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The undeniable practicality of this trench coat is making me feel less silly for wearing it. Umbrellas are taboo in the PNW and this thing protects my legs from wet ferns and bushes, so I have decided that it is good and wholesome and I will not be embarrassed about it no matter how many times people call me Inspector Gadget.

When Carmelita hears about the plan involving belly dancer outfit
  • Sly: Carmelita, it’s a perfectly fine plan.
  • Carmelita: No. No, it isn’t.
  • Sly: You don’t just get to say no.
  • Carmelita: This plan involves me! I get to say no! No.
  • Sly: Carmelita--
  • Carmelita: *pats an empty seat* Let me introduce you to my good friend 'No.'
  • Sly: Maybe we can compromise.
  • Carmelita: No.
  • Sly: Carmelita!
  • Carmelita: ’No’ is a magical word. Here’s how it goes. You say, ‘Carmelita, I have an insane, suicidal plan. Would you like to help me carry it out?’ And I say, ‘Why, no.’

© Ross Lynch

Inspector - Tommy Shelby

Hey, can u do a tommy fic where y/n and Tommy are together. But y/n has to flirt with Cambell to get info and Tommy gets jealous when Cambell brags to him

Inspector - Tommy Shelby

The first time you heard Inspector Campbell’s name was not from Tommy. Arthur was talking to John about a new Inspector in town, a man who had hunted IRA members in Belfast and was now being dropped into Birmingham by Winston Churchill.  

The second time you heard of him was when he came waltzing through the doors of the Garrison, not seeming to care that the facility was home to Blinders and their allies. You were behind the counter, getting yourself a glass of brandy because Harry was swamped with orders.  

“That’s inspector Campbell,” Harry whispered, walking passed you.  

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Carmelita roasting Sly like
  • Sly: It feels like you're being a little harsh...
  • Carmelita: Thanks, good note. I was going for extremely harsh, I’ll turn it up.

“Those things will kill you.”

“…You bastard.” 

Part 2 of series: “Sherlock quotes to characters”

[Sherlock Holmes | John Watson | Mycroft Holmes | Greg Lestrade | Molly Hooper | Irene Adler | Mary Morstan | Martha Hudson | Jim Moriarty ]

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If you're still doing prompts could you do 7,97,98,93,1 with Sherlock please? xoxo

Ah, this was a hard one, but so much fun to write! Thanks for requesting this cool combination!

Prompts here X

You ducked behind a piano and took a deep breath while examining your glock.
After seeing that you still had enough ammunition and a spare magazine in your pocket you sighed innerly.
Maybe there still was a chance for not dying today.
Suddenly you heard something thump down directly next to you.
Without hesitating you unsecured your gun and pointed it at the man next to you.
“Jesus Christ!”
You hissed when you realised that it was ‘just’ your flatmate and colleague Sherlock Holmes who, apparently, was also searching for some protection.
The two of you had been hunting down an especially cruel part of London’s Russian Mafia, which had resolved into you being caught in this old theatre, which more resembled a battlefield right now.
“Never. Scare me. Like that. Again.”
You panted and leaned your head against the cool backside of the piano.
For a moment, you were safe.
Well, for a moment.
Because less than a minute later a bullet passed your ear very, very closely.
Time to go back into battle.
You looked at Sherlock who was staring into the void with a concentrated expression.
“Hey, posh boy! What the hell is your problem? We don’t have time for your mind palace- meditation-thingy now! Remember? We’re in the middle of a fight. With the mafia.”
He bolted together and looked at you.
“They’re shooting at us.”
You rolled your eyes.
On any other day you would have admired his ability to drift off whenever he wanted to, but today it was… a little bit icky.
“No shit Sherlock. Now get back to earth. You still got enough magazine?”
He nodded, still seeming to be a bit confused.
Fights were more your thing than his.
You got ready to leave your little safe place and took a deep breath again.
“Lestrade will be here in a few minutes, we’ll get through this. Oh, and Sherlock?”
“As soon as this is over, we should definitely make out.”
You didn’t leave him the time to answer.
Because by the time the detective had realised the meaning of your words you were already firing back at the Russians, yelling things like ‘Dos vidanya’ from time to time.
You truly were something special.
Sherlock eventually followed you to back you up and ten minutes later the police finally arrived.
After that the fight ended quickly.
One of the policemen started talking to Sherlock to know what happened before you could make your way through to him, so you went to greet Greg.
The two of you were close friends and had gone out for some drinks a few times already.
The detective inspector practically started running towards you the second he saw you, capturing you in a tight hug and pressing a kiss on your hair.
“Did your mother never tell you not to start fights with the mafia?”, he asked while pulling away.
You chuckled.
“I guess she just didn’t expect me to solve crimes with a crazy detective.”
His expression changed from playful to something more serious and soft.
He stared at you for a moment.
“Promise me to call earlier the next time you two lunatics plan on doing something stupid like that.”
You smiled and nodded.
“I promise.”
He seemed to be wanting to say more but in this exact moment Sherlock interrupted the two of you.
The detective nodded at the inspector in a manner of greeting.
“(Y/N), can I talk to you for a moment?”
You frowned.
“Uh- sure?”
Sherlock immediately took your arm and almost pulled you away from Lestrade.
“What’s wrong?”, you asked when Sherlock stopped.
The two of you were standing in a little room next to the theatre’s stage now.
“Nothing. I just didn’t want to look at Lestrade flirting with you anymore.”
You lifted one eyebrow and crossed your arms.
“If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were jealous.”
Sherlock lowered his eyes and muttered something that strongly listened like 'I’m not jealous’.
Was he blushing?
“What’s wrong Holmes? Is this the part where you confess your undying love for me?”, you joked and winked at him.
He was acting unusually weird.
“If you want to call it like that, yes. And you’re not really making it any easier for me.”
You widened your eyes.
“Wait. What?!”
“I- I really… like you, (Y/N). And seeing you recklessly risking your life out there today made that finally clear. I realised that if something were to happen to you… I’d never be the same again.”
You had a hard time answering something, anything.
“But- but you’re Sherlock Holmes! You don’t feel for people like… that.”
He looked up again, the turquoise colour of his eyes as shocking as never before.
“I guess you’re the exception then.”
You pressed a hand on your mouth and laughed, feeling as if you were able to fly all of a sudden.
You were living with this god of a man, of course you had developed feelings for him at some point, but given up after realising that he would never feel the same way.
But never was a strong word.
And you couldn’t find any words to properly express how you were feeling right now, so you did the only thing that came to your mind.
You pulled Sherlock close and kissed him softly.
“I really enjoy the idea of being the exception, Mister Holmes.”

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A question that has been plaguing me recently about "I lik the bred." Is it lik as in like or lik as in lick? Because I can convince myself of it going either way.

It’s lick. The origin of the poem was a story about a man who worked in a bakery in a medieval historical recreation site, and one time when the health inspector was there a cow got loose and they came into the bread storage area to find the cow licking all the bread. You can read the original story and the first Lik The Bred poem here. :D

Maybe This Time (3/?)

by Inspector Boxer

Fandom: Supergirl

Pairing: Cat/Kara, with some Alex/Maggie

Rating: T


“Somehow I knew I’d see you this morning.” Kara stepped back, letting her sister inside her apartment.

“Yeah, but I brought donuts.” Alex set them on the kitchen island before turning to look at her sister as Kara closed and locked the door. “You get any sleep?” she asked knowingly.

Kara shrugged. “Don’t really need it like you do.”

“Maybe not, but this is more about what kept you awake than Kryptonian biology.” Alex leaned on the island. “Been there done that.” She smiled. “I don’t think I slept a wink once Maggie got my wheels turning.”

Sliding her hands into the back pockets of her jeans, Kara sighed. “I’m… still just… confused,” she admitted, her tone bordering on a whine. She’d been up all night pacing, but nothing was any clearer now than when she’d gotten home. “I still don’t know what to think about all this. Any of this, really. And I know you don’t approve…”

“Hey,” Alex interrupted gently. “I have… concerns about Cat. I’m not gonna lie. I told you why last night, and I’m not going to bring them up again. What matters to me is you’re happy, Kara. If you… if you think Cat will make you happy, then I’ll get onboard. You just tell me what you need.”

Warming at her sister’s devotion, Kara smiled sadly. “I don’t know. I don’t even know if what I’m feeling is real.” She flopped down on the arm of the sofa and looked up at her sister forlornly. “When did you know? When were you sure with Maggie?”

Alex twisted her mouth as she considered the question. “Everybody is different. I don’t…”

“There had to be a moment, Alex. A moment when you thought… when you realized you were feeling what you thought you were feeling.”

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  • Carmelita: Isn't that unethical?
  • Sly: No!
  • Carmelita: "Unethical" means "morally wrong".
  • Sly: Oh. Then yes.



I wanted to make a child Alfendi. So I did. And he has a nice scarf and an oversized sweater. Look at how fucking cute this kid is.

And what’s this???? Animated sprites????? yeah i figured out how to do that, since mystery room animations are pretty simplistic–

And I’m rlly proud of this one bc this is the first one that I’ve made that was nearly entirely from scratch. It looks a little janky in some places BUT LET ME BE PROUD DAMMIT–)

Maybe This Time (4/?)

by Inspector Boxer

Fandom: Supergirl

Pairing: Cat/Kara

Rating: T


Cat’s phone pinged quietly around one o’clock. She reached for it instantly, forcing her hand to hover over the device for twenty seconds before picking it up. Just because she was eager didn’t mean she had to act like it.

When she saw the text was, indeed, from Kara, Cat took a fortifying breath and opened it.

Thinking about you.

Cat swallowed hard, a pleasant shiver chasing down her spine in surprise. Warmth quickly bloomed in her stomach, and the heat seemed to wake a small flock of butterflies. She hadn’t been this excited about something in… in…

Well, that was pathetic, Cat thought when she remembered just how long it had been since someone had made her feel this way. Although really, no one had ever made her feel quite like Kara Danvers did.

Is that right? Cat typed, the temptation to flirt back too wicked to resist. She bit her lip and slipped her bare feet under her on her couch, setting aside her laptop for now for something far more intriguing. And what are you thinking?

Wouldn’t you like to know?

Smiling helplessly, Cat wasn’t sure what game Kara was playing. Perhaps Kara was simply embracing the task completely, treating Cat the way she would want to be treated as Cat requested, but there was something almost… impish about the flowers and now these texts. Cat suspected Kara was circling her curiously, testing her boundaries, gauging how far she could push.

Cat would let Kara push as far as she liked.

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  • Carmelita: Just so you know, if you go to prison, I won’t wait for you.
  • Sly: You won’t have to. I’ll escape. We both know this.