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i really fucking love this video


“why do you love lance so much?” why do you NOT?! look at him! this boy can light up any room he enters


What society thinks we’re like when we’re on our periods:

What I’m actually like when I’m on my period:

Blue Rose

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Music to my ears

Can you hear it? Is the voice of perfectation

Where tha melody come from? From this little MARVELOUS mini guy

Prepare your bellys to be ripped by this amazing singer!

Dre belongs to @cursetale

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*check your moon

Aries is the innocent, brave child. A warrior without armor. Her only weapon being the fire in her soul, she gets even more powerful with her scars. Wolves howl with her command.

Taurus is the divine, stubborn child. Her voice is from the heavens and her hair is like an angel’s. She protects everything she has with her enormous heart in her small body.

Gemini is the talkative, smart child. She is quite mischievous with her pixie wings and vibrant smile. She lights up the night with her joy, with her laugh. A library of faces exist in her mind

Cancer is the caring, motherly child. A mermaid with a dress of the most beautiful seashells. Sprinkling ocean water on newborn ones, Her blessing is her healing tears.

Leo is the shining, the ruler child. The sun itself, the holy child. Her hair is of golden flames. She is the glory, the victory, the joy of earth. She walks confidently, beating her demons.

Virgo is the graceful, mature child. A crown made of glass and eyes made of ice shards. There’s no detail in the galaxy which she doesn’t notice with her caged heart.

Libra is the peaceful, indecisive child. Poison ivy grows beneath her braided hair. Her veins are of the root of a forest. There’s so much she thinks yet does not express in words, in sound.

Scorpio is the mysterious, dark child. Brought to this planet by ravens, waiting for the day to find her home. She’s the giggle at the funeral. Knowing there’s so much more than the eye sees she uncovers the absolute truth.

Sagittarius is the curious, free child. Dances in the wonderland of cultures. Time flows with her words, stops with her feet. Accepting and independent. Her crown of flowers contain lost sailors, endless galaxies.

Capricorn is the ambitious loyal child. Climbing mountains, conquering worlds, the legend. Her throne is of ice and her heart is of light. Kind words escape her mouth covering the determination which lies within.

Aquarius is the rebellious, humanitarian child. The wanted renegade. Commander of the beaten, leader of the unique. Out of this world, the chosen child that will save us from our own faith.

Pisces is the creative emotional child. Her drawings are tear proof. A lucky charm keeps her pure from this world. Her sparkling eyes, illuminate the night. The essence of kindness is her lips.

Gift Of The Sea

A/N:  This is heavily overdue fic for @rivendell101! I lost a bet and had to write her a fic, and finally got a firm idea, so yay! 

Looking back this might honestly be a little inspired from H2O in an aspect, but other than that I just thought it would be fun to write! Love me some mermaid Natsu!


Pairing: Nalu, Fairy tail

Words: 5993

Rating: T

Part: Oneshot

Natsu wasn’t stupid.

He knew he shouldn’t be doing what he was doing. He was very much aware of the danger he was not only putting himself in but also his pod. But goddamn if Natsu wasn’t a curious fucker.

His cousin’s words.

Natsu peeked above the rock outcrop he hid behind, watching the pier as he had found himself doing everyday for the past month. He rose himself higher, craning his neck to try and see the where the wood left the white sand beach. Natsu sunk back down into the water quickly when he noticed the light reflect off his scales, his tail rising with him in his eagerness. Like he said, Natsu wasn’t stupid. He wasn’t ready to make contact yet, and didn’t need his tail’s scales reflecting light and giving him away.

Excitement made his pulse pound in his ears when he finally saw her walk along the pier and towards the water. Natsu couldn’t help his grin as he caught her gentle hum over the sound of the water lapping at the rock in front of him, her voice light and airy and little off to his sensitive ears but not unpleasant. Her blonde hair was left loose this time, tumbling low on her back. Natsu liked how it glinted in the sun, like the treasure he hoarded beneath the water’s surface, but he really wanted to know how it looked flowing in the current so much more.

And this was the problem Natsu was facing. To approach or not to. She seemed weird, coming to the pier everyday but only standing at the edge of the dock until the sun set, not even dipping the tip of her leg into the water. But Natsu liked weird. Trusted it. Not to mention that she would feed the birds around her, bringing some sort of food to throw to the scavengers before leaving again.

Natsu partially wanted to thank her on behalf of them, if only to make them stop screaming at him to do so. Sometimes Natsu hated his Gift.

Ducking beneath the water Natsu swam forward, body deciding for him that today was the day he would speak to her. Natsu blinked in relief as the water washed over his eyes and skin, eyesight sharpening as he swam. Natsu stopped when he could touch the barnacle crusted pole of one of the pier’s supports. Seaweed grew around the base, Natsu wiggling his finger at a small guppy. The fish chased his digit, Natsu laughing soundlessly as he teased the smaller fish. He cupped it in his hand, barring his teeth when a larger fish the size of his body passed by, circles predatory as it eyed the small pod of guppies hiding in the weeds. Natsu nodded to himself when his threat display made the silver fish scurry away, deciding to look for a meal in a less hostile place.

Natsu laughed when the small fish headbutted his cheek in thanks before swimming back to his pod. Deciding the girl had had enough time to near the edge of the dock Natsu swam upwards, body close to the pole and tail curling along the soaked wood so that there was less chance of being seen.

Words his pod leader had said stopped him from breaking through the surface, Natsu just inches from the dry air and revealing himself and his kind to a human. If all we do is worry about following rules then our souls will never progress.

With a grin, Natsu breached the divide between air and sea.

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