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A Sleepless Night

A story in which Roman can’t fall asleep and Anxiety might be able to help.

Roman sat on a stool in the kitchen, quietly sipping on his hot chocolate. It was nearly three in the morning and he couldn’t sleep. He had spent hours upon hours of tossing and turning, and finally gave up; it was going to be a sleepless night and he would deal with the consequences in the morning.He picked at the croissant that sat on a plate in front of him, his appetite little to nothing. He sighed and pushed the plate away. It was going to be a long night.

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I’m on my school’s tennis team, and we have several matches a week. I tend to wake up late, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for packing snacks for tennis matches after school.

Relevant side note, I’m an avid gardener and I love tomatoes. So one day I wake up late as usual, and of course I have a match that day. I’m frantically trying to find food I can shove in my tennis bag for later to no avail, and I’m also trying to get out the door ASAP so I’m not late for school. So I quickly come up with a solution…. and run outside and pick a huge tomato out of my garden.

On the bus ride to the match, I pull my tomato out of my bag and start eating it like an apple because honestly, what else was I supposed to do? All my teammates were so confused and I just told them not to question it.

BTS: J-Hope Smut


To Love A Prince |


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Heat Part Four (Officer JDM x Reader)


Heat Part Four

Summary: Jeff and you return to his apartment after leaving the bar where Jeff punched Spencer. You deal with your fellow officers learning of your romantic relationship with Jeff and Spencer continues causing drama.

Word Count: 3,266

Warnings: NSFW, Language, Violence

Beta Reader: @i-am-negan-trash

Note: There is a reference to Magic City in here! ;)

You grabbed Jeff’s keys and raced up the stairs to his apartment. Jeff ran after you once he realized you wanted him to chase you. You ran over to his door and started to fumble the keys, trying to find the right one. Suddenly, you feel Jeff press up against you from behind.

“Hurry! Open the door!” Jeff groaned into your ear as his hands slid up your shirt.

His sudden touch shocked you, making you drop the keys as you let out a soft moan.

“Shit, just let me do it!” Jeff huffed as he grabbed the keys off the ground.

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i started watching once upon a time when the first episode came out online a month or so before airing on tv, but i didn’t get into the fandom until over a year later. in the fall of 2012 i was in one of the worst places of my life - i was just coming out of an emotionally manipulative and horrific relationship, lost a grandparent to cancer and another grandparent to suicide, and i had moved to a new city where i didn’t know anyone.

once upon a time became a way for me to cope, but more than that the rumbelle fandom became a home for me. in a time when i felt so alone, you guys were there. though i quit watching the show during season four, i will never forget what this fandom did for me. thank you so much.

ot5 coming to pick u up

louis: had to get gas and lost track of time at the snack store, 15 mins late

harry: 5 mins late, acts like hes on time

niall: 2 mins early, irritated bc you’re ‘late’

liam: rushes over, but right on time

zayn: shows up on the wrong day.

Rules, Punishments, & Rewards

Mommy’s Rules For Kitten:

1. Don’t doubt yourself, you’re too pretty

2. If mommy makes you sad or does something wrong, tell mommy right away

3. Be polite

4. No lying

5. No self harm, ever

6.Message mommy if you need support

7. Let mommy help

8. Show mommy when you color

9. Drink at least 3 cups/bottles of water a day

10. No bad words, you are a princess

11. Bedtime on Sunday-Thursday is 11pm, Friday-Saturday it is 12am

12. Mommy makes any rules when she sees fit

13. You can only take off your collar for bed or showering, it goes back on as soon as you wake up

14. Message mommy when you wake up

15. Tell mommy when you break a rule

16. When mommy wants to, she can pick your outfit

17. Show mommy your outfit everyday

18. Listen to mommy, mommy knows best

19. Use your paci at least once a day

20. Always ask mommy before you have a snack

21. Make your bed every morning

Princess’ punishments

- No electronics for an hour, only kik to talk to mommy

- No snacks for a day

- No stuffies for how ever long mommy chooses

- Time out/corner time

- Early bed time

- Writing lines, mommy chooses what is written and how much is written

Princess’ Rewards!


-Staying up late on weekends

- Movie time with snacks

My Rules For Mommy

- Always be nice! (Mommy is always nice!)

If at any time, she is no longer my mommy, I will let you know and I will not take these rules down, as they might help someone with rules for their relationship, or even me for future relationships.

(I have these written down and if there is ever anything added, taken away, or changed, I will update)

Night-Themed Sentence Starters

|| “The stars are beautiful tonight.” ||
|| “Everything seems so different at night…” ||
|| “Do I really get to sleep at your place?”||
|| “The beach seems so peaceful at this hour.” ||
|| “Will you walk me home? I’m… Scared of the dark.” ||
|| “I just had the worst nightmare!” ||
|| “There are no monsters coming to get you. Try to sleep, okay?” ||
|| “Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the dark skies above?” ||
|| “Is that a full moon?” ||
|| “Snow looks so pretty in the moonlight!” ||
|| “Can you believe it’s so warm so late at night?” ||
|| “I’m so tired. How can you still be awake?” ||
|| “All I want to do is lie in your arms all night.” ||
|| “Just one more game before we sleep. Please?” ||
|| “Come on, the movie wasn’t that scary. Just because it’s dark…” ||
|| “You’ve been working for ages. Can’t you take a break, at least for the night?” ||
|| “Wh… What’s that red stain? And why are you so late back?” ||
|| “Time for midnight snacks!” ||
|| “They said we could go in the morning, and it’s technically morning now that it’s past midnight.” ||
|| “I heard that if you wish upon a shooting star, your wish will come true.” ||
|| “This might sound weird, but the sight of the moon makes me totally hungry. Cheese, y’know?” ||
|| “The stars remind me of my first kiss…” ||
|| “The stars must have aligned, because I feel I was fated to meet you tonight.” ||
|| “Everything is so silent tonight.” ||
|| “Who’s there? If you’re pranking me, go back to sleep.” ||

Uh, this is probably not going to last me 2 weeks, but, hey- I got food!

Also, my rolling luggage thing is heavy af rn. I’m going to have a fun time getting back to campus. :P

“Late night snack” Bucky x reader (drabble)

Title: “Late night snack”

 Requested by: Anonymous asked: Hey there! I’m a huge fan of your work, you’re really talented! Could you write a prompt using number 7 with fem!reader and Bucky? Pretty please?”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x FEM-Reader

Prompts: #7 “That was MY damn cheese!” || MASTERLIST

Word count: Drabble drabble 404

Warnings: None my darlings, none. Idk it’s cute?! 

A/N: This is so pure and innocent I want to scream. As usual if there are any misspellings or errors sorry I’ll fix them in the morning. Now enjoy! (Hope this is somehow what you wanted Anon!) If you liked this lemme know?! 

Requests are still open

|| I don’t own Bucky Barnes or any of the Avengers, they belong to Marvel. ||

The constant noise outside in the street woke her up, and it didn’t matter how hard she tried the “sleeping again plan” it wasn’t working. Not even counting sheep. So she came out of the California queen sized bed that her parents gave her for her last birthday and decided that it was time for a late night snack. If she wasn’t able to sleep, at least she was going to eat something.

Y/N started to walk towards the kitchen in her bare foot but when she saw that the light of the room was on she stopped her walking just to reach the baseball bat that was near her bedroom door. Of course she could use her own hands to defend herself, like her boyfriend teach her but… the bat was a safer option.

Walking again to the kitchen she was about to hit whatever/whoever was there when a metal hand stopped the wood.

“Geez, doll! You could’ve hurt me!”

“Bucky?” She asked, watching her boyfriend standing in front of her. All dressed in black and covered in bruises and dirt.

“Hm surprise?” He said and gave a bite to the sandwich in his flesh hand.

She looked at him with her mouth open, and leaving behind the bat she pointed at the sandwich with her finger.

“What are you eating?”

“A cheese sandwich?”

“A cheese sandwich?” she asked.

“Yes Y/N a cheese sandwich”

She opened the fridge door to see that there were no more cheese left.

That was MY damn cheese!” she yelled frustrated “I was about to eat it!”

Bucky laughed and grabbed her by the waist, closing the door of the fridge with a loud bang.

“I came back from a mission, a long one and you wanna argue about cheese?” she nodded “damn”

“I was hungry” She said and grabbed the back of his neck, attracting their faces together.

“And now?” He smirked, peeking her nose with his.

“Oh now I’m aware that you’re back” he smiled and kissed her slightly, but before he knew she was running with his sandwich back to her bedroom. “But I’m still hungry” She yelled and laughed when he entered in her room and went straight to her. Covering her clothes with dirt.

“Now I’m gonna take a shower, but after that, young lady, I have plans for us”

“Oh, I can’t wait” She said finishing the sandwich and licking her fingers.

anonymous asked:

23, Calum. Smutty is preferred

Into You

Smut, based off of song/music video of Ariana Grande

Calum and I were getting away from the flashing lights and many photographers that tried to make up fake stories to get a quick buck. In the past week we had been to enough award shows, interviews, meetings, etc. and we both decided we needed a break to be intimate again and regain our relationship. He was holding my hand as we drove down the deserted highway with our top down, his hand in mine and rubbing his thumb against my skin. His black sunglasses blocking the setting sun and his hair flowing naturally behind him; it was a precious sight to see. I sat back with my head turned to look at Calum, I could never get enough of this boy. He turned to me with a sly smile and brought my hand up to his lips, leaving a lingering kiss making me shake. He took notice of my anxiousness and laughed.

“We’re almost there princess.”

We made it to the rundown motel miles away from the city and I ran out and started running around the parking lot. The excitement of only it being me and Calum out here all by ourselves with all the privacy in the world was running through my veins. He quickly ran behind me and wrapped my in his arms from behind, laughing his sweet laugh close to my ear. He kissed me with a smile playing on his lips on my temple as he slung his arm around me and showing me to our room for the next few days, the key already in his hand.

Once we got inside, Calum immediately shut the door with a hard slam and pushed me up against it. Looks like this boy couldn’t wait. His hands roamed everywhere on my body, taking the advantage of finally being alone. His lips hovered over the skin of my neck and chest, saying sweet nothings as my hands found his curly locks.

“I can’t wait any longer.” He forcefully rips off my tank top and cups his hands around my thighs signalling that he wanted to pick me up. I jumped on him, kissing his neck and jawline and pulling at the skin gently with my teeth, something I knew Calum went mad for. He moaned in my ear and let me drop onto our bed, climbing on top of me. I giggled and pulled his face close towards mine, running my hands across his cheeks and neck. I slightly pulled at the curls on his neck and bit his bottom lip playing around with him. He started to unzip his pants and slide out of them, throwing them God knows where. I reached up and took of his shirt leaving his exposed chest with the sexiest of tattoos all for myself. I pulled him down and began kissing the traces of tattoos and sliding my teeth across his skin. His hands found my shorts and quickly pulled them down, leaving me in the white lace number Calum had bought me for Valentine’s Day.

“We’ve been needing this for too long babygirl.” He growled in my ear, making my back arch and my body tingle. He grabbed my arms and put them above my head, kissing in the deep crevaces of my neck. I moaned out each time he planted a kiss, and my legs started squirming underneath him. Calum’s free hand moved in between my legs and found the pool of wetness I aquired. He gave me a devilish smile, playing at the thin string of my thong.

“You want me so bad huh?” I nodded and whined for him to take it off, and without hesitation, my thong was thrown across the room. Calum decided it was a good time to take off his grey Calvin’s and I quickly unhooked my bra, and we both looked at each other as he slowly sank down on me. For a moment, Calum and I just took each other in and were mesmorized. My eyes wandered to his carefull crafted biceps and his artful tattoos, and he eyes my slight belly from eating too much in our car and the way my curly hair ran down my shoulders. He kissed my nose lightly, still looking me in my eyes and lined his erected member with my wet core. We moaned harmoniously, making the sweetest of love. No harsh words were said, no hurtful actions and kinks were made. Calum just made sure to make me feel like I was loved and beautiful. And oh what a perfect man he was to me.

The rest of the time spent at the motel was filled with late night snack runs to the vending machines, playing cards, being held in Calum’s arms while watching some TV, and drinking cheap wine out of red Solo cups which lead to more physical actions. It was truly a time I’ll never forget with my special boy that I’m so into.

Schooling Tips!

It’s the dreaded back to school season. And whether you like it or not, you’ve got to start preparing. Here’s some tips for school that I came up with. It’s not a lot yet, but I’d like for me and other people to add as many as possible. Keep in mind that I go to an American public high school in a suburb of Chicago, so obviously not everything will be universally applicable, so if anyone from other places are willing to add tips that are specific to their locations, go right ahead.

Before School Starts:

* A week or two (or more) before school starts, start waking up earlier, if you don’t already. That way, by the time school comes around, you won’t suddenly have to change sleep schedules.

* If your school doesn’t provide a school supply list for you, then here are some basics plus other things to keep handy:

   * binders – I recommend getting one for each subject. But, if your classes don’t give out lots of papers, you could just have one binder, with each divider labeled with a certain subject. Personally, I think using accordion folders is a better option because you don’t need to hole punch everything and I think they’re lighter.

   * mechanical pencils, bright highlighters, black/colored pens, erasers – Make sure the pencils are no. 2! I’m not 100% what it means but as far as I know, standardized tests require these types of pencils. They’re labeled as no. 2 pencils on the package. And also you don’t have to awkwardly go up to the pencil sharpener in the middle of class! Don’t forget extra led. Highlighters and pens are great for color coding notes and other organization techniques you might use. 

   * notebooks/notebook paper – Particularly for classes that require you to take notes. Not all classes need it, but you won’t know which ones until well into the year, so it’s best to keep at least some lined paper in handy. You could use 1-subject notebooks for each class or use ajus 3-subject Or, if your school allows it, you can use a tablet or a laptop.

   * small journal/planner – Not all schools provide assignment notebooks, so you should keep a planner or just a plain journal/notebook to write down all of your assignments.

   * calculator, protractor, compass – Math, y’all. Try to get a scientific calculator if you’re allowed to bring one. They should be no more than $15. My school requires a graphing calculator and those are really expensive ($150!!!) so yeah. I think my school stopped requiring compasses and protractors in like 6th or 7th grade, so my teachers provide one.

   * USB drive – If you’re doing projects that are saved onto the computer, it’s best to use a USB drive so you can access it from home and school.

   * backpack – This is obvious, right? You need a bag roomy enough to fit everything you need. When I was in middle school, I didn’t need to bring my backpack everywhere; we used our lockers for that. But that was because my school was really small. Generally, you’ll need to bring your backpack everywhere with you, because going to your locker between classes will take up too much time, especially in the beginning of the year when you’re still figuring out where your classes are. Get a comfortable backpack. Trust me.

   * food – Maybe your lunch time is kinda late, and you’ll need a snack. Keep some snacks that won’t expire for a while in your locker or bag. I like to put my snacks in ziploc baggie, because they’re resealable and noticeably quieter than a foil chip bag. You don’t want to disrupt the class if you’re secretly eating a few pretzels or something.

   * hand lotion, tissues, hand sanitizer, deodorant, some sort of body spray – I lumped these all together because it’s hard to explain them individually. You can keep your deodorant in your gym locker, not in your bag. Hand sanitizer is great when you’re rushing to the cafeteria or if you can’t find the bathroom to wash your hands and you’re too awkward to ask.

   * portable charger for your phone – You know when you find out in the morning that your phone didn’t charge overnight? You’re welcome.

   * index cards and post it notes – Index cards are great for notes when you have a presentation, believe me. And why not have post it notes? Keep them with you just in case, you’ll probably have to use them eventually.

   * lunch bag/box and water bottle – You can keep your snacks in here with your lunch too if you want. Hydration is really important. In fact, you can put stickers on your water bottle with times written on it so that you remember to drink a certain amount of water by a certain time. If you’re confused by what I mean, look up “water bottle hack”.

* I’ve seen and heard required textbooks for school costing way too much to afford for school. People have been providing masterposts of textbook pdf links, but I can’t access the internet as I’m typing this, so will someone please reblog this with the links?

Preparing/During School:

* Spend as much time as you want picking your outfit the day before school starts. Not the morning of. I’m sure you’ve got plenty on your mind at that point, and freaking out over what you want to wear isn’t going to help.

* In fact, you should do a lot of things the day before. Take a shower the night before instead of in the morning. I know that on my first couple days of school I want as much time in the morning as possible. You can make that time by preparing a ton of stuff beforehand.

* Most people at my new school are saying that the cafeteria is actually really good, and I never have the time or the materials to make my own lunch anyway, so I just buy my lunch. Every day. BUT if I wasn’t so confident in my school’s ability to make edible food, I’d definitely bring my lunch.
   * I’ve seen a lot of people use a bento lunch box type thing? It’s basically a food container with dividers to organize your lunch.
   * Pack yourself a full lunch. You don’t want to get hungry after lunch and have it distract you in the middle of class.
   * If you’re like me, when we start getting more assignments, you start going to bed later and waking up later as well. So, you end up rushing through the morning and maybe skipping breakfast. My advice is to keep cereal bars somewhere, whether it’s in your backpack or the pantry, so that when you’re running on a tight schedule, you don’t have to take time to prepare it.

* Try to get at least 8-9 hours of sleep.

* Do your homework as early as possible. Use as much extra time as possible finishing it, especially if you have a lot of work. For big projects, set personal due dates for parts of the project, so that you don’t end up cramming everything all at once. People usually say to do all of the hard work first, but I think you should only do that in big projects. If you do all the easy work first, then you can get more done. This is just a suggestion, though. Different things work for different people.

This is as much as I can think of right now. I’ll try to add more.

- Admin Cas

What are some of everyone’s favorite healthy snacks? I’ve been trying to make smarter choices lately, but I’m definitely a snacker, and I have a weird work schedule which puts my meals at weird times. I’ve been trying to make some smarter choices with snacks lately. I’ve been loving peppers with spinach artichoke dip (unfortunately for the dairy in it, but as long as I don’t eat too much I’ll be okay) and the new TownHouse crackers and hummus snacks, and I ordered a deluxe Love with Food box for May, but what kind of snacks does everyone like to eat?

You’re the (Spider)man for me

Pairing: Simon Lewis/Raphael Santiago
Words: 1.6k
Summary: “Huh,” Raphael breathes. “You kinda look like Peter Parker.”
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@lazy-queen requested: “Things you said I wouldn’t understand.

Raphael hates to admit it, but the fledgling has some kind of influence on him.

It’s not like he suddenly turned in a pop culture expert, staying up all night (day) to watch cartoons meant for children with oddly adult themes or reading comics until his head spun. But Simon managed to rub off at least some of his interests on him.

Raphael doesn’t even notice until Simon shows up in front of him, wearing his old glasses.

Instead of questioning him about the unnecessary accessory on the bridge of his nose, he just tilts his head and huffs.

“Huh,” Raphael breathes.

“You kinda look like Peter Parker.”

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