time illusion

  • Me: who is the best at being the worst?
  • Anti: I killed Sean multiple times
  • Infelix: I create illusions to drive people to murder or death..
  • Me: Dark?
  • Dark: I have three people trapped inside me that want revenge and to be alive again.
  • Anti: ...
  • Infelix: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Dark: Not to mention that it was my own bestfriend that killed us but then again he's an innocent little bean.
  • Me: ...
  • Anti: ...
  • Infelix: ...
  • Dark: ...
  • Wilford: *walks in*
  • Wilford: hi I'm that bestfriend :)
  • dad: why are you drinking coffee at 10pm?
  • me: time is an illusion. once you realize that, you can transcend, and live in bliss
  • me: *takes sip*
  • me: also i have a 10 page paper due in the morning that i haven't started
Zodiac signs' wake up time
  • Aries: 7 A.M
  • Taurus : 9 A.M
  • Gemini: *never sleeps*
  • Cancer: 10 A.M
  • Leo: 12 P.M?? 5 A.M??? It fluctuates
  • Virgo: 3 A.M but then goes back to sleep and wakes up at 12 P.M
  • Libra: 2 P.M sometimes even 4 P.M
  • Scorpio: ??????
  • Sagittarius: early bird so usually from 6 AM - 9 AM
  • Capricorn: Time is but an illusion and they sleep whenever they want to and wake up exactly 6.7 hours later
  • Aquarius: 10:30 A.M
  • Pisces: only wakes up if awakened
  • me a week before exams: im gonna study so hard and get an A and go to an amazing college and be the top in my class
  • me the night before exams: success and failure are human constructions and aren't real. i am less than a speck in the entire known universe and all of time. time is a construct of humans. we are all going to die.
GOT7′s Google Search History


  • “how many cats is too many cats”
  • “what does rabies look like”
  • “why do people hate my bucket hats”
  • “am i having an existential crisis”
  • “what type of cat am i personality quiz”


  • “one way ticket to LA”
  • “why is my dad more popular than me”
  • “how to get legal custody of my shared dog”
  • “is time an illusion”
  • “how to delete ‘A’ era ramen hair mark tuan off of the internet for good”


  • “how to get the world to drink green tea”
  • “what are the benefits of drinking a gallon of green tea every day”
  • “help i have too many gym memberships”
  • “am i TOO devilishly handsome”
  • “Jackson Wang GOT7 abs”


  • “i keep periodically losing my social media logins”
  • “when will Bounce by JJP die”
  • “how to plot the murder of a dongsaeng”
  • “why does everyone call me a wine mom”
  • “acting agencies looking for handsome idols”


  • “hello mr google!!!”
  • “is my dog planning to run away with mark hyung”
  • “how many times can i delete my insta pics before people start unfollowing me”
  • “how to abolish every cucumber in the world”
  • “i don’t know how to stop screaming”


  • “nearest gucci store”
  • “every time i spend money i cry please help”
  • “how many boots can i buy before people catch on that i have an addiction”
  • “beginners guide to burning a bucket hat”
  • “what is the newest meme trend i need it for science”


  • “how to tell if your hyung is plotting your murder”
  • “how to make eye contact with girls”
  • “my hyungs made soundclouds so should i do it too”
  • “i forgot my soundcloud login”
  • “music playlists that will make my hyungs think i’m cooler than i actually appear”
We are just waves in time and space, changing continuously, and the illusion of individuality is produced through the concatenation of the rapidly succeeding phases of existence. What we define as likeness is merely the result of the symmetrical arrangement of molecules which compose our body.

Nikola Tesla.

“Tesla Seeks to Send Power to Planets.” New York Times, July 11, 1931.

I bet Keith’s life with his shack in the desert was Fun so here are some headcanons:

  • When he first moved in he spent a solid week just sleeping
  • *after waking up*: Time is an illusion and the world is fake
  • After he moved into his shack and gotten used to it he LOVED it, the Garrison and life in general was really stressing him and he liked being on his own
  • He spent most of his time in Big T-Shirts and Boxer Shorts because he’s hot and it’s comfy
  • As a kid his favorite movie was Cars
  • Now that he’s older it’s Big Hero 6, because Tadashi reminded him of Shiro but he couldn’t watch it after the first time because it hurt too much
  • He really likes plants and likes to see them grow 
  • He never intended on getting a mullet, he just got lazy and let his hair grow out, he liked it so
  • He loves cats and cats love him back and it’s the BEST
  • He gets REALLY excited when he discovers something new about the blue lion’s energy
  • I’m not kidding his eyes light up and he smiles and he gets very dorky about it
  • When he has laundry or dishes (or anything that requires him to Be An Adult) he groans and wishes there was someone else to do it but realizes he has nobody
  • He will literally take any other option for food that doesn’t involve actual cooking and/or work
  • Meaning he lived off of instant noodles and eggs
  • Sometimes he’ll just stop and think “should I really be living on my own and stay a dropout despite having skills?” but he ignores that and continues following the vague blue lion energy and the hope that everything will turn out okay
  • *goes into the cave*: *hums x-files theme*
  • Keith is actually?? a decent artist?? The carvings in the cave inspired the hell out of him
  • When he gets frustrated with his work or gets stumped he drives his bike out into the desert and it clears his head
  • Running too! He liked the feeling of being free
  • He just liked living alone dude

anonymous asked:

Wait, so I just watched your Instagram story. It looks like you're taking a nap. Florida and Maine are in the same time zone. Why are you taking a nap at 1 in the afternoon?

Time is an illusion and naps are wonderful. Next question.


How the passing of time is just an illusion because all of eternity is actually taking place at once.
- I am so proud of you (2008)