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to everyone who has abusive parents:

there may come a point in your life where you realize that you’re not nearly as close with your parent(s) as you used to be. you may realize that their abuse is the cause of this. 

you may also experience feelings of numbness or apathy towards them while spending time with them (willingly or not) or speaking to them. you may not enjoy doing things with them, feeling like you don’t love them anymore, truly. you may feel like when someone asks you if you love your parent, you think: “i have to, they’re my family member.” you may feel as though you miss having a healthy bond with them, if there ever was a time that harbored such. 

and that’s okay. those feelings are normal. you may never be as close as you were with your parent prior to the abuse, and that’s okay. you don’t need to pretend to love them if you don’t. sometimes it’s better this way. it doesn’t mean you have to hate them, although it’s understandable if you do. it doesn’t mean you have to never be friendly with them ever again. 

healing takes time. if healing means not being as close to your parent as before, then that’s completely fine. you do what you need to do to heal and be happy. you are not alone.

【新しい刀剣男士公開 千子村正(せんごむらまさ)】
[New Sword Announcement] Sengo Muramasa


An uchigatana designed for battle with a terrifying ability to cut forged by the founder of the Muramasa school (Sengo Muramasa). His mysterious behavior might come from the story about being long regarded as a bewitched demon blade. He’s a source of worry for Tonbokiri, who is also a work of Muramasa.

CV: ????

「huhuhuhu。どうしましたか? 脱ぎまショウか?」

“Huhuhuhu. What’s the matter? Shall I undress?”

Note: It’s said that Muramasa was a violent swordsmith who passed his tendencies onto his blades, such that they became bloodthirsty and could incite bloodlust in their wielders.

your fave is problematic: hawke
  • promised their lover they would come home from the inquisition
  • didn’t

*stares at pile of Safe Harbor drabble requests in my inbox* Wow, I want to write a drabble for my Grays!

*looks into screenshot folder with just Safe Harbor pictures* Oh…

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  • *Lapis and Peridot grow pumpkins together*
  • People: omg! Lapidot is canon now-do you see-can you see that--did you see that, it's canon!!!
  • *Peridot hurls herself in front of an out of control drill to save Amethyst in what Rebecca Sugar herself described something similar as "an outrageously romantic gesture" and ends up mounting Amethyst for 10 seconds*
  • Same people: just bros being bros.
Say Something

A/N: This is a song fic. The song is Say Something by Great Big World

Anonymous requested:  Can I request a Steve/Reader fic based on the song Say Something by A Great Big World and Dancing On My Own by Robyn? In which the reader, for the longest time, harbors an unrequited love for Steve (who has a gf?). And Steve only starts to realize what he feels from the reader after she distances herself from him, and admits it after she very nearly lost her life saving him (or his gf). Is this okay? You write the most beautiful, heart-wrenching fics! I hope this makes it :)

Warnings: its angsty I think

Word Count: 1,806

Pairing: Steve x Reader

I hope you guys like this one- I wasn’t sure how I wanted to write this and so this happened.

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Say something, I’m giving up on you
I’ll be the one if you want me to
Anywhere I would’ve followed you
Say something, I’m giving up on you

“Knock knock,” Steve was leaning over the kitchen counter a wide smile on his face as he stared at you. You couldn’t help but return the smile with a roll of your eyes, leaning your arms on the kitchen counter like him. Now you both were leaning closer to each other.

“Who’s there?” You hummed already amused. You see, Steve sucked at telling jokes. No one ever laughed, I mean they were the kind that sucked so bad you could laugh at them but no one would give him such pleasure other than you. So it became a thing where he told you a new joke every other day.

“Atch,” Steve’s voice brought you from your thoughts and you were smiling again.

“Atch who?” as soon as you said it Steve was already laughing.

“Bless you!” You joined the laughter, rolling your eyes again. He was such a dork. It was one of the reasons why you were in love with him. Yes, you were in love with your teammate and best friend and he didn’t know. How problematic was it? Well given the fact that the whole team knew beside him, it could be considered problematic. Did that mean you were going to confess your feelings to Steve? No.

And I…am feeling so small
It was over my head
I know nothing at all
And I…will stumble and fall
I’m still learning to love
Just starting to crawl

It happened very suddenly. It was like one day you were laughing with Steve over some lame joke and then Sharon was there. Her arms wrapping around Steve, and his smile grew, and his eyes brightened even more. Then they kissed, right in front of you, and you felt your world crumbling. Your laughter dying out quickly.

They eventually broke apart and Sharon flashed you a winning smile, “Hey.” And you didn’t know how to respond to that.

“Uh, hey Sharon.” You spluttered utterly confused. “How long - I’m sorry by I didn’t know you guys were together…how long have you been-” you couldn’t really form words your mind was racing and your brows furrowed as you stared at the smiling couple.

“A few weeks now,” Sharon spoke up answering your question nicely as you continued to stared solely at Steve.

“After I finally got the courage to kiss her,” Steve looked back at you with a charming smile. “It was long overdue, if I do say so myself.”

After that day it took you a moment to process that. I mean he got a girlfriend…and it wasn’t you. Did that mean you moved on? No, and you kind of felt bad for it because you liked Sharon. You weren’t close to her, but you liked her.

So you stayed away from them both for a few weeks, just to get yourself together. You tried to move on, you really did. And you thought you succeeded. So you finally emerged out of your room and it seemed like immediately Steve knew because you suddenly bumped into him. His arms wrapped around you. “Hey Doll, I’ve missed you.” And you were gone. All your feelings came rushing back.

You knew then that you would just have to work yourself around your feelings because you knew you couldn’t live without Steve. “Hey, do you have a new joke for me?” You ask and admired how his face brightened from your words.

Say something, I’m giving up on you
I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you
Anywhere I would’ve followed you
Say something I’m giving up on you

You smiled happily as you made your way to the training room. Today you would be sparring with Sam, and you knew that meant you would see Steve. Steve usually trained in the gym around the same time Sam did.

When you got to the training room your hands pressed against the doors only to stop when you heard voices. Your smile widening as you recognized them as of Sam and Steve. You knew it. “She loves you, man.” That was Sam and now your eyebrows were furrowing wondering who they were talking about.

“Y/N?” Your eyes widen when Steve answered your thoughts. Your lips parting as you inhaled quietly. “No way, she’s not in love with me.” Your heart was pounding.

“So you honestly don’t see the way she follows you like a lost puppy? Or laughs at all your lame jokes? C’mon man.” Sam spoke up again. Most of the team knew about your crush on Cap. And most of them, including Sam, continued to egg you on with just asking Steve out. They kind of shipped you two together. But he’s with Sharon and you weren’t about to be a homewrecker. So you never said anything.

“What? No. That’s not - Sam, we’re talking about Y/N. Y/N - I don’t like her that way.” Steve fumbled over his words and your eyes began to blur as he continued. It hurt, your heart hurt to know this. But you continued to eavesdrop.  

“Well then you should tell Y/N that, you shouldn’t lead her on.” You bit your lip and you nodded like they could see you agreeing with Sam.

“What - I - I will, eventually. But just because I don’t like her doesn’t mean I don’t like having her around. Like you said, she laughs at my jokes, and having her around is really nice. She’s a good friend and if I tell her I know -  that could ruin our friendship.” Your tears stopped momentarily at Steve’s words. Anger, sadness, and longing consuming you like a tsunami.

“It’ll be better to tell her now, instead of her finding out you knew and continued to lead her on.” You quickly left after that, you would have Friday tell Sam a lame excuse so you could cry by yourself in your room.

And I…swallow my pride
You’re the one that I love
And I’m saying goodbye

You needed to get over him. It’s been a week since you found out he clearly didn’t feel the same. But you couldn’t help yourself as you watched him longingly from the opposite couch. He sat back, a beer in one hand with Sharon cuddled into his side. Whispering to each other like teenagers in love. It made you sick, and made you wish you were in Sharon’s place.

You finally tore your eyes away and to the wall length windows, it was just you and the Avengers lounging around in the common room. A small intimate gathering. So it wasn’t like you could sneak out and not be noticed and questioned. Then you saw red, it was gone in a second and it caught your attention. A flash of red again. Outside the window, coming closer.

Your head snapped back to where Steve and Sharon were. Sharon was alone, Steve was at the bar where Natasha, Sam, and Clint were. Before you could yell a warning, the little device flashing red, crashed through the window.

Thinking fast, it was coming straight to Sharon. You lunged, tackling her over the couch just as it exploded. The bomb had you both flying.

You heard screaming but it was muffled into white noise as you saw Steve rush to Sharon, making sure she was alright compared to going straight to you. Your heart hurt, but so did most of you body. You met his beautiful blue eyes, before yours fluttered closed. You didn’t have the strength to open them again. You were kind of happy to just see black, you didn’t see Sharon with Steve if you kept your eyes closed.

Say something, I’m giving up on you
And I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you
And anywhere I would’ve followed you (oh - ooh)
Say something, I’m giving up on you

And you didn’t open your eyes again. It’s been a week and you were in a coma. The heart monitor the only thing telling everyone you were still there, still alive.

Steve was by your side, since the accident. Holding your hand, waiting for you to wake up. His mind continued to race. The bomb came out of nowhere and you saved Sharon by jumping up front of her. And now you were in a coma as Sharon only had a few scraps.

He couldn’t believe what had happened. And now that you haven’t woken up, he’s missed you. He never realized how much he actually cared for you. He missed your laugh, your hand sliding down his arm as he made lame jokes. Your smile, your eyes that sparkled when he walked in the room. His heart hurt as he watched you laying there, eyes closed now.

It hurt him to know this but, it took a near death experience for him to realize he loved you too. “I’m sorry it took me this long, Doll.” He murmured softly squeezing your hand. “I love you, Y/N. It’s always been you.” He leaned forward kissing her lips. When he leaned back he wasn’t sure why he was expecting you to wake up, but when you didn’t he sighed.

He left then, but he would be back. He wanted you to see him first when you awoke. So he could apologize again, and tell you how stupid he was, and to tell you he loved you.

Say something, I’m giving up on you
Say something…

Steve smiled at the nurse who sat at the front desk. The nurse was familiar with him, not just because of who he was but more of the fact that he’s been the one visiting you everyday. Only leaving just recently for a mission that lasted two weeks.

He clutched your favorite bouquet of flowers in his hand as the nurse behind the desk stopped him. He had memorized the way to your room by now so he was confused until she told him. His breath caught in his lungs, you were awake.

He would soon learn that you had awoken around the time he had left for the mission, and the first person you saw was the nurse assigned to you for that day. You began to talk that nurse who was taking care of you. And eventually your talking turn into flirting with him and now Steve is finding out you’re dating that nurse, just two weeks after waking up.

Steve’s heart hurt, as he placed the bouquet of flowers in the trash. You had moved on. He didn’t go to your room that day, needing time to think. But the only thing going through his head was that he should have said something to you sooner.

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This is what it looked like when a 1 foot tsunami generated by the Chile Earthquake entered Los Angeles Harbor today. Watch how the water past the boat rolls in and out in strong, obvious currents. Time lapse over about 10 minutes. Even though a “1 foot tsunami” doesn’t seem big, that current could easily have carried people with it if any were out there.

Credit:  LACounty Fire Department Lifeguard Division


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