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series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut

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does it bother anyone else when you’re the first person in your friend group to listen to a certain band/artist but once they soon become your favorites, your friends magically begin to like them too? like no, that was my music. go find your own.

Do you want a hilarious idea about Anti I had?

So I was browsing Tumblr and an idea popped in my head out of nowhere, I only shared it with @lum1natrix and she told me to post it, so here it is:
What if when you hit Anti, he glitches and becomes a different ego, just like the way Randall changed colors when Boo hits him in Monsters Inc?
You punch him once, he glitches into Chase.
A second time and he becomes Schneeple.
A third time and he changes back into Jack for no reason, but it’s still Anti, y'know?
And everytime he changes back into his original form he just cusses you out and tells you to stop, but it’s too funny you can’t help keep on hitting him.
It’s one of his main problems, and that’s why we never see him with anyone beside him, because he’s sure that person will hit him just to see that


i wore this outfit the other day (with a white sox hat and not a yankees, i’m not that disgraceful) and the whole time i was like ‘okay but what if annabeth wore this’

piper dressed her tbh

In second grade they had one of those in classroom toilets so if you farted people could hear you

I once sat in the bathroom for like thirty minutes and I guess the teacher figured out that I was reading a book in there cuz she banged on the door and forced me to come out.

She called me “princess” and let me tell you something.

I’ve always had a problem with female pronouns and names.

I got really pissed.

She then said “one day when you’re wrinkled you’ll appreciate not having to spend thirty minutes on the toilet.”

And I just blurted out “I won’t be wrinkled, I’m not white like you.”

Anyway that’s the story of how I met the vice principal and she became my hero cuz she laughed her ass off.

Signs as the months that best describe them

Aries: August - Sticky hot, dry, everyone wants summer to end already

Taurus: March - mild, but often rainy and grey, people know that better times are coming soon

Gemini: February - murky and cool, but calm

Cancer: September - sunny, mildly warm, looking forward to the rainy autumn

Leo: January - cold, snowy & gorgeous. A new beginning

Virgo: December -  cold but the streets are decorated for Christmas, that people await with excitement

Libra: April - warm, sunny from time to time, the quietest weather, people chasing easter eggs

Scorpio: October - weather changes every second, from sun to rain, Halloween decorations

Sagittarius: July - hot, lazy month, everyone is on holidays, enjoying the sun, resting

Capricorn: November - dull, windy and depressive time of the year, waiting for the long winter

Aquarius: June - Finally summer, sunbathing, relaxing

Pisces: May - warm, sunny, making plans for the summer, awaiting the holidays with excitement

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Maggie is a librarian and Alex is a bioengineering professor with an overdue book. Do with this what you will.

Maggie Sawyer did not spend the time getting her first master’s (or her second!) just so that she could chase down wayward professors with overdue books. She should be curating, cataloging, or researching new breakthroughs so she could better help the panicking med students and doctors find what they need as efficiently as possible.

She should be.

But no, she’s trying to track down Dr. Alexandra Danvers, holder of multiple degrees, professor that makes grown men and women cry (according to RateMyProfessor), and brilliant academic. Maggie had ordered half a dozen new journals just to make sure her publications were on the shelves and available to the kids trying to earn brownie points with the hardass.

This particular book was brand new, ordered on her request, actually. Maggie had handled the acquisition herself, and Danvers had checked it out the moment it came in.

Three years ago.

Professors can check a book out for an entire semester. Which, fine, she did. What she didn’t do, was renew the damn thing, and Maggie now had a waiting list twenty professors deep.

She tried e-mail reminders for about three months.

Left messages on Danvers’ office line. With the department head and secretary.

Snail mail? Yeah, she tried that too.

Maggie even tried using Danvers’ own students against her, sending them to ask for the stupid book.

One kid came back in tears, very apologetic that they could only get Danvers to respond to questions directly about the course, and an advanced textbook on biomedical techniques wasn’t one of them.

Maggie had, in an act of desperation, stopped in during the professor’s posted office hours. Twice. And somehow managed to miss her every time.

Her hot grad student seemed really, really amused every time she came by.

Maggie was about to give up and finally just charge it to Dr. Danvers as missing when it finally showed up. Not in the drop box or at the circulation desk, like a normal return, no. She came in to work on a Tuesday to find a giant box on her desk.

Inside the box, was another, smaller box.

The third box was marked “This box belongs to Pandora, OPEN AT YOUR OWN RISK.”

The fourth box had seen better days, beaten up with air holes cut in.

Inside that box?

Well, according to the sticky note on it, was Schrodinger’s book.

Pristine. Spine uncracked. Three years later, and it had never been opened.

Maggie flipped it around to check for the library’s label and barcode, and yes, it was the book.

The first thing Maggie did with it was take it straight to the circulation desk to be checked back in so that the stupid thing could return to public use.

The second thing she did was print out the bill for the massive fine for the book. Their school’s library capped late fees at the cost of the book, but it was a biomedical textbook, the thing cost almost $400. If Maggie were feeling nicer, she’d waive some of it.

She’s not.

The third thing she does is look up the class schedule for the summer semester and make a point to attend Danvers’ next class so she could ream the good doctor out and deliver the bill personally.

The last thing she expects when she gets there is to see the grad student up and teaching. Maggie hangs around the back of the small lecture hall, trying not to draw attention to herself. That one kid who’d returned to her crying was here. He saw her enter, and his eyes got wide. Maggie couldn’t help but laugh a little at that.

Which turned into a bit of choking when the hot grad student, today in a zipped leather jacket, jeans, and motorcycle boots, answered to “Dr. Danvers.”

That. Little. Asshole.

The bill crumpled in her hand.

Maggie Sawyer caught the eyes of Doctor Alexandra Danvers, whose lips twisted into a proud smirk. Oh, Dr. Danvers, Maggie thought, you have no idea what you’ve just started.

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Dan is all posting pictures and lil videos from the studio like that damn album’s gonna drop any minute now. Who are you kidding, you dork? The best I hope for is the end of this year if not the next.

Talk Dirty to Me

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Kiseok absentmindedly traced patterns over the exposed skin of your thighs as he stared at the computer screen in front of him. He’d been working on this song for far too long and couldn’t seem to think of anything that would work. It didn’t help that he’d been sitting in the same position for so long that he was sure he’d fuse to the chair if he didn’t move soon.

But as he glanced at you sitting on his lap, half asleep and more relaxed than he’d seen you in weeks, he couldn’t bring himself to disturb you. Instead, he continued tracing his fingers over the expanse of your thighs and leaned back in his chair. He couldn’t move but that didn’t mean he had to continue staring at that screen.

Kiseok fixed his gaze on your relaxed form and smiled. Both of you had had such a hectic few weeks that you hadn’t had much time to spend together. He’d been so happy to see you when you walked into his studio but the realization that he still had quite a bit of work to do put a bit of a damper on his mood. You, however, wouldn’t allow him to wallow in his misery.

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Punishing Katherine... ~Smutty September~

Prompt: Katherine Pierce x fem!reader smut, please. They are in a relationship but Kathrine can’t stop flirting with the Salvatores and it pisses her go off. The reader decides to show Katherine who is her girlfriend. She cuffs her to the bed and eats her out but Katherine isn’t allowed to cum until the reader says so.

Pairing: Katherine x Reader

Word Count: 832

Warning: Just oral, girl x girl.

TAGGED: @sapphire2489 @khadija456fire @yui-miyuka @smileybear17 @slopezofie23 

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Christmas Day One: Proposal

Request: Jason proposing to his s/o on Christmas

A/N: Here we go, guys! Enjoy 😘

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“Wasn’t it just yesterday he was that hyperactive kid with a love for chili dogs?” Bruce questioned, reminiscing on all the times he and Alfred had to chase his second adoptive son around in order to prevent him from breaking any valuable and irreplaceable items.

“That was yesterday, Bruce.” Dick replied dryly before sending him a sly smirk, “Maybe your age is finally catching up to you, old man.”

“The day my age catches up to me is the day your maturity catches up to your height.” Bruce responded just as dryly, earning himself a proud look from Tim and an eye roll from Dick.

Tim laughed, “That was actually a good comeback, pops.” He complimented, “But honestly, who could have predicted Jason of all people would be the first one to get married.”

Damian raised an eyebrow, “I did.” At the incredulous looks he received, he rolled his eyes. “Well, Drake, seeing as you can barely even find yourself a significant other, and Grayson is unable to keep any of his happy, and father—”

“—can ban you from patrol for a month if you decide to finish that sentence.” Bruce cuts in, throwing his youngest a warning glare.

“Can we not talk about me like I’m not in the room?” Jason exclaimed loudly, running his fingers through his already messy, dark hair while fidgeting nervously with the small box in his back pocket.

Alfred, who was walking by, sighed and shook his head. “May God have mercy on young Miss. Y/N’s soul for she will surely have an heart attack before the age of thirty.”

“Glad to know you’re supportive of the choice I’m making, Al.” Jason muttered, his confidence slowly deflating at his words.

The butler smiled, “Don’t get me wrong, Master Jason, I do support your relationship with Miss. Y/N. I am merely sending my apologies for what she will have to deal with once she officially becomes apart of the family.”

Dick whistled, “I can’t believe you’re about to propose, Jay.” He said, “I hope you know your days of being a free man is coming to an end.”

“Is that your way of telling him to not do it?” Tim asked, smirking.
“Pretty much.” The original Boy Wonder shrugged.

“I, for one, am ecstatic for Y/N to become my sister.” Damian declared. “Maybe you buffoons will finally stop harassing me about my ‘violent nature’ with her around to defend me.”

“I hate how close you two are sometimes.” Jason groaned.

“You’re not the only one.” Tim muttered, “How am I suppose to tease the little brat about his height and lack of knowledge with Y/N breathing down my neck all the time?”

“How about you don’t tease your brother at all.” Bruce suggested, “I can only hope Y/N stops this madness when she’s a Wayne.”

“I am not related to him!” “Drake is not my brother!” Both Tim and Damian protested at the same time.

“Technically, according to the adoption papers, he is.” Dick corrected, earning death glares from the two and amused laughter from Bruce and a slightly less nervous Jason.

After almost forty minutes of bickering, you still hadn’t arrived yet and Jason was noticeably losing his patience and sanity. Or what was left of it anyways.

“Where the fuck is she?” Jason practically shouted, “Did she find out I was going to ask her to marry me? Did any of you dipshits tell her?” That part was obviously only aimed towards his brothers.

“Did they tell me what?” Your voice rang through his ears like a beautiful melody.

Everyone immediately froze at the sight of you standing a few feet away, wondering if you had heard Jason uttering the ‘marry me’ part.

But luckily, due to the fact that you had entered the manor only a few minutes ago, you walked in just in time to hear only the last bit of your boyfriend’s short speech.

Unlike his brothers, dad, and honorary grandpa, Jason didn’t feel any type of relief. He was still in his rant mode.

“That I was going to ask you to be my fucking wife for God’s sake!”


Dick released the breath he didn’t know he was holding in. “Well, that’s one way to ask her.”

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Can you do a story where Percabeth are friends and they both are in love with each other and like sophomore year they get really drunk and hook up and then Percy admits that he's in love with her?

  • “Come on Annabeth, it’s just one party.” Percy smiled. He was dressed in nice jeans and a blue flannel shirt. “We are sophomore invited to a senior’s party.” 
  • “And how did we get invited to this party?” She asked, skeptically. “Are you going out with a senior girl?”
  • “What? No. Trust me, you would know if I was dating someone.” He blushed. “Thalia, Jason’s sister, is throwing the party. She told Jason that he could invite a few friends and he asked me and I’m asking you to come with.”
  • “Percy, I don’t think this is a good idea.” Annabeth said. She rather be spending time with him watching a movie. Those were her favorite weekends, where they just hung out and did nothing. 
  • Those were her favorite because she got to be close to Percy and breathe in his scent, not in a creepy way but she would be that close that she could smell the chlorine even though he already showered. 
  • “It’s going to be fine. You, me, Jason, Piper, Leo, Frank, and possibly Hazel. Come one Annabeth, live a little.” He gave her his famous grin that was lopsided. 
  • She took a deep breath and let it out. “Fine, lets go to the party.”


  • Three drinks later, Percy was feeling different. His head felt fuzzy, not bad but good fuzzy. He felt really good. 
  • Music was blasting and people were drinking beer or some alcohol that Thalia found. It was great, overall. He got to dance with Annabeth. This was a lot better than spending time at home and doing nothing. 
  • After a while, Percy noticed that his cup was empty and Annabeth was dancing up against him. 
  • “Need another drink?” He asked.
  • “Sure.” She grinned.
  • She walked with him to get another drink. Annabeth went to get another mixed drink while Percy got another beer. 
  • “Can we go outside?” Annabeth asked. “It’s kind of stuffy in here.”
  • Percy nodded and took her hand to lead her outside. They went to the back yard, where no one was around. They went to the pool and sat near the edge. 
  • “Told you this party was a good idea.” He grinned. His words were slurring a bit. 
  • “I know.” Annabeth giggled. “Thanks for bringing me. I’m really enjoying myself.” 
  • “Good. I knew you you would.” He hiccuped. 
  • She smiled and took a sip of her drink. She was drunk after four drinks and she was working on five. Right now she just wanted to kiss him. They were outside, alone, and what’s the chance that he would remember if she kissed him?
  • “Annabeth, I wanna kiss you.” Percy looked at her. “Can I kiss you?” 
  • She nodded enthusiastically, probably more dramatically than she needed to. But she desperately wanted to feel his lips on hers. 
  • He leaned in and kissed her. His lips were soft against her’s. They moved in sync with each other. Annabeth moved her drink so she could wrap her arms around his neck.
  • Percy laid down so she would be on top of him as they made out. Their bodies pressed together and hands roaming their clothed bodies. 


  • The next morning, Annabeth woke up with the sun beating down on her and the smell of morning dew. 
  • She slowly sat up and regretted it. Her head was pounding and the sunlight was too bright on her eyes. Looking around, she realized she was still outside and Percy was next to her. 
  • “Percy, Percy wake up.” She gently shook him. 
  • He groaned and slowly woke up. “Shit, it’s bright!”
  • “We got drunk and I think we slept outside.” She told him. “Do you remember what happened?”
  • Percy covered his eyes with his hands. “We came outside cause it was stuffy.”
  • “Right. Right.” She said, feeling a bit nauseous. “Then we…then we kissed…”
  • Percy lifted a few fingers so he could look at her. “Is that necessarily a bad thing?”
  • “W-What do you mean?” 
  • He sat up and looked at Annabeth. His head pounded and his stomach felt like it could turn inside out at any moment. That was going to be the last time he ever drank that much. 
  • “I mean, we kissed. And we’ve been friends for a long time. My feelings have changed for you for a while and my drunken self got to express that.” Percy started. “I love you Annabeth Chase. I have for over a year now. Every time we hang out, I wish you could stay for a little bit longer so I can be next to you. I could listen to you all day talk about the architecture of the buildings that you love. I always feel more confident when you come to my swim meets cause I know you’re cheering me on. I am in love with you.”
  • Annabeth stared at him. Her eyes brimmed with tears that she wouldn’t let fall. She felt exactly the same way. 
  • “Percy, I feel the same way about you too.” She told him. “I just never said anything because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I couldn’t lose you as a friend.” 
  • “I can’t either. But I think, since our drunken selves kissed and we both feel the same way…I really think if we started a relationship, it would work.” He told her. 
  • “Really?” 
  • “I really believe that.” He told her. His eyes drifted to her lips, wanting to feel them against his, sober. “So much, that I want to kiss you again to seal this promise.”
  • Annabeth took a deep breath, like she normally did before making a big decision. “Alright. You may kiss me Percy.”
  • He smiled and gently kissed her soft lips for the second time.