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Sebastian Stan playing table football in The Covenant


1984 Half Moon Theatre production of Dracula starring Daniel Day-Lewis as Count Dracula, Peter Capaldi as Jonathan Harker and Victoria Hardcastle as Dr. Tanya Van Helsing. 

The year is 1880, the place is Transylvania… Just down the road from Castle Dracula, newly weds Jonathan and his young bride Lucie Harker, are honeymooning at a fully-modernised Transylvanian holiday dwelling just down the road from Castle Dracula.

However the conjugal bliss is disturbed by an invasive and every more sinister succession of bats, wolves, mysterious illnesses, mirrors without reflection and locals breathing the pungent smell of garlic…


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i remember seeing a door labeled lift at the end of chapter two?

I don’t remember off the top of my head, but I can check later today. It wouldn’t surprise me - the additional rooms behind the boards in Chapter 1 suggest that we’re going to go back up into that area soon.

By the time she left school, she’d already written songs like `Kiss With A Fist’, and knew she wanted to make music but not how to go about it. So after a year working behind a bar she went to art school, making tents under the desk to sleep off her hangovers while trying to convince her tutors she was an installation.

It wasn’t until she wrote the haunting `Between Two Lungs’ that it all came together. Instead of percussion, Florence pounded the studio walls with her hands. She built the melody on the piano even though it’s not an instrument she knows how to play, and recorded the backing vocals first, before writing the top line. It’s bonkers and totally unconventional, but of course it is also glorious - a strange but yearning song about losing yourself in love. “I’d found my voice, and I just felt euphoric,” she recalls. “It’s been a real process of me learning that the way I wanted to do it was actually the right way.

—  How coming up with Between Two Lungs cemented Flo’s sound
Headcanon #1,420

Clark loves vine.

He loves vine so much that he has his own account of all sorts of domestic stuff that the league and titans do. Sometimes it’s lunch with Wonder Woman, other times it’s recording Flash on the treadmill and then breaking said treadmill. Sometimes it’s watching Cyborg build and test incredible machines. Some times it’s playing with the dogs.

And some times it’s catching a glimpse of the mysterious bat booty. Clark had a small series where he grabs onto heroes “chub” and watches for their reaction and runs away like a little boy who got away with sneaking a cookie before dinner. Usually it’s cheeks and backs but every once in a while.

He’s get a good slap or pinch of Batman’s butt and books it out of there.

I’m so excited to play Pop'n again soon, that I actually played all of Zizz’s, most of ALT’s and my fav song (Odile’s from Pop'n Portable) in the car for my mom to hear, even though she usually dislikes what I listen to, and she actually enjoyed them a lot and thought they were pretty this feels like a dream @@

Of Vending Machines and Benches

So I might or might not be flailing over the sneak peek for 9x16 “Blade Runners” (obviously I am, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have made this post, so…), because holy shit Supernatural sure has developed a taste to use vending machines as places of debation over humanity/monstrosity and benches as symbols of struggles. And well if this season ain’t filled with struggles over humanity and monstrosity than I guess I don’t know anything anymore.

But just… I mean, this has probably been talked about already when the clip came out and I was still asleep, but please, PLEASE how freaking perfect is this scene of Crowley trying to steal candy from a vending machine.

And please how amazing is it contrasted with what Cas chose to do when he realized he was completely human? He didn’t steal, he decided to take all the money he had to buy a bottle of water, from a vending machine. Apparently Crowley is (or acts as if) he is closer to being human than ever before. But in contrast to Cas and as Dean openly says so that the parallel gets even more attention, Crowley remains well… Crowley while Cas really succeeded (even though he struggled a great deal as well - but that is kind of part of being human) at being human, being a good soul so to speak.

And then let’s talk about the parallel I might be dying over most, because we didn’t just have these shots of Cas and Crowley, both who can be seen as the angel and devil on Dean’s shoulder - his light and his darkness - as I talked about in relation to clothes HERE, the first time a vending machine played a huge and important part was in 8x01 “We Need to Talk about Kevin” when Dean remembers purgatory.

And you know what’s the most amazing thing about it? That once again we have Crowley’s (though he could be faking for all we know, I don’t trust Crowley at all) and Cas’ humanity highlighted by the symbol/metaphor of the vending machine (something to use when you are hungry or thirsty - all of the things that make us human) contrasted with Dean remembering purgatory in 8x01 (the way he slices and carved and killed his way through purgatory) and being unable to choose, because in purgatory he not only didn’t need to eat, which alone makes it all the more interesting that he lacked those basic human needs, but also alludes to Dean being closer to being a monster than human. As I have said before, in retrospect, the whole purgatory stroyline for Dean to me really is one giant backdrop of forshadowing to what is happening to or rather with Dean this season (see HERE for that). I just LOVE how they play up to Dean becoming more monstrous while Crowley seemingly becomes more human.

Oh, and then there is this thing about the benches.

Not only is it interesting to note how Sam and Dean are positioned here.

They share one and the same bench,which nicely calls back to how they are still hunting together, but also shows how they are not on the same page, because the armrest separates them, so they might kind of actually be sitting on different benches.

Also note how they aren’t just sitting separate, but also on different levels. Sam higher up, Dean closer to the ground, the edge, the bottom. Sorry, but I love it so much I can’t even put it into words properly. And then Crowley in the background, a dark figure but also so close to the light of the lamp (I know this is far fetched but to me it’s like the light at the end of the tunnel).

And oh just don’t even get me started on benches in general here, because benches on SPN have always played important part. I unfortunately don’t have time to screencap all the scene featuring them, because I am running later for work, but all of them were fairly importantwhen it came to the fate of humanity.

Think of all the times we saw Castiel and Uriel meeting at park benches talking and strategizing about god’s plan, the apocalypse, Samhain, someone killing angels. Think of Zachariah meeting Adam at a park bench at a playground to get him to become Michael’s vessel. Think of how Dean and Cas have been meeting at a park bench in S4 to talk about fate and destiny and then of course think about Cas. Cas and his monologue in 6x20 “The Man Who Would Be King”.

Sorry, but… I love it! :’)


Happy Birthday Charles Laughton 1st July 1899 - 15th December 1962

Rembrandt is his great part, his matriculation; full of the intimate moments that test an actor’s integrity to the highest…probably the finest acting performance ever recorded on celluloid. - C A Lejeune

Charles was both inteligent and gifted, with an instinctive genius for acting. - Jean Renoir

Apart from ‘Ambersons’, the most exciting experience I have had in the cinema was with Charles Laughton on 'Night of the Hunter’…every day I considered something new about light, that incredible thing that can’t be described. Of the directors I’ve worked with, only two ever understood it, Orson Welles and Charles Laughton. - Stanley Cortez

I have become a teller of stories. I would like to become the man who knows all the stories…When I go into a good book-store or library, I often feel sad when I see the shelves of books that I will never be able to enjoy. I think of all the wonderful tales I will never know, and I wish I could live to be a thousand years old. - Charles Laughton