phase? theorists explain)

Near the end of 2009 they meet for the first time. And you can say whatever you want about them in 2009, but it was what sparked The Honeymoon Phase. In 2010 their friendship flourished to the point of Dan going to university in Manchester to be closer to Phil. In 2011, they’re living together. 

And then comes the “dreaded” 2012. 2 years after knowing each other.
Nothing happened in 2012 between them. They didn’t get bored of each other, they didn’t drift apart, they were still as close as ever. Just that The Honeymoon Phase had ended. It was also when they realized that YouTube is kind of becoming more of “a thing”, they’re getting paid from it, might as well to take it seriously. So they did. They wanted themselves to be known and work hard for their oblivion that was their success. Not because of each other. 

You could also see it as kind of competition between the two to see who would grow more in popularity with the differences in their personalities. You have Phil describing why he was a weird kid vs. why Dan got fired from his job. They both had their growing channels, they both had their jobs as YouTubers. They helped each other sure, but they’re not just a conjoined working unit. 

Now, here comes the question of “how come they didn’t out themselves if it was real?” WHY SHOULD THEY? This was 2012, not everyone was as accepting back then as they are now, and even now in 2017 people still aren’t as accepting as they should be. YouTube was their professional life, telling stories on the internet. It was how they got paid to pay for their cereal and milk in the mornings.

How many times have we gotten the Internet spiel? “everything you do online stays there forever, think about what you post” 
Literally, all the damn time. 

I’ve dug through their twitter and tumblr archives enough to know that Dan and Phil are strict on this rule. They have every right to be. How would you feel if you had over a million people peeping into your window every second of every day, just because you said something that intrigued others? They do this enough already. But for it being 2012, that’s fucking intimidating. 

“But how come they kept denying Phan?” Because that’s their personal life. Whether they’re together or not we have no say in that matter. Yes maybe “no homo howell” did rise and they brought up girls more than ever, but that’s because they were scared. They grew tougher shells, Phil became “innocent” because he never talked about anything, while Dan made a “macho fuck boy” kind-of-a-dick-at-times face just so they could have people shut about about “Is Phan Real?”

When you’re in love with someone of the same sex, you don’t get to have a say sometimes. Especially in the media realm where people judge your every move. When friends and family could be at stake because of what their son has said online to a platform in front of thousands. It wasn’t a harmful thing it what they did and what they said, but it was for protection of themselves. To stay roommates, to keep their jobs at the BBC, and to stay close to one another. Their brand new and terrifying job would have been shut down if people knew “they were gay” and you know it. They had that fear of their radio show not working out for this exact reason. (They didn’t have to say it you can just tell) They moved to London on a very short budget in a short amount of time and were probably on borderline of debt for a while because they were trying so so hard to manage and keep their views growing. 

When you look back, they ended nearly every liveshow together back when they first started doing them. They talked about personal means all the time. They made milk shakes and hot chocolate, answered questions about family christmas time, told stories as kids. They never drifted apart they just grew that face they wanted to share. They ended them like this because they’re each other’s comfort; when the numbers grew large and the questions started to filter back to that dreaded subject.

People tend to forget that Dan Howell and Phil Lester are actual people too. Who have credit cards and bills to their name. That have family and talk to their parents when they have problems. They have feelings and mess up constantly. But they also have each other. 

Furthermore, I truly believe in 2013 times were getting rough for them. Not in 2012. 

Not because of each other. But because they were stressed maybe. They were losing friends, and battles against other youtubers. Their own audience brought up questions they didn’t want to answer. Dan’s own brother got bullied by his own audience because Dan didn’t answer questions he didn’t want to answer. 

You can say those times were bad but it’s because it’s your own fault haha. They don’t stand on pedestal, they’re not celebrities with managers and security (well maybe now they are) but back then they weren’t like that. It was just each other having to fend off literally a million people because that year was when they both hit 1 MILLION subscribers. And back in 2012-13 that was A HUGE MILESTONE, and still is. 

So they had to build up walls, and distant each other, and proclaim that they’re not sewn at the hip back then because they had to protect themselves. They didn’t fall out, because if they did, one of them would have moved out. 

They wouldn’t be where they are today. Finally comfortable in what they do and say and how they act. It’s a long cringy road if you look back, mistakes were made. But they were still just growing into a career that would soon be the best dream job they could ever have. 

And honestly, their friendship is one that is hard to find.

TLDR: Dan and Phil did not have a falling out in 2012 because they’re each other’s security blanket. Dan had never had a true best friend until he met Phil. They never drifted apart, they just made YouTube more of a professional platform so their friends and family wouldn’t judge as harshly as what they do for a living, along with businesses and audience members. They had to keep their jobs at the BBC without all the backstory of “being more than best friends” if that’s the case. They had to “distance” themselves online to keep themselves safe. And honestly, it was probably the best strategy they ever did in my opinion. Because, I mean, just look at them:

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Okay so happy 6th birthday to this beautiful piece of art. It was the album after the split we didn’t know if Brendon and Spencer were gonna create another album or just end it right there but they did and this was the outcome. Thank you to for the memories ;) and for the energetic live shows (personally I never attended any of it but I wish I could’ve) I think this was one of the most beautiful eras of Panic! At the Disco. I loved their bow ties and stage presence. Thank you to this beautiful album for introducing Dallon James Weekes to us (that beautiful man and Brallon) and some of my favourite songs of all time. I just hope I get to see them someday. This was a beautiful album and was a beautiful era so put another x on the calendar ;) for another year.

~Vices and Virtues
March 18 2011


Pictured above is CCTV footage of Nicola Edgington purchasing a knife (also pictured) that she would later use to stab two strangers, killing one of them.

Nicola Edgington had a violent history prior to being convicted of murder. In 2005 Edgington killed her 60 year mother by stabbing her death, a crime that was reduced down to manslaughter due to diminished capacity as she had a diagnosis of both Schizophrenia and emotionally unstable personality traits at the time of the crime. While she was hospitalised as a result of this violent act she was given conditional release in 2009.

While Edgington did have mental health problems, her insight into her issues were great enough that, when she began experiencing symptoms once again in 2011, she was able to recognise her failing health and begged for police to physically detain her under the mental health act. This is where apparent neglect came into play, as despite her violent history and the care plans in place to manage this risk, the hospital decided that a voluntary admission would be better.

Consequently, she would leave the hospital later that day, through a door that should have been locked, and made her way to the store Asda, bought herself a knife and stabbed a 22 year old stranger. This woman managed to wrestle the knife from her. Edgington then stole a knife from a butchers shop, and proceeded to stab a 58 year old woman, who died within a minute of sustaining her injuries.

Sadly, despite her history of mental health issues, and the consensus from psychiatrists that she had been suffering from paranoid delusions and hallucinations during the time of the attacks, the judge refused to acknowledge that she needed mental health treatment - citing a recent medical report instead.  For some reason the judge also used the random and unprovoked nature of the attacks as added proof of guilt - despite the fact that this is a common factor in crimes committed by people in the clutches of psychosis.

Edgington was sentenced to life in prison, of which she will serve 37 years.

Lindsey Baum (10) disappeared after 9:15 pm on June 26th, 2009. She left a friend’s house in McCleary, Washington, and it was only a 10 minute walk to her home. Enough time to go missing.

Although it’s been 8 years, this case has almost no clues to go on with. In 2011, police named Timothy Hartman a person of interest. He’s the owner of a local jewelry store and claimed he was out of town the day of Lindsey’s disappearance, but he was caught on a surveillance footage making a purchase in a McCleary market shortly before the girl vanished. He has been investigated, but no charges have been ever pressed against him,

In November 2014, police arrested another man, Gregory Johnson, who ran an organization that works with children. He pled guilty to two charges of child rape and two of child molestation and is currently in jail serving at least 36 years. Authorities tried to link him to Lindsey’s case, but nothing came out of it. 


MCU Meme  [1/1 film]   ➤  Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Wait! You know what you’re doing?
Yeah, I’ve knocked out Adolf Hitler over 200 times. 


all time low + inspirational lyrics from each album (with the help of @gabricl)

put up or shut up (2006) - the party scene
so wrong, it’s right (2007) - stay awake
nothing personal (2009) - therapy
dirty work (2011) - time-bomb
don’t panic! (2012) - so long, and thanks for all the booze
future hearts (2015) - missing you

I will answer anything :*

1. Is this the best year of your life?
2. What was the first thing you did when you woke up? 
3. The person you like is? 
4. Is anything bothering you? 
5. Does anyone annoy you?
6. Would you like things to go ‘back to normal’ with a certain someone? 
7. What was the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?
8. Is life good? 
9. Do you remember who you liked on New Years? 
10. Do you still like them?
11. Do you still speak to them? 
12. Told your parents you were going somewhere but went somewhere else? 
13. Are you dating the last person you kissed on the lips?
14. Do you hate the last girl you had a conversation with? 
15. Would you go out with someone right now if they asked?  
16. Three days from now will you be in a relationship? 
17. If someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you? 
18. Have you kissed anyone in the last month?
19. What was the last reason you went to the doctor for? 
20. Do you like being home alone or does it freak you out?
21. Would you ever kiss anyone you texted today? 
22. Do you have any bruises on you? 
23. How was 2011 for you?
24. How late did you stay up last night and why? 
25. Do you ever get good morning texts from anyone?
26. Do you regret anything you’ve done lately?
27. What woke you up today?
28. What makes you happy?
29. Ever kissed on a boat? 
30. Have you ever been told that you are amazing?
31. Finish this sentence: The last person I kissed is…
32. This time last year, can you remember who you liked?
33. Do you like when people play with your hair?
34. Do you plan on sleeping in tomorrow?
35. Waiting for something?
36. Was last night terrible?
37. Did you lose friends when you started dating someone?
38. Are you the type of person to make people laugh?
39. Don’t tell me lies, so is the last person you texted attractive?
40. Is tomorrow going to be a good day?
41. Are you missing someone?
42. Has anyone ever tried to ruin a relationship you were in?
43. Do you believe in karma?
44. Do you sleep with a fan on?
45. You think anyone’s thinking about you right now?
46. Is there anyone you wish you were spending time with right now?
47. Do you go to school?
48. Is the person you last texted single?
49. Who was driving the last time you were in a car?
50. Have you ever used the word ‘rawr’ in an actual conversation?
51. Are the blinds on your window open or closed?
52. Did you leave milk and cookies for Santa when you were little?
53. What were you doing at 11 last night?
54. What could you eat any day of the week & never get tired of?
55. Is there someone you wouldn’t mind kissing right now?
56. Someone knocks on your window at 5 am, what do you say?
57. Would you change yourself for the person you love?
58. Let me guess, your last incoming call was from the opposite sex?
59. What are you supposed to be doing right now?
60. Would you have sex with the 5th person on your contacts?
61. To who did you last give the finger to?
62. Did your last kiss take place on a bed?
63. Do you have someone who you can be your complete self around?
64. Do you talk in your sleep?
65. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
66. What time did you wake up today?
67. What were you doing at midnight last night?
68. What song are you listening to?
69. Has anyone put their arms around you in the past 5 days?
70. How do you feel about chocolate-covered strawberries?
71. Do you have nice eyes?
72. Is your current hair color your natural hair color?
73. Are you texting anybody?
74. Do you swear in front of your parents?
75. Concert tickets or NFL game tickets?
76. Are you addicted to cigarettes?
77. Do you tell your parents everything?
78. Do you have any tattoos?
79. If something was wrong, who is the first girl you would go to?
80. Do you have any nicknames?

anonymous asked:

Hi know the licensing process is a long and arduous one in Germany, can you better explain it? What about the consequences of failing the tests?

A German driver’s licence is obtained by finishing driving school and passing a 2-stage test - theoretical/written and practical road test. Before taking them, an eye exam and an 8-hour first-aid course must have been completed. To train for driving, you MUST go to a driving school, they’re privately-owned and licensed and have theoretical lessons and driving lessons, a designated numbers of which must be taken before you can take the driving test. The theoretical part comprises lessons at the driving school; content and number is set by law and varies by licence type. To prepare for the written test, you get a study package, e.g. software and sample exam papers. The test is multiple-choice with randomized questions.  

The actual practical driving training is done with the instructor. Labelled, fitted vehicles are provided by the driving school - they’re dual control (extra mirrors & pedals for the instructor to intervene in dangerous situations), as all driving and parking manoeuvers are taught on public roads. For motorcycles the student operates on their own as the driving instructor follows in another vehicle, giving orders via radio. Obligatory lessons include a minimum number each, driving on the Autobahn (highway); rural road, city, and in the dark. The actual number of lessons a student completes varies with individual skill. As the most difficult part usually is urban driving, most lessons take place there. Most cars (probably 95%) in Germany are MANUAL TRANSMISSION, so that’s what you learn on. Once the test is passed, you can also drive automatic.

Students must pass the theory before taking the road test, with no more than a 12 month gap between. During the road test, the instructor is present in the car with the assisting features of the driving school car deactivated or connected to audio signals and a warning light (if the instructor has to intervene, the test is failed.) There also is a person or two from the official Auto Department in the back of the car - they decide if you pass. After the test, results are immediately given and, if passed, the licence is handed over by the inspector. There are limits on frequency and time elapsed before failed tests can be repeated. The failure rate was 28% in 2011. If this happens, it will get even more expensive with more lessons, etc. Legal age for driving is 18 years old. The cost of obtaining a licence on average was about €1,400 (US$ 1,800 in 2014) but it varies, depending on skills, location, and region. Driving schools set their own prices. The total includes fees for authorities, exams, learning materials, driving lessons, insurance, and tuition.

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From Hanyu Yuzuru

To Kazuki ★ 

Thank you for everything at The Ice Osaka (literally translated as “I was in your care at The Ice Osaka).
I’m looking forward to meeting again as rivals someday in a competition! *laughs* Kazuki, ganba!! (Shortened form of ganbare aka hang in there) 

- From Hanyu Yuzuru

Kazuki Tomono (Team Japan Junior Singles skater) tweeted about finding this card whilst cleaning up before the new year. 

"At that time I was simply happy reading this, but now that I think about it, it’s amazing that it’s hand written. (^^;
I appeared in The Ice in 2012 i think?
Then I was a novice so it’s been a long time since.
I wonder if I grew a little (since then)”

He later added this was his precious item.
(He actually appeared in 2011 lmao)

Courtesy of Kazuki Tomono’s personal Twitter

It’s probably because I just did some translation of Yuzuru’s interview back in 2014 today, but for some reason, I was weirdly very touched to know the reason why he chose Kanagawa rink for his skating class and performed ‘Hana ni Nare’ there.

We all know that Yuzuru has a good heart, but I’m still glad to see that since 2014, every year he spends some of his precious time before the season starts to come back to Japan and do charity events to help those affected by disasters and show his gratitude to those supported him. You can watch/read about his activities every year here: 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017

His actions touched my heart in a very personal way as someone who was very concerned about the 2011 Earthquake disaster, and it warms my heart to know that he’s still constantly thinking about those who helped him and those who are still in pain because of those hardships, that his mind hasn’t changed at all since the day he won the Gold medal:

“…During the time I lost my home rink, I could skate thanks to being asked to do ice shows for a few months. At that time,  Arakawa Shizuka, Daisuke Takahashi, Kozuka Takahito, Asada Mao, and many other skaters planned charity events for us, and thanks to that I was able to come back and skate.

I am not a pro, so I think I cannot do much now, but in the future I want to do charity events to thank and show my gratitude in some way, to not only skaters, but also to people who were affected and suffered from the earthquake disaster.

I’m here by myself right here right now.  Though the gold medalist is only one men skater from Japan, but when I got onto the podium, I’m truly happy that I could perform carrying on my back the wishes of Japanese people and those who supports me from around the world. I wonder if I was able to return the favour to them.”

(excerpt from Aoi Hono II)