time leveraging

Listen, listen. The fact Eliot Spencer’s response to Parker being upset and asking if they could kill the guy who upset her was a shrug and, “Yeah. I mean, I could.” will never, ever not be important to me.

Does anyone ever get emotional because Leverage was the perfect show all the way through?

Like they didn’t go for too long and fuck everything up. Or get cut short before they could give the characters and ending they all deserved.

We got to see the team really grow from strangers to this ragtag family unit that would do anything and everything for each other, and who really trusted each other’s strengths and choices, even if they didn’t always see the endgame.

Round of applause for Leverage.


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Sophie: You know, Parker, we never really talk about it, but if you lost someone when you were just a child, then you might put up walls to make sure that you never got hurt again. Trust me, this life is not worth living without the people that make us want to tear down those walls. The thrill of vulnerability, the danger of opening your heart, it makes us feel alive.

Leverage 4.07 - The Grave Danger Job

honestly one of the greatest things about Leverage is how Nate ‘one honest man’ Ford is quite quickly revealed to be, like, the biggest jerk on the team

his whole ‘coming to terms with being a thief’ arc is the most fascinating thing about him, but more pettily, it’s just hilarious that every single one of the criminals he’s working, and secretly clearly kind of considers himself above, with is a genuinely nicer person than he is 

i didn’t expect to come out of leverage with so many emotions about the fucking brewpub??? what has this show DONE to me

but ok. like. the brewpub doesn’t turn a profit, right. it is actively losing money all of the time, but it doesn’t matter? because of their fucking alternative revenue stream, they don’t NEED to make a profit, they literally own this brewpub for the fun of it

so, like. they COULD make it turn a profit but: eliot & hardison, working-class boys TM, they are absolutely going to:

  • make everything on the menu $0.50 less than it costs to make at least, because affordable food is important
  • just fucking give away shit for free. oh you can’t pay for this food? that’s fine don’t worry about it have it anyway, also would you like a coffee? some beer?
  • get everything locally, pay a LOT for it (let’s take a moment for all of the feelings eliot ‘grew up in a farming town’ spencer 100% has about corporations paying farmers the bare fucking minimum they can get away with. so many feelings, he goes on long & impassioned rants whenever this comes up, my bitter socialist son)
  • pay all of their staff like three times minimum wage at the least
  • all of the staff have AMAZING insurance & they always pay out if they need to
  • if any of the staff mention anything health related hardison will appear & offer to pay for it
  • if any of the CUSTOMERS mention anything health related hardison will appear & offer to pay for it
  • (i REFUSE to accept that hardison doesn’t tip, that is WRONG, the show is WRONG & i will NOT allow it, hardison tips. hardison’s elder siblings were waitstaff who depended on tips to make rent, hardison tips generously. hardison has all this money & he’s not even using most of it so he gives it away All Of The Time)

like. LIKE. the brewpub is basically a fucking nonprofit charity, they run jobs to take down capitalist scum & then come home to their aggressively socialist brewpub, this is just. this is fact. you cannot convince me this isn’t true