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Do you have any more Packmom!Stiles? Bc I've read all in your tag, multiply times, and all in some of the other blogs tags. And I am craving like a mad person! As long as it's sterek and Stiles is Packmom, not so much else matters! Kinky, long, short whatever.. I just neeeeed!\''/ <33333

Hey-O Anon! So fun story, Angsty was answering your ask and it totally got deleted by the evil gods of Tumblr (and back buttons/refresh buttons). So she sent me the fics that she was going to give you, so now I’m responding to you. 

We have a packmom!Stiles tag here.  We also have a specific ask for it here. Oh! Angsty also wanted me to tell you that these are all lesser known fics since it sounds like you’ve read a lot of them already. 

One Pack, One Family by MissusCarlikins (orphan_account)

1,206 I Fluff, Pack Dynamics
General Audiences
It had started as a joke, but then the name just stuck.

A Mother’s Trait by NatureCalls

2,246 I Pack Feels
General Audiences
The pack calls Stiles “mom” for the first time. His reaction isn’t exactly what they were expecting.

I Have Children and I Didn’t Even Know It by ThePackWantstheD

3,257 I Fluff, Pack Feels
General Audiences
“Holy shit,” Stiles shouted, sitting up and staring at Derek as the Alpha shimmed out of his jeans. “I’m their fucking mom aren’t I?”

Unbearable by oldamongdreams

3,524 I Crack, Fluff
Teen and Up
“Holy shit,” Scott said, his eyes wide. “You got Derek to go to Build-A-Bear.”

If My Heart Was a House (You’d Probably Just Cuddle the Fuck Out of It) by scisaaclaheys

4,669  I  Fluff, Pack Dynamics
Teen and Up
Stiles didn’t expect too much out of his relationship with Derek Hale - and he certainly didn’t expect to develop such motherly feelings towards the betas - but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m Too Old For This by orphan_account

4,987 I 6/6 I Pack Feels
Stiles is shoving his quirkiness at the pack with everything he does, becoming a solid and important part for all of them and lighting up Derek’s dark mood (or maybe darkening it, most of the time).
5 times Stiles was being pack mom
and 1 time Derek makes it official

Quantum Superposition by sdlucly

15,259  I  Pack Dynamics, Pack Feels
Teen and Up
They are trying to make it work, in a way. They need this to work. They aren’t pack yet, but Stiles thinks, maybe, in time, they can at least find middle ground.

A Question of Pack by impalagirl, and wilddragonflying

24,488 I Angst, Fluff
Teen and Up
WARNING: Tagged for Rape/NonCon and mentions of abuse
Stiles knows he isn’t pack.
But why do the Betas keep coming to him for advice and comfort?

Home Is Where the Pack Is (Series) by purplepen76

46,204 I 3 Works (Incomplete) I Mpreg, Pack Feels
Teen and Up/Explicit
Stiles loves Derek and he loves their pups nearly as much. Mothering a pack of early twenty-somethings who mostly also happen to be werewolves is not an easy task, but in the end there is no place he would rather be. When a new threat rolls into town, Derek and Stiles will do everything in their power to keep their family safe.

We Share a Crown (Series) by ahloralordine

105,919  I  3 Works (Incomplete)  I  Pack Dynamics, Canon Divergent
Teen and Up/Explicit
“So he’s in? It’s all settled? Woo-hoo. He’ll be here for pack meetings.” They only know about those through Isaac, who has been trying to convince Scott to join Derek’s pack with his sad, SPCA commercial worthy puppy faces every time they see him in the locker room, their chemistry class, and the cafeteria.
Derek tilts his head to the side. “Yeah. He’s in.”
“Cool.” Stiles lightly pushes Scott’s shoulder. He still looks like he drank pure lemon juice laced with wolfsbane. Oh, well. The love would come in good time. Hopefully. “And we’re off. Bye, Derek.”
“And you’re in too,” Derek says as soon as they turn their backs to him.

And that’s all we have for you right now! Hope you like them!

Love and internet hugs/Enjoy the tears,

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