time itself never waits

Fuckup Life Tip #6

Adulthood is not delineated by your failure or success in handling so-called adult responsibilities. Adulthood is marked by having those responsibilities.

Adulthood is not a vaunted state of being you will someday miraculously attain. You are legally responsible for yourself, you are physically and psychologically matured, there are people who are counting on you to do the right thing; you are an adult.

Full stop. The responsibilities are in your lap. Even if you are ignoring them, or failing to hold them, they are in your lap, and they are expected of you, and you are an adult. You do not get to choose adulthood by one day rising and taking them. You do not become an adult on the day that you finally juggle all those duties. You are an adult the moment they hit your lap.

Stop asking yourself when you will grow up. Stop waiting to feel ready. You know what the responsibilities are. You feel it in that nagging guilt that flays you every morning and night. That flaying feeling, that guilt, is adulthood itself.

It is time. You will never be made more ready by waiting. You will never feel better about it. Go. Be responsible. You will make it.