time for the second chase

Signs as the months that best describe them

Aries: August - Sticky hot, dry, everyone wants summer to end already

Taurus: March - mild, but often rainy and grey, people know that better times are coming soon

Gemini: February - murky and cool, but calm

Cancer: September - sunny, mildly warm, looking forward to the rainy autumn

Leo: January - cold, snowy & gorgeous. A new beginning

Virgo: December -  cold but the streets are decorated for Christmas, that people await with excitement

Libra: April - warm, sunny from time to time, the quietest weather, people chasing easter eggs

Scorpio: October - weather changes every second, from sun to rain, Halloween decorations

Sagittarius: July - hot, lazy month, everyone is on holidays, enjoying the sun, resting

Capricorn: November - dull, windy and depressive time of the year, waiting for the long winter

Aquarius: June - Finally summer, sunbathing, relaxing

Pisces: May - warm, sunny, making plans for the summer, awaiting the holidays with excitement

A pickup truck flees from the pyroclastic flows spewing from the Mt. Pinatubo volcano in the Philippines, on June 17, 1991.  Behind it, the searing hot, bone-charring ash charges with the speed of a jet engine, preparing to swallow the car whole and burn the occupants alive. As you can see, it is a hot and dense cloud that is literally thousands of times bigger than the car it’s chasing. This was the second largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century.


Disclaimer: This video can be a bit confusing at first. What’s going on is that they are both delivering the whole speech, however their mics are intentionally cut off periodically so only one of them can be heard speaking. Every time you see that only one of them is speaking it means the other just can not be heard

Both: The first day I realized-

Woman: I was black. It was 2000. We had just learned about blacks for the first time in second grade, at recess all the white kids chased me into the forest chanting “slave”. My mother said I refused to come out for three hours. Said she thinks I was lost in the trees, but I just needed to be closer to my roots.

Both: As a woman-

Man: having a boyfriend is a battle. If 70% of us are abused in a lifetime, what is the number of men doing it? The answer is not one man running faster than light to complete a mission, and that, is what leaves me sick.

Woman: The second day I realized I was black was in a gas station. I only had 25 cents so I searched what to spend it on. The cashier floated from isle to isle, eyes fixed on my hands.

Both: That was the first time I realized skin color was a crime

Man: My body has become cause to write legislation, cause for ass smacks in the back of the class. My body has demanded everything except respect. I’ve been asked, “what makes you feel unsafe?” and I struggle not to yell

Both: “Everything!”

Woman: The third day I realized I was black was in an all white cafeteria. I’d gathered my legs under me, made rockets of my feet and approached a girl. She told me she was not into “my type of guy” I felt the words shoot daggers into my melanin, I have never wanted to disappear so bad.

Man: As a woman I’ve learned to answer to everything except my name. “Little Lady” is not said to mean equal, but to make sure I remember my place. I battle between wanting to own my body, and accepting that there is a 1 in 4 chance a man will lay claim to my skin, a plot of land for the taking.

Woman: The last day I realized I was black was in an elevator in California. To the white woman who told me she knows what it feels like to be black because she grew up poor

Both: I would tell you to think before you speak but-

Woman: Your mind has got to be bacteria infected, and any filter through that labyrinth of nothingness might be worse than no thought at all

Man: There’s a group of women going around the room sharing their personal definition of feminism. He is the only man in the room and all of a sudden the tone switches to destroying the patriarchy by annihilating all men.

Woman: Do you know what it feels like to be black? To pop lock your way in and out of hugs? It is not a problem you want to sympathize.

Both: But to tell me you know my pain

Woman: Is to stab yourself in the leg because you saw me get shot. We have two different wounds and looking at yours does nothing to heal mine. 

Man: Never will I turn away an ally

Woman: But when I man speaks on my behalf, it only proves my point.

Man: Movements are driven by passion, not by asserting yourself dominant in a world that already puts you there. 

Both: You speak to know pain that you only fathom because we told you it was there. You know nothing of silence, until someone who can not know your pain tells you how to fix it. Every day is a crucifixion, where there is not regards for lines crossed. 

Woman: I fight so my voice can be heard. I fight for the voices you silence, all in the name of what is right. 

Both: The problem is

Man: You assume the struggle’s attached to a social class. I am black, and bold, and beautiful by nature, ain’t no income that can change that.

Woman: The problem with speaking up for each other

Man: Is that everyone is left

Both: Without a voice. 

[crowd cheers wildly]


The lovers meet once every four,
a chosen time, a secret door.
The last they spoke — sweet seventeen,
young and free in the summer wind.

But now their worlds, a different pace,
time was slipping, a frantic chase.
A fleeting second, a longing smile,
can only last the littlest while.

They exchanged words, a quiet glance,
their hearts inside, the wildest dance.
They told their stories, then promised once more,
to love again, in another four.


i wore this outfit the other day (with a white sox hat and not a yankees, i’m not that disgraceful) and the whole time i was like ‘okay but what if annabeth wore this’

piper dressed her tbh


So….I did the thing where i actually update my sketchbook.

Based on sabertooth-raccoon‘s PJO HTTYD AU.  I absolutely love the idea.

Annabeth and her dragon.  I don’t have an idea for the name of the dragon, but I like the dea of her being in stealth class, invisible upon will, and incredibly stubborn.  One of the more intelligent dragons, she is independent and headstrong, though sometimes dangerously so.  It takes all of Annabeth’s rationality to keep her dragon from doing the most outrageously brazen things sometimes, but they still make a great team and an amazing pair.

Pop! goes the round-tailed ground squirrel.

Round-tailed ground squirrel (Xerospermophilus tereticaudus), at Papago Park, Phoenix, Arizona. These little imps have an oversized but distinguished name in Spanish: Ardillón cola redonda. For a second time I watched a mother squirrel chase away a much larger roadrunner that got too close to her burrow. I guess the behavior is not as remarkable as I first supposed. 


Let’s talk about how Cloud tries to move forward when he sees Aerith walking away at the end of Advent Children. In the first gif, it’s set to normal speed and the second gif is sped up. As you can see, he clearly moves after her. So he’s either about to faint from seeing her, or he was about to chase after her. Either way, the first instinct that comes to Cloud’s mind when he sees her is to move in her direction. I have no doubt in my mind that if no one else had been there, Cloud would have walked after her and this movie would have ended in a embrace or kiss… or both. 

Anyway, that is also the second time Cloud tries to chase after Aerith;

HMS Implacable (1805) was a 74-gun ship of the line launched 24 March 1800 at Rochfort, France as Duguay-Trouin. She was one of just four French ships that escaped capture during the Battle of Trafalgar on 21 October 1805. However, two weeks later at the Battle of Cape Ortegal, Duguay-Trouin was less successful in her second attempted escape, this time chased down by HMS Hero & HMS Caesar, being battered & captured. French Captain Claude Touffet was killed during the fight with 154 men. In December 1805 she was commissioned into the Royal Navy and renamed HMS Implacable. Through 1808 and 1809 the ship spent time in the Baltic, besting the Imperial Russian Navy 74-gun ship of the line Vsevolod. In September 1810 she made a year long voyage from Cadiz, Spain to Havana, Cuba, returning with 6,000,000 dollars on board. From August to November 1840 Implacable participated in the bombardment and capture of Acre, and operations on the coast of Syria. 

In 1844 HMS Implacable began a new career as a training ship, eventually becoming the second oldest ship in the Royal Navy, after HMS Victory. In 1908 King Edward VII intervened to save the ship from scrapping and in 1920 funds were raised and she underwent several restorations. Ten years later there were large-scale protests against her disposal after the government consigned her to the scrapheap. An offer was made in 1947 to the French who also declined to spend the required money to turn her into a museum ship. On 2 December 1949 she was towed out east of the Isle of Wight and scuttled with full honours, flying the ensigns of the French and Royal Navy. She was 149 years old.

Her figurehead and stern galleries are on display in the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich, while her capstan is on display at the maritime museum at Rochefort. Public reaction to the ‘criminal action against the maritime history of Britain’ forced the government to support the preservation of Cutty Sark.

Today’s cottontail was a fighter! Kai had a good grip on its head and it appeared to be subdued, so he got overconfident and loosened his feet to start plucking. The bunny then sprang back to life, bucked, and flipped Kai over. It caught him totally off guard! He managed to grab its back end with one foot as it started running, but it knocked him off again by climbing through some branches. That really pissed Kai off, because he then pushed off the ground, flew over the branches, and chased that thing down a second time before it could make in to cover (and this time he didn’t let go lol)! Great flight! Hopefully he learned something from it

Ashadeofpemberley prompted: “Chase!verse- Next year’s Charity Chase proves to be even more special than the last for Belle and Gold.”

Endangeredslug also wanted to see the next year’s chase. Enjoy!

Rated: NC-17


When the Charity Chase rolled around again, the second Charity Chase of Belle’s time at Storybrooke university, there were definitely rather different murmurs running around the corridors in the week leading up to the all-important Chase Day. Before, the rumours had all concerned Doctor Gold and whether anyone would break his record. Now that his record was broken, all manner of subjects were now up for debate. Was that a one-off or would Belle mark him again? Would it only be Belle marking him or was it open season?

Belle was rather amused by the whole thing; Gold was torn between being amused and being exasperated.

“I can’t believe that my students are so interested in my love life,” he muttered. “You’d think they had better things to do. Like turning in their papers on time or doing their preliminary reading. If they put as much effort into their studies as they do into their speculations, they’ll all be getting firsts.”

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