time for some mint tea

Sex Kitten tea

I came up w this idea the other day when I bought some cat nip. But basically it’s a sexy time tea

-½ Tbsp mint (I used a mint blend of peppermint and spearmint)
-1 tsp Catnip
-1 tsp lemongrass

Steep for three minutes or more. I put in some honey in the shape of a heart and stirred clockwise. No kidding, my husband tried to get frisky w me after drinking the tea. I even made a joke about with him after our kid barged in before anything could happen.


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NAME : Cyril Stacy
AGE : 28
SPECIES : Miqo’te - Seeker of the Sun
INTERESTS : Magitek, archery, tea, sea/sky-faring, piano music.
PROFESSION : Slave Trader
BODY TYPE : Tall, toned. More on the lean side, as opposed to being heavy-set.
EYES : Gold
HAIR :  Teal
SKIN :  Tan
HEIGHT : 6′ 2″
WEIGHT : ~240 ponze
COMPANIONS : -gestures vaguely to his crew-
ANTAGONISTS: The Grand Companies/law enforcement in general. 
COLOURS : Blue, Red, Black, Gold, White.
SMELLS : Mint, saltwater, dark rum, cigarette smoke.
FRUITS :  Oranges, probably? idk he’s a pirate. vitamin C binches
DRINKS : Rum. Always rum. 
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ? absolutely yes  /  no  /  occasionally
SMOKES ?  yes (way too much, someone stop him)  /  no  /  occasionally  
DRINKS ?   yes  /   no  /  occasionally
DRUGS ?   yes  /  no  /  occasionally
DRIVERS LICENSE ?  yes… does a ship count? it totally counts, right?  /  no

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Sweet sleep spell

Things you need:
-mint (can be fresh, can be dried, can be extract)
-a substance you drink before bed (I recommend regular water or your favorite sleepy time tea)

What you will do:
Mix up some mint, a little vanilla, some lemon, and some hint together, put a spoon full of the mixture into some of the water and stir well until mixed well.

While stirring Chant (can be in your head):
Sweet sleep sweet sleep
I plan to rest
I plan to sleep
As I drink my sweet sleep mix
I shall ride my night into sweet bliss

Drink some down and enjoy! Sweet dreams~

Note: as your drinking try to focus on how the drink makes you feel, how it warms your mouth, how it tastes. Try relaxing each of your muscles as you drink down the night time treat.

zengoalie  asked:

I select: 49. You’re my waiter and I’m on a really crappy date with an asshole. Can't wait to see what you do with it! Such a great list. I love AUs.

My dear Amy, I truly hope you like this!

Tip the waiter

She was going to kill Ruby. A slow, painful, cruel death will be inflicted upon her friend. Or worse, her clothes. Why would she even think this creep was a suitable option for her?

Emma Swan sighed deeply, not even trying to hide her lack of amusement at this point. The guy was positively leering over her, his eyes checking her cleavage with a lascivious stare. It made her want to purchase only turtlenecks from now on.

“Excuse me for a second, gorgeous.” She heard him say and lifted her eyes to look at him, trying to muster a polite smile. “I need to use the bathroom… don’t miss me while I’m gone.” He licked his bottom lip lustily at her and Emma felt like vomiting.

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