time is getting shorter

the first thing jean ever sends to the trojans group chat is a ten-second video of a drunk jeremy dancing around the dorm as he lip-synchs to kylie’s your disco needs you, which then cuts to jean, wordlessly holding up an alarm clock that reads 03:23 am


Blessed images of Sokudo subconsciously imitating Karamatsu.

Dwarven Jesus

Our party is stuck on a boat and are close enough to shore to swim but nobody wants to get wet and some of the shorter characters would have a hard time getting there.

Me- a dwarven cleric(OOC): Guys I’ll just Jesus it
Half Elf Sorcerer(OOC): What do you mean by “Jesus it?”
Me: I grab the gnome, put him on my shoulders and cast water walk on myself. Have fun getting to shore bitches cause Jesus and crew are out

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,777

Summary: Dean has no idea you have feelings for him and you may or may not be acting irrationally about it. 

Warnings: Angst, language, fluff, no smut but it’s implied. 

A/N: For my girl @faegal04 ‘s 500 challenge celebration (also, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABE!) My prompt was “You broke my heart for the last time.” I wasn’t sure I was going to get this out on time, and it’s fluffier and shorter than I usually do, but I like it anyway. 

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You broke my heart for the last time.

Those were the words you’d scrawled before walking away, a bag in one hand, your car keys in the other. You’d left your cell phone and the knife he’d given you a couple years ago on top of the note on his bed, and left without looking back, hot wiring the first car you came to that was unlocked and drove away. You’d found a lone motel on some back road a couple hours later and holed up, not wanting to do anything but sink into a void and watch mindless tv for a lifetime.

You just wanted to forget everything that had happened. 

That was two days ago.

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Another small bit of characterization the anime missed.

a late fall/winter psa

if you live in a place with noticeable seasons, the days where you are might be getting colder and shorter right about this time. that means less sunlight, which has been shown to have effects on people’s moods (whether because of season affective disorder or simply because your association to the weather is gloomier). if you’re a student, you might be nearing the middle of your semester/trimester and starting to get stressed out.

this time of year (november - march) tends to be hard for me, so i thought i’d put together a list of techniques i use or try to use to manage/improve my mood. there’s a couple techniques on here i got from other people as well! not all of these will work for all people, but i thought they might make a good jumping off point


  • regular sleep schedule (as much as possible)
  • regular meals (that, if possible, make you want to eat, rather than eating just for sustenance)
  • embracing the “nice” parts of the late fall/winter season. a couple examples i’ve seen, but which might be different for you:
    • Winter Aesthetic™ (sweaters and scarves, heck yeah)
    • twinkle lights!
    • hot drinks (tea with sugar and cider work best for me)
    • incense/candles
    • warm/cuddly clothing
    • holiday spirit (for whatever winter/fall holiday applies!)
    • soup/hearty foods

mood boosters:

  • snatching a little bit of sunlight, even if it’s just ten minutes
  • if feasible, a sun lamp/SAD lamp
  • putting a little more effort into presentation than maybe you want to (makeup or clothes or hair or even posture; sometimes “fake it till you make it” is a good strategy)
  • comforting media. this varies depending on the person, but for me usually looks like:
    • cartoons, anime, live action tv that ISN’T grimdark
    • YA novels, especially YA fantasy
    • music that’s either relaxing or upbeat, but not harsh to the ear
    • here’s a few of my faves

if anyone else has any suggestions that would be amazing!

About *that* scene, aka ‘Empire of Corpses gets worse every time I am stupid enough to rewatch it’

So I watched the Empire of Corpses again - it’s the SIXTH time. I feel like my lifespan gets considerably shorter every time - and we discovered something new…

Beware, spoilers ahead. If you haven’t watched the movie, don’t read.

So, I had assumed that Watson never wanted to sedate Friday because it was “bad” for him: when we see Hadaly doing it the second time, Watson looks away because he can’t bear watching Friday scream in agony. I thought it was a painful process of sorts, but hadn’t realised something… It’s not just that.

During this scene, we see Friday trying to kill Watson many times while he’s being controlled by the sound waves. At some point he’s lucid and aware enough to feel his soul again, as demonstrated by the signal - the pen tapping on the nose - then he loses control of himself again for a few seconds. When he’s back, we see him crying and struggling to stay aware and regain his humanity, to the point that he points the gun at himself to avoid any harm to Watson.

Watson stops him, then finally uses the sedative syringe on Friday.
They hug, Friday loses consciousness and exhales a quiet breath.

Or at least so I thought.

Because now, we realised he was not just blacking out or being merely sedated… He was dying there.
Yes, dying again.
 Because we see Watson reanimating him once more at the lighthouse in the next scene, just like we see in the very first part of the movie. I had assumed it was just some routine procedure, but then

This is also highlighted by the two little bulb things on Friday’s forehead after that, resembling those that Watson used to reanimate the soldier some time before.

And this is also the reason why, in his delirious “dream” after the intoxication, Watson sees Friday die for real after being sedated - he was probably semi-aware when Hadaly did it the first time, when she saved them.

He knew the sedative will eventually kill him, he always knew, which is why he never wanted to use it, despite the fact that Friday could have killed him many times. 

Yes, Friday died there in Watson’s arms because of the sedative, that is the real reason why he didn’t want to use it on him. True, he can revive him as many times as he wants, but still… He literally sedated Friday to death to prevent him from killing himself. And this is also why he seems so peaceful straight after, slipping into oblivion while being held by Watson.

Friday died in Watson’s arms.
Watson killed Friday.
I think I need a moment…

Note: I had a dream about this during my nap today. so naturally, I turn it into an imagine! .c

/Meeting Sebastian at Wizard World/

I anxiously waited in the long line that wrapped around the line of tables. I sighed, not being able to hold my pee anymore. I cut out of line, hoping it’ll be shorter by the time I get back.

After getting lost on the way to the bathroom and on the way back, I finally walked through the doors, running towards the now empty table. The line was gone and there were only a few workers filtering in and out.

I frowned, sadness settling into my chest. I missed meeting Sebastian Stan because I had to pee. I cursed, knowing I shouldn’t have drank two bottles of water beforehand. I was just so anxious.

I slumped my shoulders and walked over to the table Sebastian had previously sat at. There were tiny permanent marker streaks, no doubt from him accidentally scribbling off the edge of fan photos.

I missed that part too, my car had broken down on the way here. I sighed, realizing I may never meet my favorite celebrity. I set my poster of The Winter Soldier down on the table and sighed.

Tears welled up in my eyes and I heard the doors open but didn’t bother to look behind me, assuming it was another worker.

“Are you lost?” A familiar voice rang through my ears.

My heart beat wildly in my chest as I quickly turned around, facing none other than Sebastian Stan himself. “Uh, I-” I stumbled across my words. Sebastian smiled and his cheeks turned a bright red. “You’re my favorite person ever.” I shyly choked out.

Sebastian chuckled and stepped closer to me, pulling me into his arms. I happily hugged him back. “I missed the signing.” I sadly whispered, pulling away.

A frown etched onto Sebastian’s face. “You’re the girl the fans mentioned earlier then. They were trying to make me wait, saying you ran off. My agent made me leave after the last fan in line.” Sebastian explained, now walking up to my poster.

He pulled out a silver Sharpie marker and wrote something down. He took a little while and then signed it, capping his pen. My heart swelled and my cheeks burned with blush. “Thank you so much!” I giggled excitedly.

Sebastian turned to me and pulled me into his arms again, hugging my tightly. I stood there shocked and immediately wrapped my arms around his torso. “Your hair smells nice.” Sebastian said, rubbing my back.

I giggled as he pulled away. “Th-thank you.” I breathed out, trying to calm my fast heart. “I don’t remember seeing you at the fan photoshoot. Were you there?” Sebastian asked, sitting down in the chair beside the table. I sadly shook my head no, hopping onto the table and sitting down.

I swung my legs back and forth. “I missed that, too. Car troubles.” I replied sadly. Sebastian stood back up again, getting out his phone. “We’ll have our own photoshoot.” He said with a wide smile.

I gasped softly, watching him sit beside me on the table. He turned his front face camera on and smiled his famous beautiful smile. I smiled and he clicked two photos.

Sebastian then turned to me and placed his lips against my cheek. I giggled and he clicked the photo.

“You’re really soft.” Sebastian said, laughing. I blushed again and looked at him, meeting his eyes. I heard him click another photo and I smiled even wider.

After Sebastian was finished, he looked through the photos with me. “I like this one.” Sebastian said. It was us touching noses, making a mock angry face at each other, but you could clearly see our smiles hinting at the corners.

I laughed when he got to the one of him acting like he had me in a headlock, my tongue sticking out of the side of my mouth. “We’re so dorky.” I said, laughing and leaning into Sebastian’s shoulder.

He looked down at me and kissed my forehead. “All day I’ve felt tense, making sure everything is perfect. With you, it’s comfortable.” I was taken aback at what Sebastian said and how he just kissed my forehead.

I smiled and reached up to kiss his cheek in return. “I’m glad you did this for me, Seb.” I looked down at my hands in my lap. Sebastian gently lifted my head back up with his index finger under my chin. “What’s your name?” He asked, searching my eyes.

I mentally scolded myself for not saying that earlier. “Y/N.” I whispered. Sebastian smiled, biting his lip. “Y/N.” Sebastian repeated. “Can I have your number so I can send you our mini photoshoot?” I blushed once again and nodded, giving him my number.

A few minutes passed and a woman came in, telling Sebastian it was time for him to leave. I sighed and suddenly felt really sad. “I’ll see you again, won’t I?” Sebastian asked after standing up from the table.

I hopped down and looked up at Sebastian, tears watering my eyes. “You have my number. Call me or text me, it’s fine whichever way.” I whispered.

Sebastian gave me a sad smile and pulled me in for another hug. He squeezed me tightly, resting his head in the crook of my neck. I hugged him back just as tight.

Sebastian pulled away and wiped a tear that fell from my eye. “Don’t cry, Y/N. It’s breaking my heart.” Sebastian said with a sad smile. I swear his own eyes were filling with tears. “Thank you, for everything.” Sebastian said, kissing my nose.

I smiled and giggled. “Thank you for doing this for me. You have no idea how much it means to me.” I said shakily. “Sebastian. We gotta go.” The lady said, a sad smile on her face, watching us. Sebastian nodded and hugged me one last time.

Sebastian walked away, slumping his shoulders and stuffed his hands in his pockets. I sniffled and turned to the table, looking down at my signed poster.

“Hey, Y/E/C eyes. Thanks for supporting me. I’m glad I got to see you before I left. You’re so beautiful and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. Your support means the absolute world to me and I’ll love you forever. Sincerely, Sebastian Stan.

P.S. Your hair smells amazing. Love you.”

I laughed at the message, wiping away more tears. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I slid open the lockscreen, seeing an unknown number and our photos together. Sebastian texted me.

I smiled and saved every single photo. There were at least 50 of them. After that, I quickly typed a bunch of heart eye and red heart emojis.

I saw him start typing immediately. He replied,

“I miss you already. I don’t know what it is about you. I’m sorry if this seems forward, but I really like you.” I blushed and laughed to myself.

I replied,

“I like you too..”

This day couldn’t have gotten any better. I met my ultimate celebrity crush and he was the sweetest person ever.

Note: feedback? more stuff like this? my dreams are amazing. .c

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