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doors in survival horror/horror vidya
  • Silent Hill: The door is rusted shut. It also has no knob and isn't real. None of these doors are. What, did you think we'd let you in any of these doors? Fucking idiot.
  • Resident Evil: This door requires an absurdly specific key only obtainable by doing an absurd puzzle. Why is everything in this building fucking locked?
  • Resident Evil 4: Just kick the door in half. You don't give a fuck. Fuck this guy's house, it's my house now.
  • Haunting Ground: Go print out some words on a stone printer. They're like keycards. But rocks.
  • Rule of Rose: Some little fucker is going to shut the door on you. What a prick.
  • Dino Crisis: I hope you like scrabble.
  • Dino Crisis 2: It seems that someone misplaced a large vehicle into this door. Go find a key in a pond to open the other door.
  • Fatal Frame: Hey I hope you like doing silly puzzles because here's a clock, go ahead and input that time you read about earlier.
  • Left 4 Dead: I mean, yeah, that door opens, but the hunter behind it isn't going to make things easier for you. Oops, it was just a horde.
  • Penumbra: Well that door's right fucked, innit? You see those boxes over there? You know what to do.
  • Amnesia: Same as above but with Mr. Struts on your ass the entire time.
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: If it's a locked door, you're gonna need a keycode. Hope you're ready to fight the burer behind it. The pseudogiant, too.
  • X-COM: There's a lobsterman behind that door. Don't open it. Don't even open the sub door. There's lobstermen out there. Time to leave.
  • Cryostasis: You're going to have to go into some guy's memories and make it so that he doesn't get dead to get through this door. Or maybe a bear's memories. Awesome.
  • Echo Night Beyond: Look through some really slow moving cameras until you figure out what you need to open the door, then proceed to immediately make a mad dash for the items while a ghost of a little girl kinda jogs towards you in an apparently immensely threatening fashion because your heart rate is literally breaking 300 bpm whenever she's within 3 feet of you.

Iwaoi Week 2017 Day 1: College

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Oikawa pops his gum, flipping to the next page in his textbook. He’s transcended boredom, at this point. His part-time job at the campus IT center is dead at the best of times, but late at night on a Saturday? Forget it. Most of the college population is too drunk right now to work their cell phone, let alone a computer or a tablet, so he’s left to try and cram in the last bits of what might be on his computer science exam Tuesday and keep his feeble grip on his sanity.

His coffee’s draining too fast - walking back to the staff room to make another pot seems like far too much work - and the time is ticking away far too slowly. He taps his foot against the leg of his chair, humming impatiently.

He starts closing his eyes, head tipping towards his textbook, it’d be so easy to sleep right now -

He catches himself right before smashing his face into his desk, rubbing an eye with his hand.

Music? Music. That’ll keep him awake, he figures, rolling his chair over to his computer and navigating to YouTube. He doesn’t bother with headphones - it’s quiet enough that he doesn’t think he’ll need them. He picks one of his favourite songs, a hip hop track with a nice steady beat, and leans back to listen to it.

It’s melodic, hypnotizing. He finds himself almost drifting again, before a slammed door jerks him up and out of his haze.

Oikawa rolls back to the front desk, looking up to find a frantic-looking student staring back at him. He’d probably be cute, if his hair weren’t a mess, his shirt wrinkled and glasses askew on his face.

Alright, alright, he’s still cute. Whatever! Oikawa’s got a thing for glasses, sue him!

“Can I help you?” Oikawa asks, sitting up a little straighter. The student looking back at him looks confused, tilting his head to the side.

“Uh, I need IT,” he says, voice low and hoarse, sounding tired. He steps a little closer and Oikawa can see some sort of uniform peeking out from under his sweatshirt. Cute and an athlete. Check and check.

“That’s me,” Oikawa confirms, throwing him a smile. “Oikawa Tooru, student IT worker. And you are…?”

He gets a confused look in response, and a hesitant, “Uh, Iwaizumi Hajime…” He looks down to where Oikawa’s name tag should be, only now it’s tucked beneath his sweater that he put on when he started to get too cold. The heater’s still out, and it gets cold fast. Oikawa reaches a hand up his sweater to unclip his name tag from his shirt and securely fasten it to his sweater, now proudly proclaiming, Student IT Worker: Oikawa Tooru with a hand-drawn peace sign next to it.

“Right, well, Iwaizumi. What might be the problem?” Oikawa asks, standing up so that he can get a better look at whatever Iwaizumi’s brought him.

Iwaizumi seems to remember why he’s here, grimacing and looking down at the bag slung over his shoulder. “It’s my laptop… I can’t seem to get it to work.” He reaches into his bag and pulls it out, placing it down on the desk in front of Oikawa. “It was working fine, and I was working on my paper but then it just cut out and totally froze up.” He looks annoyed, and understandably so - looks like he shelled out way more than he should have for a fancy laptop that he only needs for a word processor. Typical.

Oikawa smirks, the corners of his lips tugging up into a smile. He can’t help himself. “Have you tried turning it off and then back on again?”

Iwaizumi looks up at him, expression morphing quickly from surprise to frustration, looking a lot like he’s about to explode. “Are you fucking kidding me-”

Oikawa laughs and opens the laptop, “Yes, yes, Iwa-chan! Don’t worry, I’ll see what I can do.”

His fingers move across the keyboard elegantly, and Iwaizumi can do nothing but lean on the counter and watch as Oikawa works. He checks all the cords, plugging it in. Iwaizumi peeks around the desk, but Oikawa’s working on some black screen with numbers and symbols flashing across it that looks suspiciously like a scene from The Matrix, so he doesn’t look again.

Iwaizumi taps his fingers on his desk, closing his eyes and listening to the music that Oikawa hasn’t bothered to stop. “This is a good song,” he says, not looking, fingers tapping the beat out against the counter.

“Hm?” Oikawa looks up, and then over at his computer. “Oh, yeah. I love pretty much everything they put out. I saw them live last fall.”

Iwaizumi drops his hands down on the desk. “Are you serious?! I tried so hard to get some tickets but they were sold out in under an hour!”

Oikawa chuckles, looking up and grinning. “Yeah, a friend of mine worked at the venue. He snuck me in last minute.”

“You’re damn lucky,” Iwaizumi tuts, shaking his head. He lets Oikawa return to working, choosing to hum softly to the music playing.

Oikawa feels no need to hurry.

Twenty minutes pass before Iwaizumi lets out a loud sigh. “It’s dead, isn’t it? I’m going to have to restart that fifteen-page paper?”

Oikawa hums, and Iwaizumi feels the existential dread building. The paper is due Monday. He is not going to finish it on time-

“I recovered your files, Iwa-chan. You should really back everything up online. You know the school e-mail signs you up for a Google Drive, right? Work there and you won’t have to worry about losing anything even if your computer dies.” Oikawa looks up to face Iwaizumi, who looks like the biggest weight has been lifted off his shoulders.

“Are you serious? Oikawa, you’re amazing, thank you-” He pauses then, processing. “Wait, what did you just call me?”

Oikawa smirks. “Iwa-chan,” he repeats, beckoning him closer. “I backed it up to this USB. Your laptop is working right now, but it looks like a hardware error, so it might act up again.” He pulls the USB from the laptop, dropping it in Iwaizumi’s outstretched hand.

Iwaizumi sighs in relief, apparently letting the nickname go. For now. “Thank you so, so much Oikawa. What do I owe you for this?”

“This?” Oikawa shakes his head, “It’s free, the only thing you pay for here are repairs.”

“No, seriously, you saved me here. At least let me take you out for coffee or something.” Iwaizumi smiles a little, looking over at Oikawa’s empty cup. “I wanna hear more about that concert anyway.”

Oikawa leans back in his chair, lifting up his wrist to check his watch. “I’m off in fifteen minutes.” 

Iwaizumi tucks the laptop back into his bag, fastening it closed. “I can wait.”


Welcome to my masterlist. I hope you enjoy my work. Requests are open. I write for Supernatural, The Walking Dead and Marvel but I try to keep an open mind. Spread the fandom love!

The Walking Dead

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The Wife (Completed)

  1. Sing me a song: You’re Rick’s eldest daughter and Negan asks you to sing, which leads to something darker, more sinister and more complicated
  2. Dear Wife: Sing me a song sequel. You adjust to your new life and win everyone’s hearts.
  3. Husband of Mine: SMAS and Dear Wife sequel 3/3. The night before and the morning after.


  1. AU: You’re an actress on the Walking Dead but before that, you were a stunt double. Because of that, you get to do your own stunts but one scene changes your life forever.

Paper Bag: Hello If you are not busy. Could you writing about Negan x reader who have Heterochromia please?

Rules:  I have a request! I was wondering if you could do one where the reader is almost raped, but before anything bad happens Negan, reader’s husband from before everything went to shit, saves her by killing the guy like he killed David.

You’re gonna miss me so bad: Hey! Do you mind writing a fanfic that reader and negan were married before apocalypse after that they separate and reader joins to rick’s group, thinking that negan is dead and then of course she sees him when he killed Glenn and things go shit like negan wanted to keep her at sanctuary but she refused and left etc Oh and she babysits Judith most of the time because she really likes children and angst please! Thank you :) @ohmypage

Marvel Universe

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Bad Girl

  • Chapter 1:  The much anticipated Tony Stark Sugar Daddy fanfic
  • Chapter 2:  It’s crazy how much your life changes.
  • Chapter 3:  World, meet Stark’s sugar baby
  • Chapter 4:  Some history.
  • Chapter 5: COMING SOON
Negan imagines - The Blame Part 12

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AN: Sorry it’s been so long!! I’m just so incredibly busy at the moment and haven’t really got time to think let alone right however I do have some spare time to give you this! There is only a few more chapters left and they’re all planned out, I just need time to write them. I will try my hardest to update weekly for the last few parts. 

Catch up here (Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)(Part 4)(Part 5)(Part 6)(Part 7)(Part 8)(Part 9)(Part 10)(Part 11)

Overall Summary: You’re the one who accidentally led the Saviours to the group cause Negan has an interest in you. Rick’s daughter.

In this chapter: Just because a guy makes you feel better doesn’t mean he’s a good man. Your conscience plagues you with nightmares. 

Pairing: Negan x reader, Father!Rick x Daughter!Reader

Word count: 1,077 (It’s short, I’m sorry!)

Warnings: Some strong language, some light smut, some graphic violence scenes. 

“Feeling better?” Negan asked with a smirk on his face as you as you sucked the ice cream from your spoon. 

“Yeah.” You pulled the spoon from you mouth and nodded your head, your hair falling from behind your ear as you stared down at your bowl. 

Negan stepped towards you and took your bowl from your hands, placing it down on the side behind you. You licked your lips to rid of any unwanted marks around your mouth and stared up at the man. 

Negan tucked his hands under your ass cheeks and lifted you up onto the counter top, you chuckled and smiled at the older man. 

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Our Father

Hey friends, I said I wasn’t posting for a while but was reminded that I had this idea for some time and really needed to write it. I saw a moodboard post a while ago and the idea never left me. With that I give you 1,228 words of Fraxus. This can be found on FFN and AO3.

If you’re curious, I was listening to few things while writing this including (1) monks chanting, (2) Lacrimosa, (3) the mansion music from the first Resident Evil, (4) the police station main hall music from Resident Evil 2, and (5) the witch’s theme from Left 4 Dead while I wrote this (kind of a mixed bag but it helped with my concentration haha)!

This one is called “Our Father”.

The remnants of the original structure of Cardia Basilica had been lost to the elements nearly three decades prior. What was left of the crumbling eighteenth-century baroque building, had been incorporated into the new two-story structure. It sat nestled between the main road and a backstreet in the densely populated second arrondissement, quietly adjudicating the populace that roamed the filthy and narrow streets.

The last evening mass had ended two hours prior, leaving the redolence of burnt incense. The lights remained dim, leaving the candles at the end of each pew to illuminate the main aisle.

Laxus stood before the alter and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, careful to keep the lit match in his hand from lighting his loose robes. He held an old, thick prayer book open in his other hand, its pages worn from use and stained from the smoke of previous masses, and quietly read from it, chanting the prayers. Steadying his hand, he lit the offering candle and muttered the blessing.

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can u draw ellis taking care of a sick nick plz?

-I swear, Ellis, if you let that shit drip all over my shirt—…
-Well if you don’t want that, I guess you’d better open up and take your medicine, Nick. :T

There you go, anon. My last art request for now. Hope you like it. : D It’s up to you, the viewers, to decide if you think this is happening in a safe house somewhere en route to New Orleans, or if they managed to survive through the world going back to normal (and, idk, moved in together?) but either way… Here’s Ellis trying to nurse a sick and very grumpy Nick back to health.

Left 4 Dead nostalgia...

If anybody fancies a game I’ll log back onto my Xbox 360 and we can have a play through the campaigns? Left 4 Dead 1 or 2 :)

It’s full of horrible little shits now, as soon as they see my username or find out I’m a girl I get kicked, every time, without fail. 

I never get that problem with titanfall in fact I’ve met a lot of really lovely people on there… but I don’t wanna play titanfall I wanna team up and kill some zooommbiiiees!!!!!!!

Offer expires Monday next week as I’ve got a shit ton of assignment work to do from then on :)

Pretty please :)


some girls you’ve never seen before

a mix for the girl from hotline bling who’s having the time of her life now that drake left the city, and is now a lesbian


1. All The Ways You Let Me Down - Candy Hearts / 2. Boy Problems - Carly Rae Jepsen / 3. Girls Chase Boys - Ingrid Michaelson / 4. Dead Wrong - FEMM / 5. Rock N Roll - Avril Lavigne / 6. Oath (ft. Becky G) - Cher Lloyd / 7. Look But Don’t Touch - Empire Cast (ft. Serayah) / 8. Artangels - Grimes / 9. Boyfriend - Tegan and Sara / 10. Jenny - Studio Killers / 11. Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko / 12. Only Wanna Dance With You - Kesha / 13. Perfect Day - Hoku / 14. Girlfriend - Icona Pop

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Hi c: Top 5 pieces of art?

aaaaaahhh omg thank you!! I love art but my tastes are very like…mainstream famous artists (if that makes any sense) because I don’t go out of my way to look for it

5. The Creation of Adam (Michelangelo) - Honestly, I kind of starting liking this because of an inside joke that became a meme but after a while I just really unironically liked it

4. Still Life with Golden Bream (Goya) - in a link because not everyone wants to see dead fish on their dash in the morning. I love Goya’s bizarro still life paintings and the fish one gets me. Goya’s work sort of reminds me of Rorschach from Watchmen for some reason.

3. Relativity (Escher) - I did a project on Escher when I was like 8 because he was my favourite artist at the time and it never quite left. After watching Inception I re-discovered my love for ‘paradoxical architecture’ and therefore this

2. Starry Night (Van Gogh) - Yeah, kind of obvious. I have this printed on my laptop case. It speaks to my inner astronomy nerd and I just like colour

1. The Persistence of Memory (Dali) - I cried a bit when I went to the Dali museum in Paris. This painting wasn’t there, but all of Dali’s work is so??? Cool?? Don’t ask me about the art standpoint because I have no idea I just like how it looks and melting clocks are just sort of an aesthetic I didn’t know I was into until I saw this painting

Left For Dead (Part 4)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Summary: You’re dating Theo and Stiles can’t stand it. When he finds you next to his injured dad, he assumes you and Theo were in it together and leaves you in the tunnels, not knowing it may be the last time he sees you.

A/N: sorry I’m late on posting, I had this uni orientation things and it took some time to recover from lmao
this is the last part!!! and it’s really long!!! but i figured that was better than posting it in 2 parts so enjoy!!! i’m also going to be posting my first scott imagine so check that out too!!!



You’re basically running out of the lobby towards your car when you hit someone hard and they catch you against they’re chest.“Y/n.”

The voice sends chills down your spine and you look up to see Theo smirking at you. You shove him away heading for your car but within a blink he’s standing in front of you, blocking the door.“Move asshole.”

“Give me 30 seconds,” he says, unfazed.

You look over your shoulder but don’t see anyone following and so you try to push past Theo who barely flinches.

“Fine, 30 seconds” you say out of breath, just as the rest of the boys appear in the car park.

“I thought Stiles would find you after I stabbed you. The boy who was watching you, I called him to tell him not to hurt you and to make sure you got to the hospital but then you tried to escape and he hit you. I couldn’t stop what I was doing, and by the time he was done with the Sheriff he ran off and I had to see things through. I had to see everything through before I could find you and by then it was too late; you weren’t in the tunnels. Everything I said down there, I just said to make you hate me”

“Well mission accomplished,” you spat back.You stared at him and then at the boys who had moved beside you, out of whom Stiles looked the most pained.

“I’m saying this for the last time, don’t ever come near me again, either of you.”

“Y/n” Scott pleads and you finally let out the anger you had been withholding,

“No Scott, I’m done with all of this. First of all Theo, why the hell are you even here? Nowhere in that half assed explanation was there an apology. So if you’re not sorry, and you’re not going to stop, why did you come here? To see if I was okay? Or to finish me off?” you say, balling your fists together.“And Stiles,” you continue, “If you want me to forgive you, you’re forgiven. I can’t hate you and I don’t. But I still can’t forget what you did, and even though it’s not even partly your fault I was hurt, even bleeding to the death in the tunnels would’ve been better than living knowing that you left me there without thinking twice.”

Everyone stares and you let yourself breathe in, before turning around and heading back towards your room.You stare out the window once you reach your room, taking a swig out of the bottle on the nightstand as you watch the boys bicker between themselves.You plop onto the bed and turn the TV on, drowning out your own thoughts before you hear the door open.

“Scott. Seriously. Not in the mood.”

“Okay, well neither am I, so either you leave with us or I’m staying here with you,” he says sternly.

“I can’t go back, I told my parents I was staying at Kira’s, and if you’re here that means you already made a visit to my house,” you sigh and Scott winces, “Yeah, Kira covered for you but she’s not a very good liar.”

“And you can’t stay here, Kira would freak, internally of course, she goes too easy on you. And I’m seriously not in the mood to get an earful from parents who only talk to me to say I’m a shitty person.”

“You can stay with me for a few days,” he smiles and you shake your head, “Kira” you remind him and he laughs, “She’s not going to get mad at me for helping out a friend” he trails off, shrugging and sitting next to you on the bed, “What’s your pick?”

“Fine,” you laugh lightly, “But Scott, seriously, don’t try pull anything with Stiles, I can’t be around him. And I won’t.”

“He told me he loves you, y/n” Scott says, and you groan before shaking your head and getting up.

“Okay, okay” he laughs, pulling you back down before getting up himself and starting to throw your clothes into your bag.

“Do you want to take a shower, you reek of alcohol,” he suggests and you wrinkle your nose, slightly offended, “Come on, it’s worse for me, heightened senses and all!” 

“Make yourself comfortable!” Melissa McCall calls from downstairs as she leaves for the evening shift.

“How did your parents take it?” Scott asks, handing you some of his clothes and you raise a brow, “I dumped all your stuff in the laundry because they smelled like alcohol too,” he laughs nervously.

You take the clothes from him, “They’re just pyjamas y/n, you don’t have to feel all awkward or worry about Kira,” he laughs as you hesitate, “So, your parents?”

“They didn’t really care, as usual, just “blah blah blah you’re irresponsible, we’re going to work now”, like seriously, I’m by myself 99% of the time anyways so why does it matter if I do it in a giant house or a motel?” you groan.

“Your house is pretty huge,” Scott comments, “That’s what you got out of that?” you laugh and he joins in before the room falls into silence, “It’s nice seeing you like this. Those few weeks at the hospital, everyone was really freaked out. I mean you were all quiet and still and you weren’t eating and…” he trails off.

“And what?”

“And you didn’t cry, or get mad or anything, which would be any normal person’s reaction,” he responds quietly.“I’m fine,” you reassure him, “I’m eating lots, I’m talking lot’s and if you didn’t notice me getting mad in the carpark today then maybe your wolfey senses need an upgrade.”

“Alright, I’ll take your word for it,” he laughs, “Just call out if you need anything, it’s getting pretty late so make sure you get some rest,” he smiles.

“Scott, it’s your room, you can just sleep here, the couch is fine for me, in fact, I prefer sleeping on couches,” you argue and he shakes his head.

—————————————————————————————————-It was almost 4am and you weren’t at all tired and as much as you wanted to wake up Scott and talk him into a Gossip Girl marathon, seeing him asleep and snuggled up in blankets on the couch was enough to keep you from it.

You ducked back upstairs with a glass of milk and plopped onto the bed after downing it, staring at the ceiling, replaying the expression on Stiles’ face when you had pulled away from him and before you knew it you were sobbing, all the suppressed emotions finally coming out, your heart beating so hard against your chest you thought it would explode.Within moments Scott had pounded up the steps and you buried your head into the pillow, hiding your face as he stood in the doorway.

“No one’s heart beats that fast if they’re sleeping,” he says softly, coming and sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Guess those wolfey senses are all intact,” you croak.“Shuffle over,” he says, and you sit up and move to the other side of the bed.Once he climbs in, he pulls you into his chest and you start to sob again, your chest heaving,

“Your t-shirt is going to be all wet” you half laugh and he laughs back, “It think this is actually Stiles’ shirt, so maybe you should blow your nose on it too.”

“Scott, I love him,” you whisper.

“I know,” he says, squeezing your shoulder. 


“Scott!” Liam shouts and the both of you wake, shooting up from the bed where you had fallen asleep on Scott, still sitting up.You stare at Liam whose eyes are wide ashe moves them from left to right where Kira and Stiles are standing on either side of him.

“Well I don’t owe anyone an explanation…” you say non-chalantly, “Except you Kira,” you say quickly, dragging her out of the room and down the stairs.

“Its fine you don’t have to explain,” she huffs, looking unconcerned but disappointed.

“No seriously, I do. I was just really upset last night and Scott was just comforting me and we must’ve fallen asleep like that,” you explain and she raises a brow.

“Upset about what?” she asks concerned, “I mean, there are just so many things was it just everything or one thing or?” she babbles nervously.“Kira?” you say curiously.

“So, I might know Stiles said he loves you. And I heard about what happened today which I take means that you don’t feel the same way,” she asks and then gasps as you pick at the hem of Scott’s sweater.“Or you do!” she squeals and you shush her, but not before Liam enters the kitchen looking smug.

“Lips sealed Dunbar, I know you were eavesdropping,” you say and he nods, “Seriously,” you remind him and this time he stops looking so smug and nods awkwardly before he heads out the front door.Scott and Stiles come downstairs and Stiles leaves without a word.

Scott turns to the two of you, “I told him not to come around while you’re here,” he explains and you nod in appreciation, unsure if that’s what you really want.

“You can’t stay with him Kira!” you hear Scott say downstairs.

“Well y/n is staying with you!” She replies, and you enter the room, “What’s going on guys?” you question, taking a bite out of an apple and walking through them to sit on the couch.

“Kira wants to go stay with Stiles,” Scott says, throwing his hands up in the air.

“What?” you say, shocked, causing a piece of apple to drop out of your mouth.

“Well his dad’s in hospital, and he can’t come here and he’s just by himself,” Kira explains and you stare at her, “It won’t be weird,” she continues, turning to Scott, “It’ll just be like y/n staying with you.”

Scott opens his mouth to argue but then just stares at her in bewilderment, “Yeah, I guess but-“

“But nothing Scott, he needs someone, and honestly, my parents are working so much and the house is all empty and spooky,” she shivers.“Well I can come over more!” Scott exclaims and she laughs, “You can’t leave your houseguest all alone after one day,” she giggles and you shift awkwardly.

“Maybe I should just head home and Stiles can stay here,” you suggest and they both shake their head, “Don’t be silly, after everything that happened you shouldn’t be by yourself,” Kira says sternly and Scott agrees.

“Why doesn’t y/n stay with you and I’ll go stay with Stiles?” Scott suggests and Kira shakes her head once again.

“Y/n is allergic to cat hair and I have a cat,” Kira says quickly and Scott stares at her, “You wha-“ he starts before she glares at him.

“When did you get a cat?” you ask, unable to recall ever seeing one at her house, “I got one while you were in the hospital, like I said, it’s been lonely at my house,” she replies.

“What?” she mumbles, looking at Scott who looks amused.“Why don’t you stay with Stiles?” she suggests and your eyes widen.“Kira!” Scott throws his hands up and she shrugs.“Okay.”

They both turn to you, surprised.

“Seriously?” Scott asks.

“Kira, you’re an awful lair. And honestly, what with all this stuff going on with Theo and this beast thing, I don’t want to be the one that’s making everything awkward and keeping everyone apart,” you explain and Scott interrupts “No you’re not doing any of that” he reassures you.

“Yeah I am, I mean Stiles can’t come see his best friend and none of you can talk about him with me and Scott can’t leave me here to go to important pack meeting things because he feels bad and I just- I just need to learn to tolerate Stiles. And if anything, I should be the one to leave.”

“No one is leaving,” Scott states, his face serious.

“I don’t want to push you,” Kira says, “Really?” you laugh.“But if there’s anyone who could make Stiles feel better right now, it’s you,” she continues, “I’m not saying to forget what he did, but at least forgive him because right now he hates himself.”

You nod and get off the couch, “Okay but Scott, can you please come drop off my clothes at some point,” you sigh and Kira raises an eyebrow, “My mum is washing them for her,” he explains and she nods in understanding. 

“Hey” you say awkwardly as Stiles opens the front door looking bewildered at the sight of you.

“Uhh y/n, I thought- I thought you didn’t-“ he struggles.

“I know but we can’t hate each other forever, right?” you explain and he stares, “I don’t hate you,” he states and you smile slightly, “And I don’t hate you, so can I stay here?”

“Stay here?” he asks, surprised.

“Yeah,” Scott says, out of breath and he lugs your stuff out of the boot of the car, “You can’t stay here alone man and Kira is staying with me for a while and so we figured…” he trails off and there’s an awkward pause as you stand in the doorway.

“Stiles?” Scott repeats and Stiles shakes his head, “Uh, sure, come on in,” he replies, taking your bag from Scott who wraps his arm around Kira and waves bye before furrowing his brows together, “Hey, how do we get home, we came in your car?”

“Be careful,” you warn as you toss him your keys, “I’ll bring it to school tomorrow, you can catch a ride with Stiles right?” he asks and Stiles makes a slitting throat motion to Scott behind you, stopping when you look at him, “Sure” you reply and Stiles looks surprised.

Scott and Kira drive off and Stiles shuts the door, awkwardly turning to face you.“You can take my room, it’s the only one where the heating currently works,” he informs you, lifting your bag and making his way upstairs as you follow in silence.

“You look better,” he comments and you look at yourself in the mirror, remembering the last few times Stiles had seen you, you had been a bloodied mess. Suddenly, you choke on your own spit, realizing Stiles had seen you practically naked at the motel.

“Are you okay?” he asks, moving closer towards you and stopping abruptly, remembering your reaction the last time.You nod and look down at your clothes, which Stiles notices too, “Do you need me to pick up some clothes for you?” he asks, clearing his throat.


“You’ve been wearing Scott’s clothes for the past 2 days, which is fine I mean you haven’t left the house, but if you wanted to go out you can’t exactly go out in his sweater and pyjama pants which are way too big for you.”

You stare at him for a while before you answer, “Uh, yeah, I have clothes in there,” you reply, moving towards your bag and sifting through looking for something comfortable to wear.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well at the motel, I kind of just slept in whatever I was wearing or nothing…” you clear your throat as you notices Stiles’ amused expression, “So I didn’t pack any pyjamas and I kind of spilled spaghetti on this sweater and I can’t sleep smelling like pasta.”

“Guess I’ll just have to make do” you shrug, pulling out a crop top with shoulder studs and comparing it with a t-shirt made from incredibly thin fabric.

Stiles pulls them out of your grasp. He holds them up and examines them, “So you’ll either feel like you’re sleeping on rocks or you’ll freeze to death,” he comments and you laugh which makes him stare at you momentarily, realizing it’s something he hadn’t seen in a while and something he though he wouldn’t see again, let alone be on the receiving end of it.

“Here,” he says, interrupting the silence, handing you a grey hoodie and you nod in appreciation after which he leaves the room, reminding you to come down for dinner if you’re hungry.You contemplate staying up there, thinking of how uncomfortable you felt already. Even the thought of sitting across the table from Stiles and making small talk made you want to puke.It pained you to realize that things weren’t going to be the same between the two of you and it wasn’t something you could pretend didn’t happen.Finally, after a half hour of hearing your stomach gurgle, you slowly started to fall asleep, only to be woken by the door creaking open.

“Y/N?” he whispers and you groan in response, “Are you awake?”

“Well, I am now,” you grumble, propping yourself up and staring at him through half closed eyes.

“Sorry, I’ll leave,” he apologizes heading out, “No, wait.”

He turns around and hesitates in the doorway, “What’s wrong?” you ask, getting out of bed and walking towards him.

Stiles towered over you, and seeing him rub his eyes all sleepy like a giant teddy bear only made what you were feeling harder to understand.

“Nothing, I just couldn’t sleep, I just wanted to know if you wanted a hot chocolate or something?” he asks, and you nod, “Sure Stiles, bring one up for me too,” you call as you climb back into bed and pull the covers over yourself.

He returns minutes later and you move over and let him sit next to you as he hands you a mug.“We can watch something,” he says breaking the awkward silence, “Vampire Diaries,” you mumble, half asleep, sipping out of your mug.

“Sure,” he laughs at the sight of you, turning on Netflix and reducing the volume.

“Elena is hot, don’t you think-“ he starts before he notices you nodding off, the mug about to fall out of you hand.He slowly takes it out of your grasp and places it on the night stand, smiling as he looks at you.You stir in your sleep and he shakes his head, switching the TV off and climbing off the bed.You stretch your hand out and hold his, “Stay,” You mumble, “I know how much you hate not sleeping in your own bed.”

“Y/N…” he sighs, “Honestly, I’m fine,” you reply softly, tugging his hand a little.He climbs in, his back faced to you as he lay down.You stare at his back for what seems like an eternity and before you can help yourself, you move closer, wrapping your arm around him, pressed against him.Slowly he turns to face you, your faces inches away from each other and you snuggle into his chest. He places an arm around you and you feel yourself start to cry.

“Y/N” he whispers, pulling away a little so he can see your face, “I’m sorry.”

“I shouldn’t have left you, no matter what I thought you had done, injured or not, I should’ve taken you out of there with me. I should’ve listened to you at the hospital, I should’ve known, I should’ve never said those things to you. I’m sorry. And I’m sorry, that after everything I’ve done, after everything you went through- that I put you through, I’m sorry I stupidly confessed being in love with you.”

You shake your head and paused for a long time before you let the words slip out of your mouth, “Stiles, I love you.”

“What?” he says loudly and you laugh a little.

“I hated you so much when I woke up in the hospital and saw you and for a while I didn’t understand why. I knew you were just so worried about your father that you couldn’t see what was going on, yet I hated you more than I hated Theo. And then I realized it was because I love you Stiles, I’m in love with you, that’s why everything hurt so much – that’s why I just couldn’t-“ you sob and Stiles cut you off by pressing his lips to yours and pulling you into him, his hands tangled in your hair and your hands pressed against his chest. His hand slowly made its way under your shirt, the warmth of his skin sending chills down your spine and soon enough it became heated and passionate.

Finally Stiles pullsaway, “Y/N” he whisper, “Mmmm” you mumble, pulling his lips back onto yours.“I promise, I’ll never let anything hurt you ever again, and if you’ll have me, I’d like to make this kissing thing a regular event,” he says, slightly out of breath.

“Are you asking to be my boyfriend?” you laugh and he nods slowly.

“I’m scared Stiles,” you say, slightly hesitant, “I mean this is great, but for some reason there’s this feeling in my gut – I just-“

“I’ll do everything I can to make it go away, just give me a chance?” he asks, his hand squeezing yours.

You nod and he smiles, “Stiles, you’re kind of freaking me out,” you say, frowning.“I’m sorry, I just can’t stop smiling. I can’t believe I just kissed you. And you actually said you’ll go out with me! I mean, you’re way, way out of my league like -” he babbles and you cut him off with a kiss before falling asleep with your hands entwined. 

The sun hit your face and you woke up to Stiles staring at you adoringly.“Freak,” you mumble, pushing his face away. He catches you by the wrist and pulls you into a soft kiss which you find yourself smiling into.

“Seriously?” you hear a voice that startles you, causing Stiles to fall out of bed.

“I’m okay,” he calls from the floor. You help him up and turn to find Kira, Scott and Liam at the foot of the bed.“One night? That’s all it took for you to make up,” Scott says surprised.

“And make out,” Liam says, winking and you throw a pillow at him.

“Sooooooooo?” Scott drags the word out and you sigh, “Yeah, we’re together,” you say, grabbing Stiles’ hand and shaking it in the air, “Woohoo, now can everyone get out?”

“So you guys are like, okay now?” Kira asks, unsurely.

“We’re fine,” you reassure them, climbing out of bed and tying your hair up, realizing everyone had probably settled on having breakfast here, “We’re better than fine, actually,” Stiles teases and you roll your eyes.

“You owe me $20,” Kira says to Scott who groans and pulls a few bills out of his pocket.“Wha- WHY?!” you shout and Kira laughs, “I may have made a bet that you wouldn’t be able to stay mad at Stiles for long,” she replied.“Actually it was that you and Stiles would finally hook u- HEY” Scott yells as Kira slaps his arm, “Whatever,” he mumbles, “We brought bagels and Liam is making us pancakes.”

“NO I’M NOT!” Liam argues and Scott smirks, “Hey, remember that time to you tried to kill me?” he teases and Liam groans, slumping and going downstairs, followed by Kira and Scott.

“Mmmmm,” Stiles mumbles as he wraps his arms around you from behind and kisses you on the cheek.

“I’m hungry Stiles,” you mumble, enjoying every moment of it despite pretending you don’t.

“Mmmhmmm,” he continues to hold you and you laugh, “Are you going to do this all day?”

“Until I need to pee, and then every moment after that,” he whispers and then pauses, “And I need to pee now!” he rushes off to the bathroom and you head downstairs to find a grumpy Liam flipping pancakes horribly.

“You can’t torture him forever Scott,” you giggle.

“Watch me.”

Stiles joins you in the kitchen, spending the entire morning pulling you into his lap and peppering you with kisses until everyone starts to gag and you both agree to turn it down a notch. 

I bet Nick gave Ellis a lot of his shit for his tribal tattoo and constantly teased him about it. But one of the first time they have sex, Ellis spots some shitty dice or card tattoo that Nick got when he was like 19 and drunk at a rundown tattoo parlor and Ellis has to take like ten minutes to calm down cause he can’t stop giggling about it. And Nick is grumpy and pissed as hell and grumbling about the whole thing.

Rochelle Day is a specific day to show appreciation of the Valve corp. character Rochelle from the 2009 Left 4 Dead sequel, Left 4 Dead 2. Headed by @ellisslash and @draconicaRochelle Day takes place February 27, 2016.

In their words:

@draconica and I will be throwing a very special party on Saturday the 27th! We’re going to be spreading the love for Rochelle and her face actor, Shanola Hampton, with writing, headcanons, and brand-new GMods/SFMs all day long! If you’ve got some cool art of Rochelle, this’ll be the perfect time to post it, along with any drabbles you’ve written or suggestions for stories you’d like to read. (x)

For easier access to content created for Rochelle Day, the tag #rochelleday,  may be incredibly helpful.

sixleggedsloth  asked:

autistic nico is my JAM MAN k so like. he only does things in even numbers like he won't take just one fry it has to be 2 or 4 or 16 idk it just CANT be an odd number. hes eatin mac n cheese n he takes small bites so he can make sure its an even number of noodles. he's stabbin some monster in the chest n even if it's clearly dead he'll stab it again. odd numbers are Not Right it has to be even so they pair up nice n one doesn't get left out or feel lonely this is Important to him

YEA he counts his steps and can Only Stop if its on an odd number.he can only get up in the morning if the time is an even number. he puts 4 spoons of sugar in his coffee because A) 2 is too few and three is a No and B) he is a Disgusting Child

some hcs: he wears really baggy clothes cause tight things are Sensory Hell™. He cant motivate himself 2 do shit bcause of th good ol Executive Dysfunction. He usually keeps the lights in the hades cabin off and most people think its because hes angsty and emo but in reality the lights are just a bit overwhelming after awhile.

(also consider: nico w bfrbs? like…)


What the–  This shit still works?!


(( Admin note:  That was a long supply run– Sorry guys.  I never meant to leave this blog hanging and I’ve got a dozen and a half “real-life” reasons why things got off track, but no one wants to hear all that.  What’s important is, it’s time to get things rolling again, so thank you to everyone who stuck around.  Feel free to send in some new questions or requests and I’ll see what I can do to make up for lost time around here. ))


As requested by my followers, some spooky, creepy, or just Halloweenie gaming things~

Featured games (From left to right, starting at the top)

Amnesia: The Dark Descent | Mass Effect 3 | Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon | Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time | Silent Hill 2 | Half Life 2 | Kingdom Hearts | Five Nights at Freddy’s | Fallout 3 | Fatal Frame 3 | Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door | Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune | Dead Space | Pokemon | The Last of Us | Bioshock | Okami | Resident Evil 4 | P.T. | Sonic Adventure 2 | Banjo Kazooie 


My Cosplays that i’ll be wearing at Acen!

Arya Stark (Game of Thrones) {Friday} [not shown]

Disciple (Homestuck) {Friday & Saturday}

The Witch (Left 4 Dead 2) {Friday}

Flame Princess (Adventure Time) {Saturday}

(some parts of the cosplays arnt in the pics (like FP’s jewels) but dont worry i have everything)

anyone and everyone is welcome to hangout with me or say hello :D


Over the past few days, I’ve been conducting a social experiment to see the effects of saying I hate black people and white people on the internet.

I posted 2 posts, both completely identical except for the words black/white (and racial slurs in the tags), and left them to see how many unfollows, likes, and reblogs each got.

For the post on hating black people:

1 hate reblog

2 unfollows


This is clearly serious business, and no one should say those things.

For the post on hating white people:

1 hate reblog

0 unfollows


Clearly this is the right thing to do, and we should hate on white people all the time. (But some people defend white people but fuck them they don’t know shit)

So, look me dead in the fucking eye and tell me white racism doesn’t exist.

Saturday Stream

It’s that time again people: Saturday Stream Night.

Tonight we’ll be starting off with Resident Evil 5 Professional mode. Afterwards, we’ll be moving onto Left 4 Dead 2, leading into some competitive mode. When all that is done, I’ll probably slide into Bioshock for some wind down. 

Per usual, you can pay either me or Splatter (or both at the same time) to drink. 

Nerdette’s Menu:

  • Vodka: $3
  • Whiskey/Rum: $4
  • Tequila: $5
  • For an additional $1.50 I’ll do them without a chaser.

Splatter’s Menu:

  • For $30 Splatter will chug a 24ox bottle of Kahlua
  • You can also do $15 for half a bottle.
  • Mudslide for $20, and $10 for half
  • Cream Vodka, $1 for a shot, $30 for chugging the bottle, 15 for half. There will be chaser with this involved as well as bread.
  • Splatter will also do requested lines for $2 each. (But also has a right to refuse if he doesn’t want to say it.)
'Game of Thrones': Everything You Need to Know for Season 6
Your quick-refresher cheat sheet on who's who and what's happening from Westeros to the Wall

Get into these Cliff’s Notes by Rolling Stone!  They really did a bang-up job with this summary, and since Game of Thrones has more characters than the Bible, a little refresher is appreciated.  Some random thoughts though:

1) I don’t think Stannis is dead.  Anytime someone dies dies, you actually get to see it.  That camera cutaway was a little too convenient when Brienne of Tarth supposedly killed him.

2) I don’t think Jon Snow is dead either.  One, he’s half Targaryen (fight me, idc what you say, he has to be one of the three riding a dragon) and Two, he’s too popular.  Plus, folks don’t always stay dead around those Red People.

3) Sansa finna start some shit.  I’m pretty sure she’s the only 100% good character left in Westeros and it’s time for her hero arc.  I don’t really know where she’s going to find help, but Sansa has been kicked around for five years.  There is a Stark in there somewhere.

4) Cersei finna start even more shit.  I love to hate her and hate to love her.  She’s probably my favorite character to watch from a purely entertainment standpoint, and you know she’s about to go to war with Dorne with Jaime right beside her.

5) It’s time for Daenerys to stop foolin around in the desert and start some shit in Westeros.  I can’t express to you how little I care about the fate of Mereen or any of those other affirmative action cities where they can hire some brown people to play parts.  Bring some colored folks to Westeros and let’s get this war for the throne on and popping so they can deal with the ice zombies.

6) I’ll be honest – I really just kind of want a conclusion.  I’ve been living with this series for almost 20 years now and since George RR Martin seems completely uninterested in finishing the novels, at least the HBO series can give me some resolution.  Like…just tell me who wins.

7) Rickon is still the Judy Winslow of The North. 

8) This trailer is everything.