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The books according to Prof. McGonagall

1. Prof. McGonagall sends the kids to the forbidden forest in the middle of the night because they were walking around in the middle of the night 

2. Prof. McGonagall can cancel quidditch whenever the fuck she wants to 

3. Prof. McGonagall gives a 13 year old a time machine but only for school 

4. Prof. McGonagall thinks potter is a boy, not a piece of meat 

5. Prof. McGonagall tells Peeves to unscrew it the other way

6. Prof. McGonagall can’t believe Dumbledore passed the burden of saving the world onto a kid who can’t even conjure birds out of thin air, I mean that’s so basic

7. Prof McGonagall fights the battle of hogwarts in her pajamas

I love Doctor Who because it’s literally a show about a guy who stole a time machine and has spent billions of years running away from his responsibilities

My top 3 favourite things about SNES-era Mario sprite re-use

dont talk to me or my nearly identical twin brothers ever again

everybody has a different idea of what yoshi looks like from the front

yoshi’s cookie has 4 different sprite styles

also the yoshi’s island sprite for yoshi was originally made for yoshi’s cookie

Person A is a scientist/inventor. Person B is dating Person A. Person A creates a time machine that takes Person B back ______ years. Person B falls in love with Person A’s ______ (grandparent, etc.) and doesn’t know exactly who they’ve fallen in love with. Then they go back to the present and tell Person A about their adventures. Person A realizes Person B fell in love with ______ and tries to reason with the fact that Person B kissed their ______.

  • Tim Drake: You'll never guess what just happened.
  • Damian Wayne: You went out in the hallway, stumbled into an inter-dimensional portal, which brought you 5,000 years into the future, where you took advantage of the advanced technology to build a time machine, and now you're back, to bring us all with you to the year 7010, where we are transported to work at the think-a-torium by telepathically controlled flying dolphins?
  • Tim Drake: Stephanie kissed me.
  • Damian Wayne: Who would ever guess that?

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it's that.... henry??

“Who’s there? How do you know my name…?”

Henry is available for questions.

I have a theory about who/what “the boy” is or is connected to.

The boat.

It’s the first thing to pop up in the teaser and, as we learn in the first episode of season two, the boat is named “The infant, male, pollock, francis”. Farah’s brother tells us it’s been there since the fifties.

What’s a boy? An infant male. But who is Pollock, Francis? Maybe Francis Pollock, an early twentieth-century Canadian science fiction writer who died in the fifties.

According to Wikipedia:
“Pollock also wrote several science fiction stories for The Black Cat magazine as well as sea stories for magazines such as Adventure.”

Black Cat? We know a black cat. And sea stories would tie into the whole boat thing, plus the fact that the cat is channeling a shark.

What if Francis Pollock is or was “the boy”? Francis Pollock was born in 1876, which means he would have been ten years old in 1886, the year the time machine is sent back to in season 1. Ten years old? Definitely still a boy then. I wonder if this is going somewhere, who knows? Let me know if anyone has anything to add cause I love working on theories.
Flood my Mornings: Unimaginable
  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.

@themusicsweetly​ asked:  For when Claire eventually is preggers, their first time with an ultrasound machine.

So here’s the thing: 1951 is at *least* ten years too early for fetal ultrasound. 

HOWEVER, this was one of the first FMM scenes I wrote after the reunion (even before this prescient ask!)  and at the time, I wasn’t even thinking about historical accuracy. Soooooo, I’ll ask you to put on your suspenders of disbelief (TM @stageandhistory​‘s teacher) and just enjoy the anachronistic ride. 

[Also, there’s a bit more of a time jump on this one than I normally go for, but I was feeling antsy to get to a landmark scene, so HERE WE ARE. (but I’ve got some planned flashbacks in the works for later, so don’t hesitate to request scenes from the months I passed over, if you’ve got a need!)]

Late April, 1951; Harvard University Hospital 

“Fine—Sweetheart—I’m fine!” 

The words were barely more than a muffled mumble into his shirt. Based on how tightly he was clutching me, I should have insisted to speak with him directly instead of leaving the message with the Fernacre receptionist; or at the very least, I should have been more emphatic with her that there was absolutely no emergency at hand. 

I hugged him tighter in reassurance. “I’m so sorry, darling—I truly didn’t mean to frighten you. Everything’s fine, I promise.” 

“But Nancy said ye were in hospital.” 

At the hospital—at Harvard—” 

“Aye, not your proper hospital—and I was in the furthest pastures—” he said in a rush, cupping my head hard. “It took them so long to ride out to track me down—that—and then the Traffic—I thought—the bairn—

God, and what must he have thought? With my being several weeks past six months, the same time at which—

“We’re fine, Jamie, I swear. See? We’re in the academic wing, not intensive care.” I pulled out of his arms and tugged him toward the open door nearby. “Come with me: I have something to show you.” Trying to suppress my grin, I ushered him into an empty lecture hall and closed the door behind us. 

Standing there, still in his work clothes and smelling of horse, Jamie was breathing heavily and looking as though he meant to either cry or fight someone or both. “Please say what’s happened so I can stop this aching in my chest.”

Despite his agitation, I managed at length to get him to sit in the professor’s chair. I leaned against the desk facing him, trying to keep back the storm of happiness. “You know I had my final examinations this morning?”

 A nod, a pause, and then a tentative, “…Did they go well?”

 “Very well, I think. But as I was gathering my things and headed out, my professor suddenly stopped me and asked if I’d be willing to assist one of the med-tech research departments with a demonstration. I was taken aback of course, but I trust Dr. Gordon—you remember, he’s the one that’s been so impressed and supportive?— so I was willing to see what was what, at least.” 

This exposition did not seem to have done anything to lessen Jamie’s tension; in fact, he looked downright ALARMED at mention of me participating in some sort of vague experiment. Well, so had I been! 

I went on, hastily. “And so he led me to the research wing and introduced me, and—And well, I called Fernacre as soon as they explained what it was that they were going to be testing out, because—Oh, Jamie, it would have been absolutely magical to show you as it was happening. But I managed to get the next best thing.” 

I handed him the glossy print, heart thudding. “It’s something like an X-ray, see? This was only a prototype—very few people in the world have used this technology.” He kept staring down, and I babbled anxiously to fill the silence. “It isn’t even a good likeness of the fuzzy readout I saw. I badgered someone to find a camera, and the flashbulb reflecting against the glass television screen makes it quite hard to see, and I’m sure the print itself isn’t great, either—I badgered another department to develop it for me quickly, so it’s barely more than a blur, but…”

For more than half a minute Jamie had stared down at it, turning it this way and that—

But finally, the image must have clicked into place, for he gasped and nearly dropped it. 

“You see it?” I was beaming, holding back tears. “Can you see?

“Is that…?”

Yes,” I choked out, “that’s him.”

So engrossed was Jamie in the image before him that he didn’t immediately seem to hear me. Then, he looked up so sharply it must have hurt his neck, blinking like he’d stepped into bright sun. “H—him??”

“You can’t tell in this shot,” I whispered, not meaning it to be a whisper, but so hoarse with feeling I couldn’t help it, “but the technician was certain.“

“We’re going—” Jamie was grinning like an utter addle-pated simpleton. “—to have a—a wee lad?

I nodded, smiling back but also weeping, lips pursed tight, and suddenly unable to speak at all through the lump of happiness in my throat.

“Oh, Claire…” Jamie was on his feet in a second, laughing and holding me as tightly as in the hallway, but this time in joy. “Oh, LOVE!” 

The next I knew, he was beaming into my eyes, holding my face. “I’d have been just as thrilled wi’ a wee lassie, mo chridhe, but….Jesus, God, to KNOW—!! It’s…absolutely miraculous.”

“Honestly, this is— unimaginable to me, too,” I whispered, leaning my forehead against his as I looked down at my belly (at my son!). “To be able to see an unborn child….To be able to see right into the womb without cutting! I never even dreamed of such a thing. Jamie, it…I saw him.” 

“And he’s—alright?”

“As far as they could tell.” I sighed and smiled, giving in. “Yes…yes, he’s alright.” 

If two sane people could be delirious with joy and relief, it was us. We must have looked quite out of our senses to any passerby, so intensely we were beaming and grinning and clinging tightly to faces and hands. 

Without preamble, Jamie stuck the precious photograph in his breast pocket, swept me up into his arms (ignoring any protest against handling my massive bulk), and settled back into the chair, cradling me in his lap. 

We sat there in beatific silence for I don’t know how long, with soft touches and wordless sounds of tenderness and awe. 

At last, Jamie simply couldn’t contain himself. “What will we name him? Our—son?” 

We hadn’t discussed names at all, to date—both of us perhaps afraid to tempt fate until the birth was closer at hand. But I had seen him, today—seen the outlines of his tiny feet move at the same exact moment I’d felt him kick—And it changed everything. There was still risk, and there was still fear; but the hope in me was glowing and radiating throughout my entire being. This child, this little boy, was alive and well. He would be well. And he needed a name. 

“Well, let’s see….” I beamed and traced patterns on Jamie’s shoulder. “I suppose we can’t have a Brian AND a Brianna.”

Jamie laughed, “No, indeed. The first Brian Fraser will get the big head up in heaven. Though what about your Da? Henry’s a good, strong name, aye? What d’ye think?” 

“I’d very much like to use it as a second or third name… but I can’t quite see it as his first.” 

“’His,’” Jamie echoed in a gleeful murmur. “…He’s a him.”

My delighted giggle hit me mid-kiss.  “Yes, darling,” I crooned against his lips, “he’s a him.” 

Jamie brightened. “Say, now, what about Robert? That was my wee brother’s name, and one of my Da’s as well.”

I must have made a face at this, for he smiled and rubbed my belly, leaning down to whisper confidentially, “Your mam doesna like your name one bit, wee Rabbie.”

I laughed and amended, fairly, “If you feel strongly about it, I might be persuaded. I’ve just—Honestly, I’ve never liked the name Robert. Robert…. ROBERT….” I tried the name several more times, making grotesque faces as I tasted the syllables. “No, sorry, just won’t do.”

Jamie wasn’t offended, and in fact, we both repeated the rejected name a few more times each, trying out ridiculous accents and intonations to completely rule it out as a frontrunner until we were little more than a mass of giggles there in the professor’s chair. 

Then, as if by magnetic force, we quieted and turned our eyes back to my belly—to our little him. 

We were still for a long time, both of us imagining we could see our son curled up asleep, as I had so briefly and hazily today.

“Lambert?” Jamie said. 

I smiled fondly, but shook my head.

“William?” I offered softly, a while later. “For your brother?”

Jamie made a sound of acknowledgment, thinking, but said nothing.

There was a bird singing outside the tall, sunny window. Leafy sun-shadows spangled the walls and a tiny breeze brought the scent of spring to surround us. 

And as a second bird chimed in outside our little haven, Jamie’s hand tightened lightly, significantly, on my belly, eyes shining. “What about…Ian?”

“…Ian…” I breathed back, putting my hand over his, feeling something settle perfectly into place. “Oh, yes, that’s….Ian…”

Not the blood-brother long-mourned: the brother of Jamie’s heart whose loss was still an open wound. They’d known each other all their lives; had fought together and defended one another, had been each others’ champions in battle and at home. And it struck me for the first time that Ian Murray was the only brother I myself had ever known, too. Ian had been a true kindred spirit, ever an ally in our den of blood-Frasers. And beyond that, Ian was—had been my friend. I missed his ready smile and his wit, his compassion….


It was painful—but perfect. 

“Ian…Henry,” Jamie murmured reverently. “A fine name.”

“Ian Henry…Fergus?…” I offered, my voice cracking.  

I felt the convulsion go through Jamie and I touched his face. I know, love. I know.

Lord, the grief—the grief of holding one son between us and longing for the one we’d left behind; and for Jamie, how much more raw that grief. For Fergus had been there with him for those two broken years, had been a joy and a comfort to him when little else could be; and we could never see him again. 

“Aye,” Jamie said at last, smiling weakly through reddened eyes. “Ian. Henry. Fergus. Beauchamp—”

Fraser,” we finished together in a whisper, all four hands covering our little boy. Life and loss, joy and mourning, so inextricably intertwined. 

There were tears in Jamie’s eyes, as there were in mine, and his voice was deep and husky with love as he looked down at our hands and rubbed gently. “You’ll do them all proud, Ian.”

And damn me, if our little guy didn’t kick, right on cue. 

Best Friend (Adam Cole One Shot)

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Submission for @wrasslesmutโ€˜s 14 Days of Valentineโ€™s

Sexy times with the baybay ahead =) I hope you all enjoy <3

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Counters Used in Korean

The following counters are used in conjunction with pure Korean numbers up to the number twenty, after that Sino Korean numbers can also be used. Some of the counters can function as independent nouns. The counters that can function as either counters or independent nouns are preceded by a dash in parentheses and vice versa for those that can’t work as independent nouns. 

Counters Used with Pure Korean Numbers:

−시  o’clock

(−) 달  months

(−) 사람  persons, people

−명  persons, people

−분  esteemed people

−마리  animals, fish, birds

−살  years of age(but not for esteemed individuals)

(−)산  cupfuls

−대  vehicles, machines

−가지  kinds, varieties

(−)병  bottle

−번  times

(−) 시간  hours

(−) 해  years

−군데  places, institutions

−갑  pack

(−) 상자  box; case; chest

−부  newspapers; books(if bought in multiple copies)

−장  flat objects; pieces of papers

−채  buildings

−개  items, units, objects

(−) 봉지  paper bag

−권  bound volumes; books or magazines

Time (Damian Wayne imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:   Can I please request an Older!Damian Wayne where the reader and Damian have been dating for about two months and she goes to the Batcave and sees a new machine (Tim’s time machine) and accidentally presses a button so the reader goes 20 years into the future and she sees herself and is married to Damian and they have kids then her Damian comes to save her and then fluff (some interaction with the reader and 20 years from the future reader and Damian if possible)??
Summary: You and Damian travel to the future to meet an older version of you
Word count: 689
Warning(s): fluff

You were in search of your loving boyfriend Damian, after failing to locate him in the manor you make your way to the batcave. “Dami? you here?” You shout, not too loud. Looking around your eyes land on a machine you haven’t seen before.

Letting your curiosity get the best of you. You go closer to take a look.Your foot hits something on the floor so you lean to get it, leaning your hand on the machine. When you lean your weight on the machine your hand slips and pushes a button. 

You called bel….oh no…” Damian walks to where he heard you, when a bright bright flash fills the room. You weren’t there when he could see again.

The bright light consumed you, and the next thing you know, you’re dizzy, waking up in a basement like place that you don’t recognize. Getting up from the floor, you located the staircase and carefully go up, making sure not to make noise.

The door was open, and you step onto the first floor, the walls were beautifully painted, the floors gorgeous wood. You pass a doorway when your heart stops. There’s someone in the kitchen, their back facing you. You carefully try to turn around and find another way, but an attention grabbing cough sounds from behind your back, causing you to turn back once more. 

Wh-who are you,” You ask, looking at the weirdly familiar woman. “I’m y/n, and you must have found  Tim’s time machine,” She smiles a warm smile, your eyes going wide.

How would you know that?!” You question, only causing future you to chuckle. “Silly, I was you 20 years ago, I’ve already been in this situation,” She explains, a weight lifting off of you.

May I?” You ask her, gesturing to one of the bar stools, to which she nods. “So how’s life now….you said 20….20 years later?” You ask curiously.

Look behind you, out the window,” She instructs, a wooden spoon in hand. Looking outside, you see a man, and an absolutely adorable little boy playing. “That’s Damian and our….or your son,” She says when you finally look back.

“BELOVED?!?” You and the lady both answer in unison “In the kitchen!” Causing you both to burst out laughing.

A disheveled Damian appears in the doorway, where you had creeped not too long ago. “Beloved, are you okay, what happened?” He questions running to you, causing you to smile. You swat away his investigating hands, turning his head toward the window. “Who are those?” He asks. 

That’s you in twenty years…. and I’m y/n in twenty years.” The woman explained, as if for the thousandth  time. Damian watches in amazement. “We’ll have a baby?” He mumbles. “It seems so,” Both you and future you say in unison.

Suddenly the child notices younger Damian, smiling and waving at him. Older Damian of course checks who his smiling and waving at, seeing that it’s younger him he follows the actions of his son, waving at him.

Damian is dumbstruck, waving back, his heart melting.

When did we get married?” Damian asks the woman, looking at me. “That’s for you to find out,” She smiles.

You guys should go back, Bruce has a lecture prepared for you, which you two are gonna hide in Damians room from.” Older you chuckles, taking off her apron and showing you the way back to the basement. 

I haven’t looked at this machine in so long,” She fondly smiles. “Press the green button and hold on to each other, you’ll be back before you know it.”

“Bye!” You wave to her, Damian giving her a smile before a light flash fills the room once more and you’re back in the cave, where you started your short adventure in.

Damian, y/n do you know how dang…..”Bruce starts scolding, when you and Dami share a knowing look and make a break for it, not stopping running until you’re in the safety of his bedroom.

Plopping down on the bed you sigh, “Quite the future, eh?” You chuckle rubbing your eyes.

I wouldn’t have it any other way,” He smiles, kissing your forehead.


With love,

Sherlock: You’ll never guess what just happened.

Eurus: You went out in the hallway, stumbled into an inter-dimensional portal, which brought you 5,000 years into the future, where you took advantage of the advanced technology to build a time machine, and now you’re back, to bring us all with you to the year 7010, where we are transported to work at the think-a-torium by telepathically controlled flying dolphins?

Sherlock: Molly kissed me.

Eurus: Who would ever guess that?

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i’EV ALREADY BB EEN BIIIITCCH. everybdy wear shloose fiitng turtielnecks. i-i ran into some sexoby and a ninja fuuckin weird shit,,

  • Klaus: You’ll never guess what just happened.
  • Kol: You went out in the hallway, stumbled into an inter-dimensional portal, which brought you 5,000 years into the future, where you took advantage of the advanced technology to build a time machine, and now you’re back, to bring us all with you to the year 7010, where we are transported to work at the think-a-torium by telepathically controlled flying dolphins?
  • Klaus: No.
  • Kol: Awww.
  • Klaus: Caroline kissed me.
  • Kol: Who would ever guess that?

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Sorry if my ask sounded rude, I didn't mean for it to be if it did. I've just been seeing a lot of people on my dash thinking that it's the chapter and not a trailer coming Friday

((nah it didn’t come off as rude, you’re fine :B guess I’ll use this as an opportunity to say we’re only getting a trailer guys, chapter 3 itself does not come out on Friday. however, we might be getting a release date in the trailer, but that is purely speculation on my part xD like my tags said I think we’re looking at a mid-late august release, maybe the first month of september at the latest, but that is all entirely speculation.

and now we resume the hype train.))

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