time for change foundation

wild thought of the now: Dr Gears doing completely ordinary things when he’s alone at home like wearing sweatpants to bed and walking around dressed down; Dr Gears being called out for an emergency late at night and throwing on his slippers and a fluffy sweater because it’s cold and there wasn’t time to get changed into something more professional

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ohhh, i thought that your voltron drawings looked kinda different from your usual style but i couldn't put my finger on it, but now i noticed, you started emphasizing the outlines of the characters more, right? looks great! rly gives it more of an 'edge' xD

o(≧∇≦o)I actually changed my brushes and general art style I think? 

Whereas before was it something like this!: 

I spent the little free time this summer practicing to change my art style..!! Rebuilding the foundations of your art takes you to unsuspected new places!! o(≧∇≦o)

9/26/17 Reading

8 of Cups Reversed


2 of Wands

Oracle Color: Lilac; Strengthen your Faith 

Take the time to reflect on what matters to you.  What fuels you? This is also a good time to do an emotional inventory check; you may be feeling dissatisfied emotionally and the thought of leaving may have crossed your mind.  If this is the case, take the time to make sure that is the right decision.  With the 8 of cups reversed, it can be a caution to think before you act, hence the Temperance card following it.  This is the time to do some soul-searching, but know that you can be patient with yourself and that this will positively impact your future.  It’s time to get clear with yourself on where you stand with things. Emotional balance is needed. Everything that is happening now, is prepping you for the future. It’s time to set the foundation. Be bold. Be of change. 

For some other people, you may be dissatisfied with some creative endeavors, and it is stifling you emotionally.  If you are considering giving up, take the time to reflect on what your talent means to you (how you got started, etc) and figure out what you can do differently to get the success you crave.  This is the time to re-reflect and develop a plan that will carry you to the future.  Similar to the message from the New Moon Virgo reading, it’s time to organize.  


One of the reason, if not the only reason AKB48 rose from the tight theater they used to perform into garnering the icon of a national idol group that captivates thousands worldwide, can’t be found in their faces, or in their dance steps. AKB was different because of its structure, the idea of a group that can last for a life time through implementing one of the solid foundations of the world, change. But this structure relied on one fundamental thing, STORY. AKB48 became popular due to the stories, the bonds formed in between its members. While many will argue that these fellowships are formed in the face of a camera, it cannot disprove their reality in the eyes of the followers or in truth. We all watched in glory the rivalry between Maeda and Yuko. Everyone knew the bond between Atsuko and Takahashi, together they held each other until the final moments when the ace needs to step away. We held our hands together, having faith with Yuko and Takamina as they tried to fill the holes left by Acchan. We were either baffled or thrilled by the princess-like ascensions of Sato Amina, Yokoyama Yui, and Shimazaki Haruka. But with the changing of lineups, and the progress of time, it seems the limelight is blinding the structure into changing for the worse. There is hardly anything catching in the story of AKB right now. The depth of its music videos are being disregarded due to lack of directorship, dwelling more on the showcase of its member’s faces.  I can hardly buy any rivalry from Sashihara and Mayuyu and both have claimed they don’t feel like this as well. The effect is visible in the election, which used to be a ground for competition, and is now being degraded into a money gathering event. The Janken Tournament is no longer bears anything in terms of luck. Paruru and Yui, who would have stood as the new pillars of the structure broke just few days ago.

Maybe it’s a bit harsh to claim that AKB right now is hallow, but it is the truth considering from the number of people losing interest in what they have to offer. AKB was designed to withstand these trials but if the management fails to understand the fundamental reasons on why and how the group rose from its roots, then I fear for the day that AKB will give up and disband. I haven’t given up on it yet. I have my faith of Yokoyama Yui, and the rest of the girls. But I can only hope from afar that they will rise up from this challenge of time.  

august advice for the signs
  • aries: adventure fills your veins more so now than ever. open yourself up to your emotions, but keep one hand on the wheel. indulgence and gluttony walk a fine line.
  • taurus: there's something beautiful in the way you fall a little bit in love with every person you meet, but you can't keep giving pieces of yourself to every broken person who comes along. you and I know catharsis is your middle name.
  • gemini: its finally your time, and rightly so. it takes a big person to shoulder so much negativity with a smile on your face. don't bother asking for the respect you deserve, demand it.
  • cancer: you may be feeling this abstract dissatisfaction; you've been dealt a shit hand, but you're thriving in spite of that. even the fiercest of protectors have to ask for help from time to time.
  • leo: don't let your foundation be shaken; times of change call for rallying the troops. birthday cake tastes best with friends.
  • virgo: you find comfort and support from your circle, and though it may seem as if they're more distant from you now, you're still on their mind. reach back out to them. you're overdue for some tlc.
  • libra: you are a foster home for the broken and a familiar landmark for the lost. it can be dissociating to be so much for someone else, however. fall in love with all of your favorite things again, rediscover your center.
  • scorpio: letting those close to you know what you're thinking isn't a weakness. there is beauty in complexity, and bravery in vulnerability. it suits you.
  • sagittarius: revelry is a natural human emotion, but you must hold yourself accountable. a bucking horse makes few friends.
  • capricorn: your endeavors are not in vain. you may be feeling under appreciated, but the truth is you're just eight steps ahead of the rest of us. give us the chance to catch up. or dont. you'd know best either way.
  • aquarius: I think its time you sat down with your thoughts. throw away the one's that do you no good, save what builds you up, and make room for all that is in store for you. its exhilarating.
  • pisces: do not weep over the cobwebs and skeletons of your past, they are not your home now. who you were yesterday has no power over what you do today.
Top 10 Makeup Mistakes

Makeup can be a tricky art form, but it should also be fun and experimental….to a point.  Here are some of the top 10 common beauty mistakes.

1. Sharpie Eyebrows

Any makeup artist will tell you that great skin and brows are the most important part of makeup.  Brows shape the face and impact how people perceive you.  Eyebrows (like makeup) can also make you look softer, younger, sophisticated, glamorous and polished. See HERE how to fill in your brows appropriately. 




2. UNblended Eyeshadow

Blend, people, blend! And when you think you’re done blending, blend some more. Your face will thank you and so will anyone looking at your face.

This does not look good:

You really should never see a distinct line where one color starts and another color ends. BLEND, BLEND, BLEND… I can’t say this enough! Your smokey eye should look more like this: 

3. When your face color doesn’t match your neck color (wrong foundation)

You should always test your foundation on your jaw line. Test 3 colors and the one that blends and matches the most is the winner. You should also blend your foundation down onto your neck to get a blended look.

Going a shade or two darker is a no-no. Going darker can age you and make you look orange in photos.

Going a shade lighter can sometimes be ok to brighten your skin. Going too light can make you have a ghost face in photos. Especially because the flash of a camera can reflect off of your foundation and give you an extra white glow.Like so:

If the color of your skin changes during the summer time…so should your foundation.

4. Clumpy Mascara

Clumpy mascara just looks bad and unnatural. Lots of times the culprit is old, dried out mascara. See my tip to remedy this situation here. Other times the problem is adding way too many coats of mascara. They should look more like this:

5. Too Much Bronzer

Once again..The blending trick would work nicely here. Also, make sure the bronzer isn’t too dark for your skin tone. It doesn’t look good!

6. Too much blush too close to the nose

I love me some blush and I think everyone needs it, especially after taking all of the color out of your skin with your foundation.

Blush should be applied to the apples of the cheeks. I like to use the two finger rule. Place two fingers next to your outer nostril. Your blush should not get closer to your nose than that.

For perfect placement, use the old smile technique and swirl the blush directly on apples of your cheeks blending back towards the temples. Make sure the blush is well blended and that it almost melts into your skin. When applied correctly, blush can brighten any complexion and make you look years younger.



7. Lash Extensions gone wrong

Lash extensions can be awesome! The point of lash extensions is to look like you have longer, thicker NATURAL lashes. I have seen some bad extensions in my day. Either you can see the glue, or they are too thick and heavy that it looks like the woman can hardly keep her eyes open on her own.



8. Raccoon Eyes

Most woman conceal under their eyes to either hide dark circles or puffiness. Most of us have been doing it wrong our entire lives. This looks bad:

Once again…a bad color and reflective qualities made this a bad photo.

Try concealing in a triangle instead. I promise it works. 

9. Lining eyes only half way

True, that depending on your eye shape, lining your eyes all the way around can make your eyes look smaller and closer together. But lining them only half way can look silly too.

A softer line can make your eyes stand out and look much bigger and much better. 

Here’s how to: Line the outer edge of your eye then take a q-tip and smudge the liner towards the inner eye for a soft subtle look.

10. Obvious Lip Liner

Sarah Lucero from Stila says to “look for a lip pencil in a shade that mimics your natural lip tone and simply sketch around the lip line, adding shape and contour.” If you shade and shape the lips rather than line them, this will keep lip liner looking modern and beautiful regardless of the lipstick or lip gloss shade you choose to wear.”

Not this: 

I like to line my lips then shade them in with the liner then apply my lipstick on top of the liner.

Like this: 

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Hello! I remember a really really long time ago you posted something about how you used to have bad acne (I think in one of those share 5 facts about yourself things) Do you mind if I ask how you got it to clear up? I've been struggling with it for years and nothing works :( I remember you saying you were considering accutane which is what I'm thinking about too :/

Hi, nons! Of course I can help! :3 Lots of information under the cut.

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Where we Landed

So here is part one to the Riarkle fanfic I have been working on. I still have at least two more parts to it if not 3. (I got really carried away with the story.) I hope that everyone likes it. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Thank you.

3,234 words rating T for some swearing and mentions of sex.

Part Two   Part three  Part four

Part One

Maya and I sat in the bay window, tears rolling down my face.

“Are you going to be okay Honey? I can kill him if you want.”

No. I will be alright. I have just never been dumped before. I’m not mad at him, it just hurts right now.”

“Did he tell you why?”

“Yes,” I sniffed, my tears slowing, “But it is not for me to say. It really was a good reason. And I am glad he was honest.” I wiped the tears from my eyes. “I will be fine. We will be fine. I will get over the breakup and we will go on as best friends.”

“Are ya’ sure Honey?”

I smiled at her. I could feel the pain of it starting to fade already. “I’m positive Peaches.” Maya pulled me into a hug.


A tall lanky boy crawled through the window. It had gotten difficult for Farkle to fit through the window now. He was thin and smart like his father, but he gotten his height from his mother. He had even grown taller than Lucas topping out at 6’3”.  He took one look at me and being the perceptive genius that he is noticed that my face was puffy from crying. With concern in his voice he asked “Riley, are you okay?”

“Her and Lucas broke up.” Maya answered gently rubbing my back.

“But, why?”

Maya shrugged. “She told me to ask him.”

The look of care on his face warmed my heart. “Well I think he is an idiot, even if he is my best friend. Any guy would be lucky to have the love of the amazing Riley Mathews.” He reached over and gave my hand a loving squeeze.

“It is for the best Farkle. I guess I will just have to keep my eyes open for the next ‘lucky’ guy.”

I had realized that I wasn’t really even in love with him. We had been together since freshman year and I had just gotten used to him being there. I was 16 now. I was ready for something real. But for now I would try to focus on school. I ranked just behind Farkle and had a great chance at getting into an Ivy League school if I kept up the good grades. Maya, Farkle and I went to the living room and watched movies till we passed out on the couch.

I was shocked when I found out about Riley and Lucas. They had always looked so happy together. They ended suddenly, but at least she didn’t seem too heartbroken about it. After she told us the three of us decided to watch some movies. Maya picked a bunch of horror films and Riley kept getting scared. I couldn’t help but smile every time she hid her face in my shoulder from something jumping out. We stayed like that until we fell asleep; Maya holding her hand, me with my arm around her and her head on my shoulder.

When I woke up the next morning the living room had been cleared of all popcorn bowls, snack wrappers and glasses. The smell of the breakfast Mrs. Mathews was cooking in the kitchen made me realize how hungry I was. Looking over at Riley, I didn’t want to move though. She was still sleeping and looked so peaceful that I couldn’t bring myself to wake her.

“Good morning Mrs. Mathews. I didn’t mean to stay over last night.” She gave me look of confusion.

“It’s fine Farkle. You have stayed before. Or did something happen that I need to know about?” Riley shifted over, rolling onto Maya. I took the chance to walk into the kitchen and get a cup of coffee.

“Well no.” I didn’t know why I had felt the need to apologize. “I Just… I don’t know why I said that.” Topanga’s face softened in understanding.

“So they finally broke up then.” She flipped the last pancake over.

“Yeah. Wait, how did you know?” Looking over at the girls on the couch she put the pancake on the stack with the others and turned off the stove top.

“Farkle,” she said taking a sip of her coffee,”I have watched you grow up. You may as well be one of my own kids. I can tell when something is bothering you. You have loved Rile since you met in first grade. But in eighth things changed for you; things started to look different to you. You began to think less like a boy and more like a man. And at some at some point you stopped loving her.”

“Mrs. Mathews I could never…”

She cut me off holding up her hand. Taking another sip of her coffee she continued. “Farkle you fell IN love with her.” Her smile was so gentle. She really had watched me grow up. Every time we went to our favorite hangout spot, every time we would hang out at her house (which was often) she had always been there.

I smiled back at her. “Then you know why I could never tell her. I could never risk losing her. And I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I was the reason her smile faded. She just… deserves better.”

Topanga leaned up and kissed my cheek. “Look, I won’t say anything, but you should. In my opinion, after everything you have done for her; all the times you have been there for her, never expecting anything in return. You are exactly the kind of guy she deserves. Now, go wake up the girls before the food gets cold.”

I could smell the bacon like it was right under my nose. It was wonderful. My eyes sprung open when Farkle yelled out “OUCH!” Apparently there had been bacon under my nose. He had also been holding a piece under Maya’s when she decided to take a bite of the salty treat, also taking a bite out of Farkle in the process.

“Maya! That hurt.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t stick food in my face.”

I laughed taking my piece from him as he shook his other hand. “Careful Farkle. You might want to get checked for rabies or something.” He couldn’t fight the smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “How long have you been up Farkley?”

He shrugged “About ten minutes I guess. Just long enough to get some coffee and help your mom set the table.” Mom waved at us from the kitchen

“You better come get it while I go get your Dad and Augie.” The three of us rushed to the table and took our seats.

Dad was already standing in front of the class when we filed into history class Monday morning. He was dressed ridiculously in a bright blue suit with flared pants and platform shoes. He had also puffed up his curly hair and was wearing a pick comb in it.

“The 1970s. Waddya got?”

Farkle and I shot our hands up almost simultaneously. Maya, however, just blurted out her answer. “They had no idea what good fashion was.”

Dad rolled his eyes as the class laughed. “Farkle?”

“The 70s were largely dealing with the Vietnam War. Kids our age were being drafted into the army and sent overseas to die for a war no one understood. And the ones who did return were often plagued with PTSD, hatred from their fellow countrymen and the effects of Agent Orange.”

“Very good, what else Riley?”

“People were fighting for equality. Women were struggling to be seen as capable as men. ‘Separate but equal’ had been removed but racism was still running rampant; and there was the start of the gay rights movement.”

“Exactly! The 70s were a very tumultuous time in America. The foundations of society were beginning to change. Everyone wanted to be treated as human. And there was also a large movement for ‘traditional values’ with the conservative groups. We still see the effects of a lot of these changes today. In America now we have marriage equality. Women are CEO’s and executives of major companies. And African Americans can sit in a class with white students and be treated exactly the same.”

“We can also date and marry someone white without being worried about being beaten or killed.” Zay caught us off guard with his comment. He normally spent his time telling jokes. He and Vanessa had broken up about a year ago and he had recently started dating Missy who was smiling at him across the room.

Dad smiled softly at the two. “That’s right but we, as a nation still have a lot of room to grow. The police still stop and arrest more black people than any other race. When a woman gets raped she is told it is her fault. People still violently attack same sex couples for just holding hands and actively try to stop them from having families. The world is still changing and growing; just like you.

You all are at a very strange stage in your lives. You are no longer children but, you are not quite adults. Most people want to treat you like kids while expecting you to act grown up. And during all of this you are trying to figure out what and who you want to be. You are starting to falling in love for the first time and being bombarded with images of sex around every corner. You are getting jobs while still trying to keep up with school, family, friends and many other commitments. You are in limbo. So this week’s assignment is to figure out one major way you are personally growing. What is one way you and your world are changing that you never thought you would?”  

The bell rang out and we began to file out for our next class. “Farkle, can you stay back a moment? I need to speak to you about that recommendation you asked for.”

I looked back at him, “See you in chem?” He nodded and made his way over to Dad’s desk.

I walked over to Mr. Mathews’ desk and waited for the classroom to clear out. As he closed the door behind the last student I spoke. “This has nothing to do with my recommendation, does it?”

Leaning against the edge of his desk, he responded “Not even a little. Topanga told me about the other day. Were you ever going to tell me?”

“Honestly, sir, I wasn’t planning on telling anyone.” He nodded

“Look Farkle you are great and by far my favorite student. But you are also the guy in love with my daughter.”

I sighed, “Don’t worry sir. I am also the guy you won’t have to see dating your daughter.”

“That is the problem!” His voice was loud and startling. “You are so worried about never being good enough that you aren’t even giving yourself, or her for that matter, a chance to be happy; or at least see where thing could go. You know, for a genius, you are being really stupid about all of this.”

“Do you think that I am good enough for Riley?”

“No. I don’t. But that is because she is my little girl and, to me, no one will ever be good enough for her. But I also know that it is not my choice. Riley isn’t so little anymore. She is becoming a beautiful young woman. And she so desperately wants someone to really love her. It isn’t about being swept off her feet. She needs something genuine. But she is getting lost. You have all tried to protect her but, the real world still got in. And her smile is a little less bright because of it.”

“I know Sir.” I ran a hand through my hair trying to figure out what to say. “I am trying to get myself together, but I am just not sure what to do. Did you know that I have already been accepted to three great schools? Princeton has even offered me early admission. I could start as soon as next year. But here I am in New York wondering what to do. Wondering if I should stay or go. I am wondering if I should even try. I don’t need college. It is just going to be another piece of paper hanging on my wall. But it is Princeton, Harvard and Cambridge. I really don’t want to miss the chance. I just don’t know what choice is holding me back. Is it the choice of school or the girl? And if I can even get the girl I want to be the best man I can be for her. GODDAMMIT! I just want to be a man like Corey Mathews.” I was crying when I finally looked him in the eye. Mr. Mathews hugged me.

“You don’t have to be like me. Farkle Minkus is already a pretty amazing young man. You are so smart and kind that others should strive to be like you. Just do me a favor and think about talking to her. Let her be there for you like you are for her.” He walked over to his desk drawer and filled out a late pass. As he handed it to me he gave me one last pat on the back.

The halls were, thankfully, barren as I walked to chemistry. I looked in the window and saw her. She was smiling as she studied her notes. She was so amazing and the only chemistry that I could focus on was the effect she was having on me personally. “I can’t deal with this right now.” I turned from the door and headed to my car.

“Where is Farkle?” I thought as I looked over my notes from Friday. I had been looking over them for about ten minutes as the teacher prepared for the lesson when I glanced up at the door. Farkle was standing there looking down and then he just walked away. Something was wrong. I raised my hand “Mr. Coldwell? Can I get a nurse’s pass? I really don’t feel well.” Covering my mouth suddenly I faked a gagging sound.  

“Alright Miss Mathews. Please try not to vomit in my classroom.” I grabbed my things as he quickly scribbled out a pass for me. Snatching it from his hand I bolted out the door.

Once outside the room I looked for my friend. “Where the hell is he?” I ran down the hall scanning the area as I moved. I had just turned the corner in time to catch a glimpse of him heading out of the school. I ran for the door. I chased him all the way to the parking lot; making it to his car door just in time to yank it open as he cranked the vehicle. Startled by the sound of his door unexpectedly opening, Farkle jumped.

“Riley? What are you doing?”

Throwing my bag in the back seat I slid into the passenger seat and buckled in. “You know, those long legs of yours can really move fast.” Closing the door I looked at him and smiled. “So where are we going?”

He smiled back putting the car into gear. “Where do you wanna go Sunshine?”

“Coney Island boardwalk is probably pretty empty right now.” Nodding he drove off leaving the high school behind us. I grabbed my phone and texted my dad. ‘Farkle having a meltdown. Going to Coney to cheer him up. Ground me later.’

As the car rolled down the road I rested my head on the open window. The warm air felt great on my face but, I could smell that fall was coming soon. For now, however, everything was perfect. I couldn’t wait to ride rollercoasters and play games for the rest of the day. I didn’t care that this was probably the last moment of freedom I would probably have for a few weeks. All I cared about was the last of the summer air on my face and the guy sitting next to me.

I sat up and looked over at him. Farkle really had grown into himself over the years. He was no longer an awkward boy in turtlenecks but, a handsome and confident young man. His blue eyes sparkled as he smiled. Only the tightness at the corners of his lips showed that anything was bothering him. “God you are beautiful.”

“What?” he said in surprise.

Shit. I said that out loud. I laughed it off. “I said you are beautiful” I decided to commit to the statement a blush rising into my cheeks .And why shouldn’t I? It was true and he probably needed to hear it today. He smiled that warm smile again.

“So, are you going to ask me what’s wrong?”

“No. You are upset. But I am here to talk when you are ready. Until then I am going to do what I can to take your mind off of it. People forget how well I know that sometimes you just need a little time to figure out what to say.” It was true. The past few years had been no cake walk. Lucas and I had tried everything to save our relationship. But even when we had sex there was nothing. It had been good but, there was no spark anymore. We had lingered in that place between being together and breaking up for far too long. When it finally ended I was sad that it hadn’t worked. But, I was relieved that it was over. He had fallen in love with Maya and that was okay. I just wanted him to be happy and that wasn’t going to happen with me. I perked up as we reached our destination. “We’re here!”

She had called me beautiful. The girl I couldn’t stop myself from loving thought I was beautiful. With those words my day got a little better. I had been freaking out over everything and just like that, she took the pain away. Today just might turn out to be a great day… if her dad didn’t have me arrested for kidnapping. The boardwalk looked amazing sitting in front of us. I had barely put the car in park before she was out and yelling at me to hurry. I got out and she grabbed my hand, dragging me along. I locked the car as I let myself be pulled away. We spent the day pretending that we had no cares. The games and rides drained me of every that I had been worrying over. And to top it off I was with her. She was shining so bright it was hard to look at her. Her laugh penetrated me and brought such music to the world. As the sun sank down over the city she rested her head on my chest, my arm holding her close to me. I looked over at the girl beside me and beamed. “Riley.”

“Hum?” she responded eyes closed.

“Thank you for making today so amazing.”

“I’ll always be here for you Farkle. Always.”

The drive home was quiet. She had fallen asleep after our long day, her head resting on my window seal. And as she laid there I whispered to her, “Riley Mathews, you are the one that is truly beautiful.”

Sentence Meme || Lyrics Edition #2
  • “I’ll build you a kingdom." 
  • "You said that you love me." 
  • "I wake up alone." 
  • "Time can bring you down." 
  • "You’re not easy to find." 
  • "You tear us apart." 
  • "Nothing lasts forever, except you and me." 
  • "I don’t believe that beauty will ever be replaced." 
  • "I don’t believe in magic." 
  • "I believe in you." 
  • "You can’t always get what you want." 
  • "You will never love me again." 
  • "You’re hiding from me now." 
  • "I’ll be waiting when you call." 
  • "Let me hold you." 
  • "You’re my little bird." 
  • "When I’m with him, I am thinking of you." 
  • "I’m looking tired and feeling quite sick." 
  • "I’m wearing my brand new shoes." 
  • "Maybe we could make it all right." 
  • "We could keep trying but things never change." 
  • "I don’t look back." 
  • "You’re just somebody that I used to know." 
  • "Do what you want." 
  • "I live for the applause." 
  • "Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow." 
  • "It’s all for you." 
  • "You’ve got time." 
  • "The dog days are over." 
  • "What’s going on?" 
  • "Look at you." 
  • "Isn’t it ironic?" 
  • "You’re a Womanizer." 
  • "My fingertips are holding onto the cracks in our foundations." 
  • "Time may change me, but you can’t change time." 
  • "Is there life on Mars?" 
  • "Call me!" 
  • "I will follow you into the dark." 
  • "She moves in her own way." 
  • "Try not to get worried." 
  • "Dreams can come true." 
  • "Wouldn’t you love to love her?" 
  • "People get older." 
#clexaforme - what clexa means for me

So this is for the #clexaforme (it’s the 21st in Australia, and I’ve had this typed for days). But this is also partly, promptly, in a way, what started that idea (as a member of the group that organised it), and it’s to do with these tweets. I saw these tweets and whether or not they’re true – this, for some, inexplicable reason really… it really did something inside of me, something awful, and it made me reflect and need to say something that I think others share and the writers should know. Because reading an insinuation that one part, or half, of something that means something to you, truly means something, is going to kill the other half– regardless of whether Clarke and Lexa are endgame, or how they turn out to be – felt like an insult, personal. Not to the romance of the ship, but to what they, as a ship, represent. Because they, Clarke and Lexa, do mean something, something personal for a lot of us, myself included.

Clexa for me – it isn’t so much about the romance of the ship, even though that has so much potential of an epic storyline, and is already beautifully poetic. It isn’t that which makes it significant, to me.

Clexa for me was accepting my sexuality in being bi. Without Clexa, I wouldn’t accept a part of who I am. I wouldn’t accept that it was okay and normal and not something different. Unlike other LGBT representation, it showed me that love isn’t doomed outside of hetero relationships, because there is hope in Clexa. More than that, there is hope in representation that not all LGBT relationships are toxic, that the girl doesn’t end up with the guy, that a LGBT relationship lives.

And I don’t know the story of the show. I don’t know if they’re endgame or god if even Lexa lives but this tweet? It made me feel cornered, it made me feel like someone who thought they knew better was telling me that my love is wrong, it’s lesser, it’s damning and that I don’t have hope and it’s – it’s a horrible feeling. This tweet felt like an attack. And it may be disproportioning, it highly likely wasn’t her intention at all but – that’s what it made me feel. And it wasn’t just me, because I was talking about this with others who felt the same. It felt like I was being told that your love has no future, or place, doesn’t deserve what hetero couples in most TV shows have.

And that tweet, from a critic (who is supposed to show neutrality), assuming character thoughts and a characters fate, rather than a writer, wasn’t necessary.

It’s not about the ship. It’s about what the ship represents.

Someone I know said it well: Clexa is something that revolutionised how we think and feel and helped us to accept our own sexuality. That Clexa wasn’t made into a big deal, that the show didn’t make the label such a big deal where you still feel like the ‘other’, but instead simplified it to loving who you love, that gender didn’t matter was and is important.

And she’s right.

Because, I’ll say it again, Clexa isn’t just a romantic ship (and I could go on about the poetic dynamic to it). It’s an idea, a revolutionary one to those of us who it holds dear meaning for, and it means something bigger than the characters and even bigger than the show. It resonates with people, powerfully. 

There is a reason it gained as big a following as it did so quickly and so passionately, and yes, it’s the characters themselves individually, played by wonderful actresses who nail their performances, but it’s the characters and their stories intertwined, and what they represent together not just in the show but outside it. In the show, in their leadership roles, they represent two different cultures, two different people coming together in the harshness of the world to perhaps build a better one, or at least one where life isn’t just surviving. As personal individuals it’s two people coming together through trying and changing times on the powerful foundation of understanding, despite their cultural differences, and that’s beautiful.

I wouldn’t know a part of myself without this ship. I wouldn’t.

This ship has helped people. I know because I’m one of them. I know because I’ve talked to them. To people who felt like they couldn’t be who they wanted to be – it’s helped them too.

And to imagine that I wouldn’t have known this part of myself, to have gone on longer in life - possibly indefinitely - not as close to whole? I can’t. But I would be if not for Clexa. Clexa. Not another LGBT couple – because some shows I watch have LGBT. Clexa. Clarke and Lexa, revolutionised my awareness, because I fell in love with them and their story, their dynamic.

This ship means something. I didn’t even know something was missing until them.

It’s more than a romance, it’s more than a story. It’s a symbol. It’s representation, and not just that LGBT is there - but that it’s normal, that it’s okay and your sexualisation is not damning, that it’s not ruined and it’s hopeful and you can be happy being who you are.

God, despite the betrayal and the harshness of the world in the 100 the show does more for me than any other LGBT couple I’ve seen, in that I feel hope there. I don’t know what it means exactly for others of the fandom, but that’s what it means to me. It’s means hope, and it means acceptance, and that loving who you love is okay, it’s normal, it doesn’t define you, because you’re more than your sexuality, and times are hard but you get through and can succeed.

The fact that two impacting roles of the shows storyline are LGBT? That’s something. That they are both more than their sexuality, with Lexa the leader of an entire civilisation, and Clarke a uniter of that civilisation to the one that came from space, and that it isn’t dramatized and it’s normalised? That’s something. Something empowering.

I read a post, I can’t remember what or when exactly but it was about representation in young adult fiction, and it said this:

We owe it to queer girls to publish and write stories about them. We owe it to them to say “You are not a cautionary tale. You are complex and messy and confused and happy and your story is valid and you are important, your story is important. You get to be the protagonist or the best friend, you get the girl, you are deserving of space

That the 100 is willing to show that? That means something. Because I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Clexa isn’t ­just a ship. They aren’t just two characters we love and want together. We want those things because we love them – true, the same as any shipper for any ship. But more than that, Clexa is something personal for a lot of girls – and possibly guys – out there too. It’s changed lives. It’s changed perception, in a way no other representation has for others. And that’s pretty cool.

So it may not be endgame, as much as I dare hope – I don’t know the story (most of the fandom is pretty convinced Lexa is going to die, and those tweets didn’t help quell that angst). But know, truly know, that this means more to a lot of us than just whether two characters get together, whatever their fate. 

Life should be more than just surviving, and we do deserve better.

My life has changed with Clexa. Who I am has changed with Clexa. And life with it? Has been 100% better than my life without it, and I have the show to thank for that; I have the writers and the actors to thank for that. Truly. Mochof. Thank you. Thank you.

anonymous asked:

smth that annoys me to no end about shipping deancas is when others say you are crazy for shipping it or insane for seeing it. like I don't care at all if not everyone ships or likes it but to say that there isn't something there, is just??

Oh yes, it’s annoying, but I do get why for the anti-people this is their favorite card to play. :p

Because it’s a male/male couple, it’s much easier to say ‘hey, you are insane for seeing this on that particular show that isn’t about Da Gays’ and end it there, than to acknowledge and argue about all of the actual evidence that has been on the actual show in order to try and debunk it. 

So many romantic tropes have been used for Dean and Cas during the past seven seasons (even paralleled with actual canon couples on the show); I’ve lost count. (Still, for some of the most blatant examples and details including proof, go to this post -> Click! )

The funny thing is though, the longer the show runs, the harder it’ll get for the antis to play that card and make it believable. The world has changed, television has changed, life now is not the same as it was 10 years ago when Supernatural was fresh and new.

Back then, a same sex relationship between two characters (especially main characters, let alone them being bisexual on top of it) on network television was nothing but a hopeless dream. Right now, shows like for example ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ and ‘The 100′ prove that it’s far from impossible even on certain networks, and that it’s actually way more realistic to have diversity than to feverishly keep all the main characters white and straight. 

No matter how you twist it, currently on Supernatural, technically no one has a more potentially interesting romantic story line with Dean than Cas does, and no one has a more potentially interesting romantic story line with Cas than Dean does. 

We live in a day and age where certain groups of people (think they) can still get away with the ancient ‘you’re crazy, they’re not gay’ excuse (thus ignoring the fact that Cas is technically a gender-less celestial being to begin with and that bisexual is a legit sexual orientation), and as long as that ‘easy way out’ is there in some form, they will obviously take it and use it. 

But thankfully more and more shows, movies, and people in general are starting to see that love is love, and that a great love story or awesome chemistry shouldn’t be ignored because it isn’t ‘the standard’. 

So bottom line: Just because some people are either still stuck in the stone age, or are blinded by hate and want to hold on to the old times, that doesn’t change the fact that your ship has more than enough foundation to be a romance, in Destiel’s case even more so than basically any of the other ‘canon’ ships that have been on that same show. 

Which means that the point is moot, really. :p Are you insane for shipping them? No more than others are insane for still being convinced that everyone in this entire world is straight, or either don’t believe that but play that card because it’s the easy way out when it comes to LGTB+ ships that they dislike. 

Getting Hot In Here: Makeup Tips For Hotter Weather

Although I feel as if it’s been cold for fucking ever, which I suspect is because of our nation’s undying allegience to the movie Frozen, it’s finally warming up at long last. With the days of bundling up and screaming at the snow coming to a close and the dawn of being constantly sweaty and unhappy inches upon us, it’s time to think about changing up the foundation and skin routine. Why? I don’t know about you, but in the winter my skin is a dry fuckwad mess and in the summer it’s oily and just ready to create gigantic pimples if I’m not careful. That’s Mother Nature’s way of saying “you decided to put up Subway Sandwich Franchises where my flowers were, so screw you.” So. Here’s the jist: my skin is relatively clear so I’m comfortable minimizing my makeup in the summer, but I know plenty of you don’t feel comfortable going without foundation or a heavier makeup look…and screw everybody who makes you feel bad about that. The tips below are useful for those looking to wear any amount of makeup in the hot months.

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Alec and Magnus’s relationship, the way I see it

I am so in love with the way this show is treating Magnus and Alec. You can tell that Magnus is the one with age and experience, and he’s bold because of it. He’s immortal and he knows chances that he’ll find someone to love who isn’t are higher than him finding someone like himself – and he knows that when that happens, he doesn’t have time to waste, if he wants to make the most out of the given time with that person. It doesn’t matter who he, a downworlder warlock from whom everyone wants something, loves – he won’t be judged for any of his choices. He gets this freedom because he’s no one’s marionette, he’s loyal to no one.

And then there’s Alec, who’s the exact opposite. He’s inexperienced, a virgin in every sense of the word, too pure for this world. Raised to be a good little soldier, loyal to his family, has to live up to high expectations and is always responsible for not only his actions, but actions of others – actions he has objectively no power over. Life’s unfair to him, all the time - and he can either bear with it or go against it. But he’s been raised to do the former, it’s all he knows, and change is possible but it takes time.

Four interactions with someone won’t magically change the very foundation of his character, but it’s a start. Magnus is showing him something new, something that feels better than what he’s felt before. Someone’s appreciating him. And I’m not only talking the obvious physical appreciation, which certainly helps considering that Jace has always been in a spotlight, even in his own family – but there’s the mental appreciation too. You can tell that Magnus wants to be all over that hot body, but the second Alec wants to talk about his feelings and get them off his chest, Magnus disregards his physical needs just to listen to Alec. And when he gives advice, he gives a general one, a good one – not selfish one, for his own purpose. He never told Alec “just leave your family behind and be with the person you love.” but basically told him to follow his heart, whatever Alec interprets it as.

Alec’s sexuality has been repressed his entire life, it’s something his society would condemn him for – and we have that in real life, it’s so easily relatable, and coming out to stand up for yourself isn’t easy at all. It’s a lengthy process and it takes the opposite kind of courage that Alec has when it comes to protecting his loved ones. It’s easy for him to be there for everyone else but himself, because he’s never been put in the first place and with Magnus it’s happening for the first time. First times are scary, they make you nervous and excited – and you can tell it’s what Alec is, with all his stuttering and spontaneous smiles and bolder decisions.

As much as I would love for Magnus and Alec to just get together already, objectively, I’d be weirded out if it happened in next episode. Or even in the one after that, depending on what happens in the next one. He’s not ready. He’s getting there, but it’s not time yet. There are more views his eyes have to be opened for, wise words he needs to be told, bold people to be around – and I think Lydia’s going to play such a huge role in it. With her introduction in this episode, we’ve learned that she’s so much more than just a woman to hate on in a show, a plot filler to cause drama. She’s appreciating Alec too – she’s like the Magnus Alec’s family would accept and it’s a start. Not romance wise, but a start for Alec to realize some things. What really matters, what he wants, how he needs to stand up for himself.

And Magnus – he’s a man who can’t fathom why someone wouldn’t want him. He needs a challenge. And Alec needs someone not to give up on him, because I’m sure he believes he’s a tough one to love – and Magnus should be determent in proving him otherwise. Alec needs for someone to put him first, to chase after him, just as much as Magnus needs to chase – and when that happens, that’s when I say “I feel like they’re ready for each other.” But until then, I love every single scene they share that isn’t a representation of this sire-bond-like, blind puppy love Clary and Jace have. I love the screamingly loud subtlety of their growth. I love every single decision that has been made in this show regarding these characters, individually and together. And I trust these writers, directors, actors and everyone else that they’ll continue handling all of this well – because it’s very obvious to me that they aren’t taking their job lightly and are actually putting a lot of thought in every single decision they make.