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h a i r c l i p -or- little boys are their sister’s little dolls

and thus, a thousand years later… it is done. i’m just going to hit post before i start finding fault in this.

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A Philip Hamilton lockscreen, maybe?

There you go! Thank you so much for the request and for being patient with me! Have a wonderful day! Love you!

Reminder that if you’re not the requester, please ask before using! Thank you! Looks like I don’t have to close requests today, so you do have a little longer to send something in, and please do! I appreciate all the practice these have been giving me! I know I’m not that good yet, so thanks for trusting me to make these! Love you all!

Graduation Dates Announced

  1. Nishino Miki - 27 March 2017 [M] (14th gen stage; 26th/Sun)
  2. Nakamura Mariko - 30 March 2017 [Th]
  3. Azuma Rion - 31 March 2017 [Fr]
  4. Jonishi Kei - 10 April 2017* 
  5. Yabushita Shu - 11 April 2017*
  6. Takahashi Kira - 11 April 2017 [Tu]
  7. Fujie Reina - 14&17 April 2017*
  8. Nakata Chisato - 24 April 2017 [Mon]
  9. Suzuki Mariya - 30 April 2017 [Sun]
  10. Oshima Ryoka - 8 June 2017 [Th]

*are graduation concerts. 

Graduation Dates to be confirmed

  1. Okada Ayaka
  2. Sakai Mei - end of March? lol March is ending.

I’m like lowkey really angry about snow and charming influencing Emma + maleficents baby


every child has the potential for good and evil no matter who they are

it was up to them to teach Emma how to use her power for good

but no

they had to send maleficents baby to whereverthefuck

I’m rly angry ok

Happy Fine Thighs Thursday to you all 😘❤

Went for a bit of Malcolm Thighs today, cause you always need more Malcom on your dash…

Loaded with the cold and deaf in one ear, generally having a rare time of it today! 🙃🙃🙃(Note the hint of sarcasm). But it’s fine, another day annual leave, so I can stay in bed, read all the stuff I gotta read for my new music job. Make the most of it 😊

Hope you all have a lovely day whatever you’re up to ✌🏻😎

Peace. Love. Positive thighs– I mean Vibes 😉Xx

concept: me, sitting in a café and revising my notes. on the table are my favourite stationery and drink, and I am thinking about the great things I have planned for later. I enjoy my studies a lot, and am able to manage my time so I can both study and relax doing what I love. I have a healthy sleeping-schedule and am refreshed and at peace with myself and my life.


so i heard that the sun and the moon are girlfriends

(i wonder if they meet in twilight or dawn)

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Drarry Secret Santa
  • It’s decided that the Eighth Years should do a Secret Santa gift exchange to continue the newfound effort towards House Unity that was started at the beginning of the new term.
  • So of course, because Harry can’t catch a break, he managed to draw Draco Malfoy as his person.
  • He’s stressed AF and wracking his brain to think of something that Malfoy would even want, something he won’t spit on. 
  • Harry gets annoyed when Malfoy plays it off like it’s going to be super easy to get his person a gift, which makes Harry even more Determined™ 
  • Except, secretly Draco is also stressed AF because holy shit everything he thinks of is stupid, what can he possibly get the Boy Who Lived??? Fuck, fuck!
  • Draco trails through Hogsmeade looking at Quidditch supplies, expensive leather-bound journals, and fine bottles of goblin wine before deciding that all of those gifts wouldn’t matter to Potter — with the exception of Quidditch, obviously.
  • But he’s certain that gifting Potter something Quidditch-related won’t have enough of an impact.
  • He wanted to get a gift that meant something, something to thank Potter for saving his life.
  • Harry nearly gave up as the day to exchange their presents drew nearer, but then he found Malfoy’s wand in the bottom of his trunk.
  • He knew it was the perfect gift.
  • After a few false starts, Draco finally figured out something clever to gift to Potter, something that no other Secret Santa would have thought of.
  • He was proud of himself for figuring out the puzzle, and he’s actually eager to see Potter’s face when he opened Draco’s gift.
  • When the time finally came to exchange gifts in a circle around the Eighth Year common room, they each went last to give their gifts.
  • When it’s clear that they had presents for each other, they both nod to leave the room.
  • Malfoy insisted that Harry open his first.
  • Harry fully expected something over the top, expensive, and uselessly ridiculous.
  • But his breath caught when he opened the leather-bound text, engraved with a family crest on the cover with the name Potter emblazoned on a scroll in the center.
  • As he flipped through the pages Malfoy explained that he tracked down a complete family history of the Potters for Harry.
  • And holy shit, Malfoy’s present made Harry’s heart pound in his chest while his throat went all tight and dry???
  • Harry got choked up over his gift as the reality of it sank in. He carefully ran his fingers over the engraving while Malfoy shifted his weight from foot to foot nervously, blurting out facts about the gift that Harry only paid half of his attention to.
  • Harry wiped at his eyes roughly, a little embarrassed, but Malfoy gave him such an important gift.
  • He took a breath and held out his own gift for Malfoy.
  • “I thought it was about time you had this back. It served me well, so, er, thanks.”
  • Draco didn’t even speak for a full minute, his eyes were just locked on his wand in Harry’s outstretched hand.
  • Harry could see his hand shaking at his side.
  • When Harry finally handed Draco the wand, he hugged Harry really tightly and whispered thank you.
  • Draco kissed Harry’s cheek as he pulled away, startling Harry.
  • His lips felt so soft and warm against Harry’s skin.
  • They stared at each other until Harry slowly, carefully pulled Draco back to him, and lightly kissed his cheek in return.
  • They smiled tentatively at each other, each clutching their gifts, as they reached for each other’s hand.
  • Absolutely no one was surprised when they walked back into the common room holding hands.

Sasako…wearing glasses…

“how are all these rookie groups skipping their what-were-their-stylists-even-thinking phases” buddy u know what it is. it’s them nct boys, absorbing every possible embarrassing look with every comeback and unit debut they have like sponges of suffering. all the grease-dreads and tin foil monkey suits the other rookies should’ve had to experience? nct really took that bullet for your faves. nct, kings of taking one for the team,, kings of making everyone else look good


and you call yourself a spy Natasha