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I really really enjoy the side eye Kurogane is shooting Kamui for not sharing this information EARLIER when it was useful.

What I enjoy even more is Yuuko actually sitting down and going “Okay so I’m just going to confirm and deny the relevant pieces of Vampire lore for you now”, because you KNOW I’ve been thinking about this constantly for a week straight.

Vampire Myths: Busted

excuse me what

Prettier When You’re Broken: Part 3 [Darkiplier x Reader]

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A/N: Welp. This chapter turned into a mess. I mean, it was always gonna be a hot mess from the start, but it went unexpected directions. I think it turned out better for it, though. At first I wasn’t even going to have this as part of the main ‘storyline’ (implying I ever had a story or plan in mind to start with, hah), since it was just an excuse for make-outs. But I like that through this thoroughly ridiculous incident Dark actually ended up kind of  coming to respect the reader character a little more. That’s good progression. Right? >>

Content warnings: surprisingly, not many in this chapter. Alcohol use, but that’s about it. This chapter was more my self-indulgent excuse to throw a few kisses in there. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Redraw uwu

 Redraw one of my very old arts uwu

She is an old oc of mine and her name is Kara the cat animatronic!! I totally forgot about her and when i saw her after 3 years i kind of cringed and i thought hey lets remake this!! So yeah enjoy my bb! Also she was made when i was in the fnaf fandom xd


Old art:

The Swedish Parliement during several points during the last 100 years

A parliementarian: Is it not strange that the official legal head over us all is the monarch? Honestly we should get to writing the monarchy a 100% out of the swedish constitution (=grundlagen).

The majority of the parliement: yes we SHOULD, but it is just so much work. Lets do that. Later.

A 100 hundred years of democracy later, and sweden remain a monarchy, despite having had a majority support of the abolishedment of the monarchy in the parliement for most of its democratic history.

Parliement voice: but like. So much work! To abolish monarchy? Also what if we lose votes??? Nah. We will do that later!

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SO i was tagged for the accent challenge by…. @konabean …. this whole getting it uploaded was too much of a process for me but there was my bud yelling at me through the whole way xoxo thank

uH i tag whoever else wanna do this tbh LIKE if we talk then pls do this challenge so i can hear your beautiful voice ✨

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Blaise (to Harry and Draco): I love the whole “good auror, bad auror” thing you two have going.

Harry: It’s not really a thing, it’s more like I’m nice and he’s not.

honestly I see so many jokes about how lena constantly says she can always tell when Kara is lying and that she’s horrible at keeping secrets from her but the thing that’s tragic is that lena is actually pretty damn good at spotting what Kara’s feeling, even when she doesn’t know the actual details. it’s part of what makes them such good friends– they’re emotionally honest with each other.

so even if she doesn’t know that Kara is supergirl she probably knows when Kara is lying. And that’s why she always brings it up, she doesn’t know what it’s about but she knows that it’s happening. And can you imagine little 13 year old lena, watching her beloved big brother slowly descend into madness and she knows something is horribly horribly wrong, but she has no idea what and everyone tells her she’s imagining things, that everything is fine?

she’s never been more upset to discover she’s right.

lena may not know that Kara is supergirl but she does know that Kara is lying to her. except, Kara’s not lex–shes the best person she knows. and she’s not lying to any of her other friends or her sister, so it’s just to lena–she can’t fault Kara for that. she’s trying, but she’s a luthor after all. if the most moral person she’s ever met doesn’t trust her then maybe she shouldn’t be trusted.



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This article from The New York Times presents a number of useful graphs showing the disparity between global (and a selection of nations/groups- in addition to the US and EU there are also graphs for China and India) current GHG emissions, pledges under the Paris Agreement, and projections required to meet the 2C limit to global warming.