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Turn AMC Reclist

In honor of the series finale of Turn tonight, here is my reclist so I can hopefully tempt some of you over. It’s only 4 seasons, 10 eps each, and the first 3 seasons are on Netflix. 

Most of these fics are Caleb/Ben because Caleb Brewster is a dreamboat

To begin with: Shameless self-promotion.

Resurrection by me (boxoftheskyking)
Caleb/Ben, T, 4,243 words
“Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”

The Sticking Place by me (boxoftheskyking)
Caleb/Ben, Caleb/some random sailor, T, 2,862 words
The boys grow up, grow apart, and return

The Recs! In the order of my AO3 bookmarks

(I did say I was going to do a Ben/Caleb playlist too, which I may do, but for now I can say that I listened to Bon Iver’s 22, A Million on repeat while writing  & reading everything)

(obviously everything by these writers is A++ and worth checking out, I just picked the fics that made me go “yes I will reread you with great happiness”)

Back to You by Gaslighting
Caleb/Ben, G, 20,804 words
A nice long growing up and getting together fic.

Cross an Ocean for You by @msculper
Caleb/Ben, G, 3,076 words
Caleb gets very ill, Ben runs off to save the day.

‘Cause We Understood by @meduseld 
Caleb/Ben, E, 1,064 words
Sex! Because things are very stressful.

To Carry and To Keep by @meduseld 
Caleb/Ben, T, 1,213 words
“Reports of my death … “ only the other way round. Post-ambush in S1 E1.

Triptych by @meduseld 
Caleb/Ben, T, 816 words
Three little flash-fiction pieces, nice internal monologue.

Let’s Be Scared Together by @msculper
Caleb/Ben, T, 1,544 words
H/C after Caleb is returned from captivity, just what the doctor ordered.

I Never Will Prove False by Ziera117
Caleb/Ben, T, 5,736 words, WIP
Ben trades himself instead of the Woodhulls to get Caleb back. Everyone is angry all the time and it’s great.

Love Me Till I’m Dead by @msculper
Caleb/Ben, T, 713 words
More great post-Simcoe.

i’ll be an army by @smilebackwards
Caleb/Ben, Nathan Hale & Ben, T, 3,878
Super satisfying Pacific Rim AU.

Speak As Well as Spy by @mercurygray
Anna/Selah, Selah/OC, T, 2,103 words
Rarepair! Well done character study of Selah Strong, congressional delegate.

They Keep Warm by @paradiamond
Robert/Abe, E, 7,300 words
The night after the party, and flashbacks. Everyone’s got an attitude.

Help by @bennyboy-tallmadge
Caleb/Ben, T, 4,259 words
Ben suffers some real PTSD and survivors guilt, a nicely written reflection on violence and the aftermath.

The Things You Don’t Know by @days4dais days4daisy
Caleb/Ben, E, 2,637 words
Sex! Including my favorite line “I don’t waste what’s in front of me.”

Freedom, In Moments by @daisy4days
Caleb/Ben, E, 3,371 words
Sex, post-ambush in S1E1. Lovely!

The Lesson by @daisy4days
Caleb/Ben, E, 2,588 words
As sequel to the one above. Blowjobs! Hurrah

Trenton, Night of the Battle by amoama
Caleb/Ben, M, 1,354 words
I think this is my favorite Warming Ben Up fic. 

Maybe If It Snows Sleeping Bags You’ll Get Lucky by @iboatedhere IBoatedHere
Caleb/Ben, T, 1,473 words
A nice “keeping warm in Valley Forge” fic

Plausible Deniability by FlyingMachine
No ship, T, 1,320 words
Benedict Arnold is a giant creep! Caleb is very protective! It’s great, fuck Arnold, he’s a jerk

Lord How, Make Me Feel It by @iboatedhere
Caleb/Ben, T, 2,022 words
A great “heard you jacking off” fic. An under-appreciated genre to be sure

I Need You To (Too) by @iboatedhere
Caleb/Ben, G, 4,393 words
Ben is injured, plus some flashbacks

Nine Days by @corvidfeathers
Caleb/Ben, G, 1,669 words
Another fabulous Warming Ben Up fic

It Could Be The Wine Too by @iboatedhere
Caleb/Ben, T, 1,940 words
Lovely drunken getting together fic

My Weathered Soul by @iboatedhere
Caleb/Ben, T, 11,115 words
A really nice childhood-to-present fic

Come Lay Your Bones (On the Alabaster Stones) by FlyingMachine
Caleb/Ben, E, 1,503 words
Skinny dipping!

Young Dumb And In Love by @iboatedhere
Caleb/Ben, T, 11,026 words
Part of a longer series - this is my favorite. Involves food.

It Starts With A Touch by @iboatedhere
Caleb/Ben, T, 4,090 words
UST for daaaaaays

Maybe The Fog Will Lift by @iboatedhere
Caleb/Ben, G, 17,120 words
Nice modern AU, both are messed up but both are lovely

Pretty Work, Brave Boys by FlyingMachine
No ship, T, 8,257 words
Spy adventures! Super extra points for including a Turtle scene because the Turtle is amazing

Never Been A Sinner by FlyingMachine
Caleb/Ben, E, 3,064 words
Very nice first time

Should I Be Wanting? by @iboatedhere
Caleb/Ben, Peggy/Arnold, Peggy/Andre, G, 6,243 words
Yesss a spy & pretend relationship fic

Monmouth by @nightoftheland
Caleb/Ben, Hamilton/Laurens, T, 1,458 words
A sweet “realizing what they mean to each other by noticing what the other two mean to each other” fic. Another under-appreciated genre

Midnight Ride by @iboatedhere
Caleb/Ben, G, 1,752 words
A nice post-Arnold moment

Salvation by @nanlicia
Caleb/Ben, T, 4,274 words
Ben has an existential crisis

Lie Down in Peace by FlyingMachine
Ben/Nathan Hale, Ben/Sarah, Caleb/Ben, M, 6,292
“Three times Ben Tallmadge shared a bed with someone.”

son of a preacher by @lacecat
Caleb/Ben, E, 7,212 words
Finally a fic with this title, hallelujah. A nice pre-canon to mid S1. with sex.

Special Detail by @daisy4days
Caleb/Ben, T, 4,842 words
Pre-canon, getting together

Blue and Gold by @daisy4days
Caleb/Ben, E, 1,988 words
nice little sex in the midst of things

A Little Selfish by @4vrafangirl
Caleb/Ben, T, 6,727 words
Getting together and angsting about it

Crossing the Delaware by @salvage-writing
Caleb/Ben, T, 4,065 words
The greatest frat AU!

Okay, now off to find a stream of the finale. Enjoy!

A ship where a preachers son and a more rebellious boy meet on the most mundane way (dropping milk at a grocery store, dropping nachos on the other at the summer fair) and have the most obvious immediate chemistry. Rebellious boy doesnt let anything hold him back and preachers son goes for it. They go on cute dates and have risky make out sessions after dark until someone tells the preacher that his son has been with a boy. The next time rebellious boy shows up preachers son calls him gay slurs and denies ever liking him and angst and drama and will they get to be together or just forever enemies who have feelings for one another?