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Alright, moment of honesty, how many times have you jerked off to Katawa Shoujo hentai

The real question is how many times have I NOT done it 😂😂😂

While the rest of the dev team is busy dealing with fixing the current build of the game we released, I wanted to take some time out of the day to say Happy Birthday to Katawa Shoujo. The last time I did this I drew the entire main cast of girls, but a regret of mine was that I didnt draw Misha. As a follow up, I decided to do just that. Anyways, if for some reason you havent gotten a chance to play the game, look it up.You wont regret it.

On an unrelated note, I just wanted to say thanks to our fans in regards to how you guys dealt with our game on release. Our release undeniably had(and right now still has) issues, but you guys have been giving us feedback on these issues in a positive way, and I was happy to see that. Its nice to see that you guys are willing to help us out when it comes to the issues of our game.

Anyways, thats all I wanted to say. I wanted to make an update in regards to some specific characters and designs but it be best to save that kind of update for later.

Hope all of you have a good one.


P.S. Again, Happy Birthday Katawa Shoujo

If you ever want to play a good, free, indie, adult dating sim, download Katawa Shoujo. It was made by some guys on 4chan (BUT DON’T LET THAT DISSUADE YOU!) and basically, you’re a guy with a heart condition and meet these amazing girls who all have a disability but they live with it and don’t really complain, like, they deal with it and they’re just like people without disabilities.

There’s a runner with no legs and she’s the best runner out there, there’s a girl with no arms who loves to paint, there’s a blind girl who is very gentle and kind and loving, a deaf girl who is very cunning and clever, but also very fun, and a burn victim with severe anxiety who is very sweet, but suffers from panic attacks.

It’s a really fun game, but it’s also very funny and cute, and just an overall great game, and it’s also pretty long because there’s more than 1 path per girl, so the story develops differently each time and it’s just great and you should really play it.

exo reaction to dating simulation games

Xiumin: “Why would you want me to play Adam Sandler dating simulator?”

Luhan: “Yeah, that’s something for me”

Kris:  “Do I really have to?" 

*After 15 mins he gets really into it*

Suho: "There is a dating sim with exo? Woah, I really want to see it to be honest”

Lay:  *Got noticed by T Rex after 3 minutes into the game*

Baekhyun: “i don’t play those kind of games…”

Sehun: “Do you want me to see your history?”
Baekhyun: “Be right back.. wait here..”


Chanyeol: “I played one where you could date Exo before, I dated myself”

D.O:  *Calmly plays for a long time without knowing the game is actually Katawa Shoujo and has a heart attack at a certain moment *

Tao: “Aren’t these games for girls?”

*Gets very emotional after an hour*
“Don’t die baby, I will always love you…”

Kai: *Laughs throughout the whole game*

Sehun: “Why would I want to play that?”

*Big-breasted babe pops up* “I’ll give it a go though”

I’ve been on this website for a few years and I literally follow like 30 people so I guess this is as good a time as any to follow more blogs and stuff so I’m doing one of these things. Like if you reblog

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