time for me to get some shut eye

I hope your stomach drops when you remember me. I hope whenever someone calls you by your full name, that only I ever called you, you shut your eyes trying to get my face out of your head. I hope when you drive past our favorite spot at night you can’t help but hear my laugh. I hope you wish it was me when you find yourself sleeping with some random girl. I hope you think of me often, and it stings every time.
—  The sting of missing me.

ok kids, sleep is v important and we hardly ever get enough of it these days so listen up and jot down some notes.

don’t study while you’re sleepy.

  • go get some shut-eye. a 30 minute nap at most, you’re gonna feel really refreshed, trust me. 
  • if you’re studying late at night. just stop. go sleep. set your alarm at 4am and do your work in the morning. it’s way better to feel energized while you’re studying than feel like a zombie.
  • worst case scenario, you’re desperate for time, go get some coffee, and down it right before you take a 20 minutes nap. once the 20-minute is up, the caffeine will officially enter your system and you’ll be good to go for at least 2 hours.

pay your sleep debt.

  • make up for lost time and hibernate in your bed once you get the chance, especially during the weekends. you’ll be so thankful is2g and you’ll be recharged and rebooted for the next week or so.
  • take every chance and nap whenever you have time on your hands. life is extremely fast-paced and you will be thankful you spent that 1 hour getting some zzz’s instead of scrolling through social media when you get a new assignmemt, trust me.

hit your hours every night

  • whatever you do to make up for the nights you burned the midnight oil, the best way is still to get your much-needed hours of sleep every night. just put down the phone and burrow into your blanket, you won’t be complaining about not getting the chance to stalk taylor swift when you try to hit snooze next morning. [yes i know what y’all are up to every night]
  • sprinkle a bit of lavender essential oil, set the room to the right temperature, wear your most comfortable pj’s, convince yourself that you’ll have the needed energy to face your history assignment when you wake up. stop the nerves and calm yourself so you won’t waste time counting sheep for hours trying to fall asleep.

work before the sun comes out

  • it’s so much better to just go to bed early at night and wake up early in the morning to do work. ditch your 12 - 7 sleep schedule for a new 9 - 4 one. working in the early morning is so much more beneficial and you should at least try it out once or twice to really experience how much better it is.

i know this isn’t really a lot but here’s my mini stash of tips anyway! i hope i’m able to help some of you out! y’all can drop ur requests here and see more of my tips here.

wan ling xx

Nights like this -Phil Lester Imagine

Phils POV:

“Don’t forget to subscribe and dingity-ding that bell!” Dan chimed

I waved my hand to the camera “and we’ll see you next time!”

“Bye!” We say in unison followed by me dabbing.

Dan rolled his eyes and groaned. “I’m literally cutting that out and deleting that clip.” He moaned.

“You’re going to edit it?” I asked as I got up and pushed in my chair. “You sure? I can do it if you want.”

“Pffft it’s fine, y/n’s been asleep for awhile, you should join her and you should get some sleep, we’re going out tomorrow for brunch!” Dan exclaimed.

I walked out of the office and shut the door. “Goodnight then!” I whisper-yelled as I shuffled down the stairs.

Dan and I have had the tendency to film the gaming videos late at night. Which means going to bed late, leaving y/n on her own to fall asleep. Which I hate having to do.

I opened the door to my room to see her laptop shut slightly, but still lit, and y/n in a sleeping position that I could hardly describe.

There she was, in her usual sleep attire. One of my t-shirts that’s just a bit too big for her and a pair of panties that shows a little more ass than it’s supposed to. She was on her stomach with her left leg under the duvet and right leg over and bent a little. Like she is every night.  

After I blew out the candle, I closed her laptop and plugged it in on the side table. It was so tempting to play with her hair, but I would’ve felt so bad if I woke her up.

Y/n’s breathing was light and paced, and her face was calm.

It’s hard for her to sleep. It’s surprising she stayed asleep this whole time. It’s relieving she was able to fall asleep on her own.

I changed into pajama pants and a comfortable t-shirt and crawled into bed, trying not to wake her. Because it’s the last thing I need at 1 AM.

Slowly and carefully, I scooted closer to y/n and I rested my arm on hers.

To my dismay, I could feel her stir and her face looked distressed and her breathing becoming more inconsistent.

I whispered “Shh.. it’s just me, love… go back to sleep.” as I ran my fingers through her hair.

Y/n rolled over and dug her face into my chest, leading me to hold her tighter. I kissed her forehead. Conscious or not, I know this calms her down and works without fail.

I live for nights like this. A night where I know my girl and I can get a long night of sleep, and a morning of a great breakfast to come.

A/N: it’s my resolution to write at least 1, hopefully, 2, imagines a month. Let’s hope I keep this up! Send me requests and suggestions so I have tons and tons of ideas to work with! Love, L

GOT7 REACT: To someone flirting with you

Scene: He’s come to pick you up when he finds a guy persistently trying to flirt with you. 

Guy: “Class was fun, you’re quite witty the way you shut the professor down like that.”

Y/N: “Thanks.” *smiles*

Guy: “So, um wanna grab some coffee?” *hands in pockets, still keeping pace with you*

Y/N: “Sorry I can’t, my boyfriend’s coming to pick me up.” *you shake your head ‘no’ and check your phone to see the time* “He should be here soon.”

Guy: “Well we can just get some coffee really quick right? He’s not here yet.” *persistently blocks your path, making puppy dog eyes*

Y/N: “I don’t think so, sorry.” *you firmly shake your head again*

Guy: “Come on, please? It’ll just take a few minutes.” *he places his hand on your shoulder*

JB: He would not be having it. Although he wouldn’t be as explosive as he might have been in the past, he’d keep himself from punching the guy to the ground but he’d definitely be really intimidating and cold to him.

“Who’s this?” walks up behind him, bumping into him so that his hand falls from your shoulder.

Y/N: “Just a classmate.” you’d be a little fidgety because of his strong gaze.

“Right. Let’s go.” he’d take your hand and pull you closer, and push past the guy giving him a ‘Do-That-Again-And-I’ll-Kill-You’ look.

Mark: I actually imagine him being pretty pissed off as well. I feel like he’d be the type to get jealous easily, especially since he’s quiet too (making it scarier).

“Um, excuse me?” he’d walk up to your side, taking the guys hand off your shoulder. “This is my girlfriend, in case you didn’t know. Come on, Y/N.” he’d pull you along with him. 

Junior: I’d think out of all of them Junior would be the one who wouldn’t really be acting all cool since when he gets jealous his face really gives it away.

He would have been looking for you and when he finally spots you, “Yah you! Hands off!” he’d run over and pull you over to him. “No touching my girlfriend. Strictly off limits.” he’d look at the guy with his intense eyes (that are intimidating enough).

Jackson: He’d try to look really cool and intimidating AF (just cause he can).

“And who are you?” he’d walk up from behind you, just as you shook off the guys hand.

Guy: “Her friend.” He’d cross his arms.

Y/N: “Classmate.” you’d correct him.

“Ah, well I’m her boyfriend. See you later classmate.” he’d take your hand and pull you along. “Don’t talk to him, I don’t like him.” he’d say to you.

Youngjae: I feel like rather than Youngjae doing or saying something, you’d probably be the first to take initiative and stop the guy.

You’d shrug him off and firmly refuse him again, while Youngjae comes up beside you.

Y/N: “Look, here he is. Bye!” you’d take Youngjae’s arm and move past the guy.

Youngjae would probably give the guy a look like ‘You’ll-need-to-try-harder-to-win-her-over-bub’.

Bambam: Bambam would really try to act all cool since he always wants to prove how manly he is to you.

He’d walk over being all cool and brush the guy’s hand off you, “She’s mine.”

Yugyeom: He’d be kind of mad, I feel like he’s definitely the sensitive type to get upset easily when it comes to things like this but I also think he’d be good at controlling himself.

“Hey babe, sorry to keep you waiting let’s get going.” he’d walk over as you moved away from the guy’s hold. “Before I kill him.” he whispers in you ear, pulling you along.


super fabulous ya lit meme (1/3)
three endings: a court of mist and fury by @sjmaas

Lucien’s metal eye narrowed, as if he could sense the lie.
But I looked up at Tamlin, and brushed my hand over his mouth. My bare, empty skin. “You’re real,” I said. “You freed me.”
It was an effort not to turn my hands into claws and rip out his eyes.
Traitor—liar. Murderer.

“You freed yourself,” Tamlin breathed. He gestured to the house.
“Rest—and then we’ll talk. I … need to find Ianthe.
And make some things very, very clear.”

“I—I want to be a part of it this time,” I said, halting when he tried to herd me back into that beautiful prison. “No more … No more shutting me out. No more guards. Please. I have so much to tell you about them—bit and pieces, but … I can help. We can get my sisters back. Let me help.”

Help lead you in the wrong direction. Help bring you and your court to your knees, and take down Jurian and those conniving, traitorous queens. And then tear Ianthe into tiny, tiny pieces and bury them in a pit no one can find.

anonymous asked:


we interrupt your regularly scheduled requests for some halloweenies

the last time i went to a haunted house (it was technically a ride), i had my eyes shut the entire time, even the parts where the car was outside the house and there were five of us and only two people to a car so guess who had to ride alone?

happy almost halloween, my chicken frienders~ here are some headcanons!


  • It takes a little while to convince you, but he reasons that you’re seventeen and those things aren’t real anyway. Besides the whole team was going too, so you could not only count on him to protect you, but also Yamamoto to fight someone, if necessary.
  • You’re a shaking mess the entire time and you cling to his arm, which he loves at first, but your gripping his bicep so tightly that he starts to lose feeling in his arm.
  • When his attempts to calm you down fail, he turns to Kai to help try and soothe you. Except just as Kai opens his mouth, one of the actors waiting under the covered table shoots his hand out and grabs your ankle. You shriek so loudly Kuroo is sure he’s gone deaf in one ear.
  • You bolt from that room faster than anyone had ever seen you run in your life. The whole way down the hall you were screaming, “Nope! Nope! Not today!” garnering some confused looks from other groups making their way through the house.
  • You end up tripping over one of the rugs, and curl yourself up on the floor. You shut your eyes tight in case one of the frightening maids come around, and cover your ears to block out those eerie sound effects.
  • You aren’t there for very long before something or someone touches you again and you jump higher than a surprised cat. Thankfully, it’s just Kuroo.
  • He scoops you up and leads you out of the house, apologizing sheepishly the whole time. He’ll make it up to you somehow.


  • He didn’t really want to go all that much either because he’s just not that interested, but he also never wants to pass up an opportunity to get a rise out of Tanaka and Nishinoya. You’re naturally reluctant at first, but because it’s so unusual and yet refreshing that he’d want to spend time with his team outside of practice and games, you agree to go anyway.
  • The attraction only lets people in three at a time for crowd control, and the host at the entrance makes the groups themself. Tsukishima ends up with Daichi and Narita, while you end up with Hinata and Asahi.
  • You end up being the one who has to put on a brave face to console the two boys. Until a door slams open right in front of you and dart in the opposite direction without worrying about the other two.
  • Somehow you end up in the dining room. But aside from the way you came in, there’s no other way out. And from there you have no idea where to go. Just as you’re about to turn around and head back into the hall, a voice calls out your name and you jump with a scream. It was just Tsukishima, who is a little confused to see you by yourself.
  • You start tearing up right away, and Tsukishima takes your hand even though he’s never been big about PDA. You’re a little embarrassed about crying in front of Daichi and Narita, but they promise to keep you safe until your group is out of the house.
  • Tsukishima apologizes on the way home, but he holds your hand again the whole way there, so it makes up for it even if only a little.


  • He knows that you really don’t want to go but the both of you had been so busy lately that it really would be the first time in a long time that you’d be able to spend some time together.
  • He tries to comfort you the entire time in his most soothing voice, which always works in any other situation, but for some reason his words in time with the creepy noises only makes matters worse.
  • Part of the attraction has a sequence where a thunderstorm cuts the lights. You happen to be in one of the larger rooms when this happens. You try to find Suga in the pitch black of the room and follow the sound of his voice, but somehow you manage to keep getting farther away from him. It’s not helping that Hinata, Nishinoya, and Tanaka decide to play a round of Marco Polo in the dark. Daichi has to keep yelling at them to shut up.
  • You decide to stay put and sit down on the floor in the dark until the lights come back up.  When the lights flicker on again, you’re alone in that room still, but you’re too scared to bring yourself to move. The antique decorum feels like it’s watching you.
  • Nishinoya is the first one to find you. He sits right beside you and keeps you company the whole time and tells you jokes until Suga finds you.
  • Upon seeing your boyfriend, you immediately jump into his arms and hold onto him tightly until you leave the house.
  • He’s so torn up about putting you in that kind of situation, even chides himself for having been selfish just because he wanted to spend time with you. You assure him that it’s okay, but he’d have to make it up with a lot of cuddling.


  • The Seijou third-years have been doing this haunted house trip every Halloween since they started high school. Now that their dearest Iwa-chan has a girlfriend, she must come as well. He refuses at first because a) he knows your scared and b) he’d rather do something a little more romantic with you, but you do think it would be nice to finally meet his friends.
  • His face flushes the moment you cling to his arm, and Matsukawa and Hanamaki teasing him about it certainly isn’t helping. He does thoroughly enjoy that you’re so close to him, but then Oikawa starts clinging to his other arm after a loud crash sounds from behind one of the doors.
    • “We do this every year, Oikawa, and now you’re scared of it?!”
    • “Sh-shut up! I wasn’t expecting that one!”
  • After another loud crash from the same room, the door opens and one of the zombified actors emerges and immediately approaches you. Fight or flight kicks in; flight it is and your legs carry you as far as you can go until the zombie stops chasing you.
  • Speaking of losing, that probably wasn’t your best idea because you have no idea where you are or where Iwaizumi and his friends are. You call out his name weakly a few times, but aren’t really sure why.
  • Something brushes past your leg in the dim light and you’re off and running again as soon as the chills subside. In the distance, you see a group of four, and you’re absolutely sure it’s Iwaizumi and his friends. Sure enough, it is, and Iwaizumi is already running towards you as well. You throw yourself at him and knock the both of you to the floor.
  • He doesn’t let go of you after that.
  • He beats himself up on the way home, but you’re more worried that you didn’t make such a great first impression on his friends. Next time, the five of you are probably better off getting to know each other at an amusement park.
fly (yoongi scenario).

pt.2 secret garden (smut).

elements: fluff

description: y/n and yoongi are flying to your hometown for vacation and the rest of bts tag along (only maknae line speak though). some talk of a future fam^^

word count: 1,103

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She’s Mine- Nash Grier

Request: Can you do an imagine where Brent Rivera is your ex and you’re dating Nash. And they get into a Twitter fight over you or something?

No hate towards Brent Rivera, I love him very much it’s just for the imagine xx

“Ow baby, you could have gave me a warning” Nash, your boyfriend of 6 months whined as you jumped on his back.

“But what’s the point of that? There’s no fun in that.” you said giggling and kissing the side of your face.

“Ugh you’re such a pain” he said grinning up at you.

“But you love me very much” you replied placing a kiss on his neck.

“Okay, get off me babe, I have to follow some of my fans” he told you.

You jumped off but not before pulling him into a kiss. He grinned against your lips, pulling you closer to him by the waist.

“Why does this happen every time?” you heard a voice groan, you both pulled away to see Hayes standing there with his hand covering his eyes.

“Shut up” Nash grumbled to him, mad that Hayes had interrupted your kissing session.

“It’s not like you don’t do that with Ria” you said teasing him about his girlfriend.

His cheeks turned a pinkish color and he gave you both the middle finger before turning around and returning to his room.

“Okay now go follow your fans on twitter” you said to Nash lightly smacking his butt.

“I’m going” he said laughing and going to his room.

You followed behind him and sat down on the bed watching him reply to fans and following them while giving you sweet kisses in between.

He then took a picture of you both, you couldn’t keep a straight face and both of you ended up laughing while he took the picture.

It turned out to be a pretty cute picture so he decided to post the picture on twitter while tweeting “With my baby girl, so much laughter and fun, ily xx @(y/t/n)”

The tweet was favourited and retweeted many times by fans and the trend (y/s/n) started trending worldwide.

You replied to some fans as well and then Nash turned to you mumbling a “Look at this asshole”

You looked over his shoulder to see Brent had replied to the picture with “@Nashgrier @(y/t/n) She’ll always be better off with me Nash and you know it”

You gasped and Nash clenched his hands together before angrily typing a reply, “@BrentRivera Don’t wish for what you can’t have”

“@Nashgrier I already had that”

“@BrentRivera Well you didn’t have any of it, I took it all”

“@Nashgrier Oh she’ll never be yours”

“@BrentRivera No she’s mine, forever and always xx”

The fans were going crazy, and a whole fight was starting to break out. You took a deep breath before opening the twitter app and typing of a tweet.

“@BrentRivera I will never be yours, I love Nash with all my heart and you can never change that, so leave us alone.“

Brent had not replied after that, his fans had calmed down too and everything went back to normal.

Nash turned to you with a big smile on his face. “I love you” he told you and pulled you into a sweet kiss.

“I love you too Nash” you mumbled against his plump lips.

“More than Brent?” he asked you.

“Way more than Brent, I never did love him” you told him holding his hands in yours. “You’re the only one I have loved and will always love”

He pulled you into another kiss his lips moving passionately against yours.

“Your one and only?” he murmured.

“You’re my one and only.”

reinbowthoughts  asked:

share ten facts about yourself, then send this to your ten favourite followers (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

aaaahhhh thank you lea and @thebluefuckingunicornblr <3 took me some time to get to do it tho xD

1. I have blue eyes and i love them (probably the only thing i love about myself)

2. I love anime

3. im gonna be a cook someday 

4. i love my bed and probablöy wouldnt leave it if i didnt have to

5. im getting annoyed easily

6. Im the jealous friend

7. i dont know how i did my Abitur but i did it somehow 8)

8. im living in germany, but id like to travel around the world and cook in different kitchens in different countries

9. im running out of facts right now ._.

10. i love and hate my friends at the same time, but for good reasons xD

Thanks for sending the message/tagging me <3 was fun 

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how rare and beautiful it truly is that we exist

here it is, an edit i’ve been editing for a long time i’m still not content with how it turned out but meh.. um maybe like and comment idk i’m not good with captions if you’ll excuse me, i’m gonna get some sleep

Can’t Let You Go || Neymar Jr

anonymous said: could I have an imagine please where you’ve known Neymar all your life and you are now boyfriend and girlfriend! Then he signs with Barça and you move to Spain with him?

I didn’t want to use y/n for this one, so I decided to name this girl Malia.

“I cannot explain how happy I am every time I wake up to those beautiful eyes.” Neymar smirked as I squinted my eyes, adjusting to the light. Neymar had flipped over the covers excitedly, strolling over to the master bathroom’s door. I had no intentions of getting out of bed early and as I flipped myself over to glance at the nightstand clock, I immediately wanted to shut my eyes again. 

It was 10:53. And I know for some people it was a late start to the day. But for me, my time, it was 8:53. I loved sleep and since I was potentially always busy with my job, I would take any extra sleep I could get. Since it was Saturday I was not up for any early morning stuff, so with a huff I rolled onto my side to catch some extra z’s.

“Wake up Malia!” Neymar shouted from the bathroom, and by the way his voice gurgled, I assumed he was brushing his teeth. He knew how long I’d like to sleep in late on weekends, usually he let me stay in the warm covers until noon.

“I wanna stay in bed for at least three more hours.” I whined.

“We’re going to my parents’ place for lunch and dinner, so we’re basically spending half of the day there, and you take forever to get ready. So pick up the pace, you know what?” Neymar suddenly asked and my eyes shot open. I had a slight feeling he was going to do something insanely stupid (as always.)

Before my eyes even adjusted to the sunlight for the second time, the warm duvet was being pulled off of my once heated body. I, on the other hand was being thrown like a sack of potatoes onto Neymar’s shoulder. 

“I’m literally gonna kill you if I ever get down from here!” I screeched, hitting his back violently, which made about zero difference in him putting me down sooner. Neymar only laughed, setting me down onto the washroom counter.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing his lips softly. Neymar parted his lips, pulling me closer to him. He lifted me up, making me wrap my legs around his slender torso, “Okay, let’s stop. I don’t think I want to have sex on the washroom counter. So let me get into the shower.”

“Alright.” Neymar gave in, setting me down.

I stripped off all my clothes, folding them neatly on the bathroom counter and then I made my way to the shower, opening the cold glass door. I stepped in and adjusted to the water, then pulled the thingy and the hot shower water spilled out from the shower head. I squirted a generous amount of shampoo onto my hands before massaging my scalp. I opened my eyes and caught Neymar leaning on the counter, staring right at me. I had known him all my life but I had never gotten comfortable with him staring at me, when I was nude.

I was always self conscious about my body, and he was intimidating me greatly.

“Can you stop staring at me, please.” I laughed and Neymar rolled his eyes and turned to the counter, proceeding to brush his teeth. After lathering myself and washing my face, I stepped out of the shower. All the glass shower walls were steamy and the bathroom was too. Neymar wasn’t there anymore so I assumed he was getting dressed.

“Malia, what do you think? Denim, or Nike?” Neymar asked me, his clothes strewn across the bed. I tightened my towel around my body and picked up the Nike t shirt. He nodded and kissed me softly on the lips, letting me go to the walk in closet. I picked out a pair of simple black leggings, along with my black Marvel sweatshirt. I found Neymar’s white Adidas high tops and slipped them on, strolling out of the walk in closet.

“Mal, have you seen my…” Neymar trailed off as he turned to me. “My Adidas high tops.”  He crossed his arms and I smirked lightly. They went with my outfit and I was not going to take them off. 

“They go with my outfit, find other shoes.” I giggled as Neymar narrowed his eyes towards me. “Just wear your black Nike sneakers.” Eventually he gave up and slipped them on, slapping my bum before running off to the front door.

“Can’t keep your hands off me?”

“No, not really.”

I grabbed his hand, intertwining them with mine. He locked the door and then suddenly cupped my face with his hands, smashing his lips against mine. I parted my lips and struggled for oxygen. I slapped Neymar’s chest but he held me tightly, his tongue entering my mouth and both our tongues fought for dominance. He finally pulled away, our lips pink and swollen. I gasped, my chest falling up and down as I finally had oxygen. Neymar smiled towards me and we both headed to the car.

The car ride wasn’t even close to silent, with Neymar blasting his music and singing along. Begging for me to sing along with him, I giggled but refused. Eventually, I blasted my American pop songs to which Neymar was finally silent, but it was my turn to jam out. Soon enough, we pulled into the driveway of the Da Silva Santos’ household. Neymar opened his car door, rushing over to the passenger door to open mine. I kissed his cheek softly and thanked him, exiting the car and making my way up the walkway and towards the door, knocking.

“Mal!!” Rafa shrieked as she flung the door open. She embraced me into a bone crushing hug and I stumbled back a bit, bumping Neymar a bit as he chuckled under his breath.

“Rafa, nice to meet you. I’m your brother, remember me?” Neymar waved his hands in front of her face. Raf scoffed and kissed his cheek but grabbed my hand quickly, pulling me into the warm, welcoming home. Gil and Jo sat on the couch as well, along with Thayse and Julia.

“Mal!” Thayse and Julia squealed, getting up and hugging me tightly.

“Wow, am I getting all sorts of recognition.” Neymar snapped jokingly and Thayse laughed loudly before giving him a hug, followed by Julia. He joined Gil and Jo on the couch as me and the girls started discussing random things.

Before we engrossed in conversation, I remembered to be polite and greet Neymar.Sr and Nadine. Before I could enter, Davi ran out of the kitchen, clinging onto my legs tightly. I giggled, picking him up and kissing his cheeks multiple times.

“How’s my baby.” I cooed, and he kissed my lips.

“I’m good Lia.”

I marched into the kitchen with Davi in my arms and walked over to Neymar.Sr who was bringing the dishes over to the dining room.

“Ola Senhor.” I smiled brightly and Neymar.Sr brought me into his arms, enveloping me into a hug. “Can I help with anything in the kitchen.”

“How many times do I tell you Malia, you’re a part of this family. Call me Pai? Okay? Sir makes me feel older than I actually am.” Pai joked and I laughed, walking over to Nadine who was cooking ferociously, as usual.

“Hello, minha querida.” Nadine greeted, pausing for a second to give me a quick hug and kiss on the cheek. “Where’s my cheeky son?” 

“Finally! Someone asks for me.” Ney suddenly appears in the kitchen, wrapping his arms around his mum. Both parents laughed, and I also heard chuckled from the living room. Neymar kissed Davi on the head and steered me over to the kitchen table, where he sat, dragging me down to sit on his lap. And, although Davi was on my lap too I felt like we were breaking Neymar’s legs.

“Everyone in this house seems to love Malia more than me.”

Rafa walked into the kitchen holding her phone, “It’s because we do.”

Pai laughed, making Neymar blush and shake his head disapprovingly, “How ridiculous, Mae, Pai, do you love Malia more than me?” Mae shrugged and said nothing, smiling cheekily as she continued cooking innocently. 

“Ah well.” Pai shrugged and continued picking up dishes and setting them on the dining room table. Neymar looked shocked and I laughed heartily at his facial expressions.

“Well, I’m done and so is dinner.” Nadine announced, making me shoot up immediately, rushing over to the delicious supper that awaited us. 

“Everything looks so good Mae,” Gil complimented, earning a kiss on the cheek from Nadine. “I have to have some of this.” Gil picked up his knife and fork, ready to dig in when Neymar interrupted everyone.

“Wait Gil.” Neymar waved his hands in the air.

Everyone turned to him before he continued, “I have some huge news. I’ve been discussing it with Pai and he’s the only person in the room who knows what I’m about to say. You guys might be my best friends but I still sometimes need to surprise you guys occasionally.”

“Go on.” Raf urged. 

“Well,” Neymar cautiously resumed. “Barcelona, FC Barcelona want to sign me. And, I’ve agreed.”

My eyes grew wide and everyone at the table erupted into cheers, including me. Neymar grabbed me by my waist pulling me closer to him, planting a soft kiss on my lips. Without delay Jo and Gil wolf whistled, making me blush feverishly. Neymar just kissed me again.

“Alright lovebirds.” Julia teased.

Even though I was extremely ecstatic that he would be signing with one of the most successful clubs, there was something I couldn’t put my finger on that made my stomach churn. The knot in my stomach tightened but I continued eating.

“So Malia, how’s everything at the hospital?” Pai asked curiously.

“Good I guess. There’s a patient tomorrow that needs major surgery and I’m extremely nervous since I’m the leading doctor.” I replied. 

“I’m sure you’ll be fine. You’re a smart young girl. You’ve done this plenty of times querida.” Mae smiled sweetly. “But I must ask, how do you deal with the pressure?”

“I don’t know. It is hard knowing someone’s life is in my hands sometimes. I try and stay as calm as I can for my team.” I responded and everyone nodded.

“So how’s your company Thayse?” People continued in conversation but I drowned everyone out, continuing to eat my food absentmindedly. I rested my elbows on the table and picked at the rest of my food when someone nudged my leg.

“You okay, meu amor?” Neymar turned to me, a brilliant smile plastered across his face. I just nodded and smiled, but I knew he wasn’t buying it at all. “Are you feeling okay? We’re going home soon anyways baby.” 

I shrugged and the rest of the dinner, I was silent.


“Mal, I know that look. What’s wrong?” Neymar asked, once he shut the door of our house. “You’ve been acting shady since dinner.”

I walked further into the house, placing my purse on the chair and setting down my jacket. I didn’t want to respond, and I didn’t know why. But something had been irking me all dinner, but I would tell him after.

“Just let me take my shower.” I groaned in frustration and he nodded slightly, plopping down on the couch and fishing out his phone. I walked upstairs and into the master bathroom, shutting the door and locking it. I took off all my clothes and decided to take a bath instead. I filled it up with water and bath bombs. I stepped into the warm water and decided to relax, letting all my previous worries vanish. 

I drained the water and then started to shower, lathering and shampooing for a while. I turned off the water and stepped out, wrapping my hair and body with a towel. I unlocked the bathroom door and Neymar sat on the bed with his phone. I walked over to the dresser, grabbing a plain white v neck along with blue plaid pajama pants. 



“I think we need to talk now.” 

Neymar tensed up and sat up, leaning on our headboard. I sat on the edge of the bed, my back facing him. I could feel my face getting red and guilt washed over me as I blurted out my next sentence.

“I don’t think I can go to Barcelona with you.” I finally confessed.

“Why not?”

Suddenly I burst, anger fueling me in a millisecond, “Don’t you get it? I have my whole life in Brazil, I’m a young doctor and you’re expecting me to drop everything and leave. You mean the world to me Neymar. But I don’t know if I’m ready to give up my whole career.”

“So you’re not committed to me?” Neymar finally broke the deafening silence. “This is really important to me, and I want you by my side through it all.” My shoulders drooped at the last part and let out a frustrated groan. I felt the bed dip and Neymar’s cold hands wrapped around my waist.

“Neymar I can’t do this,” I whispered. “I can’t go with you. And I’m so sorry.”

“I would do this for you, Mal please. You’re my girl and I need you there. I would move with you in a heartbeat. Why can’t you do the same?” Neymar’s voice rose, anger visible in his tone. “I can’t believe you said nothing about this all night. Did you even consider moving with me?”

“Of course I did!”

“I can’t do the long distance thing Malia. I won’t be able to just Skype call you and pretend everything’s alright. I need a partner that’s committed and will always be with me. And, it’s obvious you’re not that girl.” Neymar firmly said. Tears pooled up in my eyes at his heart wrenching words and I finally turned around, faced with an angry Neymar.

“Well, I guess not then.” I sighed. “I can’t stay here tonight and be with you. I have to leave. I’m sorry, extremely sorry that we have to let go. But I guess our dreams are taking us in different directions. That’s how life works sometimes.”

Neymar stood up,” Well I guess I’m going to Barcelona…without you.”

“Well. I love you, I will forever. Goodbye.” I smiled warmly at him. Fake written across my face. Neymar nodded as I grabbed all of my clothes quickly, stuffing them sloppily into my suitcase. Soon, all of me was out of the household. I was no longer in the picture.

I stood in front of Neymar, the door just behind me.

Neymar hugged me tightly, “I’ll love you forever, meu amor.” 

“This is harder than I thought, leaving you is tough. I love you Ney.” I grabbed my suitcase and duffel bags, making my way out the door and into the car. I watched as Neymar stood at the door, tears in his eyes. I waved goodbye and he did the same.

And I drove out, leaving him.

But this time, it might just be forever


30 minutes.

Thirty minutes.

I had thirty minutes to get to the airport in time. Parking was a mess and the shuttle bus took like ten years to gather everybody. I was squished between a woman who smelt like salami and two twin girls who kept pulling my hair. I managed to stick it out and when the driver called my air flight company, I dashed out of the bus as quick as possible, my duffel bag and like eight hundred pound suitcase holding me down.

By the time I had gotten in line for baggage check, I had fifteen minutes. Everything seemed to be going horribly, I had to pee really badly! I grabbed my carry on and rushed to find my gate as soon as airport security was done. I had a minute until Barcelona started boarding, and when I realized I had to pee badly, now they were currently boarding.

Thanks to my bad sense of direction I was forced to sprint about what felt like a three hour marathon. I immediately spotted Neymar who was just getting up to board.

I almost tripped over my shoelaces but immediately ran to him, colliding into him which resulted into us both falling. I giggled as Neymar grunted harshly before realizing it was me.

“Oh my god. You actually came?” Neymar grinned cheekily as he brushed some of my hair out of my face. 

“Yeah. I’ll have plenty of job opportunities but there’s only one Neymar.” I gave him a long soft kiss.

“And he’s all yours.”

LGBT Fans Deserve Better.

Here is probably the best analogy I’ve heard so far. This is one of the pearlers that came out of a discussion I had with some friends earlier today.

Imagine a banquet table. It’s huge. And the thing is almost completely covered with seafood. It’s a hell of a thing to see. Everyone is super excited to sit down and eat it. Except you’re not. Because you’re allergic to seafood. So you say to someone, “Hey, is there any chance we can get something that isn’t seafood here, for people like me who can’t eat it?”

It takes a long time, and a lot of eye rolling from people who don’t understand why you can’t just shut up and eat the seafood, but eventually someone puts a plate of bread down in front of you.

“Is this all?” you ask. Because the banquet table is big and there’s just this one tiny plate for you and all the other people like you.

“Well, you should be lucky that there’s something here for you at all,” they say. “I mean, everyone else is happy with the seafood and you’re being difficult. You’ve singled yourself out to be special, so why don’t you just be quiet and eat your bread?” The feast begins and the seafood just keeps appearing, platters of it piled high. But there’s just the one plate of bread for you and your people. When one seafood dish runs out, another appears, but you know that’s not going to happen for you.

So you start to eat the bread. But it’s kinda stale and it’s not very nice. Maybe if there’d been different kinds of bread. Or some butter or oil to put on it. But you know asking again will just get you yelled at so you eat the damn bread and watch the rest of the crowd feast on seafood, gorging themselves, while you and your people are splitting tiny pieces of stale bread and pretending it’s not bad.

And this year, it’s like the waiter’s walked up to the table and taken half of your bread away. 

“Excuse me?” you say. “That’s our bread. We’ve kept quiet and we’re sitting here eating it and not bothering anyone.”

“Yes,” he says. “But we need the bread.”

“How can you need the bread? You’ve told us to be satisfied with this bread, even though it’s stale and there’s barely enough to go around. We’ve been trying to make the most of this bread while the rest of you feast yourselves.”

“Sorry,” he says. “But we need to make breadcrumbs for the fish.”

Stranger In My House.

Date nights were rare for Marco and I. In fact, it was hard for me to even envision him in anything aside from his nightwear as that was when I usually saw him. If you counted squeezing in an hour of television before he knocked out in bed every night, we didn’t get to spend much time together and alone. It was hard to when you had a child to tend to, especially one who liked to sneak in his parents’ bed in the middle of the night whenever he thought some creature was outside his window waiting to steal him away.

Those rare date opportunities were the reason I was currently staring so intently at my husband, watching as his eyes fluttered up and down the menu grasped in his hands as if he had not been here before.

“I think I’m going to get the steak,” he spoke aloud more to himself than to me before shutting the menu and gazing up at me. A smile cracked his lips before he said, “What? Why are you staring at me?”

I quickly shook my head and busied my eyes on the glass of water that sat on the table for me. “Oh nothing. Nothing at all.”

“Do I have something on my face?” Self-consciously he raised his hand to his cheek to wipe away whatever he thought may have been there but I assured him the opposite. “It’s fine. Nothing’s on your face.”

Just your usual, adorable, handsome face, I thought to myself but didn’t bother speaking out loud.

The answer seemed to be enough for Marco as he stayed silent and grasped onto my free hand sitting on the table, his thumb slowly tracing circles on my skin as he held it. “You look gorgeous tonight.”

Our relationship could have been 10 years old and I still would have found myself growing warm on the inside in response to Marco’s compliments. He was a romantic guy which was oddly the exact opposite of what I had envisioned him to be when we first started dating.

Flowers, random picnics, he even let notes in the kitchen for me before jotting off to practice. It was hard to not fall in love with a guy like that, a man who had all of the qualities I had imagined my husband to have whenever that day came.

That day came and went with Marco and now here we were, deep into a relationship and a few years into a marriage with a seven year old child to boast as a representation of our love. Life was great. I was happy.

I was in love like I had never experienced.

“Do you realize you’re grinning to yourself right now?”

Marco’s chuckle and comment disrupted my moment of nostalgia and I couldn’t help but laugh a bit as well. “Sorry. Just thinking about you.”

“Wow. Me? To what do I owe the pleasure?”

The small distance that the table created between us soon closed in as Marco leaned forward in his seat, not bothering to care about any prying eyes that may have been following our dinner. Closely face to face, I was able to stare into his eyes, watching as the skin around them creased due to his smile. Close enough to feel his breath on my lips, he took them against his only briefly before retreating back into his seat.

“I was just thinking of you doing that.”

“Really?” His eyebrow raised and before our banter could continue, the familiar hum of his phone rang out. I wanted to complain that he was now reaching into his pocket but I knew I couldn’t. It could have been an important call.

“Hello?” He answered the phone and pointed towards it, mouthing ‘Isaac’ to let me know it was our son on the line. I couldn’t help but begin to worry a bit as to why he may have been calling. When he was with the babysitter he usually never bothered calling.

“What do you mean? Who is it?” As Marco’s facial features transitioned from joy into confusion and possibly worry, I sat forward in my seat trying to see if I could possibly hear what was being said from the other line. “She’s in the house?! Okay. Just give us a second. We’ll be right there. Stay in your room.”

Marco’s rush to hang up the phone and hop up from his seat now had me in a panic. “What’s wrong?”

“He said there’s some woman at the house and she’s crying. The babysitter invited her in but…”

“What?!” And now it was me in a worry, jumping up from my seat and grabbing my purse from where it sat. “We’ve gotta go. You pay the bill. I’ll grab the car.”

The drive home had never felt longer. As soon as the car slowed to a stop I hopped out and ran towards the door of our home, ready and prepared to take on whoever may be on the other side possibly posing as a threat to my child but the sight in my living room seemed quite the contrary.

There was a woman seated on the couch, her long hair dangling over her face but her sobs easily heard as they rang out through the room. Our babysitter, Kenzie, was right by her side with a sympathetic frown pouting her lips and her hand on the strange woman’s back in a way to try and soothe her.


Hearing her name called, she looked up as did the other woman. The cries seemed to stop and instead the woman’s eyes widened as if she had seen a ghost.


She hopped up from her seat and ran past me and towards Marco, enveloping him in a powerful hug that nearly knocked him off balance. I wanted to think she was a fan who had somehow figured out the Reus address, made her way here only to find out she had missed him and was now overjoyed to be united with her favorite footballer…

…but the way Marco reacted towards her touch didn’t seem like she was all that strange or unfamiliar.


Romy? Who the hell was Romy?

Marco was even smiling now, breaking their hug some but still holding contact and wiping the moisture from her cheeks. The two burst out into a giggle which must have meant I missed the joke.

“Mommy!” The soft voice of Isaac from behind caused me to spin around, him easily reaching me before I could reach him as he found comfort holding onto my legs. “You’re home.”

“Yeah…I am.” My tone held a bit of doubt as I was still trying to piece together this little reunion that was occurring in my home.

Marco was looking to me now, I guess finally noticing my lack of understanding before he began to explain. “Romy, I’d like you to meet my wife,” he introduced as he motioned towards me.

“Wow. Your wife? I can’t believe you’re married. You of all people?” Romy giggled and looked at Marco before looking at me to offer a gentle wave. “Hi. I’m Romy. Marco and I used to date a long time ago.”

“A long long time ago,” Marco reiterated.

“It wasn’t that long,” she countered before playfully shoving his chest.

“And why exactly are you here?” I hadn’t meant for my words to come off so harshly but I still wasn’t quite understanding why an ex of Marco’s was in our home crying to our babysitter.

“Oh. Right. I guess that is a bit odd, huh?” Her tone had softened from the playful demeanor she once exhibited to now one of apprehension. She looked between me and Marco before settling on him. “I know you’re probably wondering the same thing. I…so a few years ago I moved away to this gorgeous place in the States. I guess that really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things but…” It was obvious she was trying to stall her way out of explaining her presence.

“I’m hungry.” Isaac’s persistently endless tummy didn’t care about any sob story being offered by the unfamiliar woman in front of him and he now had everyone’s attention instead.

“Yeah. How about we eat a snack or something? That cake’s still in there right?” Marco began his walk to the kitchen causing Isaac to let go of my legs he was clinging onto and following him. Romy did the same though Kenzie somewhat strayed behind.

I let her know she could be on her way before following the group into the kitchen and towards the dining room table where Marco was laying out pieces of cake for everyone. I had no taste for any but decided against letting my husband know that.

I used my fork to pick at the cake, looking between a delighted Isaac who was already halfway into his piece, a silent Romy who took itty bitty bites of hers and Marco who was just smiling between tastes of cake.

I was far from patient and couldn’t wait any longer for this explanation to continue. “So Romy, you never actually answered my question.”

She slowed her chewing, again looking nervously between me and my husband before she dropped her fork. “Right. Um…I know this is going to sound crazy and forgive me for it but I was wondering if…”

The long pause in her statement had Marco raise his eyebrow with curiosity. “If?”

“If maybe I could stay here for a few days.”

My immediate reaction was a no. A definite absolutely not but I didn’t let it fly past my lips in that manner and Marco didn’t allow me to utter anything in response because he was speaking already. “Sure. We wouldn’t mind at all.”

My mouth dropped slightly in shock while Romy broke out into celebratory claps. “Thank you so much! I really do not want to intrude. I’m just here for a few days and I really do not have the money to pay to stay anywhere. My family isn’t here anymore and—“

“It’s fine, Rom,” he interrupted. “I understand.”

I stood up from my seat, leaving behind my full slice of cake which Isaac let me know he was eyeing. “Mom, you didn’t finish your food.”

“You can have it,” I yelled over my shoulder before continuing my journey upstairs and to my bedroom. I could hear footsteps I assumed to be Marco’s quickly behind me.

“What’s your problem?” he questioned lowly before grabbing onto my arm to turn me facing him.

“You invited your ex to stay with us? What the hell, Marco? Are you insane?”

“What’s wrong with that? She needs a place to stay.”

“She can’t go grab a hotel room like a normal person?!”

“You heard her. She doesn’t have any money.”

I scoffed. “And that’s my problem?”

“You act like she asked you for a thousand dollars or something.”

“She didn’t ask me for anything. She asked you and apparently you think it’s a smart idea to just house strangers.”

Marco sighed and dropped his grip from my arm. “She’s not a stranger and she did ask us. I don’t see why you’re making a big deal about this.”

“You used to date her…”

“Yeah. A very long time ago and she’s not asking to sleep in the same bed as me. She’s just asking for a place to stay for a bit. Look if you’re not comfortable with it, I can tell her that. I don’t want you to be upset with me.”

“No,” I sighed. “It’s fine. She can stay.”

“Are you sure?” Marco looked at me as if challenging my decision, attempting to make sure this was really the answer I wanted to give.

Yes. I’m sure.”

I felt like I may grow to regret that decision very soon.

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All Hell Breaks Loose I - Part 1

Word Count: 2193

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“You guys hungry?” Dean asked, pulling up to a little diner in the middle of nowhere.

“Starving!” You bellowed. “I want a burger so damn bad.” Dean couldn’t help but laugh.

“Don’t forget the extra onions this time, huh?” He said, handing Sam some cash.

“Dude, we’re the ones who have to ride in the car with your extra onions.” Sam grimaced. Dean grinned at him smugly and Sam sighed, getting out of the car.

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As you kept yourself near the bars, you could hear the stomp that were descending down the stairs. You try to push the bar as if your strong belief will open the door this time instead of the multiple times before.

“Y/N, you look a little pale. You need to get in the sun some more,”The Nogitsune told you and you shut your eyes, hands covering your ears to try and block out him out, however, your efforts were in vain due to his voice ringing through your mind. 

“Please stop. Just leave me alone,”You told him  and all he could do is smirk, watching you crumble at his fingers.

“I’ll leave you alone only if you join me. I want you to leave your little pack and join the winning side.”

“I would never join you. I will never abandon my friends and Stiles would never either,”You told him, and you never expected the response to be a scream from frustration.

You didn’t realize how much the Nogitsune wanted  you to be on his side. You have a huge role to play and if you didn’t join him, he would have more trouble in Beacon Hills than he expected.

a playlist to help combat writers block with some chill, some lyrical, soundtracks, and everything else in between. for all the writers who can’t seem to get the story going any further. (listen)

i. Still the japanese house ii. the End of All Things Panic! at the Disco iii. S.T.A.Y. Hans Zimmer iv. You the 1975 v. Royals lorde vi. Coffee Sylvan Esso vii. Rather Be Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne viii. Eyes Shut Years & Years ix. Start a Riot Banners x. Overjoyed Bastille xi. Arcadia The Kite String Tangle xii. Lay Me Down Sam Smith xiii. Fly Ludovico Einaudi xiv. Time Hans Zimmer xv. What It Is Kodaline

Okay so I’ve watched the sneak peek like 654362 times and I tried to pick out the small details but I noticed some things. Killian is clearly uncomfortable with lying/avoiding the question, while Emma who would have shut down completely in the past is more like “you’re holding something back” as in “you don’t have to be afraid to tell me” instead of accusing him, and you can clearly see Killian avoiding her eyes when she questions him and stepping away from her when he starts to get nervous with it. When it starts to bother Emma, she leans away and crosses her arms, because she’s feeling insecure/upset/unsure. And that is a defensive mechanism she’s used throughout the seasons and I just.

Cameron Dallas/Sam Wilkinson Imagine - That's My Sister.

Anon Request: Can you do a sweet cameron imagine where her brother is Sammy please I love your page 😁❤️

Hope you like it, sorry it took so long.

Contains nothing bad.

– (Y/N’s POV) –

Me, my brother, my boyfriend and our friends all lay on the grass in the local park. My head rests on Cameron’s chest whilst my legs lay across Johnson’s legs. It’s a sunny day, but it’s boring. None of us know what to do.

“Guys I’m bored.” Gilinsky announces, for the fifth time in five minutes.

“Yeah so is everybody else, thank you for reminding us.” I sass back, some snicker.

“But I’m bored.” He whines, I roll my eyes.

“Gilinsky shut up bro, we get it, but there’s nothing to do.” Sammy replies, we all laugh as Gilinsky sits up and glares at him.

“Why don’t we go to the movies?” Nate suggests.

“It’s sunny though, for once it’s finally sunny and you want to go sit inside for an hour or more?” Cameron questions, Nate shrugs in reply.

“Hey why don’t we go to the water park?” I smile, sitting up.

“That’s a good idea,” Kenny agrees. “Yo everybody go get their stuff and meet at the water park at 12pm, got it?” He smiles.

“You ready babe?” Cameron questions as I walk out of the bathroom in my bikini, denim shorts and a crop top.

“Yeah let me just put my shoes on and we’ll be ready to go.” I smile, sliding my feet into my converse as I check him out in his swim shorts and vest top.

We thread our hands together with a waterproof bag on his shoulder full of two towels, sun lotion and our sun glasses. “You look beautiful.” Cam comments as we leave the house with Sammy trailing behind us.

“Thanks baby, you look handsome.” I giggle with blushed cheeks.

“Last one to the top has to go on the biggest water slide! Go!” Gilinsky announces as we lightly jog to the first water slide.

As expected, I make it up there last and groan when all the guys smirk at me. “Loser!” Nate chuckles, Cam rests his muscular arm around my shoulders and kisses my lips.

“Woah dude that’s my sister remember!” Sammy scrunches his face up in disgust, covering his eyes which makes me laugh, everybody else too.

“Come on let’s go!” I giggle, walking to the entrance of the slide. I slide down it and scream in joy when I hit the water.

He guys follow one by one and splash each other once everybody is here.

I hated going down the biggest water slide, it was so scary but I pulled through. “Y/N! Come on we’re gonna go get some lunch!” Kenny calls, I get off my sun lounger and grab mine and Cameron’s bag to follow them to the diner by the entrance of the park.

“Babe come sit here.” Cam smiles as he pats the space in the booth beside him. I slide in and rest my head on his shoulder, happy with our day so far. The guys join us, chatting about a girl they seen passing a few minutes ago, Cameron remains quiet and places his hand on my thigh. I giggle and shove it off because my brother is across from us but he always places it on my thigh again.

“Cameron no, Sammy is right there.” I giggle, grabbing onto his hand as it travels higher.

“He won’t know.” He replies, I stare at Sammy and I can tell he’s listening to me and Cam rather than Kenny who’s speaking, by the way his eyebrows are raised and a fake smile is planted on his lips.

He turn to face us when I giggle even more, Cam’s hand tickles my skin. “Cameron, I’m going to remain calm right now but whatever you’re doing to her, I suggest you stop.” He says with a angry smile, I straighten up and push Cam’s hand off me.

“Yeah Dallas, save it for the bedroom dude.” Gilinsky laughs, I flush red as all the guys laugh and Sam balls his fists.

“Uh guys have you forgot that Y/N is my sister or something? I do not want to hear about her and Dallas in the bedroom.” Sam cringes, shaking his head in disgust.

“Whatever dude, she’s my girlfriend and if I wanna’ touch her I will.” Cam replies, stroking my thigh with his thumb.

“Touch her all you like but make sure It’s appropriate and not in front of me.” Sam frowns.

“Yeah for sure.” Cam rolls his eyes.