time is working

who’s excited for splat2 tomorrow?? im looking forward to seeing these two!!

(also i might make these as keychains one day, would anyone be interested?)


So, if anyone remembers this work in progress i posted two weeks ago, here’s the finished product! (Bonus details under the cut ^-^)

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SVI Update Incoming

Dudes I have just finished the next SVI update but am pretty shot from the past two weeks. My mom was in town and that meant industrious happenings 24/7. Some of the completed tasks are as follows:

  • We replaced the exterior lighting all around my house.
  • Hauled and landscaped no less than 40 trees, that includes hauling about twenty 40lb bags of mulch and soil.
  • Replaced the seals around the garage door.
  • Stained the workbench @djkvesper and I built while he was living here.
  • Caulked all the exterior door seals and re-painted the sills.
  • Installed a new Gator-themed doorbell.
  • Installed a brass door knocker.
  • Installed a new hanging entryway light.
  • Cleaned the entire house top to bottom.

And none of that’s including me going to work Mon-Fri. We got a TON done though!! So apologies for saying this now instead of giving heads up along the way! Anyhoo, gonna hit the sack now, but expect the new SVI update tomorrow sometime after noon West coast time.

@hambrr a hamburr for your bad night 

pose from one of those ‘draw your ship’ pose charts

Smooch your bf when you’re both doing overtime and his hands are full of important documents. Then he can’t dodge.

guess who’s got two thumbs and a raise (kinda)

i’m not even kidding i’m going to come right out and say it that frankie/stormcloud is THE most loyal thunderclan cat that there ever has been

Me: I worked really hard to make this! I got through two art blocks, four depressions and ten existential monologues just to finish this piece so STFU, I will appreciate what I made cuz I love it!

Also me: I hate it with all of my being plz burn it and never speak of it again. Cut off my hands so they may never produce something so horrid ever again.

works in progress

↳  i deleted my old one and instantly regretted it bc i have too many ideas to keep track of but hopefully this one will be better at helping me set my priorities straight (will probably fail tho)

these are the main possibilities that i’m writing but i definitely have a looooot more planned !!

(descriptions are tentative, will be worked on)

N E W 

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