time periods of the earth

No, but listen, people

I know there’s this fandom joke about everyone’s outfits being horrid and Lance being the only one with a sense of style, but listen me here. 

Isn’t the show supposed to be set in the future? I mean, it’s not quite confirmed but we can pressume the story takes place in a  futuristic, technology-wise advanced earth, right? Well, you know what other element of society is also always evolving?

That’s right, fashion. 

So, what I’m saying is that this is probably how people on earth actually dress by the time period  the show is set in. They don’t have terrible tastes in fashion, this is the fashion in this world. 

That being said, Lance wearing normal 2010s teenager clothes becomes a whole different concept. He isn’t going with his time’s fashion, he is wearing something his parents, or even his grandparents would have wore. So basically he is the sci-fi equivalent of a guy in the 2017 wearing zubaz pants, sky jackets and neon headbands, or something like that. Which is, i have to say, absolutely hilarious. These aren’t four awful looks + one with actual style. These are four totally normal looks + some nerd wearing his grandparent’s clothes like a goddamn futuristic hipster. 

This fucking dork just took the concept of vintage to a whole new level, i love him so much. 

Things that I think some people forget are canon in the IDW universe, or think are just fanon
  • The usage of “frag”, “slag”, and “scrap” as cuss words
  • Lovers (conjunx endurae) being called “sparkmates”
  • Queer-platonic relationships (amica endurae)
  • While Megatron and Optimus are seen as very old, they are not. Megatron is five million years old, and OP stated that Megatron is a little older than him. Bots older than them include but are certainly not limited to: Rung, Whirl, Ironhide, Kup, Ratchet, Cyclonus, Tailgate, Rewind, Red Alert and Minimus Ambus/Ultra Magnus
  • Starscream was a representative in the Senate
  • Camiens laud those who have carried the Matrix as gods; they would view Rodimus just as they do Optimus
  • Young Cybertronians being called “sparklings”
  • Rodimus spent three days trying to program his holomatter avatar to have a sweatband
  • Before becoming Optimus Prime, Orion Pax was close friends with Megatron. He read and quoted Megatron’s Towards Peace and was even unsure if he was on “the right side”
  • Whirl likes French films
  • Rodimus is 4.2 million years old - only 800k years younger than Megatron
  • Mecha from Caminus have different spark frequencies than that of normal Cybertronians, causing their energon to be blue rather than pink
  • Megatron and Impactor worked together in the mines and were best friends
  • Cyclonus was on the Ark-1
  • Alcoholic beverages (engex)
  • Rodimus, Whirl, Skids, Swerve, Tailgate, and Ultra Magnus have all customized their holomatter avatars
  • Soundwave and Drift both grew up in the gutters of Rodion and were taken in by Megatron
  • There’s a mech on the Lost Light named Toaster, who turns into a toaster
  • Whirl was alt-mode exempt and a watchmaker of sorts. After the Empurata procedure, he changed his name (Whirl was not his original name), frame, and started hanging out in Rodion’s gutters, where Drift and Soundwave lived. He then became a prison guard and beat up Megatron, causing the latter to be pushed over the edge and start the war
  • Nautica is the exact picture of Pipes’ Dream Conjunx, but he died before getting the chance to meet her
  • Rodimus, formerly Hot Rod, grew up in the streets of Nyon and took care of other homeless people, and was approached directly by Megatron, who was hoping to recruit
  • Before becoming Rodimus, Hot Rod was about Rung’s size
  • Certain Decepticons in high standing with Megatron had special ceremonies performed by one of the Warriors Elite or Megatron himself in which the chosen Decepticon would have a piece of their spark casing removed and forged into their Badge
  • On both sides of the war, some mecha had real, physical badges, while others were simply painted on
  • Megatron is a forged spark in a cold-constructed body
  • Shockwave was a senator, and ran an academy for outliers (which Skids, Trailbreaker/Trailcutter, and Damus/Glitch, who would later become Tarn). He and Orion Pax (who was later to become Optimus Prime) were close friends
  • Mecha saying “I could hug you!”
  • Drift is filthy rich for a reason undisclosed
  • Rodimus and Swerve are both religious, just not obnoxiously so
  • Orion Pax had his insides rearranged by Shockwave’s techs to make a hole in his chassis - unbeknownst to him, Shockwave was doing this to MANY mechs to make it possible for them to carry the Matrix of Leadership. Had it not been for the hole created by Shockwave, Orion Pax would have never been able to become Optimus Prime
  • Even then, it hurt Orion Pax when the Matrix bonded with him and made him into Optimus Prime - when the Matrix bonded with Hot Rod and made him into Rodimus Prime, it felt good and right
  • Even by Cybertronian standards, Prowl is considered “heavy”
  • Chromedome was still able to lift him over his head and throw him off a cliff
  • Rodimus (Hot Rod at the time) broke into Styx, one of the most high-security Decepticon-owned prisons to ever exist, to break out Dealer, a former member of his unit (who then promptly betrayed him)
  • Chromedome and Brainstorm worked for The Institute, which was responsible for mind-wiping, Shadowplay, and Empurata
  • Drift joined the Decepticons at the very beginning of the war and only became an Autobot near the tail end of the war, less than a century before its close (He became an Autobot after meeting Wing, and then pretty quickly became a Wrecker and went to Earth in a time period likely to be the 80s or 90s). For nearly all of the 4 million years the war went on, he was Deadlock, amongst the most horrifying Decepticons out there, and was favored by Megatron enough that the warlord sent his most notorious bounty hunter out to go find him even after Deadlock had betrayed his superior officer’s orders and went rogue
  • Megatron never got an Autobot badge of his own; he still wears Bumblebee’s

Feel free to add your own!

anonymous asked:

I often have ideas for a scene or a character but there is no plot. How can I expand these ideas into stories? I just don't know what to do with my ideas to get a story out of them. Most plotting tips require that I know at least the beginning and the end of my story. But I don't even have that.

Hi Anonymous,

I’ve heard of other writers having this same problem, so you are not alone! Here are some ideas that come to mind when I think about this.

Coming up with a Plot (from scratch)

First off, you have ideas for characters or scenes, and that’s a starting point, and you probably (I’m assuming, because it wasn’t that long ago) saw my post, What to Outline When Starting a Story, which can give some guidance on what to consider. However, if you have no idea where to even come up with a concept for your plot that post can only be so much help.

Conflict out of Story Elements

Since you have some ideas about character and scene, I’d try building off that. In some cases, you might need to flesh those out a bit more to continue (I don’t know, since I don’t know how much you have those figured out).New York Times best-selling author David Farland points out in his book Million Dollar Outlines that characters grow out of their setting. We are all influenced by our setting–where we live, where we spend our time, what century we’re part of, etc.

Setting –> Character

Farland goes on to say that out of character (and setting) comes conflict:

Setting + Character –> Conflict

Plot obviously comes from some sort of conflict, the character reacting to and trying to solve that conflict or conflicts. But let’s finish out the diagram/equation.

Setting –> Character –> Conflict –> Theme

How conflicts are dealt with in the story create the theme.

It should be noted though that this diagram may not be helpful to everyone, and it’s also possible to work backwards from it. For example, I personally don’t like the idea of starting with the setting–although, realistically, pretty much all stories start there, if only to the most basic degrees (time period, real world vs. fantasy world, Earth vs. space, etc.). I often like to start with character. But as you work on your character, at some point, you are going to be looking back at what kind of life he grew out of and where he came from, and where he is now. Other people may like to start with conflict, and work back into character and setting. So, it doesn’t have to be linear.

But let’s look at the conflict part. You need some form of conflict to have plot. As I mentioned a few weeks ago in my post Are Your Conflicts Significant? the conflict should either be broad (far-reaching) or personal to the character. If it’s not either, it’s probably not that significant. However, it should be noted that you can make almost any conflict broad, or personal.

But how do you even get to that point? If you like Farland’s diagram, what I would suggest would be looking at those characters and setting. Brainstorm conflicts by asking yourself questions.

  • What conflict can come out of this setting?

For example, in some stories, major conflicts come straight out of the setting. Most if not all dystopians, like The Hunger Games fall into this category. You can even look at movies like Interstellar, which deals largely with space travel. The major conflict came out of a setting (Earth will soon be inhabitable). In a fantasy story, conflicts can come out of the world and worldbuilding (setting), whether it’s the magic system or the world itself. In Lord of the Rings, the major conflicts often come from the setting (Frodo has to make it to Mount Doom) and magic (the One Ring is a magical object that must be destroyed). In historical fiction, it can come out of setting–what are some of the conflicts the world was dealing with during WWII?

But what about something more small-scale than Panem, outer space, and Middle-earth? Setting can play a role there too. What kind of conflicts can come out of attending high school in 2017? What conflicts might be present there? What conflicts might come out of trying to start a career as a woman centuries ago? The story doesn’t have to be epic for this sort of brainstorming to work.

Les Miserableis a good example of how setting can play into conflicts, whether it’s being a struggling young mother, a convict, or participating in politics.

  • What conflict can come out of this character?

Once you have your character, you can try brainstorming conflicts for her. Now, there are sort of two ways to approach this.

One, you look at your character–her personality, strengths, weaknesses–and ask yourself, what would this character want? Figuring out what your character wants is often vital to a good story. In some stories, it can be more simple, basic, or straightforward. Maybe your character just wants money. In other cases, it might be bigger. Maybe your character wants to defeat an evil ruler. It can be somewhat philosophical. Maybe your character dreams of ridding the universe of a false god, like in His Dark Materials.

When you know what your character wants, you can start brainstorming conflicts by considering what could stop her from getting what she wants. In Lord of the Rings, Frodo volunteers to destroy the Ring, but there are literal obstacles in his way. Space, for one thing. He has to travel for miles and miles and miles. Then there are other people and creatures: orcs, Shelob, Sauron, even his own companions–these people are in conflict with him. He has to deal with getting hurt, wounded, and fatigued. All these things are keeping Frodo from his goal. And of course, his ultimate want is to return to the Shire, but he has to destroy the Ring first.

If your character wants to be in a relationship with someone, there are obstacles too. Maybe the love interest doesn’t know he exists. Maybe there is a family feud, like in Romeo and Juliet. Maybe there is a love triangle. Whatever your character wants, you start brainstorming what could keep him from getting it.

A second approach to brainstorming conflicts with character is to look at your character and consider what kind of situations would be difficult for them, what would make them grow. In some cases, they might be the reluctant hero. Love him or hate him, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, Edward Cullen is a good example of this sort of thing. He’s a “vegetarian” vampire living his life, and then out of nowhere, a girl shows up that is basically his personal brand of cocaine. How is he supposed to deal with this? Worse. He has feelings for her. Immediately, Edward is in conflict.

Now, you can combine both methods. And in reality, both those examples have both. Sure, Frodo volunteered to take the Ring, but he was basically the only person who could. But look at him. He’s just a humble hobbit. He doesn’t do magic, he doesn’t know warfare, and he knows very little about the world. But he’s thrown into a situation where those characteristics will be tested. Similarly, Edward is thrown into a situation, but he ends up having wants too. He wants to be in a relationship with Bella. But the fact he is a vampire and she has potent blood is a conflict that impedes that.

So you can brainstorm conflicts from setting and character.

Plot out of Conflict Types

Let’s look at this another way.

There are five types of conflict.

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Aliens visit Yellowstone

I’ve been following this humans are space orcs tag for a while. I’ve heard that plate tectonics may be crucial for life. So what if what is weird about humans is not plate tectonics or extreme weather but that we live there often on purpose? Like think of Yellowstone!

Imagine the first aliens to visit Earth for an extended period of time. They would see our biggest cities, our oldest settlements, or museums, our art… And then they are invited to visit this Park called Yellowstone. And they get there and find that this park is centered around an ACTIVE VOLCANO! And people have been living and traveling through this area for hundreds of years. And now we have boardwalks over streams of boiling acid, and the park is most famous for a jet of near boiling water and steam. And people get seriously hurt or killed by the boiling acid and the wildlife every YEAR. And still people visit and try to pet the bison! Like these aliens know a lot about volcanoes but there is no way they would visit one! For fun! On purpose! So the aliens are like “Not many people visit this place right?” And their guides are like “No this is our oldest national park and it is one of the most visited parks in this particular country! In fact so many people visit that most of the people that work here are employed protecting the park.” The aliens are like “Protecting the volcano from WHAT??” “Well, from other humans, of course.” Aliens leave Earth soon after and warn every species they can think of that humans are not only short-sighted but also so dangerous that they have people who are employed protecting volcanoes from other people!

I wish I could put into words how much I adore joji and how proud I am of him for bein out here and makin an even bigger name for himself and creating such dope content and music while still being a genuinely lovely person but I don’t kno how to properly convey any emotion ever so i’ll just lay here and listen to the entirety of pink season for the millionth time while staring at my ceiling in awe

Things Confirmed in Lars’ Head

New Location: Lars Pocket Dimension

  • All of Lars injuries (and death) have been healed
  • The entrance to the current off color hideout has been blocked
  • Steven is strong, even by gem standards
  • The off colors are considering changing their hideout
  • Zombies cant talk in Steven Universe
  • The off colors don’t know what zombies are
  • The off colors thought humans could change colors
  • Lars heartbeat has been slowed down
  • Fluorite is accepting of whatever color lars chooses
  • Lars now has a pocket dimension in his head
  • Lars pocket dimension has an oak tree
  • Lars has nothing in his pocket dimension
  • Their is still no air in Lars pocket dimension
  • Lars and Lions pocket dimensions are connected
  • Steven can enter lions pocket dimension through Lars Head
  • Steven and Lars have been gone for a few days
  • Lion has died before
  • Lars blood is also pink
  • The off colors and Lars now know about Lion
  • Lars can now go long periods of time without food
  • The off colors, and other homeworld gems, thought earth was destroyed by the Diamonds
  • The off colors want to go to earth
  • Lars cant go through his own head
  • Lars is stuck on Homeworld
  • Lars likes sunsets
  • Lars thinks he took Earth for granite
  • The off colors have all agreed to stay with Lars on Homeworld
  • The off colors have been hiding for eons
  • This is the first time Lars has openly hugged Steven
  • Steven is back on Earth
  • The CGs have been trying to get to Homeworld
  • Connie and Greg have been trying to save Steven
  • The gems have trying  to get an old drop ship to work, too get to Homeworld
Humans Are Weird (and innovative)

Humans have advanced in a short period of time on Earth, what if we advance faster than the already technological geniuses of the aliens?

“It has only been 2 months since we have discovered a species who call themselves ‘Humans’ and already we are surprised at the alarming rate in which they create new and innovative technologies. Soon enough they’ll be on par with the rest of the galaxy.”

The report of the scout surprised his chief commander. No other species advance that fast. Their own tech needed centuries to develop, and millennia to mass produce. Surely this scout is bluffing.

“Reports show they have only recently developed space flight and they are already colonizing and terraforming planets that were considered ‘inhospitable’.”

Terraforming! Such a thing surely doesn’t exist! “What evidence is there that a species that has only discovered how to fly in space know such baffling technology?! Do not play with me!”

But it is as real as it gets, the humans are advancing as a civilization quickly. “Sir! I would not make up a report! I suggest we observe them and research their methods.”

Soon enough, humans are the ultimate force in the galaxy, and they are oblivious to it. Humans pioneer everything, and the aliens hide their fear behind welcoming gestures and pretend happiness.

Compared to humans, alien ships are tin cans beside human behemoths, alien weapons are slingshots beside human star blasters, alien medications are just placebo pills beside human miracle pills.

No one talks about how advance the humans are and their happy to keep it that way because humans still think the aliens are somehow more advance. Its probably their motivation as to keep making new things. Granted, species now advance just a little bit faster because of them, but they’re still afraid that the human will end the universe because they wanted to harness a black hole’s energy.


Thalía - Todavía Te Quiero (Official Video) ft. De La Ghetto

Nerdy girl creates a time travel device that her dog chews on and gets warped to a different time period.  She uses the device to go looking for him and ends up in random time periods and in random places on Earth.  She eventually ends up back in the city, where she gets chased by a bunch of people and a dinosaur before she pushes a button on the back of the device that cause her to grow several hundred feet tall!  Her sudden increase in height scares off her pursuers. With help from De La Ghetto, she manages to find her dog on top of a skyscraper.  Now she can finally go home, back to her own time period.

Elemental Manifestation


When you’re trying to manifest your desire, based on what method you go through, and how those elements energies interact with the world will determine, how those energies manifest your desire. Using certain methods that reflect more of one element then the other will inherently use that elements energies in order to manifest your desires, allowing that element to dictate how active, or passive the manifestation is, along with the speed. This concept can be brought into your magical working, so that you can understand how certain energies impact how your a manifestation will manifest. By understanding this you can use these energies to their full advantage allowing you to have full control over the energies, and how they affect the world around you. Elemental manifestation is broken down into the four western elements fire, water, earth, and air. When doing magick we usually bring these energies into our practice even if we do not do it voluntarily. These energies are prevalent in all things, but which one is primarily majority in a construct will then go on to dictate the energy construct’s behavior, which will go on to manifest your desire. These energies all have their own attitudes, correspondences, and demeanors. That allow them to act differently, even when we program our intent into them. The behaviour of these elements will be picked up in your magick depending on what method you use to manifest your desire, along with where you bring your energy from. Now we’re going to take a look at the elements to see how each one interacts with your energies, and your intent, when manifesting them.

Fire Manifestation

Your desire can be manifested through fire, through the act of gathering of fire energy, through such constructs, or methods such as candle magick, burning things, ritual fire, energy work, warm colors, and heat, along with many others. The energy that is going to be released, and carrying your intent is going to be very masculine, aggressive, projective, and active. This is going to allow your desires to go out into the world very quickly to manifest, but they will fizzle out quickly, because of the high amount of energy that they emit. Your desire will be a lot more like a burning flame, doing its job very quickly, while engulfing what it needs to live. This would be good for desires, and manifestations that you want to happen quickly, but don’t necessarily need to continue for a longer period of time. Fire energy is the quickest energy, but it is very aggressive, chaotic, and sometimes even uncontrollable.

Earth Manifestation

Your desire can be manifested through the earth element by bringing earth energies into your craft through such constructs, or methods such as sigils, amulets, talismans, crystals, herbs, animals, earthy colors, poppets, and witches bottles, along with many others. The earth energies that embody these constructs would carry your energy in a very feminine, grounded, receptive, and passive way. This would allow the energies to be very consistent, and balanced allowing them to be released overtime giving you a less powerful, but more consistent act of energy. This energy would act like the earth, and would remain for millennia at a time, working constantly, or only when it is supposed to. this would be good for desires, and manifestations that you want to happen for a long period of time in a very subtle manner. Earth energy is the slowest energy to manifest, but it is very well grounded, physical, and balanced.

Water Manifestation

Your desire can be manifested through water by bringing elemental water energy into your practice through such constructs, or methods such as cool colors, any form of water, enchanted water, blood, seashells, baths, and sea glass, along with many others. The energy of the water will carry your intent in a very  feminine, emotional, receptive, and passive way. This would allow the energy to go forth, and complete your desire well also being subtle, and able to adapt to that situation.This energy is going to act like a river, and be very subtle, while getting a job done, and being flexible. This would be a good energy to use when you are trying to manifest a desire that you want to be around for a little bit, but you wanted to work in a very subtle way. Water energy is the second slowest above Earth energy but it is very flexible, emotional, and changeable.

Air Manifestation

Your desire can be manifested through air, this could be manifested through such constructs, or methods such as invocation, chanting, blowing air on to things, vibration, music, and incense, along with many others. This Air energy is going to carry your intent in a very masculine, intelligent, projective, and active way. This would allow the energy to go out quickly, and complete your desire in the most efficient way possible in a very active manner. This would be good for things that you wanted done in a very specific way, and in a short amount of time. Air energy is the second fastest energy below fire energy but it is very quick, precise, and intelligent.


By working these manifestations into your practice you will be able to control, and work with your magick, in order for you to manifest exactly what you want. If you’re not going to use any of this in your practice, I hope you at least found something interesting. Thank you for reading, I appreciate it.

An open letter to Victoria Aveyard.


Dear Victoria Aveyard,

Hello, my name is Calel, as you can tell from my account, and I am here to complain to you personally. When I first went to Barnes and Noble about three months ago, I thought I was going to emerge from that fine establishment with a cute Harry Potter picture book to read to my little cousins.

What I actually came out with was ‘Red Queen’. The one book I had heard about from my friends, the one book I read the back of and was immediately engrossed in. I read the first few chapters, going 'this is pretty good, I see why my friends like it’.

Skip two weeks later, about mid-August, school is barely starting. I am reading 'Red Queen’ as much as I can. I have fallen in love with Maven, he is just so perfect in my head, he is gorgeous. Cal reminds me of myself, the name and also the 'older sibling must be perfect’ pressure. Mare confuses me, she is the one character that I sit and talk about with my best friend for six hours, trying to figure her out.

As soon as I finish the book, I am in tears in the back seat of my ma’s car. It hurts like a broken heart, because I am heartbroken. I feel betrayed, backstabbed, by the only thing I trusted. This wasn’t how it was to end. No, this book was to be about segregation and racism that I could count on to be the testament to my feelings towards the world.

Red Queen was supposed to be a cute little adventure book that didn’t take place on Earth or anywhere near my time period. It was supposed to be this wonderful book that I could reread a thousand times and find new things every time. But this book is so much more. Red Queen shattered my expectations, took the bar and flew to Pluto with it.

Queue griping with my best friend about it, and all I know is that she’s in the middle of Glass Sword, ten minutes later, we’ve swapped books, Glass Sword for Six of Crows. My ma was expected to pick me up from her house in a half an hour, so I barely scratched the surface of the book. I read to about chapter two in the next few days, as I am now a high school student in the only STEM school in the state.

I am assigned a book report due at the end of October and I reasoned with myself saying, hey, you can read another heartbreaking story for a grade! And that was exactly what I did.

Roughly two hours ago, I had 73 pages to go before I could start on the report; an hour ago, I was in the exact same spot as last time, crying in the back of my ma’s car, screaming for the next book. The neighbors are starting to stare at the blonde girl in the back of an Honda Accord, who is literally screaming at the top of her lungs “you f*cking idiot!”

I fell in love with the characters again, I hate Maven even more than I hate math homework. Shade is my brother, he is what I want in a brother. Cal is basically my crush, I love him so much, I can barely function without thinking about him. I see Mare as myself, we are one, I feel her pain, I know it well. I want to go into this universe and exist.

Miss Aveyard, you are now going, “wow, what a complete weirdo, she recapped the last 3 months to tell me this”. Not at all, I’m saying I literally want to jump into this book and make everything better. Why did you write this so well? How can you make me cry when only the worst things make me cry.

You have a gift, one that many want, but only few can master. Victoria, I love you so much for giving me this world to love, to visualize and try (fail) to paint. I want to to say thank you, even if you have gotten this far into my jumble of words.

You’re my favorite,

Calel Laathi (enter last name)

can you believe that Melodrama is a real album that we are blessed with here in this 21st century, I could have been born upon the era of butter churning and yet I arrived upon this earth within the same time period as this album

weird thing i love about the Jervis - Bruce dynamic: it seems like 80% of the time Bruce tracks Jervis down he’s either commenting on how something doesn’t fit Jervis’ usual MO, or that he ‘expected better’. There was the comic where he figured out Jervis was being controlled by someone else because, paraphrased ‘it just wasn’t SUBTLE and BRILLIANT enough like Tetch is when he’s on his game’. the animated series episode where he was like ‘you’re just stealing stuff? disappointing, u could be doing better’. 

the only thing i can bring to mind where his reaction was ‘yep, this is normal’ was a comic where Jervis attacked him with a herd of mechanical flamingos, then screwed with his mind six ways from Sunday by almost convincing him the entire world/being Batman was an illusion. even tho Bruce walked in there prepared for an attack on his mind

conclusion: Jervis has long periods of inactivity between fights with Batman/big crime Events because everything he does when ‘on his game’ is (a) ridiculously well executed and (b) really freakin bizarre 

also, in regards to Mass Effect or if we ever meet aliens irl, i really think about microbiology and its affects on humans and aliens

humans are covered in germs/bacteria, legit we cannot exist without our own germy biome or without our germs & bacteria on our skin or in our guts

would aliens also have their own germs/bacteria and microbiology?  how would we affect each other with stuff we cannot see or control?

if we have deep decontamination prior to boarding ships or space stations, like space version of antibacterial hand sanitizer, this would actually harm us in the long run like the quarians because we need our germs to survive.

also if humans in space are subjected to these conditions for long ass periods of time, would our biology be different from humans on Earth who are naturally surrounded by the environment we originally adapted to over millions of years.

would humans in space be unable to go back to Earth?  would they get sick like quarians?

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Title: Jurassic Park (Stark! Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: Tony is invited to tour the world renowned Jurassic Park before its opening and begrudgingly brings you alone, even if he feels that something is off about the whole place.

Word Count: 2422

A/N: HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13th!!!! I LOVE THIS!! I’m reading Jurassic Park and am just having so much insp right now. I hope you enjoy!

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K A R A M E L (Supergirl)

What people need to realize about Mon-El is unlike Kara.. he grew up on his planet.. where as she was sent to earth at 13! She grew up on earth she’s completely assimilated to earth & it’s ways. Mon-El has been here for what 2-3 months? Maybe less? On Daxam he was a prince.. he was conditioned to like he said “objectify women & not care about anything.” He was taught he that he didn’t have to work or try or care… yet Mon-El on earth for this short period of time has come to care about more than himself.. he cares about Kara, J'onzz, Alex & even livewire & he’s showed that. So instead of judging him bc he’s not completely respectful. Why can’t you guys give him props? He tries he truly tries to listen to Kara bc he DOES respect her. In 3 months this guy has completely thrown his Daxamite ways out of the window & has tries his hardest to be a better man.. and yes he’ll make flaws & yes he will be a guy… but he has become selfless, caring, understanding, kind, gentle, noble.. I could go on.. Kara doesn’t deserve anything less than what Mon-El is… he is perfect for her & on that note.. he understands her, they’re both Aliens who got sent away from their homes they understand eachother they swear to the same God & they’re so different that they balance eachother out fitting like a puzzle piece. He fell in love with Kara’s graciousness & kindness while training him, helping him have a place on earth & just being his friend & Kara fell in love with Mon-El watching him become who he is, watching him become this thoughtful, brave guy.. but she also fell in love with his smile and his humor and his warmth and carefree soul. She said she wanted a partner who knows her & understands her.. other than Alex, who was the ONLY other person to point out the crinkle Kara gets when she lies? –> Mon-El, at this point he probably knows her more than he knows himself.. he’s honest with her, he respects her & he cares about her. I’ve never seen a couple fit together more perfectly & Mon-El is everything Kara deserves in a man. It’s almost like the writers used this tool called Character Development? P.S. Kara falling in love and letting man change the way she thinks does NOT make her AT ALL weak. If anything it makes her STRONGER. Vulnerability takes strength, more strength then flying and laser eyes.. she had to put herself out there even though it’s never worked before she is risking her HEART bc she chose to Mon-El bc she believes he’s worth it. She CHOSE him, he respected her decision he apologized to her, he admitted he was wrong & told her he never felt those feeling before & it was a new thing to adapt to and she UNDERSTOOD bc they understand eachother, they comfort eachother. KARA DANVERS IS HAPPY. MON-EL MAKES HER HAPPY. He isn’t going to make her weak, she’s still supergirl & they both know she could destroy him. Let them be happy ✋🏾

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okay. a theory about keith’s mom:

i don’t think it’s unintentional at all that keith looks pretty much human despite having galra in his blood. and i think his mother might have not looked very different from most other humans either. in fact, i think it’s possible that she could have been mostly human herself.

everything that went down between the original paladins and zarkon, including the separation of the five lions, the destruction of altea, and the capture of the red lion by zarkon’s forces, would have had to have happened 10,000 years before the show even began.

there’s the theory that the original pilot of the blue lion (the lion that arrived on earth) might have been keith’s mom. (based on the fact that we know 1. keith’s mother is galra, or at least has galra in her blood, since keith’s father is human, and keith has galra in his blood, and keith got the dagger from his mother 2. she had to be on earth at some point to have been keith’s parent and 3. it’s very possible that the blue lion had been piloted by a paladin who was galra the same way the black lion had originally been piloted by zarkon.) BUT if the lion arrived on earth 10,000 years ago, that wouldn’t make any sense.

an alternative possibility would be that the blue lion arrived on earth much much later than that. and maybe its pilot was the descendant of the original pilot (and both the lion and keith’s dagger were passed down every generation or something like that ???) BUT if the lion had been passed down, that would mean each pilot would have known to stay in hiding so that zarkon wouldn’t locate them. which seems, eh. unlikely.

ANOTHER possibility is that the blue lion’s original pilot had been in a state of cryostasis (like allura and coran had been) for the time period it took for the blue lion to arrive on earth. (and woke up still young enough to get with keith’s dad.)

but still. if the blue lion arrived on earth carrying keith’s mom (descendant of the original blue paladin or the original blue paladin herself) then that would have happened only a few years before keith was born. and since keith is only around 17 years old in the show, that wouldn’t fit. as we saw in the first episode, the blue lion had been on earth long enough for ancient legends to be told about it and for magical cave paintings depicting its arrival to be painted on the cave walls far above the pit in which the blue lion remained dormant. if it arrived only about twenty or thirty years ago, that wouldn’t make any sense. so. yeah. also not likely.

WHICH is why i’m thinking, maybe the original paladin of the blue lion was galra, and they made it to earth, got separated from blue, and ended up getting busy with some human. and for all 10,000 of those years that passed, that dagger had been passed down, generation to generation. until it got to keith’s mom (who by that point, would probably look like your average human) and then keith. (???) (maybe???)

anyway … i can’t help but wonder. because, like, how WILD would it be if keith’s bloodline had some sort of connection to the blue lion ??? i mean, blue outright rejects keith and chooses lance over him. keith said those images on the cave walls had never lit up before, for all the times he spent observing them, until lance (and the others) showed up in the cavern. idk, and it would just be so wild that, for once, for something this big, lance had been picked as a first choice over keith.


no. that isn’t right.


still no good.


the world does not end.
it is still saved.

the world rebuilds its defences,
with fragile hands that shake against the ocean tide,
the world mends its broken bones and kisses its own bruises.
the world does not burn or freeze, crumble or flood.
there is time. there is time.
there is still time.