time lapse

Here is a time lapse of a themed illustrations done on MediBang Paint!

The theme was “Bug Expert Kid + Ladybug”. Check out the video below for a slower version.


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Jim Hawkins Commission Sketch

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Milky Way and Mt. Fuji. Yeah.


Adam Marshall - 200mm Sunset

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I shot a sunset time lapse the other day with my 200mm lens. It was a very windy but very beautiful day and the sun appeared magnified on the horizon. The entire sequence extends beyond the sun falling below the horizon silhouette, but i’m unable to properly stabilise the footage, so this was all i could get from it. I’ll definitely be looking out for a more suitable day and location to shoot this again :)

Here’s a link to the 4k footage, uploaded (and unfortunately compressed) to YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SD7RkEPaVcw.


Cloud, rolling over a mountain, in Iceland, above a grassy valley, in winter, with the sun low on the horizon giving everything a reddish glow.

I liked writing that sentence.


Fog rising in-between the limestone pillars in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Hunan Province, China. Love the “Stove pipe” effect in the cloud here.


Milky Way rising over White Pocket, Arizona