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Imagine Dating Peter as Stark’s Daughter

request: Headcanons for dating Peter but being Tony Stark’s daughter?


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- you begged your dad to let you go to public school, hating all the private school kids

- so you met peter before he became spider-man

- you guys always kind of flirted, but when his uncle ben died you got super close

- like you were the only person he would open up to

- eventually you just sank into dating each other

- when your dad discovers spider-man he offers for you to come with him to recruit him for the avengers

- you were exceedingly confused when he took you to peter’s apartment

- aunt may opens the door and peter is there

- “dad, why are we here?”

- “DAD?” peter chokes out

- “you two know each other?” your dad asks

- “this is the boyfriend i was telling you about” blushing

- aunt may and your dad chatting while you pull peter away into his room

- smacking his arm, “YOU’RE SPIDERMAN?!” 

- he shrugs, “i wanted to tell you i was just worried, anyway YOU’RE TONY STARK’S DAUGHTER”

- once he joins the avengers he comes over the tower a lot

- talking about his battles

- always patching him up

- when you sound like your dad he calls you tony jr

- so you call him spider-boy

- oh boy, papa stark gives BOTH of you the talk

- cause like he’s sort of peter’s dad also..


- introducing him to the avengers like, “yeah, that’s aunt natasha”


- sitting on the balcony and enjoying the city lights

- but he only looks at you

- having mario kart tournaments and super smash bros brawl tournaments

- your dad always playing as samus cause it’s the closest to iron man

- and you play as zero suit because it makes him mad that you copy him

- you always kicking peter’s ass, and not cause he lets you win

- “you know you could let me win at least once..”

- lots of homework sessions that turn into makeout sessions

- tony blasting in on you at random times to “keep you on your toes”

- movie nights with the team

- you tagging along on missions and always being worried about peter

- calls peter “my boy”

- tony training peter to fight better and pushing him to his limits to make sure he can protect his baby girl should tony ever not be around


- having had training from natasha you can pretty much hand your dad’s ass to him on a silver platter

- peter still doing it because he agrees with your dad

- them roasting you

- overall family fun with the avengers team, and everyone supporting you relationship because they know how smitten peter is with you and what a good guy he is


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Do you like to think Even has siblings? Do you think they get along well with Even and Isak?

you wanna know my biggest secret wishful hc is??? i want even to have twin younger siblings so badly

just one girl, one boy

and i absolutely think the boy loves isak, because isak still presents himself as this really cool, suave guy, and he probably looks up to isak and starts wearing snapbacks because of him and isak has to be really careful he doesn’t introduce him to any dirty versions of his favorite rap songs and “don’t listen to your brother, liking pop does not make you cool” and they spend a lot of time together gaming and they always challenge even to super smash bros and always end up teaming up against him and they always win and even knows they’re gonna do that every time but it’s so much fun to watch him and isak laugh at his hopelessness with nintendo games and then they’ll both make fun of even’s love of classic films and his little brother gets really excited to watch adam sandler movies with isak which even has to sit through because it’s the law, and if he made isak sit through casablanca, he can get through an hour and a half of big daddy with his boyfriend and his brother

and the girl, i think the girl is more wary of isak at first, because even is her big brother, you know, and it took her a while to warm up to sonja altogether and now suddenly there’s a boyfriend, and even is spending so much time with him and taking time away from her, and her and isak don’t really have that much in common to begin with, so at first isak has no idea what to do with her or how to win her over, so isak mostly spends time kinda squirming around her and watching her glare at him from the other end of the couch, AND HONESTLY ??? things don’t look up and for a while isak’s like “EVEN YOUR SISTER HATES ME WHAT DO I DO” and even’s just like “give her time” but then finally there comes a moment where something shifts, and it’s a moment where even’s little sister wants to go bowling with them, but even’s trying to kindly explain to her that only his friends are going bowling, and he can’t look after her while they bowl so it wouldn’t be fair, and this little girl just wants to spend time with even again so isak offers even to look after her at the bowling alley. and even gives him a ‘wtf magnus is gonna kill you’ look, but isak convinces him, and then suddenly they’re all bowling together and magnus is actually a saint with kids, this one in particular, and suddenly there’re the boys bowling with even’s little sister (and letting her win and pretending to suck even with the bumpers up) and then even’s little sister realizes isak isn’t taking her big brother away from her deliberately, and that maybe they can love him very much together, and isak is suddenly okay in her eyes and suddenly it’s like she has two big brothers

and i’m just emotional thinking about even with younger siblings ok


I’m a bit behind on inktober, but that’s okay because I’m having a great time making what I’ve got!

① Introduction
② My Smash Bros Main
③ A Friend
④ Character Design Revamp #1: Athena (2004)
⑤ Music prompt: “Ray-ban (Remix)” - KOHH

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got any bnha fics to recommend??? preferably katsudeku,todobakudeku kirikami or anything!! (you seem to like these 3 the most so yeah) thanks already!

I was waiting for this day to come. *opens bookmarks* Here you go nonnie;

Happy Anniversary by cloversdreams

This is just pure tdkbkdk fluff and Katsuki proposing so it’s A+++++++ also it’s Clover’s work meaning it’s amazing

Valentines Ficlets by cloversdreams

This is just tdbkdk cuddling lmao pure fluff. Just go read all of Clover’s works.I adore her works a lot.

Three Small Words by cloversdreams.

I swear i’m not obsessed i just love her fics ksksjxjdjxjd
This is also tdbkdk it’s angsty and extremely fluffy its good

So Make It Up To Me by you-know-who lmao it’s Clover’s work,and it’s PURE FILTH.This is just good hot smut it’s tdbkdk.

May I Take Your Order,Dipshit? by supercrunch

Katsudeku pizza boy delivery AU.If you’re a katsudeku shipper you must already know this but i gotta say that this is one of the cutest shit i’ve ever ever read jESUS pls read it if you haven’t

On The Run by justaperson1718

Katsudeku au where All Might loses to AFO,,,,,, I hate long and slow burn fics but this fic is something else,it’s so so good,they’re both so in character and it has just the right amount of fluff,angst and smut.Also humour here and there.This is probably the only slowburn fic i love, it’s pretty impressive and went far and beyond my expectations everytime.

Coherency by ramabear

I think about this fic a lot on a daily basis.Izuku gets influenced by a lust quirk and Kacchan helps eheh.I usually hate fics that take too long to get to the action after something angsty happens but this author’s writing just makes you wanna read more and more.Best smut fic out there.

Sugar Stardust by milkcandie

Katsudeku patessérie AU super duper extreme fluff and soft pure love i really love this aLSO Todoroki is the Best Bro™ in here,Katsuki and his friendship is so strong so it’s A++++

Haunting Memories by messina101

Todoroki has a nightmare from his past,only to wake up to find his two boyfriends comforting and loving him.Todoroki getting all the love is YES YES 10/10 would read it 30 times more

Alleyway Affair by freshmilko

This is basically katsudeku pwp. Katsuki fucks Izuku in an alleyway.That’s it.That’s the whole story.(They’re pro heroes so it’s not underage heh)

It Was Always You by cloversdreams,yes,again.

Kirikami fantasy au,King!Kiri and Peasant!Kaminari!!!!!!!!! SO SO SO SO CUTE AND GOOD and it also has the side ot3 in it,just the right amount of fluff angst and humour 👏👏👏😩👌 reAD IT READ IT READ IT READIT—*scream*

We’ll get there by cloversdreams

For your all 3am tdbk needs
One of the best todobaku smut out there.I don’t know how the author manages to make it so filthy and fluffy at the same time.Fuck.This is so GOOD katsuki and todoroki getting jealous is my jam 😩👌👌

Yikes™ by powerhh

If you’re interested in crack fics,this is the best one.Don’t read it at night or you could wake someone up by laughing too much.

standing in the awe of death by ramabear

Ajin!Izuku Series!!!! it’s katsudeku and hella good,highly recommend!!

Three’s the charm by trxbblegum

The UA traitor AU and the tratior is not just one person,but three people! And guess who??? villains!todobakudeku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH SIGN ME TF UP hella gay 10000/10


by cloversdreams

Tdbkdk pwp,this is just mainly todoroki and katsuki fucking and izuku watching,poor green boy but not really cuz it’s his fault that he’s not able to join ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o) One doesn’t simply make tdrk and bkg jealous and get away with that

Things That Boyfriends Do

by mellyface

Tdbk pwp,enough said.

Let the whole town hear your knuckles crack

by claus_lucas

Eiji meets Kacchan’s family.This is sad af,i don’t like angst and kiribk but this caught my interest and i’m glad it did.

Do you even lift,bro?

by AllennellA

Deku lifts Todo up at the beach!!! Fluffy af!!

Invisible Ink

by cloversdreams

Tdkbkdk soulmate au!!!! Our boys find their soulmates,this is so cute and FLUFFY i love it

The Misadventures Of Explodo-Kill Agency by Erina

This series is motherfucking hilarious,i was reading these at 4AM and my mom came to my room and asked “What are those sounds?” cuz I was trying to muffle my laughters rip It’s katsudeku,it has a lot of sUPER SMASH BROS Shouto and Katsuki (they pretend they hate each other smh) and the whole squad is amazing

I’ll edit this post from time to time to add more fics,i hope this helps for now!💗 (Also I’m sorry I read too much smut lmao yolo)

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I saw on j0succ someone mentioning that the only way to beat Kak in video games is distract him with lollipop shenanigans. Can we get an ELABORATION? :'D

Ahhh I love @j0succ like dang. She is such a good JoJo, I probably check her blog like every day. Everyone go love her! 

Now let me write about my husband because I love cherry boy so much. And I’m using SSB because I am also trash at it and I play Link and sometimes ZS Samus ugh:


You thought you were garbage at Super Smash Bros before, but after playing with a certain red-haired young man for a little while now, you realized that you were worse than garbage. You were the definition of low-tier, delightfully reminded each time Kakyoin’s Sheik threw your Rosalina off the stage. Truthfully he could be playing any character and he would still kick your ass. It wasn’t just Super Smash Bros, it was every video game. You couldn’t help but notice the playful sparkle in his eyes whenever he would pat your head as your cheeks would puff, hands gripping your controller almost enough to break it.

On a particularly hard loss one day, you threw your head back and shrieked comically, causing the usually level-headed Kakyoin to let out a laugh. But the sweet young man quickly felt guilty and pulled you into a hug with a purr, “You did fine…little pterodactyl.” He snickered at his own joke, and you pouted. But you liked being in his arms so much that you simply huffed and hid your head in his chest. He kissed the top of your head and you immediately forgot why you were irritated.

It was times like these when you were painfully aware of how perfect your boyfriend was. You did find it funny how hyped and competitive he would get when video games came into play, literally and figuratively speaking; he mentioned to you once that when he was younger, he didn’t have any friends to play with, so he had many chances to improve on some of his hobbies, such as reading, painting, and of course, video games. For someone who seemed so sophisticated and assured, you were able to observe a faint sadness creeping behind his eyes, a sadness that you were determined to fix.

It was another fall day, the two of you had just strolled to Kakyoin’s home, taking a little longer than usual to admire the colorful falling leaves. After pleasantly chatting for a few minutes, you look him in the eye purposefully, declaring, “I think I’ve mastered Bayonetta enough to finally beat you, Nori.” He raises an eyebrow, smirk beginning to curl his lips. Damn competitive dork. You didn’t have to tell him twice.

You set your purse beside you on the floor to reach for the controller in the drawer below the television in the living room. You remembered that you had bought a small bag of lollipops with you, the larger ones with the bubblegum inside of them. Maybe they would help you concentrate. You fuss with the bag for a moment, picking one out and holding it in front of you. “Do you want one?” you ask Kakyoin innocently enough. He looks curiously at the lollipop, a little longer than you thought normal, smiles, and shakes his head once to decline.

You accept his answer and pop the sucker in your mouth, and you’re immediately happy to taste its cherry flavor. You did purposefully pick cherry just in case a kiss or two was in your future today. You know Kakyoin would be pleasantly surprised. It was always fun to surprise such a stoic boy.

You leave the candy placed in your mouth while you fiddle with Kakyoin’s controller to select your character, Bayonetta. You had done an embarrassing amount of research on this character and its level of success. Surely you can knock Kakyoin off the stage once. Just once. One time and you’ll retire. You set the controller in your lap for a minute while he picks his character, running your tongue alone the sweet orb of the lollipop, slowly moving it out of your mouth under your lips.

Kakyoin was taking awhile to choose a fighter. You remove the sucker from your mouth with a soft pop, turning your attention to him curiously. He appears fairly normal, although he’s a little hunched over his controller, a bit odd for him. His posture was usually healthy and relaxed. His sight seem to be wandering around away from the screen, however. He looks at you in the corner of his eye, notices that you’re looking back at him, and immediately straightens himself back up. Was he hiding something?

He clears his throat and selects Sheik. Dammit. You tuck the lollipop into your cheek as you get ready to concentrate. So far so good. You manage to stay alive longer than usual…You quietly slurp on the candy in your mouth, playfully taking it in between your teeth at one point, and you notice Sheik on the screen slowing down long enough for you to get a combination of hits in. Although you celebrate in your head, you can’t help but wonder if Kakyoin was going easy on you? He does beat you this round, but it takes him longer than usual. You sigh and lean back for a moment while the character screen loads again for the next round.

You have melted the candy enough where you can take it from the stem, and you lick your top lip in a slow movement. Kakyoin was being extra quiet…you turn to look at him again and he’s been gazing at you, chewing on his lip while his eyes seem glued to your mouth with a look of need. But once he realizes that you’ve noticed him, his shoulders jump slightly and he smiles warmly at you. You squint your eyes at him. What is he doing…

But then it hits you while your cursor hovers over your next fighter. Looks like Nori is a bit into what you’re doing with your lollipop. Maybe that’s why his gaming prowess is struggling today. Although you wanted to beat him fair and square ideally, but the taste of victory was within reach. And it tasted like cherries.

You decide to pick Peach this time around. Kakyoin chooses Marth. You’ve reached the center of the lollipop to get to the bubble gum inside. You’ll be able to have your hands free. Perfect. You begin playing around, buttons on the controllers clicking furiously as the epic music on the colorful screen plays. You smooth the gum across your tongue in preparation, delicately inflating a pink bubble from your lips. Sure enough, Marth’s sword hovers for just a moment, leaving you another opening to strike a devastating combo.

Your eyes quickly shift to catch a glimpse of your struggling boyfriend beside you, and you can tell that he’s trying not to watch you play with the sweetness in your mouth. He shifts his sitting position on the floor uncomfortably while you make a satisfied sound after popping one of the bubbles. His movements and reflexes, usually quick on the screen, are lagging significantly with each passing moment.

“Ah…my lips are a little swollen and sticky now,” you say softly, knowing exactly what you are doing. And that was it. Your Peach successfully knocks Marth off the stage for the 3rd time, and you have finally won. Your eyes light up and you throw your arms up in the air excitedly. Although this wasn’t the most moral of ways to win, it was pretty satisfying. You squeal at your victory, and are about to turn smugly towards your boyfriend, but before you know it, you find your back on the floor.

Kakyoin has pinned you down beneath him, hands on either side of your head, expression holding mild, cold annoyance. “Well, that was certainly an interesting match,” he murmurs, voice dark and low. His eyes flicker down at your lips, plump and reddened from your work on the lollipop, and his expression darkens to something less akin to irritation, and more akin to something more…exciting. “You’re quite devious, darling,” Kakyoin says as the back of his hand strokes your now blushing cheek.

You swallow, struggling not to completely fold underneath the seductive sight above you. “I’m thinking that was the only way I could beat you, Nori.”

Kakyoin’s eyes soften for a moment at the sweet way that you say his pet name, and a small smile forms on his lips. “Perhaps you’re right.” He slowly lowers his face down to yours, his red hair brushing beside your cheek, until his nose touches yours, lips hovering over your own. You nearly gasp at the close temptation. He was always good at teasing. “But you’ll always win something else…” he whispers as he lightly presses his lips to yours. Your eyes flutter shut, feeling the coolness of them, wanting to feel more. But he moves his face away from yours, slowly licking his lips of the cherry taste with a satisfied smile. “Whenever it comes to resisting you, I’ll always lose…”

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i know you like jack/parse (even if u dont really go there any more) but i have been seeing mentions of kent/sid and at one point kent/geno on my dash what do u think of these? and who do u think kent get along with in the nhl?

i mean.

kent/toews is kind of a gimme, isn’t it? i think kent would be really, really attracted to one jonathan toews for reasons he chooses not to analyze. (shut up, french-speaking weirdly intense hockey-bots with great asses is not a TYPE, OKAY???)

kent/sid is just the other side of jack’s personality, the sweeter more user-friendly side, but i think they’re both too petty and extra to get along. coupla momma’s boys who would take national pride too far when they played each other at the olympics. 

kent/geno is… fine. geno is fine. the problem is, geno is not my type. my type is snarky assholes with hearts of gold. i get the feeling kent’s type is also assholes, given the evidence we’ve been presented with. 

kent would love seguin (i maintain) only seguin can be a little mUCH sometimes. kent is a crotchety grandpa at heart and needs his beauty sleep. there are times and places for all-night super smash bros tournaments tyler and THE DAY BEFORE A GAME IS NOT IT. but in general, and in small doses, he adores ty.

i think kent would have a huge soft spot for the rookie first overalls. like he would just relate to them so much that he would go out of his way to make them feel welcome (by chirping them relentlessly both on and off the ice). he would not rest until conner mcdavid and auston matthews etc felt comfortable texting him for advice at all hour of the day.

kent would LOVE his team usa teammates, esp the forwards. kent and tj oshie can bro out ALL DAY LONG, esp because tj oshie is simultaneously a fratboy and an old married, which is kent’s favorite paradox. kent texts phil kessel for advice at all hours of the day. kent has weird, sexy dreams about zach parise that he never tells anyone about. kent calls pavelski ‘papa pavs’ and snapchats him artsy pictures of his desserts on his cheat days. 

basically kent only knows the aces, team usa, and the all-star caliber players, and he’s bffs with all of them, but especially the ones who can take what he dishes out and give it back. 

Nintagious presents Countdown to Super Smash Bros.

35 Days left until Wii U Release (US)

Oh boy, time to weigh in on clones and start a riot!

…I’m okay with clones. Melee’s were mostly very interesting in design, taking the original character and warping them in a fun and entertaining way. Brawl took this even further - in my opinion, you can’t even consider Brawl’s clones to be true clones (when every character has at least 20 attacks, sharing only four special moves does not make you a clone).

However, I also agree that this game’s clones are awfully flawed. They are way too identical to their source - which makes sense, seeing as it’s been confirmed that all three started as alternate costumes. They really don’t do anything unexpected like creating a heavyweight version of Captain Falcon.

I’m only good with Marth in the sense that he’s a pretty well balanced character. I’m not skilled with Marth. I suck at landing hits with the tip of the sword, often whiffing more than not. Because of that, I see the appeal of Lucina - it helps that she’s also an awesome character and that Fire Emblem: Awakening was one of the best games in recent memory. On a technical level though, I feel like Roy was a more interesting clone. They both lack the tipper mechanic but Roy’s attacks added fire, which made a lot of his attacks look and work differently.

Dr. Mario pretty much gets a pass from me - but more on that tomorrow. If you’ve been with the Smash series long, though, chances are you know why I approve of this clone choice.

Check out the accompanying recording of the process over on Nintagious! You can also check out Nintagious on Twitch, where I plan to stream both artwork and gameplay! Follow and you can get notifications when the stream goes live!

Story Time With Max

So, at the end of the school year in seventh grade, we were allowed to turn the basement of the church next to our middle school into a game room. People brought in their games and consoles and it was awesome.

So, I looked over and saw four boys playing Super Smash Bros Melee, and the fourth one was leaving. I stepped in and asked to play. They agreed, and let the girl pick her character.

DONKEY KONG. And little did they know, they were playing MY Gamecube, and MY copy of SSBM… a game I’d spent hundreds and hundreds of hours on. So then the asskicking begins. And these guys all looked at each other, and one of them asked, “Whoa, who’s Donkey Kong?”

“I’m not Donkey Kong.”

“I’m not Donkey Kong.”

The look of abject horror on every one of their faces was PRICELESS. They’re all looking at each other, realizing just how badly they fucked up, and one of them says, “Oh crap. Max is Donkey Kong.”

And I’m grinning and laughing, stomping the living hell out of them, and after a while, I offer to change my character again. I switched to Ness, and they were confused… until we started playing again. There was a point where all three of them were fighting each other on one side of Princess Peach’s Castle, and I escaped over the tower… from where I launched a FULLY CHARGED PK Flash, and NONE of them realized what I was doing until it was too late. Two of them got t KOd, and the last barely recovered.

So, when they were saved by the bell from my colossal ass-whooping, they were extremely, extremely impressed. They were shaking my hand, blown the fuck away by this girl with insane Smash skills.

The moral of the story is: don’t whine about it on your feminism blog if you’re underestimated as a gamer based on your gender. Pick up a controller and prove them wrong.

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Do you have an Katherine/Davey brotp headcanons?


  • They are serious book buddies. They give each other book recs all the time and read the same book together on a regular basis. that always gets interesting because they read at about the same pace, but circumstances always give one more time than the other and they have to constantly check in with each other on how far they are to avoid accidental spoilers. or to torment each other by saying really vague not-quite-spoilery-but-they-will-get-it-later-and-die things.
  • When one of them is mad at Jack, the other makes sure to be even madder at Jack. Jack does not get a break when he hecks up.
  • When Jack and Katherine have kids, Davey babysits for them. Even when Katherine is home, he spends a lot of time at the house when he knows she has lots of writing to get done so she can focus on that.
  • They proofread each other’s work because they have each other’s backs yo
  • College AU: they pull ALL their all-nighters together. They order like 3 pineapple pizzas and every time one of them gets tired they take a break to play a really intense game of Super Smash Bros Brawl. Katherine’s tried every character out at least once, but she’s usually Kirby or Peach. Davey is always Luigi.
  • Modern AU: they share the biggest Downton Abbey obsession. (I would go into more detail but I’ve never actually watched downton abbey so yeah idk it just seems like their kind of thing)
  • They give each other lots of special treatment for being the only other responsible/polite friend. See pizza headcanons for an example.
  • The boys never listen to Davey but over time they’ve learned to always listen to Katherine because she’s really scary when she’s angry. So whenever they’re doing something stupid and won’t listen to Davey, he threatens to call Katherine. That usually works.
  • Modern AU: they pretty much always end up leaving the newsies’ parties within the first hour to go watch Disney movies and not get arrested for who knows what illegal things those boys are doing this time. The one time they stayed, they had to bail Spot and Race out of jail.
  • Modern AU: they do a vlog together. It doesn’t have any particular theme and they’re not YouTube famous, but they have a decent amount of subscribers besides the newsies. Specs is probably their biggest fan.

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What would murphamy and octaven living together include?

Hope this is alright! X

  • Catching glowing butterflies to make a habitat on their roof
  • Bellamy and Murphy smoking/making out on top of the fire escape where they can see the world but it can’t see them
  • Raven loves that the others refuse to upgrade the elevator because she can still pull the grate open and that’s enough for them
  • “Boys, you’re meant to be unpacking the groceries not eating each other’s faces.”
  • Octavia and Bellamy losing their shit that one time they find Raven and Murphy cuddled up asleep on the couch together
  • Bellamy gives Octavia a piggy back one day then Murphy and Raven insist they get one two so he ends up being the go to I’m drunk/you love me/my leg hurts/I’m tired/I have cramps CARRY ME
  • So they don’t have to get out bed Murphy and Bellamy uses a lamp, two brooms and a fake lightsabre taped together to slam on the girls door whenever they get “too loud”
  • Raven and Octavia don’t need the stick they’ll just barge in and scream something like “THE ASS SLAPPING NEEDS TO STOP BY TWO AM FUCKERS!”
  • Super smash bros with the complementary drinking game night
  • Movie nights where they all pretend there so not watching 27 dresses for the third time this month
  • Raven and Octavia showing the boys how to slow dance
  • It ends up being Octavia holding Raven over hips and spinning while Murphy and Bellamy press every available part of their body together and sway side to side
  • Raven and Murphy’s cat Pickles keeps beating up Bellamy and Octavia’s dog Punch
  • One time Raven accidentally throws out Murphy’s leftover pizza so he refuses to call her anything but “the chick who occasionally bangs my boyfriend’s sister” for two whole months
  • “Murphy do the fucking dishes already.” “Fight me mini Blake”
  • “Murphy your shoes are all over the fucking doorway again.” “I will end you Reyes.”
  • “Murph, can you take the trash out for me, my foot hurts.” “Yeah babes…what?” “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!” “GROW SOME OVARIES, MURPHY!”
  • Murphy and Raven don’t even try to break up the siblings serious fights anymore they just sit in the tub together and listen in silence
  • Despite the fact they all bitch about each other constantly when they’re around they can’t stand being in the apartment alone

Originally posted by rollingstone

send me in a “what would _____ involve?

transboy-miku  asked:


20- do you have more than one kins from the same source but different canons?

:o uhh well i have srsly like 3 mlp kins? i didnt think about it i guess theyre from different canons i dont fuken know xP

mew and pikachu are from different canons tho amd both very strong… Deep, man!

9- what is your most obscure kin?

OH BOY i have quite a few weird boys but it’s a tie between the cheesasaurus rex and the klap trap from super smash bros melee (he shows up in the stage jungle japes and um?? he has a trophy and i used to look at all the trophies in melee for long periods of time but the klap trap one was my fav… I used to look at it and just think “oo thats me” and it never truly left)

I haven’t ever played Xenoblade Chronicles, ever, but I saw Chuggaaconroy’s Let’s Play of it, and It’s the only reason why I know this in the first place.

I also think the monado is the coolest video game sword. Even if it’s really difficult to draw. Shulk is also difficult to draw.

And yes, I did not draw that background. That was off of the internet.


You’re right, I really like you!” - a Nintendo & Dream Phone crossover

I’ve been wanting to do that one for a while now. So here’s my crossover between Nintendo’s Mushroom Kingdom and one of the worst and most amazing boardgames of all time, Dream Phone (1991)!

If you’re too young to know it (though there might be a modern version?), the rules are simple: you call guys to gather clues about some boy who really likes you, until you can figure out who he is. Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds xD

My sisters and I spent countless of hours playing it, and I *so* wish my mum kept it in my games collection so that I can play it again soon :’)

#2571. Every year, the smash manor hosts a battle of the bands. Featuring “The Backslash Boys”, “Flaming Fists of Punchitude,” “The Robot Masters,” “The Other Castles,” “Sense of Scale,” “TFBT (Tiny Fire Breathing Turtles),” “Time keeps Dragoning on,” “The Meta Myrmidons,” “The Game Masters,” “WAFT (Wario Amazing Fart Transcendence),” “The Rolling Rockers,” and “The Mario Brothers.”