time of my love

… okay so i definitely was going to animate dre under the lovely @cursetale‘s blessing and… then i couldn’t get Dreby outta my head so here we are

i’m totally working on Dre but man i just could not resist that face and those bunny ears are you kidding me

from this gorgeous chain from last week or so between cursetale and the also-fantastic @blesstale because just… hell yes. hell goddamn yes.

the signs as songs off of Love Yourself: Her

Aries - mic drop

Taurus - go go

Gemini - skit: bbmas 

Cancer - dimple 

Leo - go go 

Virgo - outro: her

Libra - DNA 

Scorpio - pied piper 

Sagittarius - mic drop

Capricorn - pied piper

Aquarius - best of me 

Pisces - serendipity 


himawari 🌷 @mayor-mami 🌷 5E00-006F-F1D4

Because I love @anythingtomakeyoustay and her Healer Book so much I’ve been promising and promising to get her some artwork for almost a year now. I finally got some time off from school so I took the opportunity to deliver as promised! 

ALSO! Check out her blog guys! A++++ Writing! 

i cant believe myself like im an adult now but i just stumbled upon a post talking about how boring percabeth is as a ship and suddenly my 12 year old self rose up in rage like how dare you they are true love and perfect for each other

kingdom971  asked:

Your name it's Jinbei, Jinbe, Jimbei or Jimbe ?

ohhh this is a good question, it’s due to illegal scans and his very early first mention but very late appearence (mentioned in 1998)!

ジンベエ  is Romanized to Jinbē. This is what appears on merch from japan. However that ē is normally printed as an e.

Jimbei Is the licenced Viz translation and the Official English Name which came when one peice became officially translated.

Jinbei is often seen in the illegal scanlation! This is a merge of the two official translations and a ‘spelling error’. The same applies to jimbe, it’s a merge of the two real names!

I used the name printed on the official merch I own, because I feel that’s the closest spelling, to the pronouncation of the word ‘ ジンベエ‘ However there is no ‘canon’ spelling.

Sometimes I get so emotional just because of how much I love persona and how much it means to me and how it’s changed my life and helped me through some rough times and how I met one of my best friends cause of it and just god this series means so much to me