time magazine person of the year 2011

Hang on to your hats (tin or not doesn’t matter) cuz here we go...

Five years on Glee…two different glee clubs, hundreds of co-workers…SETH asked for ONE story from ALL 5 years that NO ONE had EVER heard…and he goes back to Sutton Foster? Seriously? There’s not another story about anyone or anything else that he hasn’t already told 4x this year? He said Chris’ name roughly 5 or 6 times. He LOVES LOVES LOVES talking about his first date with Chris. In fact, before we even knew anything about it, he was talking about it in 2011 during his People Magazine Sexiest 2011 photo shoot: 

“The perfect date night? Um… The perfect date depends on who the person is, really. Um, it would involve, probably, a lot of conversation. I’m very basic. I’m–I love going to the theatre, so I would love to do–Go see a play or go see a musical anywhere, and afterwards have some dinner and talk about it. Kind of, really, talk about what we just experienced. Conversation is probably the most important part about any date for me, so… Yea.

I don’t think there’s a “better” or “worse” for being naughty or nice. Ha, yea. There-they both come hand in hand in appropriate moments.

It’s a big sexy no-no, uh, for guys and girls, is not being able to hold a conversation. That’s a big no-no for me. You can’t have an articulate discourse with somebody, and you’re not interesting, uh, conversationally, then just–that’s–forget it. I really can’t, uh, talk to you. Ha.”  People Magazine interview 2011 X

The story about their first date begins right at the beginning of the video:

At 2:17 right after Darren says that none of his friends knew or liked Sutton Foster and wouldn’t go, Seth says “Ya mean your ‘straight’ friends?” to which Darren smiles and replies “yeah my straight friends” as if he differentiating himself from his “straight” friends?

Something to point out, when Darren was talking about Chris being the “big tv star, he had won a Golden Globe” at the time they met, again he’s blurring his memory while he’s constantly gushing about Chris.  Chris didn’t win the Golden Globe until 2011 after season 2 and Darren was AT the Golden Globes with him. He’s just so damn proud of him it’s heartwarming.

The way he speaks about Chris, the way his face literally glows and with that smitten kitten grin, if someone just happened upon this conversation they’d assume he was speaking about his significant other.

At the 3:45 mark:

Seth: Have you ever thought about doing a show together? Like a live show together?”

Darren: Well, ya know Chris actually hates, I mean…he hates…I’m sure everyone is You Tubing… Chris hates it when you talk about him, but uh…he hates singing live.  He hates it. Hates singing live. Doesn’t like doing it.

Seth: Just give him my phone number

Darren: Yeah. I think he’s great. I think he’d be great doing something he just never liked it.

Not only listen to him, but WATCH HIS FACE.  He knows this man.  They know one another intimately.  He’s speaking from experience.

No matter what BS may occur this evening or in the near future, always come back to THIS.  This is the truth. Darren was happy and at home - his parents were there to support him.  He gushed about his favorite memory yet again…because it’s very, very important to him. The rest…it’s garbage and fodder for gossip magazines and money in the pockets of the out of touch execs who are temporarily in control.

We know better.

Britney Spears haters are ridiculous

Ok, quick mini-rant:

I’m literally disgusted by people hating on Britney tonight.

She has been through so much shit, as we all know. In ‘07 she was in such a dark place in her life & I personally thought she was going to die or commit suicide.

But she got the help she needed and made a comeback in her personal life as well as her career. Just a year after her “breakdown” she released the #1 album Circus. Then in 2011 she got another #1 album with Femme Fatale.

Then this year People magazine confirmed she got custody of her kids back. She looks beautiful and is very happy with her current boyfriend Charlie, and tonight she actually looked like she was ENJOYING HERSELF performing for the first time in so long!

How can people be anything but PROUD of her???

It’s so fucking stupid to continue using the same lip syncing excuse to hate on her. She’s always lip synced, that’s no reason not to like her.

She is such an amazing, strong, determined woman not to mentioned the most humble celebrity I can think of. You are a dumbass if you hate on her.