time heals nothing tattoo

Went for my first bike ride since IM yesterday.  It was supposed to be an easy 20 miler.  Had to be rescued at mile 15.  But I wanted to be rescued at mile 5. I was just tired and uncomfortable. My tri bike is still with the bike whisperer so I dusted off the road bike which I had not ridden in over a year.  My back was burning and I got off to stretch it and them leg cramps.  ONE. HOT. MESS.

Got home, drank water, slept and then woke up at 4:30 to try my first run.  An easy three miler.  Easy pace - run/walk in 1000% humidity.  It’s just gonna be one of those weeks.

I took another Hydrostatic Body Fat test on Monday.  I was prepared for the worst, I haven’t strength trained since 2015. The results showed two pounds up in muscle, two pounds lost from fat.  That’s the way it’s supposed to work.  Now that Ironman is over, I’d like to lose the weight I gained over the past year. It shouldn’t be hard (said no one ever).

Tomorrow morning, something new. Crossfit Endurance. If I get a good night of sleep, I’ll start in the morning.  I’m still SUPER tired from the trip. 

I’m ready for a swim, but because of the new tattoo - no pool or lake until Monday.  And to be honest, the tattoo is still sensitive.  It was stinging during my run.  I’m ready for it to be healed. I waited a long time for that tattoo.  This is nothing.