time period: 2000s

The signs as time periods

Aries: ancient Greece 

Taurus: medieval times 

Gemini: 1980s 

Cancer: socialism 

Leo: 1950s - Hollywood era 

Virgo: 19th century 

Libra: 1920s 

Scorpio: ancient Egypt 

Sagittarius: 2000s 

Capricorn: the age of Ottoman empire 

Aquarius: the future…in space 

Pisces: 1960s - Hippie movement


Paula watches bollywood: Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

At times, the young ones in the house show the right path to the elders in the family.

i was tagged by @phalangine, the only other person in the world who hates sewer rats as much as i do, love ya bitc

1. Favorite soundtrack from a show/movie/video game/etc.?

ooh um. probably inception because i’m a basic bitch and love hans zimmer fuck you

2. Where would you live if you could live anywhere?


3. Favorite historical time period?

2000-2010 because i was happier and more naive then

4. What is your favorite way to eat potatoes?

wedges and if you don’t like them that way unfollow me

5. What type of mythical creature would you be?

a mermaid that make men get boners from my voice then drag them into the water and murder them with my many girlfriends

6. Do you have any allergies?

gluten technically. otherwise no

7. What were your childhood hobbies?

writing, clarinet, disassociating, getting yelled at by my mom a lot, soccer, piano, separating all feelings from my body after my dad’s suicide when i was 4 (ive been a bitter bitch since before pre-k), reading

8. How many social media accounts do you have?

just this one

9. Favorite ending to a show/movie/video game/etc.?

i hated it because it made me cry but trespass against us was good (bad it was a terrible movie but fuck me i love fassbender)

10. Do you have a favorite teacher/professor?

my 4th grade teacher, my 9th grade world history, and my 10th grade AP comp. gov teacher (the latter two are the same person i love him to this day)

11. Favorite holiday?

valentine’s because i don’t have to feel bad when i stuff myself with shit because everyone else is doing it

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anonymous asked:

38 and 45! :D (btw I love your blog so much; you're a beautiful person inside and out!)

Q 38. Whats your favorite time period? 

A. early 2000′s were a lawless wasteland 

Q 45. Whats your style? 

A. What I wish it was VS What it actually is. 

P.S. It means so much to me that you like my blog. thank you so much for all the love!