time of the doctor cosplay

  • Me: *asking for the 100th time* Guess what I'm gonna cosplay next!
  • Friend: *sighs* Jodie Whittaker? The 13th Doctor?
  • Me: Jodie Whittaker! THE 13TH DOCTOR!
Vortex Manipulator Tutorial

Here’s the tutorial for my vortex manipulator for my Jack Harkness cosplay. I’ve made a pattern for it which is available on my Etsy store (LadyMarCosplay). Check it out if you like the tutorial.

I used fake leather and thin craft foam for most of the built. I bought a replacement watch band to use as the strap. I used a self contained LED for the light. 

The rest of the tutorial is below the cut. 

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The legendary director Waris Hussein is our guest of honor this year at L.I. Who 5!


….does anyone else suddenly have the powerpuff girls theme song stuck in their head

I will always remember when The Doctor was me

(Eleventh Doctor cosplay from Doctor Who, Series 7: The Time of the Doctor)