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Neon and Dust: Chapter 3

More Shoot space western time. Went from taking 6 months to update to 1 so go me.

Last chapter I’m posting on tumblr for this. Moving the whole thing to AO3 shortly for your reading convenience, complete with bad chapter titles.

content warning: mild dismemberment of a bad guy but he probably had it coming. I’m calling this M rated for now. For now….

(Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3)

Shaw woke up only a few hours after she’d stretched out in her bunk. Time of day was meaningless out in space, especially when traveling between planets that had completely different night and day cycles, but they made some effort to stay on a schedule for the sake of sanity. And yet she’d woken up far too early and for no good reason that she could discern.

She stayed still for a few moments, tuning out the familiar ship sounds (and Bear’s doggy snores) to listen for any disturbances, but there was nothing out of the ordinary. Which, it occurred to her, was likely the problem. She’d been tense falling asleep, convinced Root was likely to show up at any moment and try to break into her bunk (though whether it would be to incapacitate her or pick up where they’d left off in that jail cell Shaw was unsure. She was also unsure what she’d do if it were the latter).

Eventually she got up–careful not to disturb Bear–and opened her door so she could peer out into the passageway.

Everything was still.

On some whim she didn’t choose to examine too closely, she went down to the bunk she’d given Root earlier. The door was open and the room looked untouched, spare sheets still folded on the bed. The only thing out of place was the little bag Root had brought here with her, sitting on the mattress.

Shaw debated the ethics of rummaging through the possessions of someone who was technically a paying customer for about three seconds before emptying the bag’s contents onto the mattress.

There wasn’t much in it: a change of clothes, a couple folded pieces of paper, a toothbrush, and a comb. She unfolded one of the pieces of paper, but it was covered in scribbles that didn’t make a lot of sense. It was possibly some form of pseudocode, but, given that this was Root, it was just as likely weird love poetry for the Machine. The third piece of paper she unfolded had the words ‘Hi, sweetie!’ written on it in what appeared to be red lipstick.

The i’s were both hearts.

Shaw almost crumpled the paper up before realizing that would be a dead giveaway that she’d seen it. Instead, she carefully refolded it and put everything back in Root’s bag exactly as she’d found it.

The worst part was she couldn’t even tell Root how thoroughly unamused she was. She settled for rolling her eyes in disgust at the bag.

Despite the fact she’d have heard anyone approaching on the metal grate flooring of the passageway, she still glanced up and down the hall. If Root wasn’t here, where was she? Reese was supposed to be on watch up on the bridge, but maybe she’d gotten to him? Not much she could do while the ship was in blink though.

Shaw went back to her bunk and used the wall panel to call up to the bridge.

“Reese, you good?”

“Yeah, why? What’d Root do now?”

“Nothing? That I know of, anyway. Not in her bunk. You see her on any of the cameras?”

“Haven’t seen anything of note other than your little trip to her bunk just now.”

Shaw frowned at the panel. Asshole.

“Wonder where she went then. Maybe back to her ship?”

“Could be. The top hatch on her ship is shut so I can’t see in. Is there a problem?”

“Only wanted to make sure she hadn’t tased you and commandeered the ship.”

“Not yet. You should get some sleep while you have time. Or get whatever it is you went to Root’s bunk to…”

Shaw hung up on him.

She debated going and checking Paradox to see if Root had slunk back off to sleep there, but decided she didn’t really care enough (and didn’t want to give Reese any more ammunition). If Root thought she was too good for the Indigo Five’s bunks, that was her issue.

She paused with her hand on the bolt of her door, wondering if she should lock it. She shook her head and threw the lock. Of course she should, why wouldn’t she lock it?

She kept listening for the sound of footsteps up until she fell asleep.

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anonymous asked:

I don’t get why you can’t stream during the week when you only work three days. It just seems like you don’t want to stream so then...just don’t??

Anon I'mma let you in on a small secret.

I do want to stream. SHOCKING I know. I have to draw commissions on top of zines. Drawing for me can take anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. It depends on the commission. Zines? They take the same amount of time.

Having to take that into consideration, I’m a human being with a loving family that needs to be taken care of. My mom lives on an Oxygen tank. My Fiancee works as well. When she’s at work, I have to walk and care for the sweet Lil puppy we have at home. I also need to sleep decent amount of hours that isn’t 3 or 4 hour power naps every day because I’m being kept busy in some way shape or form.

My computer also constantly crashes every time I try to stream. Live, or off stream, doesn’t matter. It’s out of my control.

But no, Anon, go off. Tell me I don’t want to stream and working only 3 days a week is SO easy without putting into consideration any outside sources or knowing what else goes behind my reasoning.

RIP piercings.
I’m thinking about getting them re-pierced for my birthday, but, oh my, the instant relief I got when I took the earrings out was amazing.

I’ve been so sick over the last few days. This is actually my first time out of bed for a period longer than a couple hours. (And I may go take another nap, haha) Figured I may as well sketch since I haven’t updated in a while. I was thinking that maybe I’d gather a bunch of my old sketches and art and upload them?

ALSO I’ve seen that people have sent me ASKS! *GASP!!!* Thank you! ;u; (Sorry if they are a bit older, I’m so bad at Tumblr) I’m gonna get back to them all in doodle form! 

Hoe Tips: School and Studying

I’m currently in PA school with close to a 4.0 GPA, and with college and back to school starting up, I’m dropping some tips for y'all. A hoe gotta get bomb ass grades if ya want a bomb ass career and to be successful af. So let’s get it✨

1. Write out your notes. Have two notebooks: one for when you’re in class (this one can be messy) and one for at home (this one is the neater one, for color coding, formatting, and all that organizational jazz). Writing things out is proven to enhance memorization 7X more than just reading is.

2. Have a go-to format for your notes. Numbering, bullet points, whatever floats your boat.

3. Type out your notes. I use Google Drive, because it automatically saves all your shit, and you can access your notes via your Google account literally anywhere. Typing out your notes does the same thing writing them out does, as far as helping you review the material.

4. Use Quizlet. Quizlet is a free flashcard website/app that allows you to type in all of your flashcards and definitions, and gives you review options like matching, testing, flashcard mode, and more. This shit made me my high schools valedictorian, no lie.

5. Keep your old quizzes and tests. Often times, teachers will ask similar questions on finals.

6. For math-based subjects, always always always show your work in your notes. I try to explain each step for a math problem in the margins of my notes, and generalize how to do each problem at the end.

7. Do practice problems consistently.

8. For my college hoes: never take an 8 am class. You think you can do it because you did it for high school, but I promise you will regret it. If there’s no avoiding the 8 am lecture, bring coffee and skip any makeup/hair that day. Sleep is too important.

9. Make flashcards. The night before my exams, I like to try and fit everything I need to know for a specific chapter/topic onto one flashcard, in order to weed out main ideas.

10. For essays, easybib.com is amazing with free citations to avoid any plaigiarism or incorrect bibliographies.

11. Rent👏your👏textbooks👏. Unless your teacher specifically requires you BUY it, you likely won’t need the actual textbook. Buying access codes for the book online is hundreds of dollars cheaper.

12. If you do get your textbooks, a lot of them have chapter summaries at the end of each chapter. Be sure to write out/type out/review those summaries.

13. For science labs, if you are allowed, take pictures of any models or slides you need to know for your exams. Pretty much all labs won’t let you take pictures of cadavers or animal dissections, but plastic models and microscope slides should be fine.

14. If you have a question, ASK YOUR TEACHER. It is better to look stupid in class and get your clarification, than to look stupid when you get your exam back and actually have it count against your grade.

15. Do study groups. I have two nursing friends in some of the same classes as me, and we’d always meet up before exams to go over the material. We would bring dry erase markers and map out shit in empty classrooms, taking turns explaining shit to each other until we nailed it.

16. Try to teach the material. Like I said in #15, study groups are great for this. By teaching the material out loud, you are subconsciously reviewing it yourself. This is a HUGE help.

17. Take breaks. You cannot exhaust yourself and expect to still recall anything you learned.

18. I know everyone does this and there’s no avoiding it sometimes, but DO NOT CRAM. Gradual learning is most effective.

19. Have one day every week where you don’t do any schoolwork. You need time to reboot.

20. Use your phone’s calendar/task checklist app for all major assignments, due dates, exam dates, study plans, appointments, etc. Set reminders as needed.

21. Charge your phone in another room while studying. No distractions.

22. Rainymood.com is a free website that plays a 30 minute loop of rain sounds. It helps me focus like nothing else, especially in my loud ass household, and every time the loop stops and replays, I know to take a break between 30 minute study sessions.

23. Feel distracted at home when studying? Try studying in a library, cafe, or even at school. I find that going somewhere else to study actually forces me to pay attention to what I’m doing, for some reason.

24. Reward yourself for good grades. Buy yourself a slice of pizza or a new highlight, have a netflix marathon, go to a party, or take a nap. Whatever conveys a job well done, do it. It’ll make all that studying feel that much greater when it’s over, and you’ll have a goal to work towards.

25. Sit in the front of the classroom as often as possible. You’ll be forced to pay attention, be able to actually see the board, hear the instructor better, and you’re more likely to have your questions answered quickly because your teacher will actually see your hand go up.

26. Caffeinate. I prefer tea because it’s healthier, but coffee works too. Ya girl is NOT a morning person, but my morning tea at least helps me pay attention during earlier classes.

27. Keep all of your school shit organized, together, and labelled.

28. Do NOT skip a class just because you’re lazy or don’t feel like going. The temptation is real sometimes, but a hoes gonna be pissed when ya see your participation average decline.

29. This may just be a psychological thing, but I love to use the same colored/brand of pen for all of my notes/assignments/tests. It just makes everything seem more uniform, and I’m able to recall information better.

30. Trouble taking tests? For any multiple choice question, read the question and try to answer it first without reading any of the options. If your answer doesn’t match the options, then use process of elimination to find the best answer. For true/false questions, write out justifications for each answer (you can also do this for multiple choice). You’ll be acing your exams in no time.

31. Chewing gum during class/studying, and chewing that same flavor gum during the exam, has been scientifically proven to boost your memory recall.

32. Literally any time you have the opportunity to do extra credit, DO IT. Cherish that shit.

33. If you aren’t doing so hot in a particular class (literally any math class for me lol), schedule a private meeting with your professor and go over test questions you missed, or topics you didn’t get. If you know your professor is a flop, or can’t get an appointment, meet with a tutor or another professor of that same subject. Sometimes another voice can shed new light on a difficult topic.

34. For essays, readable.io critiques your writing for free based on readability, grade level, formality, tone, grammatical errors, etc. Seriously a life saver.

35. Also thesaurus.com is ya bff for fancier words/phrases to make your writing more eloquent

36. Always make an outline for every essay or project to organize what you want to say. This will keep you on track, and help you work around any quotes or sources in you writing to make sure your writing is hella organized.

That’s all I can think of for now, please please please feel free to add and share. Enjoy those 4.0’s, hoes💞

so i had this horse named max when i was growing up who didn’t have a mean bone in his body, i believe he genuinely had no desire to hurt anyone in his life, the only problem being that he was at times almost too clumsy to live.

he was a dirt-speckled white tall stocky arab gelding with absurdly long haunches and very dark quizzical eyes. he was very interested in new people and new objects and utterly terrified of anything that he couldn’t automatically define. he had very pronounced withers that would jam right up into your goddamn crotch when you were riding him bareback, and he had the worst, bumpiest, most broken-laundry-machine of a gait that would jar the teeth from your skull right as you were losing your virginity. 

he was the world’s largest dog. he would wander over without fail to come over and say hi and then he would slowly and sedately lick you all over your hands and arms without using his teeth once. the man. loved. to lick things. you offered him something to eat and he would ever so delicately pick it up with his front lip, deposit it dexterously in his mouth, then gently chew. he never bit or kicked a person in his entire life. he didn’t mind being sat on while he wandered around and grazed, and he was so tall and broad that you could sit on him backwards and lay forward with your arms folded on the big black-spotted white of his butt like he was a couch.

he loved having his feet trimmed. he would always be so interested in the man working with his feet, and he would lick them on the arms and they never knew how to deal with it. we got a lot of comments like “This is the lickiest damn horse I ever saw” and also “please god he’s leaning on me make him stop.” 

he’d trip over himself every four seconds, and while he’d amble like a lanky sedan chair on the way out on a trip, on the way back you’d have to keep your elbows yanked back to your sides and your biceps straining as you kept his head glued to his chest and kept him from going faster and faster. he had this amazing lunatic bursts of insane energy when the situation called for it, and while he wasn’t particularly fast, the mere sight of that much poorly aligned and desperately out-of-proportion horsemeat attempting to fling itself through the sound barrier was enough to make you want to sit down for a minute.

he became desperately unhappy once his lifelong partner-in-horse would leave  while someone took her out on a ride alone and he’d stand in the farthest mile corner of the six miles of pasture and scream his head off until she came back. his sweat always smelled more acrid and sour than hers did, and he always foamed in big greenish smears. he loved being brushed until his hair fluffed out gleaming white, and while hoses terrified him into emotional outbursts, he very much loved to swim, and stand in the shallows and churn the water while jerking his head up and down in dogged delight.

on hot summer days he would lay down in the softest most nibbled to the quick part of the pasture and sleep for hours in the sunshine with the breath wheezing in and out his mouth and his legs stretched out. 

he absolutely had to walk in front of his horse partner at all times. 

he didn’t like dandelion flowers. he liked eating hollyhocks and thistle flowers, and he destroyed my mother’s lilac bush by literally walking over it until it was on his undercarriage and scratching back and forth with a look of complete and total bliss on his long stupid face. 

if you walked up to him in the dark he would walk over, inspect you for food, then breathe on you and keep you company while farting gently. if you were taking a nap in the grass he’d walk over and lick you mournfully on your face while farting gently. if you were riding him and he saw a leaf that looked at him wrong he would explode in seven different directions at once and yank your arms out of their sockets, excitedly farting the entire time. 

he was, in every respect, the sweetest, dumbest farmboy who ever lived. 

A friend once asked me how I manage to do my tasks so efficiently. I wrote a 500-word essay in 20 minutes. I finished my math homework and studied for a quiz in the half hour before morning assembly. I sleep at 9 pm on most nights. But how can I possibly achieve that?

I’ve seen people, even good students, check their phone every minute or two as they’re studying. I’ve seen students “study” for six hours straight, meaning taking down some notes then watching a YouTube video then reading their textbook then opening Instagram… you know what I mean.

My advice is to commit to whatever you’re doing. Not too long ago, another friend asked me, “Jo, do you ever get distracted at home?” to which I replied, “Distracted by what?” They told me about how they always have the urge to check their phones, talk to their friends, or get some food.  I can’t say I never get distracted, but it very rarely happens to me because I focus on what I’m doing–and only what I’m doing. Here’s how:

1. During the time I allocate for working, I turn my phone to airplane mode (with WiFi switched off, of course). No messages or notifications will distract me from what I’m currently doing. Recently, though, I’ve left my phone on in case there’s anything important. There might an RMUN photoshoot tomorrow, or a Physics quiz, or a music showcase. I know myself well enough to know that I have the discipline to do nothing more than glance at the notification. However, if this isn’t true for you, then I suggest you keep your phone on airplane mode.

2. When I allocate time for relaxing, that’s all I do. No homework. No textbooks. No opening emails as they come. Just me and a good book or Photoshop or the piano or something. That way, I can satiate my thirst to relax within the half hour or so and not crave more when I start working

As for music, it’s been proven that music makes you less productive when trying to recall and absorb information (studying, in other words). Music only makes you happier when you’re doing things but not more productive.

By this, I don’t only mean which ones are most urgent, but which ones you can’t accomplish anywhere other than at home. For example, let’s say you have these three tasks: a) research about structural unemployment; b) write a poem with the theme of death; c) answer some questions about quantum physics; d) do a problem set about implicit functions; and e) memorize a set of chemical reactions. This is how I would do them:

  • Write the poem on the way to school. Maybe this is just because I like poetry. And because I can’t write when other people are around. I’d probably get a first draft done by the time I get home.
  • Do the research about structural unemployment. My school’s WiFi is terrible.
  • Answer the quantum physics questions. The new information is still fresh in my brain and doing the homework will help me revise, easing the process of spaced repetition.
  • Memorize the chemical reactions before I go to bed. Studying before you sleep is supposed to improve your memory, and since my memory is terrible, that’s exactly what I’ll do.
  • Do the implicit functions problem set as soon as I get to school the next morning. Math is undoubtedly my best subject, and it’s very refreshing to do math at 6:45 AM in the morning.

If you saw the pattern, I assigned each task a time slot when I would be most productive. I also did them from easiest to most difficult to the easiest again. Because everyone works differently, I suggest you find out which types of tasks are the most difficult (memorizing, in my case) and which types of tasks require a certain environment (e.g. requiring WiFi for doing research).

I guess that’s pretty much self-explanatory. I like to nap right after I get home from school if I’m feeling especially tired. As for breaks, I prefer to take them between tasks instead of every 25 minutes because of my high study inertia.

  1. Commit to what you’re doing
  2. Delegate and prioritize
  3. Give yourself shorter deadlines
  4. Take breaks!

And that’s it! Hope this guide to efficiency was helpful in some way. I do believe that by following these four steps, you can accomplish all your tasks in a much shorter amount of time. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me an ask!

iconic vines sentence meme .

​❛ suck a motherfucking dick . ❜

​❛ i thought you were bae , turns out you were just fam . ❜

​❛ i thought you were american . ❜

​❛ is that a weed !? ❜

​❛ i won’t hesitate bitch ! ❜

​❛ chipotle is my life . ❜

​❛ turn off the flash you fucking moron ! ❜

​❛ kiss my ass bitch motherfucker ! ❜

​❛ is that a police !? ❜

​❛ i’m calling the weed ! ❜

​❛ done & done , let me pull the table out of my ass . ❜

​❛ merry crisis ! ❜

​❛ i don’t have enough money for chicken nugget . ❜

​❛ i’m ready to die anytime , any place , for any reason . ❜

​❛ hey guys , we’re unboxing this cheese stick today . ❜

​❛ i aint never gonna stop loving you , bitch .  ❜

​❛ this is the comedy police ! that joke’s too funny ! ❜

​❛ i’m not going back to jail ! ❜

​❛ what the fuck ? $599 for a fucking playground ? that looks like a piece of shit . ❜


​❛ the feminists are taking over ! ❜


​❛ and they were roommates ! ❜

​❛ i’m not your friend ! ❜

​❛ there’s no saving this sweet piece of ass . ❜

​❛ hi welcome to chili’s ! ❜

​❛ yeah tip of the penis to you too . ❜

​❛ this is why mom doesn’t FUCKING love you ! ❜

​❛ welcome to bible study , we’re all children of jesus . ❜

​❛ aw fuck , i can’t believe you’ve done this . ❜


​❛ this is the dollar store , how good can it be ? ❜

​❛ step back , i think i’m gonna vomit ! ❜

​❛ oh sorry , i didn’t see ya there , i was too busy blocking out the haters . ❜

​❛ shut up ! your mother buys you mega blocks instead of legos ! ❜


​❛ i hate to do this but i specifically asked for no mustard and you just brought me a bottle of mustard on a plate . ❜

​❛ how are we gonna win if we fucking die ? ❜

​❛ why the fuck would i say printer ? ❜

​❛ the benefits of killing him would be that i’d be pushed way less . ❜

​❛ but it pays off, because i dont even have time to think about dying . ❜

take care of yourself!!

have you eaten in the last six hours?? if not, please be sure to get yourself some sort of healthy snack or meal to keep you running!! food is super important, you need it to keep doing your best. make time for it!!

are you hydrated?? if you’re anything like me, probably not. get yourself something nice and cool to drink, preferably water. you’ll feel better almost immediately. keep a cup of something near you to sip on every now and then!

how long have you been sitting still for?? i have a blood clotting disorder, so i have to be especially mindful of this too. get up and get moving! stretch a little, take a walk, dance, whatever- just wake your body up and get some energy flowing

do you have any medication you need to take?? if so, please make sure to do so!

have you slept in the last 24 hours?? i get it, you could get so much more done if you didn’t sleep butttttt chances are you’ll be so sleepy and miserable that it won’t happen. even if you just take a nap for an hour or so, you gotta rest up and recharge!

when was the last time you had a shower?? on my worst days, it can be super difficult for me to drag myself out of bed to do anything, and this includes something as simple as showering. but i promise you, it will make you feel so much nicer! give yourself a whole spa treatment or whatever if you’re feeling it- treat your body with love! you’ll feel so much fresher and nicer once you’re done

the most important thing is your health. doing your best does not mean pushing yourself to the point of a breakdown; at that point you aren’t doing your best anymore!! take care of yourselves loves, your wellbeing and happiness is important <3 

Long distance Daddy questions
  • Daddy: Baby did you eat today?
  • Daddy: Did you take your medicine?
  • Daddy: Have you eaten?
  • Daddy: Three times?
  • Daddy: Did you nap today? You seem fussy.
  • Daddy: Are you sure you aren't hungry?
  • Daddy: You'd tell me if you felt sad right? Baby I am always here.
  • Daddy: Are you being good?
  • Daddy: Have you done your chores?
  • Daddy: I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.
How I cope with my Emotional Nonsense

My brain comes with the fun little perk of really intense, overwhelming emotional reactions. My emotions are a series of on/off switches and it’s either blinding painful intensity or complete numbness. So here’s how I try to manage it:

  • Clean my room. Not like… calm gentle reorganization. No. I dump as much as I think I can handle onto the floor and put it back in its place. It’s intense. There’s usually loud angry music. Things almost always end up only slightly cleaner than they were but I feel way fuckin better afterwards.
  • Play video games. Preferably those ones where you’re way OP and just slice through enemies like butter. Or something you just plain can’t lose at, like Stardew Valley.
  • Watch vine compilations. Seriously, just search RIP Vine in youtube, click on the mix playlist, and you’re set forever.
  • Listen to podcasts. I like audio dramas. If you want recs, message me. I’ve got a list.
  • Take a walk. I’m confident in my ability to keep myself safe in doing so, so I will start walking and just not stop until I calm down. Usually I’m doing better after about half an hour for me.
  • Make something. Draw, knit, write, paint, make a fucking hand turkey. No one cares if it’s good. And even if I decide to throw it out, I usually feel better once I’ve actually made a thing.
  • Blanket fort. Really. It helps. Use a paper towel tube as a fake sword. Just… be silly and childish and imaginative. Those aren’t bad things to be.
  • Cut/dye my hair. Usually this takes a little planning but I always wind up deciding to do it during a breakdown of some sort.
  • Eat something. Sometimes a bag of gummy worms is all it takes to remember that the world isn’t entirely awful.
  • Go back to bed. Sometimes, I just don’t have the energy to put up with the world’s bullshit. And that’s okay. It’s not wise to pick this one every time, but sometimes the world can wait. I bury myself under the covers, put my phone on do not disturb, and either take a nap or listen to music.

Sometimes, I’m stuck. I can’t distract myself, and I can feel the wave coming, about to pull me under and turn me into a massive shitlord. Because I am an absolutely AWFUL person to be around when I’m in emotion-hell. Believe me, I hate myself during it too. Haven’t quite figured out what to do with it yet, but if I’m with someone I try to warn them that I’m really upset and just need a moment to freak out a bit. Then I try to just… let it pass. It’s a bad idea to talk to people you have strong feelings about, no matter the feelings, when you’re in this. Impulses are hard to manage. I tend to just ramble my feelings in a private post on tumblr or I talk to someone I don’t know that well and consequently don’t have strong feelings about. Just… keep breathing. It passes.

So yeah. Things I try to keep in mind:

  • Nothing is permanent. Our lives are short and, on a cosmic scale, relatively insignificant. The decisions I make aren’t actually that important, so I may as well have fun.
  • Our lives are the most important thing we experience. This is how we are, right now. It is so very real, so very vivid and meaningful and shapes future iterations of us. We are very much here.
  • Two opposing statements can be true at the same time. We are complex, beautiful creatures capable of complex planning and deep thought. We’re also  bumbling apes who will ingest toxic substances because we like how they feel and frequently giggle at the thought of farts.
  • People in general are too busy worrying about what everyone else thinks of them to actually notice that a bit of someone else’s hair is sticking up or that their shirt was on inside out. It happens. We’ve all had those days.
  • There is no such thing as grown-ups. Only people who have gotten very good at pretending they know what they’re doing. We learn the rules by conformity, by watching everyone else and doing what they’re doing, even if we don’t actually know what the fuck is going on. It’s okay. There’s probably someone else just as confused as you in the same room. You’ll be fine, and if you’re too lost to pretend you know what’s going on, either ask someone who looks like they know, or bullshit it and hope for the best.
  • There is good in the world. If you need evidence, look at this dog. All dogs are good.
Why I Quit German

WARNINGS: This story is really gross and/or horrifying but also hilarious imho.  Your health always comes first, so mind the tags:  Violence, Cannibalism Mention, Suicidal Ideation, Feces, Sleep Deprivation, Airplanes, I generally had a really bad time but now it’s hysterical.  Most of the story is under the cut because it’s eight miles long.

In August of 2009 I flew back to Honolulu to do my sophomore year of college with the intention of entering 400-level german. What happened instead is the closest I’ve ever come to personally dying or actually murdering someone.

The problem started the day before my flight, when I attended a birthday party for a very dear cousin in Denver, and due to be in 1 of 2 adults present, ended up driving a bunch of teenagers home and didn’t get home until 12:30 that night.  Oh well, my flight’s at 6AM anyway, I’ll just stay up. I can sleep on the plane, I thought, like a complete fucking fool.

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hi honeys !! i’m back with another self care masterpost because we all know self care is probably my favorite thing in the world. anyways, these are just a few tips (that i actually came up with myself in my own bujo to help me stay productive and motivated) to help you get back into the swing of things as school starts up again :)

  • take a nap after school rather than just wasting time “relaxing” (aka scrolling through twitter for hours @ me)
  • start homework at school (if possible)
  • be okay with giving yourself breaks and rest periods, but make sure what you do in those times is actually serving you
  • work in a coffee shop to get stuff done, but budget yourself. this is helpful but also an easy way to drop a ton of cash in a short amount of time
  • alternative to above: work in a library or (if you have a big campus or live near a university) go to their main “center” and just chill out there, there are restaurants but also just tables for anyone to use.
  • be realistic with your time and actually budget it. your time is valuable.
  • start things early
  • make small, personal deadlines
  • reward yourself
  • work outside
  • experiment with your studying/writing/working methods - it’s okay to change things up
  • let things flow
  • know that you deserve everything you’re working towards

hope this is helpful,

xoxo annie

Back To School Tips Master Post!

I had a few people asking me to do a back to school tips/ how to do well in school post so here it is. I’m a sophomore in college and an honors student so I plan on sharing the things that have helped me succeed. Even though these tips are things I use now in college, most of them I also used in high school so it can be applied there as well. 

Organization                                                                                                           The most beneficial thing you can do is stay organized.

  1. Get a planner.- I bought mine this year at Walgreens for around $7 but it has a plastic cover so all paper ones are even cheaper. A planner is good for keeping track of when everything is due. When I get my syllabi for my classes I go through them and write down the due dates of homework, essays, tests, etc, on the day they are due. You can color code your classes or just write the class next to the assignment. This way you can look at a whole week and see everything you have due for all of your classes in one place. It’s also easier to add in things or make changes if your professor decides to due so.
  2. Use a white board- I know white boards can be expensive, so if you can’t afford one, expo markers will write on laminated paper which you can get for around $4 on Amazon. I use this to keep on my wall and write the next really important date for each class. So I have all my classes listed on the board and let’s say my next big date in Psych is a test. I’d write that date on the board, then after the test, I’d erase it and write the next important date. These dates should be in your planner as well but it’s nice to have them right in front of you at all times so you don’t turn to the next week in your planner and realize you have a test on Monday. 
  3. Buy durable folders- If you’re going to be using your folders all year make sure they’ll last all year. You want to lose any of your assignments. I get plastic folders at Office Depot for $0.39 a piece. I chose a color for each class and write the class at the top in sharpie and I’m good to go!
  4. Notebooks too!- You’re going to be taking a lot of notes so make sure to keep a notebook for each class as well. Mine were $3 each at Office Depot but they have a plastic cover so if you need to save some money get the paper covers because you most likely wont reuse a notebook.
  5. Get a pack of loose leaf paper- Sometimes you have to turn things in and if you’re like me then you hate tearing it out of your notebook. But if you don’t have a problem with that then don’t worry about it!
  6. Use some sort of bag/backpack- This will help you not lose anything plus you can put water, snacks, etc in it as well!

Study Tips                                                                                                               Tests are often the biggest portion of your grade so knowing the best ways to study will help you out the most. 

  1. Figure out what type of learner you are- This can greatly improve your study skills. There are visual learners; these people learn best with charts, graphs, and anything that show a visual relationship between information. So if you’re this type of person, to help study you could make charts, graphs, tables, draws arrows between points of information, or watch videos. Anything to help you see it. There are also auditory learners; these people learn best when hearing the information. So the best way for these people to study is to recite information out loud, or if your course has an audio book to listen to it. You could also have a friend read information to you and you say it as well. Some people are reading/writing learners; they do best when reading the text and writing down important points/taking notes. This is the type of learner I am so to help me study, I write out my own flashcards, I copy power points into my notes, and as I read my chapters I write the important information.  Something else that is good for these kind of learners is to make little quizzes for yourself. There are also kinesthetic learners; they learn best with more hands on activities. This can be hard to do especially with some subjects. If you can physically do what you’re studying then do it. If not, make a game out of it. For example, ask yourself questions and if you get it right take a shot at a basketball hoop or a soccer goal (if you don’t have these things use a paper ball and your trashcan or anything you can substitute. Figuring out which learner you are will greatly improve how you study.
  2. Don’t wait until right before a test- Cramming your brain with all the information a few days before a test will not help you remember and only stress you out. This is called Massed Practice and is proven to be a waste of time and information is not retained well. Study a little everyday or every other day. This is called the Spacing Effect and is proven to improve retention and recall of information. So it is best to do short sessions of study over a long period of time rather than a long session all at once.
  3. Find a good place to study- If you like quiet places and your house/dorm is too loud go to a library or outside if it’ s a nice day.  If you like a lot of background noise play some music or go to a coffee shop.

Overall Tips                                                                                                            These tips are still really important but I don’t have enough that fit together to make another header.

  1. Work on what’s due first- Some people think it’s always best to work on the important things first but that’s not always the case. If your essay is due in two weeks and you have an assignment due in a few days then finish the assignment first. You’ll still have plenty of time for your essay. I suggest doing all your work but if something happens to where you just can’t then yes do the more important thing because it’ll be a bigger part of your grade.
  2. Writing Centers- A lot of colleges/universities have writing centers.  If you’re not the best at writing or just need some help you can make an appointment at the writing center where someone highly qualified in writing will read your paper/essay and help you with grammar, punctuation, idea flow, overall organization etc. I highly suggest checking to see if your school has one of these.
  3. Check your email/Blackboard/whatever your professor uses- This is where they may add extra assignments/ cancel class and not mention it in class. It’s always important to check.
  4. Try to relax- I know it can be hard, especially for students with depression, anxiety, and other mental/physical illnesses but it’s important to always take a moment and calm down. Take breaks from your work and do something you enjoy for at least a few minutes everyday. If you need a nap, take a nap. just set an alarm to pick back up on your work later.
  5. Don’t worry about being perfect- This is still something I’m working on myself but getting better at. Last semester I got a B for the first time since my sophomore year of high school and it bothered me to no end. But, I told myself I did my best, and as a person with bad social anxiety I’m okay with my B in public speaking. So for anyone else who feels like they have to keep their 4.0 all 4 years, don’ t panic if you don’t. There’s nothing wrong with not being perfect, almost no one graduates college with a 4.0. Always do your best, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. I cannot stress this enough.
  6. Take classes you enjoy- Hopefully you’re in a major that you enjoy so you wont hate your classes too much but it’s still important to try to take a fun class every once in awhile. If you like art, take an art class. Then, you’re still doing work but also doing something you like.
  7. Get a tutor- If you’re not doing as well in a class as you would like, don’t be afraid to get a tutor. Most universities offer tutors who are students that would love to help you and wont be judgmental at all. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little extra help and tutors are often people who have already passed the class with an A so they’ll be very good resources.
  8. Take care of yourself- Overall, make sure you’re eating well and drinking water throughout the day. Sometimes it’s impossible, but try to get enough sleep. If you go out to party watch out for yourself and others. Practice self care and if things get too stressful and you need help don’t be afraid to ask.

I know this post is very long, but I wanted to share everything I could for anyone who wanted help. If I think of anything else I’ll definitely add it later. I hope everyone has a great semester and school year! Good luck to everyone!

At 3 AM
  • Me: *sitting up with a sudden stroke of enlightenment* I JUST FOUND AN EXPLANATION FOR MY LAZINESS
  • Friend: What 😦
  • Me: I'm in reality too intelligent — too powerful. I could be dangerous.
  • Friend: :|
  • Me: My way of thinking is too advanced; I could potentially unravel every secret of the universe. I've always felt like I was above other people. More mature. That's why — that's why the powers that be are making sure that my capabilities are dormant. Distracting me with fanfiction, food, Tumblr, movies, so that my powerful brain remains in a state of slumber, never to become fully awake.
  • Friend:
  • Me: THAT'S WHY
  • Friend: That's the closest thing I've gotten to an explanation.
  • Friend: You are a cat.
  • Me:
  • Friend: We are cats.
  • Friend: [nodding] We were just born in the form of humans. We were
  • Me: We were?
  • Me: Now that I think about it, it all makes sense!!!!!!
  • When d'you think the mothership will come take us back
  • This Universe is tricky. You gotta be tricky to out-smart it. Take it from me, I've been tryin' all my life.
  • Friend: [nods understandingly] Cats need frequent naps. We should sleep.
  • Me: Ofc

Current night routine changes that are changing my life

Some are unique, some are plastered all over the internet and everyone knows them but still prioritises other stuff (normally social media) over them.

1. Taking a bath (Arianna Huffington’s). My muscles were really sore one day from me forgetting to stretch so I took a hot bath with some Lush products. It was absolutely amazing. I felt rejuvenated afterwards, like I had been reborn. It was a similar feeling to when you wake up after a good sleep or a great nap. I highly highly recommend this, if you have a bath. Make sure to drink water during/after! Try Lush, a scented candle, and playlist ‘jazz for sleep’ on Spotify.

2. Lavender. I have a lavender and ylang ylang mist by Cedar Stone, but I heard Lush’s sleep cream and spray are also good. Lavender calms you down and helps you relax.

3. Dimming the lights. It’s all about prepping your body and mind for sleep at this point.

4. Writing a diary entry (maybe). I like to do this in general bc I like reading back on it - days go by so fast, I forget what I happens after a year. It’s also a good way to let go of the day’s events and have a fresh start for tomorrow. I must admit I only do this occasionally when I remember and have time and feel like it.

5. Plan your tomorrow’s goals and tasks. It puts your mind at rest but also in the right place for a positive tomorrow. I write down my top 3 priority tasks by thinking 'if I could only get 3 things done tomorrow, what would they be?’. I have weekly goals instead, that help me towards my yearly goals. (And my yearly goals help me to be who I want to be). I try to make sure my weekly goals specific and measurable, and preferably have time stipulations (look up SMART goals). Eg. Instead of 'waking up earlier’, I’ll have 'can wake up before 9am by Sunday’.

6. Write down one thing your grateful for. This is already built in to my diary (highly recommend from kikki.k! Shoot me a msg if you want to know the name). It’s always good to be grateful.

7. During all of this, keep social media and technology away. This is one we all know but are still in denial about. It’s hard at first, but it gets easier and easier. At this point, I’ll be irked if someone calls me during this alone time, so I’ll put my phone on silent. I’m sure you’ve all heard about white light affecting melatonin levels as well. For years I was in denial about this and continued my pre-sleep phone ritual, but I’ve finally had to face the truth that my sleep quality if worse if I do so. When I limit my tech usage before bed, I’ve noticed I feel refreshed after waking up, not grumpy - something I hadn’t felt so long that I forgot it was normal. You’re meant to feel refreshed after sleep, not more tired.

It’s all about spending time with yourself to reflect on the day, rejuvenate and refresh yourself, and put yourself in the right mindset for sleep and tomorrow. With this, good night!

Self Care with Study-Sexy

1. LOG OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIA. I’m serious. You can even go as far as deleting the apps and re-installing them later. You don’t have to go as far as me and get rid of your snapchat account (which has minimized my feelings of anxiety and loneliness by like 90%), but scaling back is good and your life isn’t going to end if you stay off of IG, Snapchat, FB, etc for a few days, weeks, or even months. After a week or so away, you might even be pleasantly surprised and find that you prefer the peace and quiet. 

2. DO SOME KIND OF POSITIVE AND REFLECTIVE JOURNALING. I started my own “positivity journal” back in August and this is the first time that I have stuck with journaling for so long and actually find it enjoyable. It helps me find the good in my life and reminds me of what I want. If you are interested in starting your own, I can write a longer post about mine but here are things you could include to get you started: 

> Self-Reminders (positive affirmations about yourself, inspiring and important things you don’t want yourself to forget, etc) 

> Things to Work On ( actions/mentality to avoid and ones to practice)

> Healthy Habits (that you want to adapt into your routine)

> Free-writing space (you can answer self-reflection prompts or write whatever’s on your mind)

> Life goals, Daily Gratefulness, Inspiring Quote of the Day/Week, Positivity Playlist, Creative Projects to Try, etc the possibilities are endless

3. NATURE WALKS. Leave your phone at home and bring your dog and maybe a friend. The fresh air always clears my head and makes me feel more alert and awake, especially because it is a little bit crisp and chilly now. 

4. NETFLIX IN MODERATION. If you’re a student like me you probably don’t have that much time to binge watch anyway but I mostly just watch Netflix on weekends. Doing this makes it more enjoyable because it’s like a reprieve from a long week of work. Occasional Netflix binges are ok but you don’t want watching TV shows to be your only escape and coping mechanism. 

5. NAPS. Studies have shown that short naps are beneficial to get you out of a slump and can make you feel more focused. I take 20-30 min naps sometimes after school and (a big snack) before tackling my homework and I feel like it helps since I get home feeling drained almost every day. 

6. MOISTURIZE. I always feel better after washing my face and putting on a good lotion. Idk why but it just works. 

Hope you found these tips helpful! <3 if you read all the way to the end ILY

being best friends with jungkook

part 2    part 3

Originally posted by nnochu

  • you and jungkook met through your mutual friend jimin when both of them were just trainees.
  •  it would first start because both of you liked making fun of jin, you guys still do.  
  • both of you would be very competitive and make small bets about every stupid little thing. 
  •  “5 bucks says i can fit more straws in my mouth than you.” 
  •  “jungkook, that is the stupidest thing you’ve ever said. i, of course, can fit more in my mouth than you.” 
  •  both of you began to shove straws in your mouth, but one hits the back of his throat, making him spit them all out on the floor. causing you to laugh and all of yours fall out too. 
  •  suga would walk in, look at jungkook coughing, you laughing your head off, all of the straws in the floor and just walk away, not wanting to know what the fuck just happened. 
  •  both of you would be mischievous little shits and cause little fights between the other members. 
  •  “jin hyung, not that me and y/n heard anything, but jimin said that he is stealing eatjin and turning it into eatjimin.” 
  •  “WHAT?! that is my show, that little fucker.” 
  •  going out together for breakfast was a regular thing, you guys wouldn’t even need the menu at some point, just always getting the same thing over and over again. 
  •  taking small naps together would happen at times, too. your head would be on his chest, and his arms wrapped around your fragile body. 
  •  the boys would always take pictures of you guys sleeping and tease you about it later. both of you wouldn’t care about the teasing but would about the fact that they were taking pictures of you and being creeps.
  •  “pop”
  •  “blooup”
  •  “brrrrraaa”
  •  making fun of eachother would be an absolute 
  •  nicknames would also be necessary. 
  •  "hey bunny teeth come here!“ 
  •  "bye babe!" 
  •  "jungkookie!”
  •  "what’s up kid?“
  • you guys told eachother everything. except one little thing that happened between you and taehyung. you guys were playing truth and dare and he got dared to kiss you. it didn’t mean anything, but you guys swore you would never tell jungkook 
  •  one day jungkook would call you early in the morning, asking you if you wanted to walk around the city with him.
  •  you would say no but he would beg and beg you to, finally making you get up and meet him at a park. 
  •  you guys would walk everywhere, just talking and having the usual fun between you two. 
  •  it would become mid afternoon quickly, you guys deciding to walk to your apartment and hang out there for a while. 
  •  soon, jungkook would leave, needing to go back to the dorm and talk with the boys about work. 
  •  hugging you goodbye, he left, making you realize how tired you actually were. 
  • you would crawl into bed and pass out for a few hours, only being woke up by your phone ringing.
  • 4 missed calls from lil kookie
  • 6 messages frrom lil kookie
  •  y/n i’m drunk and i hate you 
  •  pick up your phone
  • i never want to see you again
  •  i can’t believe you kissed my best friend
  •  i have always loved you and this is how you treat me
  •  i’ve loved you since the first time we met 
  •  you checked the time on your phone; 2:30 am
  •  then your phone started ringing 
  •  lil kookie is calling you