time for it to see the sun for the first time

How to Read Your Birth Chart

The Sun: The Sun speaks about your ego, the ‘I Am’, what drives you to to be who you are and how you identify yourself. In other words, your sun sign reflects who you are all the time, regardless of who you’re with or what you’re doing.

The Moon: The moon speaks about your emotional self and what we need to feel secure, safe and nurtured. We go to our moon when we need to restore ourselves. The moon sign tends to be the ruling force over your decision-making.

The Ascendant/Rising Sign: This sign represents how others see you as. When we first meet someone, we’re likely to meet their rising sign. The ascendant sign changes from hour to hour so try to be as accurate as possible when naming your birth time.

The Descendant Sign: The descendant sign shows the type of people you are the most attracted by, you easily get along well with and you are most likely to start a love relationship with.

The Inner Planets: The inner planets include Mercury, Venus and Mars. They can describe core personality traits, needs and desires. Mercury rules your mind and communication, Venus rules your love life, and Mars rules your actions and overall energy.

The Outer Planets: The outer planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. They reflect what will make your life special. Jupiter rules luck and progress, Saturn rules your fears and self discipline, Uranus rules change, Neptune rules dreams and how you heal, and Pluto rules your power and transformation. The placements can suggest what you have to look forward to these areas.

i’m in my prime,
not withering and old.
but i refuse to play
your wicked games any longer.

i know this tether is unbreakable,
but you make me feel like i’m interchangeable.
you drew a target on my heart,
when did this become fatal attraction?

i don’t have the strength,
the energy,
nor the patience
to be held hostage by your love.

so baby please don’t despair
when i say that
i’ve found the courage to
let you go.

you were never meant to be tied down in the first place.

—  believing i could love you was my mistake, c.j.n.

I found a gif with this on it and I almost started crying. Countdown to the Comet was when Nicktoons ran every episode for three days. I remember watching this. I remember being eight years old and waiting for this. I remember the countdown ticking down to five minutes. I remember seeing Zuko and Iroh’s reunion for the first time and my mom trying to hide the fact that she was crying. This brought up so many emotions because it put me back at an almost exact time. I can’t tell you how much I want to watch this like this again. Not knowing how Aang will master the elements, learning along with Zuko about the White Lotus, being flabbergasted at who Bumi really was, hanging off the edge of my seat when you hear Jet’s voice on the ferry, not knowing that Pakku and Kanna were in love, wondering how Zuko got his scar, watching Katara take down Hama, realizing who Suki was at the same time as Sokka on the docks, watching Zuko’s redemption arc, meeting Toph, watching Katara’s power grow, learning about Kya and Lu Ten, not knowing what black snow means, hating book one Zuko. Rewatching this reminds me how many great moments and plot twists and cliff hangers I’ll never get to experience again. I want to fall in love with it again.

Until then, Alola.

Title: Until then, Alola.

A/N: I can’t believe this, my first Imagine. It was supposed to be a short one. A sentence to get you thinking. Needless to say, it got out of hand FAST.

Pairing: Gladion x Reader or Gladion x Sun/Moon if you prefer.

Y/N is Your Name.

You are chatting with Rotom when you hear the familiar chirp of footsteps up the stairs leading to your Champion Room. It’s the middle of the day and the sun is shining brightly against the minerals embedded in the walls, ricocheting over the glass and creating a rainbow effect. It’s just the kind of time you expect Hau to come in and challenge you again or for Acerola to come and chat about when you’d go visit Kanto to see Lillie. You’d tell her to say hi to Lillie for you of course, because you’re the Champion now and she’s an Elite Four member and you can’t take a leave of absence at the same time.

What shocks you out of your now tangential train of thought is the fact that it’s not Hau standing in front of your Champion’s seat.

Instead of your sunny and energetic friend, it’s the sullen, determined, oddly endearing Team Skull member, Lillie’s brother, and not friend but not enemy, Gladion.

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And so frustration and anger finally reach the point of overflow.

This is the first of possibly many solo version posts, mainly due to it’s length. Any time a segment from one side is so large that the other version segment won’t fit into the post, it’ll get it’s own solo post. So sorry for the Bailey fans, but you’ll get to see her next time!

It also feels fitting that the longest story post thus far is when Gladion enters the picture. To be honest, I’m a little excited and nervous at the same time about this one, because of how serious it at the end. But this is where the character development for Hector starts, and where we get to see more of his overall internal thoughts that he’s been having throughout the past several comics.

Remember all the scenes where Hector was snapping at people and being overall angry and upset? Part of the reason he’s been acting that way is explained by him here.

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After watching the final episode again, it wasn’t as bad as the first time. I guess the shock and disappointment has worn off and I’m in a calmer mood to analyse the ending.

Ji Mong left the palace with parting words to So that Soo may not be of this world.

Then we see the sun covered by the eclipse like Ep 1 when Soo was transported from present time to Goryeo.

We see So standing in the darkened Goryeo recalling what Soo said during their stroll.

Soo: If we had met in another world and another time, I was thinking how great that would have been. Truly, I could freely love you all I wanted.

Then cut to So wiping away the concealer and revealing his scars - symbolises he is giving up his throne and Goryeo life. He has no one left and nothing to look forward to anyway.

So: if we are not from the same world, I will find you, my Soo

Can we assume So himself (I like this better) and not his descendant will cross over to present time in search of Soo?

But of course, they could have added in a brief So-Soo meeting in present time: meeting of eyes across the room or back hug as a simple closure. But no, they have to end like this 😭😭😭

How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep?

Rating: T

Pairing: Farkle Minkus/Riley Matthews

Summary: It’s the first time that Farkle starts to question his scientific beliefs, because he swears there’s another Sun in the universe and right now, it’s in the middle of Greenwich Village, lying across his chest. // Or a few glimpses at Farkle and Riley, and how sometimes the best way to get through things is simply just by being together.

Word Count: 2072

A/N: Long time no see! I’ve been super consumed with school, the election, design, work, and various other things. It felt good to finally finish this piece. I started it in October when I was really having a difficult time and finally was able to finish it today.  Leave your thoughts here.

Warnings: Some hints of anxiety. 

It starts in her room at 1 am on a Thursday morning. The moon is full and its hanging low across the NYC skyline. He climbs up her fire escape and gently tugs up her window, climbing through. He knows it’s unsafe for her to leave her window unlocked, so he makes sure to lock it, before approaching the edge of her bed.

She’s usually a heavy sleeper, so that’s why he’s so surprised when her eyes flutter open. She blinks multiple times, before finally stretching and letting out a long yawn. She’s clutching her blanket close to her chest and he’s suddenly aware of the draft in her room. 

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what i say:  im fine.

what i mean: how am i supposed to accurately measure jimin and i’s compatibility by studying his full astrological natal chart if i don’t know his time of birth?! now I don’t know his ascendant and his planetary positions are all inaccurate and therefore the interpretations will be off as far as the specific areas of his life where the planetary energies will play out!!!! the ascendant (a.k.a. rising sun) moves one degree every four minutes, and therefore changes signs approximately every two hours!!! so!! if your birth time is off by 30 minutes you could have the wrong rising sign and since all the house cusps change along with the ascendant, some planets could be in the wrong houses since the houses represent the basic areas of life in which the planetary energies are played out. this makes determining our compatibility more difficult because the rising sign is what you first see when you meet a person and can cause instant attraction if it fills a void in you by giving you an element you lack in your chart!!!   

Spell to Encourage Plant Growth

For use on herbs, houseplants, gardens, etc. 

First, charge up some sun water - I used the lovely crystal goblet you see pictured above, but feel free to use any vessel you like, as long as sunlight can shine into it.

Once the water has been charged and you are ready, dip your hand into the water and sprinkle it over the intended target three times, saying as you do,

Grow hastily,
Grow healthily,
Grow heartily.

with one sprinkle being for each of these lines. Do the same for each plant/pot/plot/what have you.

Be aware that some plants, such as African violets, do not appreciate having water dripped on their leaves. For these, I suggest aiming for the soil or even for the item in which they are planted.

Repeat as needed. 

For extra stubborn plants, you may wish to directly water them with the sun water, pouring three times, using the same words.

May all your plants grow swiftly and strong.


You know why I think Malec works so well? Because they both really just deserve each other.

After centuries of heartache, Magnus deserves someone exactly like Alec. Someone who isn’t jaded that can remind him of the world he used to know before time and war stole so many pieces of him. He deserves someone who will look at him and smile like he’s seeing the sun for the first time. Someone loyal, the type of person who doesn’t know how to be anything other than 100% committed to whatever is in front of him. Magnus Bane deserves someone that loves with every inch of their heart because in spite of all the horrible things he’s been through, all the loved ones he’s lost and all the times his heart has been broken, that’s still miraculously the only way Magnus knows how to love as well.

And Alec. Alec deserves someone like Magnus. Someone that will pick him out of a crowd even when he’s hiding in the shadows. Someone that won’t quit on him no matter how many times he shoves them away. Someone that will push him again and again until he starts to see the man he truly is. The one who is deserving of love, of happiness, of all the wonder and joy and magic the world has to offer. The one whose life matters, and not just because of what he does for others but because he is worthy in and of himself. He deserves someone he can be honest and open with, someone he can pour his heart out to without having to fear it’ll get trampled. Someone that will see him at his worst and still love him anyway because they know what’s really there, beneath the armor.

They’re both such wonderful, rich characters that deserve the exact kind of love the other is offering and that’s really just so rare in pairings, especially canon ones. And I’m just so irrationally happy that these fictional people found one another.

The Twelve Houses

The First House: At the time you were born, the sign that was rising over the horizon is what you would call your Rising Sign or Ascendant. Since it is your first house, it’s the first thing people see of you. So it can determine your appearance of how you look physically and/or how others perceive you when meeting you for the first time. This is the perfect example of when some people say “I’m not shy once you get to know me.” Some Cancer risings, for example, are shy people when meeting them at first, but if their sun sign is, let’s say Gemini, once they get comfortable around you, their wild side comes out.

The Second House: Now that you know who you are instinctively, your second house is a result of how you aim to secure yourself in life within your qualities of your ascendant. It is the way we express ourselves in terms of achieving what we want and how we get what we want, such as money, material goods, etc.

The Third House: Have you ever felt the urge to dig deeper and explore the limits of the universe? That is you expressing the third house. It is the thirst of knowledge of asking questions trying to figure something out. Exploring, searching, hoping you find the answers. Investigating. 

The Fourth House: Once you have done your searching, it is in the fourth house where you have finally found your answers. It is when you decide to settle down and make a home for yourself with your newfound knowledge. It is who we are after dealing with our experiences. 

The Fifth House: Because we have searched and found, it is in our fifth house where we are able to feel confident within ourselves and express ourselves creatively because we are proud of what we have accomplished. 

The Sixth House: It is in the sixth house when we learn to determine what is good for us and what is bad for us. After our many experiences we now know how to take care of ourselves, whether it be in health or nutrition, knowing that if we do not take care of ourselves, we are not doing ourselves, mainly our heart, any favors.

The Seventh House: When we begin to expand ourselves and are able to socially join others, it is when we have reached the seventh house. We learn that we are not only to take care of ourselves, but others as well. It is the way we join relationships whether it be a marriage, friendship, or your daily yoga class. It’s a form of union.

The Eight House: When we decide to get rid of the things that we no longer see fit, it is the eighth house that we are expressing. It is a no-nonsense quality we possess in the eighth house because we see the ultimate truth and nothing else. It is traditionally the house of death.

The Ninth House: Once we have weeded out what we no longer need, we are now embarking on the longest journey of all. Religion plays a key part in the ninth house because it is the truth that we found in the eighth house that will continue to take us on a journey. It is our philosophy of life. 

The Tenth House: Once we have found our strongest sense of clarity, it is in the tenth house when we begin to see what we can do with it. For example, once we have realized what we are best at we can make a career out of it. 

The Eleventh House: Because we have seen our vision, it is in the eleventh house that we decide how we are going to put in motion our vision. We are now going to turn our dreams into reality. And because we are ready to show our vision to the world for others to see, we express humanitarianism. 

The Twelfth House: Now that we know what we want to achieve, we also know that sacrifices might have to be made. It is in this house where we learn that in order to send our message, it is better to deal with the sacrifices than to throw away all our hard work. 

Happy reading, and thank you for reaching the end!

- Astrologia xo

widowtracer; darling i will carry you home

If Lena had to choose, she’d pick somewhere closer to home. Somewhere more romantic with a setting sun and a soft meadow. If she had to die, she’d have grass tickling her cheeks, a slight breeze blowing in the distance. Perhaps it would be just dark enough so she’d see the stars one more time.

As it were, she shifted against the hard ground, trying to find the best position to bleed out in.

A hero’s death was one she had dreamed of. She’d been living on borrowed time anyway. The world would remember her as Tracer, as the cavalry, as a flash of blue light, and the thought was good enough. That would have to be good enough.

At the very least, the Bastion units were taken care of–at the cost of her own accelerator–but it guaranteed the mission’s success. Lena found comfort in knowing that she was a good soldier in the end. A hero the world had needed.

Jack Morrison would have been proud.

This was an eventuality she had always expected to happen. She knew one day a recall wouldn’t be enough to save her. Now the eventuality is coming to pass.

She tasted copper when she swallowed and waited for darkness to claim her. In a way, she preferred this to the endless abyss of a timestream.

The feel of a rifle on her temple caused Lena to look up. Her eyes were tired, lids heavy and her muscles fatigued. She’d made peace already and the intrusion, for a moment, felt unwelcomed.

“Stupid girl,” the French accent made her snicker and the pain of it caused her to grit her teeth. In the end, she barely managed a mumbled response.

“Cheers, love.” Lena winked, slow and awkward. “Cavalry’s here.”

The rifle pressed deeper into her temple. Its coolness forced her to focus, to squint and make out pale blue skin. Dark hair. The statue of a beautiful woman as cold and sharp as ice.

“If you had a death wish,” Widowmaker’s voice sounded very far away, “you should’ve ask me.”

“Couldn’t find you between all the Omnics and Bastion units,“ Lena rasped. At least she’d have company in her last moments. “Reckon you’d taken the day off.”

The rifle’s nozzle moved down from her temple, grazed past her chin and settled into the hollow point between her two collarbones. Then it dug in deep.

Gut wrenching pain shot through her body, the tensing of her muscles causing her bullet wounds to contract. She yelped.

“Stay awake.”

Shaking, Lena could hardly breath. She hissed for a moment and clenched her fists. The pain wasn’t enough to stop her from responding.

“Don’t we need a safe word, love?”

The rifle’s head dug in deeper. She swore she’d seen Widowmaker’s trigger finger twitch. Cold sweat broke out along her neck and she felt a dribble slide down her forehead. Reality sank in fast and Lena realized she was at the receiving end of her enemy’s gun.

“Overwatch’s infirmary unit won’t deploy for another half hour.” Lena looked up at Widowmaker, squinting against the sun. “Reckon you’d let a girl die in peace?”

Despite her blurry vision, she can see the muscles long Widowmaker’s jaw move, tensing for one long moment before relaxing. The rifle drops from her chest. Lena was both relieved, grateful and bitter.

Lena hadn’t expected the woman to treat her as anything more than an enemy. She’d been a right pain in the arse in their previous missions. The fact that Widowmaker would spare was enough.

But she had hoped.

Their silence drew out. What could have been seconds felt like minutes. Lena didn’t hear the breaking if glass until she had realized it was Widowmaker breaking a vial of her poison.

They really needed a safe word.

“It is a coagulant,” was the only warning received as the contents were poured over the wounds across her midsection.

The pain was searing. Ten times more than whatever force Widowmaker could have used to keep her awake. Lena’s eyes grew wide and she felt a wave of adrenaline.

“You can die,” Widowmaker commanded, “when I shoot you.”

Unable to stop herself, Lena chuckled and nodded.

Later, Angela would tell her of the way Widowmaker had carried her. Winston would say they had a squadron of armed men with their guns aimed at her and she would walk into their makeshift medical bay with a half dead girl in her arms, and, for a moment, just briefly, Widowmaker would look like a hero.

Worth The Risk


After the events of Shell Shocked: Part 2, Hiccup and Astrid have a talk.

Hiccup found her sitting on the edge of the balcony, legs dangling over the wood, arms propping herself up so that she could stare out to the shore, watching the sun set below the horizon. Even from where he stood back at the hut, he could see where a few strands of hair had come loose from her braid, fluttering down her face in the evening air. He longed to tuck it back behind her ear, and realised, not for the first time that week, that he could. There had been so many times over the years when he’d wanted to reach for her, to curl their fingers together, to hold her close, bring her face to his and let their lips touch, and now he could.

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We’re Scotsmen. We’re brave, and we’re strong, and we have God on our side, so why should we waste time with all this shite? Aye. I was like-minded. Then I went to France, and I became a soldier. I saw what a modern, well-trained army can do. Oh, it’s a pretty sight at first… Seeing them all marching together in their neat rows and columns, music playing, banners waving… So pretty, you want to smile. I laughed, too, the first time. Then they fired the first volley. First, you see the flash of metal in the sun. Together, as one, an entire line of men raise their muskets, aim, and let loose. The musket balls come tearing across the field like a sheet of metal rain, cutting down men left and right without mercy. Sound of gunfire… Rolling thunder across the hills. By the time the last of it fades, the second volley is already on its way. I realized it takes more than courage to beat an army like that. It takes discipline. It takes a well-trained soldier… an army of soldiers. Now, if we have the discipline to stand together, to march together, and to fight together, then by God, I ken we will win together.

Jamie Fraser, Outlander, season 2, Je Suis Prest


                                         i want to go to your house. okay.

Dear x,

Dad let you come outside with me and Roll today. We couldn’t wander very far, but you really enjoyed seeing the outside world after being confined in the walls of the lab for so long. I remember how much your face lit up when the sunshine hit you for the first time. Roll found lots of flowers and you and her picked some. She gathered your favourite ones and put them in a clay pot in your room so you can see them even when you’re inside your capsule. We sat outside for a long time. You asked why the sun continuously got lower and lower, and once I explained the sunset you refused to go inside until you could experience it for yourself. But it was okay, me and Roll loved being there with you for the last time. Eventually we had to go back inside. We knew what was coming. I miss you so much already…I wish we had more time together. Dad had to seal you in the capsule after we came back inside. You kept crying…It all happened so fast. Dad programmed me with the ability to feel, and every emotion overwhelmed me all at once. I know he made a extremely significant upgrades to your ability to think and feel too, completely outmatching my own. I can’t even fathom what it was like for you…I hope that once your testing is complete, we can see the sunrise too.

Dear x,

Blues came to visit us today. He doesn’t come by much with his malfunctioning core and all. He still refuses to get help, I feel so far away from him. I think I’m making progress though, but he’s really hard to read. Wily’s plan for world dominations slowly get stupider and less severe the older he gets. Bass mentioned that he’s building a super robot like you. I’m very scared…even Bass was worried for what he could do. I hope that he doesn’t hurt you. Bass also told me that he could have free will on the same degree as you, so maybe he would rather be your friend than follow the path set for him by Wily? I’m worried. Apparently he isn’t done yet. I just hope that if he is bad, that he doesn’t outmatch you.

Speaking of Bass, he doesn’t really follow Wily anymore. He just kinda…does whatever he wants. He still constantly wants to battle me to prove he’s stronger though. I still win every time, but its become more of a aggressive competition than a matter of life or death. I’m really happy about that. It’s been about a year since you were sealed. 29 more to go…see you soon.

Dear x,

Today is mine and Roll’s birthday. Dad said we were turned on for the first time 16 years ago. Blues came too. He also told us that he started developing you 11 years ago. He’s getting really old…me and Roll are afraid of what will happen when he passes on. Blues’s core won’t last much longer, and dad gets sicker every day. Everything is falling apart. At least I’ll have Roll. Bass too, I guess.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to us. I’m afraid that we’ll have to be scrapped or something. The government has very harsh and strict rules against robots, and they can’t live forever. Do we have a set date to die? I really want to see you again…

Dear x,

Dad can’t do much lately. He’s really out of it. Me and Roll have been taking care of him. Wily hasn’t done anything in a few years, so we haven’t had much to do. Bass stops by sometimes to fight me. At first we did, but now he just stops by to see how we’re doing. Blues comes by too. I like it when we’re all together. Bass told me that Wily stays up all night working on his prized robot. Seems like he’s putting all of his focus onto him and has given up on taking over the world for now. He’s around the same age as dad, so he won’t last much longer.

Dear x,

Blues’s core is finally being replaced today! I’ve convinced him to let me and Roll fix him. I’m so happy…I was very worried for what would happen in the future. I can’t remember whether you met him or not. I think you did, but if you didn’t, I know you’ll like him. It’s been about 4 years since you’ve been sealed. 26 more to go.

Dear x,

Dad died today. He really wanted to live long enough to see you. We all knew it would never happen. I wish I wasn’t programmed with emotions.

Dear x,

It has been really quiet since Dad passed. It’s a little bit better now. Roll has been very depressed. I’ve been helping her keep the house tidy. It’s been fine, but going into your room is…emotional. Roll hates going in there. She tries avoiding your capsule. But she always just sits there for a long time. It’s so lonely. If me and Roll get separated, I don’t know what I would do.

Dear x,

It’s been so long…Bass and Blues come by to keep me and Roll company. Wily passed on a long time ago. He sealed that robot away to emerge some time later in the future. I miss you so much. I don’t know how much longer I can live. Without dad here, I can’t be repaired. Blues taught me how to self-repair myself, but I’m not sure how much longer it will last. Me and Roll will break down eventually. I hope we can last long enough to see you again. I’ve been counting down the days until I can see you once more. 7,000 more days…20 years is a long time.

random headcanon time

boi ive been thinkin about this shit for the past couple days 

So, like, what if the Red lion was a total fact nerd? Everybody knows that one person who always knows some weird factoid that makes you go “huh, cool,” right?

Red is that person.

Keith thought it was interesting and neat at first when a random fact popped into his head. At first.

brown eyes are blue underneath”

“Altea had ants that breathed fire”

“A bolt of lightning is six times hotter than the sun“ 

“Cat kidneys are so efficient they can rehydrate by drinking seawater” 

“theres a planet name Zve that has two-headed humanoid beings”

But its like, constant. And eventually keith starts getting annoyed “beCAUSE JFC RED IM TRYING TO PEE I DONT NEED TO KNOW LEMONS ARE MORE ACIDIC THAN VINEGAR”

And the others just kinda laugh when Keith storms down the halls towards his hangar to apprehend his nerd of a lion. Lance thinks it the the best thing since sliced bread.

So, everyone is fully aware of this, and teases Keith about it. Sometimes asking for a random fact to just grate on his nerves.

He drags them into his hell.

Whenever Red is particularly enthusiastic about delivering these wonderful bursts of info, the angry child will recite them aloud as he receives them to whoever is closest.  

Hey, Lance. Did you know you can start a fire with ice?”

“Pidge, shrimp can only swim backwards”

“Fish can drown” “Keith plz” “Fish can drown, Hunk”

It gets even worse when hes angry or happy. The others have tried apologizing to get him to stop. 

But its too late.

And they have no idea that sometimes he pulls things out of his ass when Red is silent for once.

pelicans can’t look up”

“theres a planet ten galaxies over named HellFire- no Lance I already asked Allura we cant go there”

Red is very proud.

Creepypasta #989: Fun Facts for Kids! The Fifty Nifty United States

Length: Medium

Alabama: The 96th president, Pyrope Vesuvian, was assembled in Alabama, the first president to be engineered from various body parts of previous presidents.

Alaska: The sun never rises in the winter because there is a giant standing in front of it. The giant is so tall that its head reaches into the stars. It was the first to see the black ships that originated from those stars.

Arizona: The state reptile of Arizona is the Time-Traveling Basilisk Lizard. They run so fast they arrive before they left! The army is using them to travel back in time and figure out where the war went wrong.

California: The highest point in the state is God’s Obsidian Watchtower, rising 440 feet above the ocean where California sank after the first weapon detonated.

Delaware: The first state admitted to the union. The first state to host an enemy ship. The first state to boldly kill that unearthly ambassador and declare war.

Hawaii: Did you know there are no snakes in Hawaii? They were all recruited by the army. All citizens must fight, even snakes. Their armor is the eggshells of extinct birds; their spears are the severed stingers of deadly jellyfish.

Idaho: Has more ghost towns than any state. These towns are inhabited by a quarter million ghosts, who outnumber living residents 12 to 1.

Kansas: Contains the world’s largest grain elevator, where President Vesuvian hid the nuclear weapons that the invaders eventually used against us.

Maine: It is the closest state to Europe and Africa. If you stand on the seashore and look east, you can see the two continents that accepted the offer of “peace” and “friendship”, dooming themselves to the possibility of subjugation by these extraterrestrial foes. Only the United States had the courage to declare war. Stay far away from Maine.

New Mexico: This state is always on fire. It was set aflame as a burnt offering to God, to purify the land, in hopes that one day He would accept the offering, and would finally rise from his sanctified throne to bestow victory upon us. Amen.

North Dakota: This state’s wide-open prairies were transformed into the world’s largest children’s cemetery. Instead of headstones, the tiny corpses are encased in amber, and line the lonely roads as a monument to what we have lost.

Utah: This state’s sparkling white salt flats provided bricks for the Holy Salt Temple, the safest place to be during an air strike. The enemies are deathly afraid of salt and supermassive structures.

Wyoming: Did you know that Wyoming is the least densely populated state? That means more room to build a prison so large it can hold all citizens who oppose the war. All Americans must support the war. All Americans must fight the war; even you, little one! This is the last remaining nation on Earth to defy and resist the invaders’ impending takeover of the minds of humanity. Dissenters are indistinguishable from those whose brains have been commandeered. They must be imprisoned.

Credits to: cold__cocoon

  • Best Roasters: Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, Gemini (These people spit fires and bullets and at times, they dont even mean to. They are naturally brilliant with roasting people, they can make a living out of it. Caps, Aries, Cans, and Gems are people who can smell your worth and dirt from a mile away; if they see something roast worthy; then Thanksgiving is aplenty and early.)
  • Best Shaders: Virgo, Leo, Libra, Scorpio (These people are the shadiest of it all, the sun disappears. They wont physically pin point you, but best believe youd know if theyre shading on you because you gon feel shitty and less. Virs, Leos, Libs, and Scorps dont like sugarcoating but theyd love to perplex people first before making them feel the shade crushing them)
  • No Time for your Bullshit: Taurus, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces (These people are not having any of your drama/bullshit because they have better things to do and they know dealing with you wont bring them any good. Taus, Sags, Aquas, and Pis are busy with better or more important things than to mingle with problems; theyre boarding the Nope Bus.

I just wanted to point out something

I’ve seen a couple of posts about Maui’s back tattoo changing in “You’re Welcome.”

The first time we see his back tattoo, it’s got him pulling up the islands

But the next time we see it, he’s fighting Tamatoa

Everything about that tattoo has changed

We don’t get lingering shots of his back but it appears that it’s normally the island tattoo

The sun is in the corner just like the “pulling up island” tattoo

Also according to his official tattoo reference

You can see that it’s the island tattoo.

So there are three (3) possibilities

1: It was a continuity error

2: Him raising the islands and his fight with Tamatoa both share the tattoo and Mini-Maui brought up Tama to help Maui’s song more effective

3: The tattoo is constantly changing.

In the third screencap where Mini-Maui is being tossed on his head, the island has seemed to have changed position and size, so it’s possible that the tattoo changes depending on what Maui feels. (EG, he feels that he wants to show off his defeat of Tama, so Tama shows up. He feels like he needs something to hurt his tattoo with, so the island becomes bigger so he can use it)