time for the apple cider parties

-autumnal asks-

pumpkin spice: what’s your drink of choice?

wool socks: what’s something you look forward to in fall?

falling leaves: you’re stranded on a desert island and here’s the twist; what three things do you NOT bring with you?

smelly candles: what’s your absolute favorite scent?

big sweaters: do you prefer the cold, warmth, or a perfect in-between?

halloween: if you could dress up as anyone/ anything and pull it off absolutely flawlessly, who/what would it be?

cozy blankets: where do you feel the most safe and at home?

hot tea: when was the last time you kissed someone (if you haven’t had your first kiss, who would you like that first someone to be?)

flannel: what’s your favorite day of the year? is there a reason it’s your favorite?

chilly air: what’s your least favorite and favorite type of weather?

scarves: if you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life what would it be?

apple cider: if you could throw a party, and invite absolutely anyone, who would they be?

haunted houses: what’s your scariest memory? (if you don’t have one/ don’t want to talk about it, what’s your biggest fear?)

fuzzy boots: if you could live in any year/era, which would it be and why?

thanksgiving: what is something/someone you’re the most thankful for? any particular reason?

black friday: what is one thing, if anything, you would sell your soul to own?

apple picking: if you could go anywhere, where would it be and why?

corn mazes: do you have any secret talents/abilities?

hay rides: if you could pick absolutely anything to be your form of transportation, what would it be?

the color orange: do you have a specific song that reminds you of autumn? what is it?

windy nights:if you could go to any concert whose would it be?

holding hands: do you believe in soulmates?

Autumn Asks! Let’s get to know each other!

Hi friends! I feel like I don’t interact with you guys nearly enough and lately I’ve been extra in the autumn mood. Ask away please! :) 

pumpkin spice: what’s your drink of choice?

wool socks: what’s something you look forward to in fall?

falling leaves: you’re stranded on a desert island and here’s the twist; what three things do you NOT bring with you?

smelly candles: what’s your absolute favorite scent?

big sweaters: do you prefer the cold, warmth, or a perfect in-between?

halloween: if you could dress up as anyone/ anything and pull it off absolutely flawlessly, who/what would it be?

cozy blankets: where do you feel the most safe and at home?

hot tea: when was the last time you kissed someone 

flannel: what’s your favorite day of the year? is there a reason it’s your favorite?

chilly air: what’s your least favorite and favorite type of weather?

scarves: if you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life what would it be?

apple cider: if you could throw a party, and invite absolutely anyone, who would they be?

haunted houses: what’s your scariest memory? (if you don’t have one/ don’t want to talk about it, what’s your biggest fear?)

fuzzy boots: if you could live in any year/era, which would it be and why?

thanksgiving: what is something/someone you’re the most thankful for? any particular reason?

black friday: what is one thing, if anything, you would sell your soul to own?

apple picking: if you could go anywhere, where would it be and why?

corn mazes: do you have any secret talents/abilities?

hay rides: if you could pick absolutely anything to be your form of transportation, what would it be?

the color orange: do you have a specific song that reminds you of autumn? what is it?

windy nights:if you could go to any concert whose would it be?

holding hands: do you believe in soulmates?

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fall shit with boyfriend!tom

-walks around central park with one hand stuffed in your trench coat and your other hand in his and the leaves crunching under your feet

-using up every moment of the fall weather that is both you and tom’s favorite

-him picking hay out of your hair after a hayride

-snuggling around a fire with friends and looking up at tom until he catches your gaze and presses a kiss to your hair with an “mmm i love you”

-kissing marshmallow off his lips after eating some messy s’mores

-tom’s arms around you with his chin resting on your shoulder as you stir a big pot of soup after a long chilly afternoon outside

-tom wearing the coziest sweaters and snuggling into him all the time

-stocking up the fridge with apple cider

-spending weeks preparing for a non-cheesy costume for your friend’s halloween costume contest party that you guys attend every year and you guys being so satisfied when you bring home the dub for best couple costume

-walking around the house in just your underwear and one of Tom’s snuggly sweaters

-you dragging tom to a haunted house and him complaining the whole time in line

-“oh get over it, if that twelve year old in front of us can do it, you can, too”

-”it’s not that i can’t, I just don’t want to”

-him doing it anyway because he loves you

-you actually ending up being scared shitless along with tom who pushes you in front of him to use you as a bodyguard


-since thanksgiving isn’t a thing in the U.K, it’s always spent at your parent’s house

-when you decide to take the trip down to your parent’s house tom participates in all of your fam traditions like going apple picking in the morning to find the perfect apples for your mom’s world famous apple pie for dessert that night

-and touch football in the backyard with the entire fam before dinner. You and Tom are on opposite teams and Tom jokingly “tackles” you by picking you up and spinning you around when you catch the ball

-the family of course always goes around the table during dinner saying what they’re thankful for and the first time Tom comes for Thanksgiving your mom definitely says something super cheesy but super cute about how happy she is to have tom join in the fam traditions and you just roll your eyes but tom beams and squeezes your hand under the table

-while eating that delicious apple pie after dinner your fam tells stories about your young self and you all laugh until your stomachs hurt

-one of your sibs tells an especially embarrassing story about you that makes tom crack up which makes you say “that never happened you liar” which just makes tom laugh harder and hug you ‘cause you’re so cute when you’re embarrassed 

-a time or two your fam is traveling or you just decide you’d rather just be together but it’s just you and tom on Thanksgiving and it’s pretty chill with some nice music playing while you guys make dinner together

-you knew that tom was missing home that past week and secretly ask tom’s mom for that pumpkin bread pudding recipe the day before and make it while tom is out with some friends

-you bring it out after dinner and tom grins so big and give you a kiss with a “thanks baby” against your lips

-you guys eat it on your balcony patio and breathe in the fresh fall air bundled up under a blanket just smilin’ at each other with mouths full of warm gooey pudding 

-complaining about stores that put christmas decorations up in october because you just want to enjoy fall without having to think about christmas shopping and the cold nyc winter and putting away any warm weather clothes okay?!?

-overall fall is just a snuggly season that you and tom both love to spend together


aw aw aw we hope you love fall!tom as much as we do!!😍😍😍

xoxo, L & A

janes-ives  asked:

🎃 ( ur blog is so nice im crying idk why i wasnt following you before im a fool), any fall eddie hcs! congrats on the follows!

 oh my god thank you?? i love your blog so much im crying 

autumn is my all time favorite season this is the best thing you could’ve asked of me

- autumn is the season when richie and eddie officially confessed their feelings for one another, so it’s very special to them

- one time the losers made gigantic leaf piles behind mike’s farm and at one point eddie fell on top of richie. they ended staying up like that for a while, just lying with each other in the leaves while richie stroked eddie’s back through his fleece

- richie doubles up on wearing dark flannels under his jackets so he can stay warm when he inevitably falls victim to eddie pressing his cold nose against richie’s neck and gives him his jacket

- at derry’s fall festival, eddie complains that his hands are cold so richie buys him apple cider with a shy smile. eddie of course thinks this is adorable, but since richie didn’t get the hint, eddie slips his fingers through richie’s as they’re getting in line for caramel apples (and smiles into his cider when he richie immediately grips back too hard)

- they go to their first high school party together after a football game and end up ditching the party in favor of climbing out of the house’s second story window, just to sit on the roof and stargaze

- that’s the first time richie earnestly tells eddie he thinks he’s more beautiful than any star in the sky

- eddie’s fingers are cold on the back of richie’s neck when he leans in to kiss him

- they wake up the next morning in eddie’s bed, to the sound of rain softly hitting the windows, both of them wearing one of richie’s hoodies. they smile sleepily and give each other eskimo kisses with their cold noses

- until richie puts his cold toes on eddie’s bare thigh and he screams

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The Drunkle Stan

Woah guys, August 1st is creeping up on us fast and celebrations need to ensue. Since I could find none online I’ve whipped up some tasty Gravity Falls mixed drinks myself just for the occasion and forced encouraged my friends to test them out a while back. 

First we start off with our favorite tourist trapping grunkle! The Drunkle Stan is the first in (so far) 6 Gravity Falls drinks I have come up with. It contains:
*Bicardi Gold Rum (You’ve been buying gold right?)
*Hard Apple Cider
*and a splash of apple juice

Since I did not officially measure how much of each goes into the Drunkle Stan, I drew a crude representation of the portions for yall Enjoy!

Tune in tomorrow night for the Fuzzy Mabel ;D August 1st will be a time to party down!

Other Drinks:
The Fuzzy Mabel
The Dipper Tipper
The Soos Driver
The Wendy CorduJoy
The Gideon Oblivion

mbav halloween headcanons
  • they still go trick-or-treating even thought they’re in high school
  • before they were dating ethan and benny would dress up in really dorky costumes 
    • now that they’re dating they wear couple’s costumes but are still just as dorky
  • erica makes sarah be a dusk character with her
    • “aren’t they supposed to be a girl and a guy” “dusk is for the gays”
  • when benny was little his grandma would secretly put a spell on his costume every year to make it look real and he would be SO HAPPY even though he didn’t know it was magic
  • rory steals everyone’s candy
  • when erica gets “hot” and popular she wants to go to cool halloween parties and complains but she secretly loves trick-or-treating with the dorks and her gf
  • carving pumpkins
  • ethan’s mom makes apple cider for everyone
  • everyone hates candy corn (even rory) but benny loves it
  • after trick-or-treating they all watch scary movies
    • sarah pretends to be scared so she can cuddle with erica
    • rory and ethan are actually scared and erica tells them to quit being weenies
    • benny makes jokes the whole time and everyone tells him to shut up
  • sarah loves decorating and when she’s babysitting one night her and jane make a bunch of cute halloween crafts
The Signs are...

Aries: Midnight bond fires on a cold night, sloppy kisses, mindlessly dragging your finger across someones arm, the liberation of finishing HW, being alone in the city

Taurus: Silence in the desert, reading your favorite book on a rainy day, big sweaters/top knots/long socks, playing acoustic guitar, walking into antique bookstores

Gemini: Not being able to stop laughing with your best friend(s), bright umbrellas in heavy rain, splashing around in puddles, jumping into a giant pile of leaves, holding eye contact with someone

Cancer: The panic and excitement of a first kiss, christmas parties, falling asleep on FaceTime but not ending the call, spontaneously making cookies at 2 am, wearing someone else’s oversized sweater

Leo: Looking in a mirror and going “damn I look nice”, winning a race/competition, sitting in comfortable silence and playing with ur s/o hair, being in a room full of people but only caring about one person in there, receiving surprise gifts

Virgo: Finishing a good book, buying new school supplies, singing at the top of your lungs when no one else is around, taking a selfie and being satisfied with it, making new friends

Libra: Holding your s/o hand when nervous, performing with the spotlight solely on you, someone kissing you a million times at once and telling you they love you, binge watching disney movies, winter’s breath

Scorpio: Learning a new language, tender neck kisses, photoshoots with friends, the view of the city from up top, sipping hot apple cider in winter

Sagittarius: Playing with glow in the dark sticks, wearing red, rave parties, running into the ocean, a late night hook up

Capricorn: Leather bound books, finding small quaint towns, holding in laughter at a serious moment, someone holding you while you sob loudly, movie and popcorn

Aquarius: Wearing heels, grocery store runs, last minute christmas shopping, going cherry picking, creating something you’re proud of

Pisces: Ice skating in an empty rink, tight hugs, traveling to a foreign country, forehead kisses, picking a loved one up from the airport

Halloween in Villeneuve (Gaston x Reader One Shot)

Originally posted by captainjollypants

Beauty and the Beast (2017) | Gaston (Luke Evans) x Reader

Requested by @rumplestiltskin

Words / Warning: 6,484 (wow, I’m sorry) / None really. A little bit of a ghost story at one point plus tons of fluffy moments.

Author’s Note: Alright, better late than never, right?? So, this is my first time ever writing a one shot or a Gaston x Reader story and, gotta admit, it was super fun but weird writing something about Gaston without my character Anne in it hahaha. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this! I also apologize in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes, I’ve been sick all weekend and I swear my eyes are crossed after this. For those who read my other stories, I’ve already been writing the next chapter of No Man’s Land and will have that up very soon! Enjoy the Halloween Villeneuve festivities and lots of FLUFF!

Tags: @rumplestiltskin ; @afairytaledream ; @bobateaandchocolatepudding ; @sylarwinchester

Villeneuve possessed quite a knack for celebrating the holidays, where all gossip and disputes were temporarily forgotten and a time of unity and happiness flourished. Halloween was no exception despite the alleged darkness of the day. In fact, for many Villeneuve residents, Halloween was their favorite time of year. Pumpkins and marigolds bordered the cobblestone streets in groups, cornstalks huddled together with carved jack-o-lanterns on every front porch, and mock cobwebs were strewn across the buildings and statues to welcome this annual celebration.

Everyone was brimming with excitement and greeted the day with an ongoing purr of conversation and laughter that vibrated from the streets into the busy town square. Local opportunists seized advantage of the chaos and constructed boxy stations that offered an array of activities such as apple bobbing, Halloween-themed face painting, pumpkin picking, and cider tastings (a known favorite). Autumn had officially perfumed the provincial village with its familiar concoction of crisp air, burning firewood, and fresh apples. It was a pleasant time, and yet when the sun descended behind the trees and paved way for a full moon, Halloween in Villeneuve was a different story…

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A New Tradition

Word Count: 965

Pairing: Dwalin x Reader

Challenge: For @sdavid09 TaleTeller’s Fright Night 2017! My prompt was apple cider, and “I’m not drunk, just a little unbalanced.” This was my first time writting for The Hobbit fandom, so let me know what you think!

A/N: This was super fun to write! Feedback is welcomed. Let me know if you want to be tagged!

You were making your way down the hallway leading away from the grand hall. The party was still going on, but you needed a break. You were heading toward the gardens, but the walk seemed much longer than you remembered. You giggled as you thought about the night you’d had, but this turned out to be a bad idea as you lost your balance and had to slump against the stone wall for support. This, however, just made you giggle more.

“For Mahal’s sake lass, what are you doing out here?” You heard Dwalin’s voice from behind you. You giggled harder and turned toward him.

“I want to go see the stars!” You explained. “So I’m going to the garden!” Dwalin rolled his eyes and walked to stand next to you.

“That’s all well and good, but you are going the wrong way.” You knitted your brows and looked around.

“Well why does everything in Erebor look the same? That’s a design flaw.”

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anonymous asked:

7,13 for Frank Castle for the Halloween Au ?? 😍😍🎃🎃🎃❤️❤️❤️

7. Grabbed at the same time for the last copy of a scary movie and 13. You took my pumpkin pie on accident and I have your apple pie one

I hummed to the music in my headphones as I pushed my cart through the nearest 24-hour Walmart. We were having a stupid Halloween party at work tomorrow which I had forgotten all about (or maybe pushed so far to the back of my head since I didn’t want to attend). So here I was at nearly 1am shopping for paper plates and cups, cider, and apple pie that I’d sprinkle with cinnamon and top off in the oven as if I baked it myself.

Surprisingly even at this hour there was still someone handing out samples. Little plastic cups with pieces of pie in each. I knew I was there for apple but that didn’t stop me from trying the pecan, which was giving me a cavity off the one bite alone, or the pumpkin, which I always hated but for some reason thought eventually I’d find the one pumpkin pie to rule them all.

I would not find that ultimate pie today.

“Can I get an apple, too?” I questioned louder than I needed to thanks to the headphones. The person working the bakery was already digging for a pie the guy next to me asked for, so I thought they’d grab mine as well.

He didn’t seem like the type to be strolling through a Walmart at 1am. He had this whole survivalist look about him, like he had his end of the world bunker ready and waiting for him at any given moment, and here he was picking up a pie. Hell, he didn’t even look like he ate pie! A low crew cut, beaten jeans with leather boots neatly tucked under them, an army green cargo jacket. His face was hard as stone, but I couldn’t help but notice it was a handsome face.

After taking the pie being handed to me I went to grab a gallon of cider before heading to find paper products. On my way I passed electronics and a display of horror films for five bucks, and who could turn down cheap DVDs? Although let’s be honest, I couldn’t remember the last time I actually used my DVD player… Even the phrase ‘DVD player’ was beginning to sound outdated and obsolete. But I’d dust it off to watch this collection of Child’s Play films which was a personal favorite.

But like a scene from a movie another hand reached for the very same copy, the last one on display, as I did. I looked to see the pie guy, retrieving his hand and taking a step back. “Excuse me-”

“-No no, go ahead. I’ve seen these movies a thousand times each by now,”
I said with a chuckle.

“Make that a thousand and one for me. I mean it, really; it’s yours.”

“You sure?” I asked with a raised brow, slowly reaching for the DVD.

“You were here first. What kinda gentleman would that make me?”

“Well in that case…” I tossed the DVD into my cart with a smile and returned the earbud to my ear, bouncing off to my music with a friendly goodbye to the pie guy.

Only it wasn’t goodbye. The thing about Walmart was that I would come for one thing, and always left with ten things more. After I found everything I came for I wound up in the cosmetics isle when I bumped into pie guy once again. I gave him a bit of side eye. “You followin’ me?”

He huffed a small laugh to himself. “No, I-”

“-Because if you really want the movie you can have it, I swear.”

“No no no, please, keep it. Really- I think there may have been some kinda mix up back there. Somehow I wound up with your pie.”


He chuckled again with a bit of a side grin this time. “The pies? You took my pumpkin on accident and I have yer apple one,” he stated, extending the apple pie to me for an exchange.

“Oh! Oh- My bad!” I turned to grab the pie from my cart. “Honestly, I don’t know how I got these mixed up. I mean, apple pie has a crust and pumpkin clearly does not.”

“It’s fine. I think you were, uh, a lil’ occupied with yer music to notice.”

“You know you coulda just… went back to the bakery and grabbed a new pie instead of finding me, right?” I teased.

He chuckled again, looking at the pie as he scratched the back of his head. “I was actually on my way there but couldn’t help but overhear someone blasting Bruno Mars from their headphones. Ya gonna blow yer ears out, ya know that right?”

“… Would it be rude if I said I’m shocked you even recognized Bruno Mars?”

He nodded to himself, turning to head back to the checkout lines. “You enjoy that pie, ma’am.”

“You do the same…” As he walked away I couldn’t help but noticed how well he was wearing those jeans, twisting my head a bit for a better view. He tossed a look back at me over his shoulder, which of course made me quickly divert my attention to a nearby display of mascara. He shook his head as he laughed at me and continued to walk away.

I’d remember this encounter as the only good experience a pumpkin pie has ever brought me.

Empty Corridors - Chapter 26

Last time, Lacey sat her SATs and prepared for a street party to open the new small business enterprise she persuaded Gold to invest in.  Here’s what happened next.

AO3 link

“I can’t believe I was so stupid.”

Lacey felt like tearing her hair.  The street party to celebrate the opening of the market and warehouse businesses was due to start in an hour, the hog roast wasn’t ready and the sound system had stopped working.

“Why did I ever think I could do this?” she demanded, whirling to face Gold, who was watching her with a tiny grin on his face.  “I must have been insane!  Why didn’t you stop me, for God’s sake?”

“Because I enjoyed watching you do an excellent job,” he replied.  “And because I knew you could do it.  And you have.”

“We have no food and no music!” she snapped.  “I half-expect the beer barrels to explode or something!”

Gold put a hand on her shoulder, and his touch was calming.

“Granny has already said the food will be ready on time,” he said gently.  “The mulled cider is ready to drink, and the beer barrels are fine.  Leroy’s fixing the sound system as we speak.  It will go well, I promise.”

She leaned against his chest with a sigh, smiling as he kissed the top of her head.

“Tiana hasn’t set up yet,” she said then.  “What if it starts and she’s not ready?”

“This thing is scheduled to last three hours,” he said dryly.  “I’m sure it won’t matter if she’s ten minutes late.  From what I remember of her cakes, she’ll sell out long before the party’s over.”

Lacey hesitated, breathing in his scent, her fingers clutching at his shirt.

“What if nobody comes?” she whispered, voicing her secret fear, and Gold chuckled, a low sound that vibrated through his body.

“Everyone will come,” he said.  “It’s not every day this town has a street party, after all.”

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anonymous asked:

I NEED more stenbrough + autumn content in my life pls and thank (and like?? This blog is so pure?? I love it so much)

AHHHH thank you!

more stenbrough autumn content :

- they love making autumn themed treats to give to the other losers. Stan clips out recipes from his mom magazines and Bill will tear them out of the paper and go through his mom’s recipe box. they make caramels, pumpkin bread, pecan cookies, allll that good stuff.

- Stan totally falls in love with autumn fashion and Bill compliments his clothing every day. Bev helps Stan pick out clothes at the beginning of each season, and Stan loves creating outfits. Bill’s personal favorite on Stan is his orange cable knit sweater with a denim jacket and sunglasses. Every time Stan wears it, Bill gets heart eyes.

- On the weekends, they drive into town and spend hours going to each shop and sampling hot apple cider to determine who has the best, which will end up being the place of their study dates.

- whenever they go to a Halloween party, they always leave around ten so they can go home and watch a scary movie together. they’ll change into comfy sweaters and sweatpants then sort through Bill’s large collection of horror movies, usually picking the same one each time. Nightmare On Elm Street. They would never tell each other, but each of them secretly liked the sight of Johnny Depp in a cropped shirt. But other than that, they spent most of the time curled up against each other, Stan’s legs in Bill’s lap and his hands holding his whenever it got scary. They jump every time.

short, but sweet… hopefully.

-autumn asks-

pumpkin spice: what’s your drink of choice?

wool socks: what’s something you look forward to in fall?

falling leaves: you’re stranded on a desert island and here’s the twist; what three things do you NOT bring with you?

smelly candles: what’s your absolute favorite scent?

big sweaters: do you prefer the cold, warmth, or a perfect in-between?

halloween: if you could dress up as anyone/ anything and pull it off absolutely flawlessly, who/what would it be?

cozy blankets: where do you feel the most safe and at home?

hot tea: when was the last time you kissed someone (if you haven’t had your first kiss, who would you like that first someone to be?)

flannel: what’s your favorite day of the year? is there a reason it’s your favorite?

chilly air: what’s your least favorite and favorite type of weather?

scarves: if you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life what would it be?

apple cider: if you could throw a party, and invite absolutely anyone, who would they be?

haunted houses: what’s your scariest memory? (if you don’t have one/ don’t want to talk about it, what’s your biggest fear?)

fuzzy boots: if you could live in any year/era, which would it be and why?

thanksgiving: what is something/someone you’re the most thankful for? any particular reason?

black friday: what is one thing, if anything, you would sell your soul to own?

apple picking: if you could go anywhere, where would it be and why?

corn mazes: do you have any secret talents/abilities?

hay rides: if you could pick absolutely anything to be your form of transportation, what would it be?

the color orange: do you have a specific song that reminds you of autumn? what is it?

windy nights:if you could go to any concert whose would it be?

holding hands: do you believe in soulmates?

Tyler Joseph Imagine - Pt. 3

When Tyler wakes up the next morning, it’s not to the sound of an annoying alarm clock, like he’s used to.  Instead, it’s to the warm sun glowing through his shades, illuminating shadows on his bed.  The first thing he notices is how sore he was.  How did he spend eighteen years of his life sleeping in this lumpy bed?  He stretches out, still under the covers.  The second thing he notices is that Y/N’s gone.  He sits up, rubbing his eyes from hours of sleep, before looking around the room.  

He fumbles around, patting down various spots on his nightstand before finding his phone.  He clicks the home button, his lock screen popping up with that ridiculous picture she took of the two of them.  He stares at her.  Her lips are pressed against his flushed cheek. Tyler has to physically shake his head to get the grin off from his face.

After throwing on a sweatshirt, Tyler heads downstairs, curious about the delicious smell coming from the kitchen and curious as to where Y/N disappeared to.

He doesn’t stay curious for long.  The minute his feet his the hardwood floor and he turns the corner of the hallway, both his questions were answered.

His mother and Y/N were both in the kitchen, still in pajamas and pulling a giant pan of cinnamon rolls out from the oven.  Neither of them noticed Tyler lingering, so he just sat back for a moment and listened.

“These smell amazing,” Y/N says, gazing in awe at the pan.  “I can’t believe you make these from scratch.”

“The kids have loved them ever since they were little.  It became my own little tradition to get up extra early on Christmas Eve to make them.”

“So you roll the dough and then add the extra cinnamon?” she asks.

“That’s right—“ Tyler’s mom goes on to explain the process to her and Tyler crosses his arms, smiling.  

“You’ll have to write it down for me,” she says once his mom’s done speaking.  

“Oh absolutely, darling,” and Tyler can tell how much Y/N spending time with his mom meant to her.  She really was going the extra mile with all this.  

Tyler was slowly coming to terms with the fact that he’d be be in debt to her for practically the rest of his life when he decided to make his presence known.

“Morning,”he says, walking up to the counter and having a seat at one of the bar stools.

“Morning baby,” his mom says as she hangs up her oven mitt, “How’d you sleep?”

“Great,” he lies, ignoring the throbbing pain in his lower back.

“Don’t these look awesome?”  Y/N asks Tyler, still gawking at the giant pastries.

He smiles in awe at her, partly to further convince his mother of their love, but partly because he could tell how proud she was for helping and it was adorable.

Tyler nods, “They look incredible.”

“Well no eating them until your brothers and sister are up,” his mother instructs.  She unties the apron from around her waist.  “Which should be anytime.  I told them that they had to help around the house before everyone got here.”

Y/N’s head whipped around.  She stared at Tyler, tilting her head and widening her eyes.  Tyler froze.  He forgot to mention the party his family always threw on Christmas Eve.  There would be upwards of forty people crowded around his house by six o’clock, he never mentioned that minor detail to Y/N in the debriefing.  

“I’m going to go get cleaned up,” Y/N announces.  “Then I can help with setting up or cooking., whatever needs to be done,” she says sweetly.

She gives Tyler’s shoulder a light squeeze on her way by.  He wasn’t sure if that was to show affection in front of his mom or a cue for him to get his ass upstairs.  

He decided to play things on the safe side.  “I’m gonna go freshen up, too.”

He follows her up the stairs and into the bedroom where she shuts the door, locking him in.  The minute she crosses her arms, he knows he’s in for it.

“How could you forget to mention a fucking party?” she snaps.

“I don’t know—“ Tyler stammers, “It’s a tradition so it just slipped my mind.”

“You told me all kinds of your family’s traditions!” she gasps, “You even told me the order that everyone opens their stockings, for Christ’s sake!”

“I know- I’m sorry,” he says, meaning it.

She pinches the bridge of her nose and inhales sharply.

“So what’s the damage?  Like ten-fifteen relatives? Give or take?”

“More like forty-forty five,” Tyler says through gritted teeth.  He really does feel bad.  This was the kind of shit you should warn anyone about, but especially your fake-girlfriend.

Her jaw drops.  “Forty five people?”

He nods.

“Christ, how big is your fucking family?”

“Big,” he remarks.

She rolls her eyes before sighing, “Okay, well give me the scoop then.”

Tyler goes on to explain further dynamics of his extended family.  He tells her about his uncles and aunts, cousins, grandparents.  He explains that Josh and his family might pop in, and tells her a bit about each of them.

“Will it be suspicious that your best friend’s family have never heard of me?” she asks.

“I told Josh to bring you up in conversation beforehand, so hopefully they’ll buy it.”

She nods, looking impressed, “That was actually good thinking.  Maybe you are kinda good at this.”

“Yeah,” he chuckles, “Next step will be finding a real girlfriend.  Then I won’t have to fake all of this.  God, I can’t wait for things to get back to normal,” he says, plopping down on his bed.  He buries his face in his hands.  “This is all so stressful… this pretending stuff.  I can’t wait until we’re in Chicago again, then we can go back to hating each other like usual.”

Y/N’s face falls then, her grin fading into a neutral look.  She suddenly tucks her hair behind her ears and coughs.  

“Right, well, I think I’m going to get changed up now.”

She scoots past Tyler and over to her suitcase, where she gathers a handful of clothes in her arms.  She doesn’t even look at him before running off to the bathroom, leaving Tyler alone.  

The rest of the day was spent preparing as much food as they could for the party. They made a fun time out of it, listening to Christmas music and drinking their way through several bottles of apple cider.  

Tyler was sure he was imagining it, but Y/N seemed especially avoidant of him since they talked in the bedroom.  She didn’t make it obvious.  At least no one else seemed to pick up on her distance.  But Tyler could feel it in the way she avoided eye contact with him and tried especially hard to acquaint herself with everyone besides him in his family.  

When the time finally came for guests to start arriving, Tyler scooted upstairs to change into his nicer clothes.  When he approached his bedroom, he noticed the door only cracked slightly open.  He didn’t notice Y/N take off to change, but assumed that’s what she was doing.  Tyler gently knocked on the door.

“You can come in,” she calls.

Tyler grips the handle and pushes the door open, he almost gasps out loud at the sight before him.  

Y/N is standing in front of his mirror, trying to hook on a necklace.  She’s got her tongue poking out of her mouth in concentration, the light pink contrasting with the lipstick she’s wearing.  She tries with the necklace again, but she keeps letting the metal latch before it’s fastened.  Her dress is a deep red color and she’s done her hair up in these marvelous curls that Tyler’s never seen her with before.  He just stands there with his hand still on the door handle, staring, not able to close his gaping jaw.

“You look—“ he stammers, unable to find words.

“Can you help me?” she says in spite of his unfinished sentence.

He nods and walks over, taking the necklace from her.  She collects her thick hair to the side so that Tyler can clip the hook on the back.  He does it with ease, and once he let’s go, she’s able to move her hair back in place.

“You look incredible,” he finishes after gathering up enough courage.  

She smiles at him from the mirror, “Thanks.” Her response is short and he still senses a stand-offish tone to her voice.  

He clears his throat, deciding that now was a good time to address her attitude towards him.  

“Hey,” he starts, “I don’t know if I said something to upset you or did something… but whatever it is, I’m sorry.”

She smiles, her dimples becoming visible, “Don’t be sorry.  We hate each other, remember?”

Her tone is thick with sarcasm and Tyler squeezes his eyes shut, remembering his words from earlier in the day.  But why would that upset her so much?  It was true that they hated each other, wasn’t it?  She was always so short with him… she threw up on his shoes for Christ’s sake! Then he remembered the butterflies in his stomach when she kissed his cheek and the feeling of his skin growing hot whenever she would touch him.  He gave her another gaze, from head to toe and listened to the beat of his chest. Tyler blinks twice when he realizes that no, it probably wasn’t true anymore.

“I’m sorry about that—“ he stammers.  “I didn’t mean it.”

“It’s fine,” she says as she pulls on her heels.  She adjusts one of her earrings before getting up and leaving the room without another word.  Tyler knows things are far from fine.

The first guest arrived just after six thirty.  It was his aunt and uncle from Toledo.  Once they rolled in, the rest seemed to come in flocks, until the house was full of bodies and chatter.  Y/N stuck close to Tyler, despite her clear annoyance with his presence.  It wouldn’t be authentic if she didn’t.  He introduced her to relatives like a normal couple would, but she didn’t really talk to him unless there were people around to impress.

Tyler couldn’t stop thinking about his sudden realization.  When did their feud turn into Tyler being speechless by her appearance?  Or being so fond when she talked?  He found himself on autopilot, giving the same speech to his family members in the same, monotonous tone.  His exterior was dull, but inside, he was screaming.  Because every time she would touch his shoulder, or grab his hand, Tyler felt like exploding into a million pieces.  He was in so deep and he didn’t even realize it.  

He actually sighed a breathe of relief when Josh showed up with Jordan.  He had never been happier to see his best friend.  

“Hey,” Josh smiles, walking right over to him, “The girls couldn’t make it- but they say ‘hello’.”

Tyler turned to introduce Y/N to Jordan, but he soon realizes that she’s not by his side any longer.  He looks around the house, gazing over the tops of people to try and get a sense of where she went.  He even stands on his tip-toes before spotting her red dress just before it turns around the corner of the spare dining room.  There was no party in there, so Tyler can’t help but feel suspicious of where she’s heading.

“I’ll be right back guys, okay?” Tyler says, patting Josh on the back before scooting after her.  He rushed through bodies, muttering apologizes to those he bumps a little too hard, before finally breaking free.

When he turns the corner, he hears Y/N’s hushed voice talking on the phone.

“No mom, you don’t want to do that… you’re just upset.  I know you don’t mean it, it’s okay… Nope, I’m away for a few days, remember?  Remember we talked about this last week when I visited?   No, it’s me mom.  It’s still me,” she sighs heavily, her voice breaking, “Just hang in there okay?  Maybe you could go sit in the rec room with everyone else… No, no, no— no one’s trying to kill you, mom.  You’re safe there… Well, I can’t come home right now.  But I’ll be home in a few days, and I promise I’ll come by to visit.  Okay?  Alright, I love you— bye.”

She hangs up the phone but stays staring at the wall for a moment.  Tyler feels like he should make his presence known, but isn’t sure how without jumping her.  He hears her take a deep breath in before sniffling loudly and he decided to clear his throat along with knocking on the wooden door frame.  

She turns around sharply, still clutching her phone to her chest.

“Oh—“ she says, “I didn’t know you were right there.”

“Sorry, I didn’t want to sneak up on you.”

“How much of that did you hear?” she whispers.

He smiles empathetically, “All of it… I think.  I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but I saw you rushed off and I wanted to check and make sure you were okay.”

Tyler expects backlash.  Something about being disrespectful and having no boundaries.  Instead she let’s her head fall and she chuckles softly.

“That was my mom,” she explains.  “She’s in a hospital.”

He nods, taking a hesitant step forward.

“She uh- isn’t well.”

“I had no idea—“ he says.

That’s when he sees the tears glistening on her cheeks and sees her face break.  She wipes them away hastily but he can hear her choking on a silent cry.

“I’m sorry-“ she says, her voice thick.  “This is embarrassing.”

“No, no—“ Tyler says, walking forward and putting his arm around her.  She leans into him, still set on wiping away her tears.

“My mom was deemed clinically insane during my senior year of high school.  But she’s been hearing voices and threatening to hurt other people for years.  My dad just had her institutionalized.  He didn’t want to deal with her anymore.  He left.  Took my younger sisters with him.  But I stayed,” she looks up at Tyler, who’s still listening intently, “I couldn’t leave,” she explains.

He nods.

“She calls sometimes.  The nurses say I’m the only one who can calm her down when she gets like that. Sorry I made you leave the party.”

“I don’t know about you.. but I was getting real sick of that party anyway.  I have a better idea.”

He steps back and offers her his hand.  She looks at him, skepticism wild in her eyes, but she takes it anyway.  Tyler leads her to the back staircase of his house.

“Wait here,” he instructs.

She nods and Tyler runs off.

He doesn’t return until he’s successfully confiscated two full wine bottles from the kitchen.

Her eyes open wide and a huge grin spreads across her face when she sees.  

“I like where your mind’s at,” she laughs, taking one bottle before following Tyler up the stairs.  There’s a window in the upstairs living room that opened right out onto the roof.  Tyler used to climb out there to escape the madness sometimes as a kid.  He never brought anyone else out with him.  Not Zach.  Not Madison.  Not Jay.  Not even Josh.  No one.  He steps out onto the shingles before turning to help Y/N.  He takes the bottle from her hand so that she can steady herself.  She looks at him once she’s grounded and shakes her head.

“You’re absolutely mental.”

He laughs, nodding his head.  “I never said I wasn’t.”

The air is cold, but Tyler considers it lucky that there’s no snow on the roof yet.  The two of them sit, drinking wine straight from the bottle and just talk.

“This is where I found out I loved stars so much,” he says after taking another swig.  His bottle was marginally lighter than when they first got outside.  He noticed that the more he drank, the less cold he felt.  

She looks up at the sky, frowning at the overcast.

“No stars out here,” she pouts.  “At least we’ll see them tonight in your room.”

Tyler laughs, feeling the buzz of the alcohol take over.  

“Hey, listen,” he says, bracing himself for another apology, “I really want to apologize for what I said.  I don’t hate you,” he turns and looks her right in the eyes, marveling at the way they sparkled, “Not even close.”

She smiles, not breaking eye contact, before asking softly, “Tyler, what are we doing out here?”

“When we’re with family, making introductions or small talk, or whatever it is,  I can’t tell if it’s real  I didn’t want to share you with them anymore.”

She smiled from ear to ear, looking so adorable and  uncomfortable all at once.  So, Tyler did the only thing he could think of to ease his own embarrassment. He leaned forward and kissed her. Just a peck that somehow still caused Y/N to make an alarmed noise in the back of her throat and blink at Tyler when he pulled back. Tyler looked up at her from beneath his eyelashes, not necessarily feeling as coy as he was pretending to be, but it did the trick. Her mouth was back on his in a second- hot and wet and just a little bit rough.  Of course her kisses would be as all-consuming as the rest of her.

She lifted herself up and straddled Tyler’s lap for easier access to his mouth.  She tasted just as fresh and lovely as she always smelled, which was surrounding Tyler in the absolute best way. She made a slightly wounded noise as their tongues tangled together and Tyler couldn’t help but agree. He felt like the air had been knocked out of him, his heart thudding against his chest almost painfully.  

A voice in the back of Tyler’s head told him he needed to stop this before it get too far, but that voice could, quite frankly, go fuck itself. Eventually, it was Y/N pulling back for air.

“That… was unexpected,” She said once she caught her breath, her hands latched onto Tyler’s hips as if she was using him to ground herself.

“Was it really?” Tyler laughed, using his hands to brace himself on the shingles.  “I know I’ve been tip toeing around you this whole trip.”

“I guess you’re right,” she said, shifting above Tyler, “This whole thing has been unexpected though, to be honest.”

Tyler pulled back a bit. “I know. I’m sure this isn’t how you wanted to spend your holiday.”

“It’s not that,” she assured him, eyes tracking the movement of Tyler’s tongue as he licked at his lips.

“Your family is great,” she continued. “And I’m glad I’m not spending the holiday alone. I just-” She shook her head slightly, “You hated me.”

“I didn’t hated you,” Tyler tried to deny, but she just looked at him and raised one eyebrow. “Alright, so I kind of hated you.”

“I don’t blame you,” she admitted, tightening her grip on Tyler’s hips. “I was an ass the first time we met.  I didn’t expect to run into a handsome, put together guy when I stole your parking space.  You caught me off guard and I’d just come from visiting my mom, which is always tough. In some twisted way, I was trying to impress you, show you how tough and put together I was too. Which isn’t a good excuse, but it’s the only one I have.”

The fact that she had just been coming off of a bad day actually made a lot of sense.

“It’s okay,” Tyler said, running a gentle hand down her wrist. “You’ve proven to me this week that you aren’t that bad after all. In fact…” He leaned in like he was about to reveal a big secret. “I think I’m kind of starting to like you.”

As far as confessions of feelings went, it wasn’t the most romantic, but she seemed to think otherwise.

“Yeah?” She smiled and tilted her head like an adorably puppy.

“Yeah,” he repeated, leaning in to kiss her again.

It was a short, sweet kiss this time, but it still made Tyler mourn the past six months when he could have been kissing Y/N and wasn’t.

“I like you, too,” she said when they pulled apart. “I’ve had a crush on you since pretty much that first day I met you.”

“Wow,” Tyler said, speechless.  “All it took was two bottles of wine to get that one out in the open.”

She smiled incredibly, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment, or from being slightly tipsy, either way, it was adorable.  She leaned her head against Tyler’s chest and nuzzled into the crook of his arm, shaking her head.

“So what’s this all mean?” she asks into the fabric of his shirt.

He sighs, because honestly, he didn’t know.  

“How about—“ he says, thinking out loud, “When all of this is over, I take you out on a real date when we get home?”  

She pulls her face back from his chest and nods, “I’d like that.”

Tyler notices Y/N shaking after sitting outside for too long, and helps her to her feet.  When he collects the bottle of wine, he’s impressed to see that she drank nearly all of it.  He can tell, too, by the way she staggers to the window, almost falling nearly twice before they’re both safe and back inside.  

“Come on,” he says, “Let’s get you to bed.”

“Shouldn’t we socialize at the party a bit more?” she asks.  

He nods, “Probably.”

“People are going to wonder where we’ve been.”

He nods again, “Definitely.”

She smiles and wipes his lips with her fingers. “The lipstick on your lips doesn’t leave much to the imagination,” she snickers.

Halloween Headcanons (Narnia)

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  • Lucy absolutely LOVES trick or treating. 
    • Her siblings dread it because of her tendency to get high on sugar. 
  • Susan THRIVES on Halloween 
    • She loves to drag each of her siblings to an event with her
      • Peter and she do hayrides and drink apple cider together 
      • She and Lucy carve pumpkins together. 
      • Edmund and she visit corn mazes and haunted houses
    • She loves attending Halloween parties. Double if it’s a masquerade.
  • Decoration shopping together
    • Lucy loves the cute and pretty decor
      • Purple and black spider, smiley pumpkins, or cute glow in the dark ghosts. 
    • Susan loves the Halloween aesthetic decor
      • Cobwebs
      • Dusty candelabras 
      • Silhouette streamers of witches 
      • Black and orange tinsel 
    • Edmund likes classic, scary decor 
      • Fake Limbs 
      • Hanging witches that cackle 
      • Realistic tombstones
    • Peter grabs anything remotely Halloween looking
      • Broomsticks
      • Anything purple, black, and orange
      • Masks
      • Bloody weapons 
    • Susan has to veto siblings’ choices at times. 
  • Peter is Lucy’s favorite trick-or-treating companion. 
    • He scares anyone who tries to steal her candy. 
    • Lucy rewards him with some of her candy stash. 
  • Edmund likes to hole himself up in his room with a bunch of Halloween candy and a stack of Halloween movies. 
    • Watches movies like Nostradamus, Dracula, and Frankenstein
    • But he also likes the classic horror movies such as Friday the 13th & Nightmare on Elm Street. 
    • Avoids “It” like the plague because it gave him nightmares for a month.
    • Guilty pleasure Halloween movie is Monster House. 
  • Sometimes, the Pevensies will do group costumes. 
    • Their particular favorite was when they all dressed up as the Ghostbusters. 
NYE: Spin the Bottle

Aaron Burr x Reader

Modern AU

Author(s): Lil Lambie


Warnings: Kissing, mild swearing

Request: *slams fists on table* GIVE. ME. BURR. X. READER. NEW. YEARS. FLUFF. OR. GIVE. ME. DEATH.

A/N: I haven’t ever written Aaron Burr x Reader before, but wow I can’t believe I haven’t before! I love it so much! I hope you love it too!

Aaron opened the door and immediately extended out his hand to yours. Reluctantly and blushing you took it. He brought your knuckles to his lips and kissed them gingerly. “Good evening, it is good to see you.” he smiled.

You let him lead you inside and take your coat. “The festivities are taking place in the next room.”

You laughed as you walked into the kitchen. His kitchen counters were full of every snack food a middle schooler would have at a birthday party. Beside the napkins, bowls, and plates for the snap were a stack of glittery gold hats with happy new year inscribed in swirled writing. Next to those were a bunch of oversized plastic glasses that the frames spelled out 2017, with a little celebratory party horn on each corner of the glasses.

You poured yourself some apple cider, in red solo cups. You walked down the short flight of stairs to the den.

Everyone was huddled around chatting holding their cups of apple cider. Alex who sat with Eliza looked particularly disgusted. Thomas sat, charming a girl but looked completely disinterested in the conversation and party.

It was like a sad middle schoolers party. You laughed to yourself as you thought, what’s next? Is he going to pull out a game of twister?

“Everybody!” Aaron’s voice boomed.

The conversations died down and everyone turned to look at him, their faces mixed full of disgust, boredom, and neutrality.

He smiled at everyone, clearly pleased at the turn out. “I have brought some games to pass the time.”

“Oh! Can we play poker or beer pong?” Alex asked, excitedly.

Aaron laughed and shook his head. “No.” he smiled. “We’re going to play Monopoly!” he held the board game proudly over his head.

You smiled at him while others groaned. “Hey,” you turned to everyone, “let’s try and have fun okay? First one to win gets to choose the next game.” you turned back to Aaron. “Does that sound fair?” he smiled at you and nodded.

“Fine.” Alex groaned. “But I’m going to kick your ass. And don’t you dare think about touching boardwalk or parkway or I will take you outside and literally kick your ass.”

Aaron blushed. “Um, alright.”

You laughed and sat down next to him. There weren’t enough game pieces, so you paired up with Aaron. He smiled at you and kissed you on the cheek. “Now, let’s crush him.”

Alex ended up winning, you and Aaron coming in second place. It was a close game, Alex owned Boardwalk and you owned Parkway. Alex at one point, in the middle of the game flipped the board over in frustration when Aaron refused to trade away Parkway to him. But, he got the majority of the property on the board as he charmed everyone into giving everyone what he wanted.

“Finally! That took four hours!”

“Five actually.” Aaron smiled. “Do you want to play again?”

“No!” Alex cackled. He kicked the board in Burr’s face. You watched his face tensed and he bit his lip. You squeezed his head and shook your head at him. A moment later he relaxed and faked a smile at Alex. “I say we play 7 Minutes in Heaven.” he smirked at Eliza. They were already married, but Alex always took the chance of showing off Eliza. And just an excuse to make out with her.

Eliza shook her head at him and grabbed Alex by the arm. “If we are going to continue playing middle schooler games, why don’t we play something else.” she smiled at Alex. “I would rather have seven minutes in heaven at home, rather than in a dingy closet.” she smiled at Aaron. “No offense.”

“None taken.” he smiled. Aaron liked Eliza, but he couldn’t stand Alex. It was a shame. She was the only one keeping them from tearing at each other’s throats.

“How about,” you spoke up, “we play spin the bottle!”

“We don’t have a bottle.” Thomas said.

“I can fix that!” Alex said, running over to the snack table, grabbing the bottle of apple cider and gulping the rest down. He stumbled back to Eliza, holding the bottle triumphantly. “Oh, man I’m really going to get hammered tonight.”

Aaron smirked. “Alex, that is not even alcohol.”

“WHAT!” he screamed.

Aaron smiled apathetically at him. “I thought it would be better to stay stober this new years. Because some of us want to remember what happened tonight.”

“Ah, damn you Burr! I like to get wasted, that way I forget all the mistakes I made the night before.”

Eliza looked at him, her face a mix of concern and anger. “What mistakes might you have made tonight, Alex?” she said sharply.

Alex blushed bright red. “Nothing dear.”

“That’s what I thought.” she said firmly.

“Well! Let’s get started!” Aaron shouted, clapping his hands together. He took the bottle from Burr’s hand. He placed it on the shag carpet and spun it.

Alex threw his hand in front of it. “Hey! I get to spin first! Because someone didn’t like my idea. It’s only fair that I go first.”

“Fine.” Aaron smiled.

Alex smiled proudly and spun the bottle around by the mouth. It landed on Thomas. You and Aaron grinned. “Oh, this is going to be a fun night.”

Spin the bottle continued for the next hour. Alex turned to kiss Thomas on the cheek, but Thomas had the same idea, so they both ended up screaming as their lips touched. Aaron laughed.

“GROSS!” Alex shouted.

A few spins later when Alex kissed his wife, he snuck a wink at Thomas. Thomas cocked his head to the right and shook his head, only to sneak a wink back at Alex.

It was nearing midnight and everyone was actually enjoying Spin the Bottle.

“It’s my turn.” Aaron smiled. When he had spun before he had landed on Eliza, Alex, and James. Alex proceeded to punch him hard in the jaw after he kissed Eliza’s hand. Eliza tried to jump in front, only blocking half the blow.

Aaron smiled at you now with a bruised jaw. He spun it around.

It landed on you.

You smiled tentatively at Aaron. He took your hand. This would be the first time Aaron kissed you. He had a massive crush on you ever since middle school. Funnily enough, you had been in this exact situation back in middle school. You had made the excuse that you had to go home though, leaving Aaron to think you didn’t like him.

So now, you grabbed him and kissed him. He pulled back in surprise. “Well, DAAAAAAMMMMNN, Burr!” Alex hollered.

Aaron continued to kiss you slow, in front of everyone. After awhile you realized that everyone was staring at you in silence.

You and Aaron stood up and he smirked, with his hand around your waist. “I think we’re going to go play 7 Minutes in Heaven now.”

And indeed you did.

Talk About Forever-Mark Angst/Fluff


“I love your writing just so heart fluttering~~ Can you make an angst at the point of jealousy and then fluffy AF at the end plz~~?”

“can you do a mark scenario with some jealousy but fluffy as a bunny in the end~~ tnx”

This is also a slight continuation to thinking of you…except I wanted to upload this first :) that will come later

Song: Talk About Forever-Tate X Mabel

You were at the third Christmas party of the cold December month. Although you enjoyed the festivities during the end of the year, it was still tiring to run around and stretch yourself to keep the Christmas spirit alive. It was even more difficult to do so without having your best friend (and recently discovered soulmate) by your side. Due to his busy life as a rookie idol combined with both of your busy student lives, it was hard for you and your boyfriend Mark to do things together. You hadn’t seen each other properly in about 8 weeks, unless you counted the few late nights you two met at the 24 hour convenience store near his company building and a few Skype dates here and there. You knew you two were destined to be together, not just because of the fact that you were literal soulmates, but also because your heart hurt whenever you thought about him. You had only recently started your relationship and you already had to limit yourselves. It was expected that this would happen but not so soon. It was as if you got to experience the first snow of the year at the perfect moment but the days following, it just continuously melted under your feet. You knew it would be too much for your to be selfish considering the situation, but you still couldn’t deny the want for him to be there and wear ugly Christmas sweaters with you, or just admire your sparkly makeup, or just watch cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies with you.

You stood against the wall of a stranger’s extravagant home, bored and just swishing around some apple cider in your cup that had gone cold too long ago. You looked around the packed living room and found the figure of the friend that had invited you to join her at the large Christmas party and began thinking about how you would courteously dip out. You began making your way over to your dancing friend in the middle of the large crowd to let her know of your leaving, when you felt someone grab your wrist. Before you even had time to react, you could feel someone dancing on the back of your sparkly outfit. You were about to turn around and give the person a piece of your inner angry elf, but you quickly erupted into a fit of giggles when you noticed it was just another close friend who had been messing with you.

“What are you doing here? I thought you were sleeping in after your exam today,” you said, yelling over the music.

“I was, but then I saw Y/F/N make a post about you guys coming to this party and I knew I had to come see you in your sexy sparkly outfit!”

You giggled at his words and looked him over to admire his outfit choice, too. After you complimented him, you two began conversing about all kinds of things for a few minutes. When the conversation began to die out slowly, you decided to take your leave for real.

“Well, I’ll talk to you later!”

“Wait, where are you going? It’s not even late, why the rush?”

You awkwardly shifted from foot to foot, trying to remember the excuse you were planning to use to leave early.

“Oh, I just- I’ve been running around all week, you know, with school and all that, so I just wanna turn in a little early is all. But you keep having fun!”

You tried to turn away once again but you felt that same hand reach out and grab your wrist for the second time this night. You turned to the boy once again and saw a small pout (that was nowhere near as cute as Mark’s) placed on his face. He leaned down to match your height so he wouldn’t have to yell over the music again.

“But we haven’t even danced yet! C’mon, I love this song! Dance with me before you go.”

You turned glanced around briefly and couldn’t see the friend you were originally looking for anyway so you thought why not. It wouldn’t kill you to dance with the guy. At least he wasn’t a total stranger that could end up being a creep. Besides, just because Mark wasn’t there to dance with you instead, it didn’t mean you wanted your last bit of Christmas spirit for the week to go to waste. You turned back towards your friend, smiling widely, and accepted his offer to dance.

“Fine, but just one song!”

After dancing to a few upbeat songs, a slow Christmas classic came on. Soon after the slow jazz tones of the song began, you somehow ended up slow dancing with your friend. Although he wasn’t your boyfriend, it was still a comfy and friendly slow dance session. You two swayed and rested while you calmed down from the fast paced dancing. As you two began talking about other silly topics again, someone who thought they were helping lighten the mood was walking around holding mistletoe over the heads of different couples. Unfortunately, that same person had made their way over to you and your friend. As you began denying any possible kissing happening between you two, there were chants of “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” beginning all throughout the party. You felt the embarrassment seep in as you two stopped dancing to protest you two being a couple. Your friend was growing tired of the stubborn party goers, so he ended it by quickly pecking your cheek. You were glad their chants ended but you were now feeling sad that the one person you would want to stand under the mistletoe with wasn’t here. You finally dismissed yourself for the second time that night, grabbed your coat, and walked out the front door. As you walked down the steps of the house, you were met with someone you hadn’t expected to see that night. You gasped, the hot air leaving your lips and surrounding your face. You felt your eyes water up and you were sure it wasn’t because of the cold air, but because of your sudden happiness.


He turned around as you jumped down the last step and plunged yourself into his chest. You instantly felt warmth returning to your body as you squeezed the air out of your boyfriend. You felt the rumble of his chest as he chuckled at your enthusiasm. He wrapped his arms around you, rocking you two back and forth in the snow covered driveway. You continued to let your face snuggle deeper into his chest. He responded with a kiss to the top of your head and a few snuggles of his own. You finally pulled back after a few moments and stared up at him. As you gazed into his eyes, it was as if the Christmas lights surrounding the busy neighborhood had suddenly sparkled more than they had for the past few days. Your mood had finally reversed and you could fully feel the Christmas spirit and love return to yourself. You giggled in disbelief at Mark’s appearance, considering how he probably should have been practicing for end of the year award shows.

“What are you doing here? I thought you had strict practice schedule until January?”

“We do, technically. But I convinced the managers that I know what I’m doing enough to let me off for the next 3 days. Sort of, an early christmas present I guess.”

“Well, that’s the perfect gift. But what are you doing here at this party specifically? How did you know I was here?”

“I saw you on your friends snapchat story…dancing with some guy, actually.”

You quickly thought about the last few hours of the party, and how you had spent a majority of it dancing with Y/F/N. You were sure that Mark knew you two were only friends since you all went to the same school, but his tone hinted otherwise. You couldn’t believe he would be jealous but the thought of it being true even though he knew you were soulmates for life was amusing, so you decided to tease him a bit.

“Oh, yeah. You know Y/F/N, right? He helped me cheer up a bit, since I was feeling a bit down. So we danced a bit and now I feel great!”

You rocked back and forth slightly on your heels, anticipating his reaction. Although Mark was usually a very chill guy, you could see hints of anger appearing in his eyes.

“Oh, really? That’s…good babe. Did all you do was dance or…..was there some mistletoe involved?”

He asked about the mistletoe in a joking tone but you decided to tease him even further while also being honest about the kiss on the cheek.

“Actually, yeah there was.”

“Wh-What!? What do you mean? Did he….did he kiss you?!”

“Well, yeah but it was only a simple kiss to the cheek. Someone with some mistletoe was pressuring us to kiss and the crowd got really hype even though we kept denying that we wanted to kiss. And besides, it wasn’t as good as your kisses.”

Although Mark seemed to be getting angrier at the idea of another guy kissing your cheek, he still allowed his shy side to get the best of him, tinting his cheeks pink at your small compliment.

“But-well…Let’s go back in, find the person with the mistletoe, and kiss ourselves! A real kiss! To show that I’m your boyfriend, not..him.”

He took a step towards the front door of the house but you pushed his chest back firmly to stop him.

“No! I’m sick of dancing. Besides, I’m yours and I’ll always be yours, whether or not we’re soulmates. No matter who I dance with or who I let admire my perfect holiday outfit, you’ll always be the one for me. You don’t need to prove to anyone how we’re together. Now that you’re here,” you said, wrapping your arms around his torso, “ let’s stop wasting time and go drink some hot chocolate and cuddle while we watch the Nightmare Before Christmas!”

He looked between you and the door for a few seconds before finally sighing and wrapping his arms around your shoulders, peering down at your adorable pleading face.

“Fine, let’s go. I want to cuddle with my baby anyway.”

He quickly pecked your lips and began dragging you away from the house before you could react to his cringe worthy statement. You could tell he was just as excited to see you in person after such a long time since he wasn’t being as shy as he normally was with physical contact. You two held hands and skipped through the snow covered streets towards your house. It was the perfect moment for you both, especially since the streets were nearly empty of life. It was only you, him, and the amazing scenery of the white snow and the lights shining through the store windows.

Once you finally reached your house, you two immediately changed into some comfy matching pajamas that Jaehyun had bought you when the winter season had started. While Mark went to put in the movie and made a comfy spot for you both on the couch, you made the hot chocolate. Once you were done, you two settled onto the couch and began cuddling. It wasn’t long before you two started dismissing the movie and just had a deep, late night conversation that you hadn’t been able to have for a while. As the long talk began to slow down, you felt your eyes start to droop more and more. You didn’t want to waste the precious time you had with Mark by sleeping it away so early, but he could clearly see your tiredness. He pushed your head further into his shoulder and wrapped the blanket tighter around your body.

“Just sleep baby. I’m fine with it.”

“But-” you began, letting a yawn out.

“Noooo, c’mon, let’s get my little elf to bed!”

“Don’t call me that,” you said, beginning to giggle uncontrollably due to your fatigue. He stood up from the couch and pulled you up with him. He began leading your blanket covered figure to your room as you trudged along silently, ready to feel the warmth and comfort of your bed.

Once you reached the room, you plopped down onto the bed while Mark chuckled at your cuteness. He unraveled you from the blanket so that he could properly tuck you in. After, you sat still in the bed trying not to fall asleep until you felt Mark enter the covers with you. Once he finally got into the bed and made himself comfy, you moved over to his side and rested your head on his chest, wrapping your arms around him tightly as if he would disappear in the next second. He gazed down at you snuggling into his chest and wrapped his arms around your tired figure and kissed your head, just as he had did earlier in the night.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be here when you wake up.”

He lazily stroked your back as you both drifted off into your winter wonderlands. Right as you finally began to sink into your sleep completely, you felt Mark reach over onto the dresser to pick up something. You were too sleepy to figure out what he was doing and just went into the deep sleep that was calling your name instead.

Once you woke up the next morning, you were not only met with your loving boyfriend attempting to make breakfast for you both. You also had a lot of messages from your friends commenting and screenshotting your snapchat story. You looked at it since you didn’t remember uploading anything. A cute picture of you and Mark cuddling together in your matching pajamas while you slept was definitely something that you knew would be a favorite holiday moment to talk about forever.

I hope you liked this! Idk if the jealousy part was enough but if it isn’t, just let me know! also, i’m gonna try to upload all the rest of my scenarios by christmas (but no promises, I’m sorry :( )

October Favorites

Hi! So it’s only halfway through October but hey I’m a rebel who doesn’t follow the rules so you get your review early this month.

Book: The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart. holy smokes this book is good each and every one of you should read it like now please

Movie: Sing Street

Song: Party Tattoos by Dodie Clark

Drink: Hot Apple Cider that’s right nerds it’s apple cider season and you know I love me some apple cider

Binge Watch: BBC’s Sherlock (again)