time is flowing

With feelings, such a powerful tool in hand, his abilities seemed to skyrocket.

Each time he was flooded with a new wave of color, he took the opportunity to create his own.

But whenever colors wouldn’t appear for long, he found himself fading into this white blank again. It made him lose all the personality he managed to build until they came back.

To avoid this from happening, he came up with a solution.

Each time the flow of colors would come, he would bottle every single one to keep feeding on the emotions they held whenever he needed.

So he could feel on his own.

So he could pretend to have a soul.

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What society thinks we’re like when we’re on our periods:

What I’m actually like when I’m on my period:

I remind myself time to time to allow things to flow its path and to never force anything no matter what it is. I have to let things be. If it’s meant to happen it will happen when it’s suppose to.

You are covering my body in kisses; full of desire, your tongue gets intertwined with my lust. “It’s been almost a year..”, you whisper. “Who would believe we’d make it so far..”, I smile ironically because I knew we’d be laying here covered in piles of love, ever since I saw your smile for the first time. 
The night flows peacefully, full of warm hugs and loud heartbeats. You wake up terrified telling me about your nightmare. “We were sleeping here, like we are now, and I was numb, feeling as if I was going to die, terrified at the thought of leaving you alone.” you murmur like a little child. I give you the sweetest kiss.
I give you the sweetest kiss and deep inside I wish I could tell you that I am sorry. I am sorry that I love you more than anything in this world yet I tremble at the thought of saying it out loud. I am sorry I can’t protect you from your darkest fears. I am sorry that I don’t have the guts to admit these two words to you. I am sorry if you feel the need to hear them.
They once told me the bigger your love is for someone, the more strength you need to turn it into words. Right now, I will hide carefully my “I love you’s” in between my kisses, the way I pull you closer when you are having a restless sleep, in between my “Good morning’s”, my lust, and the way I look at you when you’re asleep.
And I promise that I will teach myself how not to be afraid of the most beautiful words a human could create in all this chaos.
Space fact #5

If you and I are in separate space ships both traveling fast, there’s literally no possible way to determine if I am staying still and you are moving, or if you are staying still and I am moving, or if we are both moving. Also, from your perspective time will flow normally for you and slower for me, but from my perspective time will flow normally for me and slow for you.

Basically, everything, including time, is completely relative.

Musibi is the old way of calling the local guardian god. This word has profound meaning.
Tying thread is Musubi.
Connecting people is Musubi.
The flow of time is Musubi.
These are all the gods power.
So the braided cords that we make are the gods art and represent the flow of time itself. They converge and take shape. They twist, tangle sometimes unravel, break, then connect again. Musubi - knotting. That’s time.
—  Kimi no Na wa. ( Your Name )

Figure Skating Elements: Half Loop Combinations & Jump Sequences

A continuation of the basic jumps and triple-triple combinations posts. I highly recommend that you read those two before reading this one.

Quick review: In a jump combination, the landing edge of one jump is the takeoff edge of the next jump with no break in between. Since all jumps land on a back outside edge, under normal circumstances, the second or third jump in a combination is either a toeloop or a loop, since those are the only jumps that take off from a back outside edge.

Since the 2012-13 season, the ISU has allowed the half loop to be used in combinations. The half loop is a single-rotation, non-standard jump that takes off from a back outside edge and lands on the back inside edge of the opposite foot. It effectively allows the skater to “change feet” during the combination. If the skater rotates counterclockwise (as most do), this means that the half loop takes off from the back outside edge of their right foot and lands on the back inside edge of their left foot. This allows the skater to do a salchow (the most common choice) or a flip (rare) as the next jump in the combination, since those jumps take off from the back inside edge of the left foot.

On protocols, the half loop appears as “1Lo” and has the same base value as a normal single loop. It only counts for points if done in a combination. A half loop combo is considered a 3-jump combination; if a skater does a half loop combo in the free skate, they cannot do another 3-jump combination, since only one is allowed in the free program.

When badly done (sadly all too often), the half loop can easily look like a step-out or a mistake on a jump landing. The examples I’ve used here all have a triple as the last jump in the combination, but skaters can do doubles as well. The first jump in the combination can be any of the six standard jumps (toeloop, salchow, loop, flip, lutz, axel).

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A thought on the Reset theory

With the reset theory, where either 707 or Jumin (or both) know about the rests an remember even when you reset and all that just imagine what the actual reset is like.  (this is mostly written with Seven in mind, but whatever.)

First off, I’m pretty sure there are two different types of resets. 

1. The game resets after the party. The player does not go and watch the after ending for whatever reason, maybe they’re saving up hour classes or just aren’t that interested but for whatever reason the reset happens after the party.

2. The second type is with the after ending. 

This is the one I imagine to be so much worse. 

I imagine that time flows like normal. Eleven days is still eleven days, but two or three years still feels like two or three years. 

Imagine waking up next to MC for years. And imagine the terror that one day you’ll wake up and it will all be gone and being unable to fall asleep because of this fear (maybe one of the reasons 707 is always so sleep deprived) so just staying up all night looking at MC and trying to be happy because the reset hasn’t happened and just being terrified. 

And years pass.

And there’s no reset. 

And everything’s okay and you’re waking up together every morning. And you have a life together and it’s real and you’re growing old together…

And one day you wake up and you don’t open your eyes but something feels wrong

But no, MC would never have reset, not after so long. Not with all you knew about each other and after all you’d been through. She wouldn’t do that to you. 

So you open your eyes, about to laugh it off, to tell MC how weird it was, make a joke maybe…

And you open your eyes…

And your phone is on your pillow on the other side of your bed. Or maybe you’re sleeping on the couch (like you used to when you were still in school, or when you still lived alone and didn’t have MC to take care of you and make sure you went to bed.)

And worse yet, you’re completely alone. 

And you’re living in your old apartment, or your old room, or maybe just MC’s stuff isn’t scattered among yours.

And you just not knowing how to react or what to feel and you want to scream and cry but most of all, you want MC to come and comfort you and tell you it’s all a bad dream. 

Or you want MC to at least explain why they’d left you. What you did wrong. 

And your phone is vibrating. 

That’s what woke you up in the first place. 

So you open the RFA Messenger.

And Yoosung is complaining about school and this is all so familiar because you’ve been here before.

But that was years ago.

And you realise that the mark on your hand from when you cut yourself slicing an apple isn’t there. 

Because it was made two years in the future. 

A future that, now, probably won’t even exist. 

And MC enters the chatroom young and confused and utterly terrified (you never realised how terrified she was before) but you know her now.

You know her favorite songs, and sleep habits and too many little things and you’re so angry that she’d do this to you and just forget, but most of all, you miss her so much. 

And you say something to her because just maybe she’ll still remember. 

And instead she asks who you are and what is going on. 

And you know her and she doesn’t know you.

And maybe you mention something about her something that you remember because you know her very well. And she’s terrified of you. And very offended. And may be she tells you that you shouldn’t do a background check on someone without asking. But you didn’t, you hadn’t since the first time MC appeared in the chat room. You didn’t need to since the past few years told you more than any background check ever could. There was no doubt that she was to be trusted.

And she flirts with your friends again.

And that’s so wrong because you two belong together you were happy.

-Admin Unknown