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real talk how many little duets do you think dan and phil have from across the flat


Let me tell you the moment i escaped the feelings. I guess it was at MAMAs. We were performing, i was singing and i realized i have MONBEBEs who loved our performance. I got to see their face and i thought i should not be depressed like that because there might be MONBEBEs who’re stressed out. Though there might be a bumpy road, try to believe that things will work out as MONEBE wants. I thought you can even do something impossible.

broganes getting high?? nobody asked for it but i’m delivering

  • broganes once hotboxed shiros car and honestly.. keith has never been so high in his entire fucking life
  • keith was so high that when he tried to get out of the car he actually ended up tripping out and faceplanting - shiro found this hilarious and snorted so hard he started coughing up a lung
  • shiro gets lowkey impatient when keith takes too long to roll up and he’ll try and take over. keith doesn’t like this and they end up shoving each other while keiths trying to lick his damn papers
  • when their parents go away for the weekend, broganes will spend their time lounging on the couch and smoking bowls
  • broganes once made pot brownies for themselves and forgot to get rid of them all. these brownies ended up being served at the family dinner. both were mortified when their aunt started grinding on all the furniture
  • broganes regularly try to out-smoke each other and it always ends in them just falling asleep and then arguing about who fell asleep first
  • keith will use weed to get out of trouble with shiro

shiro: keith, did you break my damn controller?

keith: O.O

shiro: you did, didn’t you?

keith: [slowly offers the blunt he’s smoking to shiro]

shiro: ….

keith: ………..

shiro: [takes it] i hate you

Stop Thinking

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Summary: Things go a little blank when Reader and Charles play a little game of chess

Pairings: Charles x Reader, Erik x Reader ((ish))

Warnings: Nothing? Maybe just Erik being an adorable little shark

A/N: Co wrote this with @avenger-fanfic-person after we came up with this idea while watching X Men… ahhh good times, good times


It was a normal day at Xavier’s School. Well, about as normal as it could get when being around all those mutants. But it was finally the weekend, which meant no more classes to teach. It also meant there was time to just lounge around with Charles… and the others too.

I walked into the living room and spotted Charles sitting at an empty chess table and Erik lounging on the couch lazily. I walked over to where Charles was and sat across from him with a small smile.

“Hey Charles.”

Charles looked up at me with a smile, “Hello Y/N. How are you?”

“Relieved that I finally get to take a break… seems I’ve found good company for it, too…”

“Care to play a game with me?” Charles replied with a chuckle.

Oh God… that sounds sexual…I can’t say I would mind if it was…

I nodded with a small smile, “Game on.”

Charles’ demeanor seemed to change for a moment before he smiled at me again, “Prepare to lose…”

God dammit, Charles… do you always have to be so cute?!

I scoffed playfully, “As if.”

Charles rolled his eyes, grinning, “We shall see then… we shall see…”

The only thing I want to be seeing is you-

WAIT… Oh my god… he can hear what I’m thinking… fuck, he knows….

Don’t think of how cute he is… don’t think of how cute he is… STOP THINKING OF HOW CUTE HE IS! Ah… fuck you brain…

Charles chuckled softly, earning a curious glance from Erik.

I mentally cursed myself again before realizing it was no use. He could hear absolutely everything going through my brain, and the smug little bastard didn’t bother controlling it. Shit. Shit shit shit. Oh God, what do I do, oh my God. He can hear you thinking right now, idiot! Stop thinking, stop thinking!

Charles made his first move on the chess board, and I could almost feel myself sweating. I knew he was reading my thoughts, but he didn’t show it at all.

Shiiiiiiit. Oh God, how do I stop thinking? I’m going to have to look that up later. But right now! I need to figure something out! Uhhhh, white room! White room! No thoughts! No Thoughts. No thinking. White roooooom. White roooooom.

Charles immediately looked concerned. He quirked an eyebrow upwards as he listened to my internal monologue battle with my thoughts. Erik had fallen asleep on the couch and was missing the whole situation that was going on in front of him. His head was tilted back on the side of the sofa, mouth open, his loud snores the only thing occupying the silence between me and Charles.

The concern on Charles’ face had started to grow as I sat there in absolute silence. Even my thoughts “stopped.”

He nudged Erik gently in a failed attempt to wake him up.

The expression on my face remained completely blank as Charles rolled Erik off the couch in order to get him up.

Erik groaned and flipped off Charles as he sat up, “What the fuck Charles? You could clearly see I was-”

Charles cut him off with a sharp huff and then nodded in my direction, “I think something’s wrong with Y/N.”

“What do you mean something’s wrong with Y/N?!”

“I mean something is wrong! She’s stopped. Stopped talking. Stopped thinking. Stopped… everything!”

Erik looked over my face with concern etched into his features, “She’s having no thoughts?! None at all?!”

Charles shook his head, “No. The last thing she was thinking about was a white room.”

I held up my resolve; keeping a blank face and having no thoughts.

Erik shook my shoulders in a panic, “Y/N? Y/N? Come on!”

Charles paced around the room before pausing in thought, “Wait… I think I know what can get her out of this.”

Erik looked back at Charles with slightly wide eyes, “What? What? Do it. Just do it!”

Charles took a bracing breath before walking over and pressing his lips to mine, gently.

I almost immediately reacted by wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him back.

Erik let out a relieved chuckled and sat back on the couch, “Well, if I knew that would’ve worked I would’ve tried it out myself.”

(I still remember us screaming, “PORN. PORN IN THE FOLDER,” at the top of our lungs and miraculously no one hearing us?? I still don’t buy it. )


Whoniverse: Class - 8/? times Miss Quill slays. (1x05) 

It makes sense

Authors note: I am trying so hard to get back into writing, but I am struggling… I’m sorry if this sucks, I honestly have no brain right now.

He’s one of the softest, grumpiest, adorable I’ll-tempered man, (baby), that walks the earth when he’s exhausted, even worse when he’s flying while miserable.

The whole time in the departure lounge he has been relatively calm, occasionally a little whiny, but other than that he has been calm and sleepy, keeping his arms crossed over his chest, his head leaning on your shoulder while you keep yourself occupied on your phone, doing what it takes to stop yourself from going stir shit crazy in the bloody airport. 

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Orchid 317 Grand Opening, Thursday, 3/23 @ 9pm EST

Orchid 317 is a new Hookah Lounge and performance venue located in the Mists, Ward 12 plot 40.  It is small, but it is cozy and we guarantee a good time!

The lounge is always open, so swing on by whenever!

((Even if no one is IC around to help you, our NPC bartender Hallie is there!))

Right now, they are hiring people to work the bar, set up hookahs, clean, cook, and host.  They are also interviewing for Performers- dancers, actors, jugglers, singers, etc!

Rumor may have it, that if you’re looking for any sort of work that could be called… unsavory, that they might be able to put you in touch with someone that can get you a few jobs.  

((OOC- Orchid 317 is a friendly family style FC.  We have our own house in the Mists, and lots of activities for our members to do.  We are running at minimum one public and one private RP event per week.  We have the ‘legit’ business, which is the hookah lounge and run by Eshea Tende, and our ‘backdoor’ business, which is a smuggling/body disposal/odd unsavory jobs ring run by Athulis Faulkner.  Feel free to contact either one for information on joining our happy little family!))

After many years of traveling through the Delta Quadrant Janeway finally gives up reinforcing Starfleet Uniform standard. Now everyone on the ship goes about their usual business but in different outfits. Janeway gives orders in her sparkly white tuxedo while Tom Paris applies coordinates in an old fashion aviator jacket and goggles. B'Elanna figures out complex space-time equations while lounging in her pajamas all day in engineering. Seven of Nine discovers the fashionable comfort of a simple tank top with jeans. Chakotay decides to get in touch with nature and goes around the ship completely naked. The doctor now free of appearance standards gives up representing the typical humanoid form in favor of abstraction and edits his program so he’s nothing but a floating disembodied talking head. Only Tuvok and Neelix remain the same as the ship plummets further into unrestrained madness.

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Could you do RAF's reactions to MC lack of self care, like they absolutely have zero concept of it., thnx! :)



>”MC you need to eat”

>”MC wear clean clothes”

>”MC you need to go out more often”

>All day long 24/7 

>Though it is kinda sweet that she cares so much


>Ok it was cute the first few time she just lounged around all day in the same clothes.

>But not

>3 days

>in a row

>He gets up and walks to the bedroom where his “princess” was sleeping

>”Wakey wakey” 

>She stares at him dumbfounded

>”Get in the shower put on some clean clothes big day”

>She shuffles to the bathroom

>Jumin planned a HUGE date to get her back in schedule


>Ok so he doesn’t shower all the time or eat on a normal schedule 

>But when his precious MC doesn’t he wont let that happen

>”MC lets go do something”

>She stares at him 

>”OK umm let me jump in the shower and wash some clothes.”

>He laughs while watching her panic that did the trick


>You would think it would be the opposite MC begging him to eat and shower and just go outside.

>But no

>”MC I have an event coming up at college will you PLEASE go~”

>”When is it”


>Yoosung I haven’t left the house or cleaned up like all week and now your telling me to go to some event”

>”Yeah please~”

>She gets up and runs toward the bathroom

>”Maybe this will get her back in schedule”