time illusion

  • dad: why are you drinking coffee at 10pm?
  • me: time is an illusion. once you realize that, you can transcend, and live in bliss
  • me: *takes sip*
  • me: also i have a 10 page paper due in the morning that i haven't started

anonymous asked:

Wait, so I just watched your Instagram story. It looks like you're taking a nap. Florida and Maine are in the same time zone. Why are you taking a nap at 1 in the afternoon?

Time is an illusion and naps are wonderful. Next question.

  • me a week before exams: im gonna study so hard and get an A and go to an amazing college and be the top in my class
  • me the night before exams: success and failure are human constructions and aren't real. i am less than a speck in the entire known universe and all of time. time is a construct of humans. we are all going to die.
We are just waves in time and space, changing continuously, and the illusion of individuality is produced through the concatenation of the rapidly succeeding phases of existence. What we define as likeness is merely the result of the symmetrical arrangement of molecules which compose our body.

Nikola Tesla.

“Tesla Seeks to Send Power to Planets.” New York Times, July 11, 1931.

Imagine your OTP

Person A: Eating after around 6PM isn’t healthy.

Person B: Good thing time is an illusion death is inevitable and i crave for it to come sooner.

Person A:

Person B:

Person B: um

Person B: I meant meow?


How the passing of time is just an illusion because all of eternity is actually taking place at once.
- I am so proud of you (2008)


Time. Time doesn’t pass. Time is an illusion. And Life is the magician. Because Life only lets you see one day at a time. You remember being alive yesterday, you hope you’re going to be alive tomorrow, so it feels like you are traveling one to the other, but nobody’s moving anywhere! Movies don’t really move. They’re just pictures, just lots and lots of pictures, all of them still. None of them moving, just frozen moments! But if you experience those pictures one after the other, then everything comes alive! Imagine if time all happened at once. Every moment of your life laid out around you, like a city. Streets full of buildings made of days. The day you were born, the day you die. The day you fall in love, the day that love ends. A whole city built from triumph and heartbreak and boredom and laughter and cutting your toenails. It’s the best place you will ever be. Time is a structure relative to ourselves. Time is the space made by our lives, where we stand together forever. Time and Relative Dimension in Space - it means life.