time of my life


Time of my life.

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HERE IT IS: Degrassi Time of My Life in its entirety! You know you need to watch it again… and again… and again…

Time Of My Life.

Summary: Summer 1963, and 18 year old Felicity “Baby” Smoak is on holiday in the Mountains with her family, “Baby” is bored of the resort activities but the heart-throb dance instructor, Oliver Queen, catches her eye. She’s about to learn some major lessons in life as well as a thing or two about dancing. How will they cope when, in one chance meeting, their lives change forever? (Dirty Dancing AU)

A/N: SO I’m back, this was requested by  @fangirlfromthenorthcountry  months ago and she has listened to me ramble on, and waited patiently till I agreed to do this, so this is for you sweetie :)…
Yes it is a Dirty Dancing AU so bare with me :P, Also the rating is at the highest for future chapters… Anyway all mistakes are my own, hopefully people will enjoy this, and it’ll give me the push to keep writing everything and so yes have fun!
ALSO this will be available on AO3 and ff, I just do not have the links yet, sorry!.

Chapter 1.

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