time kills all gods


- that scene confirmed dean loves castiel

- that scene confirmed dean loves castiel in a different way then family love

- that scene confirmed dean loves castiel more then he cared about the antichrist 

- that scene confirmed dean loves castiel that he was so broken he could not bother to care about anything else 

- that scene confirmed dean loves castiel


- castiel is dead


Flint (barely) standing upright with Jack in the room and then slumping down with exhaustion once he’s gone 😭😭




She’s your responsibility now.

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my bet is that taem's upcoming jpn concept will be Mass Murder we're all gonna die

thank god I can always trust taemin to bring those concepts we really need. Thanks taemin for finally fulfilling my wish to Die i cant wait to see how it plays out

princess bubblegum in one of the expression memes, as requested by anon! :O

Things you didn't know would make you emotional during a rewatch of Critical Role.

Taliesin at the end of episode 24: “I swear if the Briarwoods are responsible for a party kill, I’m gonna feel like such an asshole.”

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Have you ever been so utterly incapable of sleeping that it’s nearly 5 in the morning and you inexplicably draw the one thing you were sure you were never gonna go back to drawing.

BOTW Link Head Canons

So I decided to do one specifically on how I view Link as I play this. These head  canons are based on how I play with Link. 

-Mute but knows sign language and expresses himself through actions or writing

-Very serious most of the time but can be a trickster

-Not the brightest bulb in the box and doesn’t plan for anything

-Refuses to use any horse and walks everywhere

-Has no patience and gets irritated and annnoyed by enemies

-Likes to dress in the Gerudo outfit cause he likes the way he looks

-Spends too much time at Zoras domain



-Broke AF

-Has short temper and very angry

-Full of attitude and very sarcastic

- Probably very depressed cause his friends died

-Climb everything

-Protect Sidon as he is precious

My worst fear as a dog owner is walking my dog when suddenly a dog off its lead shows up.

Tonight there were two of them at once.

  • Sam: Okay Jack, time to bring back a certain someone. A certain angel that didn't deserve what happened to him
  • Jack: Omggg you're so right *explosions* Hi uncle Mickey!
  • Michael: My time in the cage has been enlightening...I must kill God..and all his children
  • Sam: Oh no, no!
  • Michael: For a millennia I have acted as nursemaid to billions of children for the love of a parent who doesn't care. I have to end my servitude...I must kill everyone
  • Sam: The cage has driven him crazy!
  • Jack: Crazy edgy! Am I right?
  • Sam: You were supposed to bring back CAS!
  • Jack: But Uncle Gabe said not to yet
  • Sam: Gabriel is alive?!
  • Jack: .....He said to say no

every single fitzsimmons moment: 3/?

And at the same time He denies that Lucifer was His favourite son, because as a parent He loves all of his children equally. Why do then everybody, including Michael and Gabriel considered so? Why did it seem that Lucifer received more of their Father’s attention that the rest of them did?

Because He has always known what was coming for His brightest son.

God knew that Amara would twist and corrupt Lucifer, but the Lightbringer was the only one who could be trusted with her, the only one stubborn, strong and bright enought to bear the Mark back then, at the beginning of times.

So He tried to give Lucifer as much love, affection and care as possible, knowing that He won’t be able to do that for a very, very long time, and all this God-Darkness-Archangels family drama kills me and is actually much deeper than depicted in the show.