time out arcade

this is like my first roll and i already have the new arcade choro and that tabi choro ive been wanting so much sobs he loves me and i love him back

I’m so excited to play Pop'n again soon, that I actually played all of Zizz’s, most of ALT’s and my fav song (Odile’s from Pop'n Portable) in the car for my mom to hear, even though she usually dislikes what I listen to, and she actually enjoyed them a lot and thought they were pretty this feels like a dream @@


This was way funnier in my head btw…

Hanzo holding McCree’s big gun… ehehehe…

Joking aside, I really think Hanzo’s also got a very good aim with a gun which would really surprise McCree!ヽ(´▽`)/

Also, *insert flashback of Happy Shimada Brothers playing shooters at the arcade* you’re welcome.