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Batfamily and favorite cold drinks and hot drinks? Thanks!

Bruce: black coffee, lemon water

Dick: hot cider, lemonade

Jason: spiced hot chocolate, soda (he says pop)

Tim: coffee with lots of sugar, iced coffee

Steph: chai tea, fruit punch

Cass: herbal teas, apple juice

Damian: earl grey tea, Shirley temples

Babs: green tea, strawberry milkshakes

Duke: espresso, fruit smoothies

Alfred: earl grey tea, basil lemonade


Frankie (Francesca) Charles from the Batgirl comics. I’d love to see her as a more well known character! She uses forearm crutches AND a wheelchair! Love it so much!

Credit to @dcwomenofcolor For the edits on these photos. :) Dcwomenofcolor.tumblr.com
Moar BatDad Headcannon
  • Bruce has attended every single extracurricular and graduation event for all his Batkids. (He even went to some of Superboy’s while Superman was being a douche.)

  • For the first three times a Robin/Batgirl has their solo patrol, Batman follows at a distance. It’s an open secret.

  • Bruce pulls out the ‘Bat Glare’ TM every time one of his kids brings home a significant other, no matter their gender. 

  • Bruce sends Jason care packages under Alfred’s name. Jason totally knows but accepts them any way.

  • He sends Dick packages as well.

  • Batman once let a three year old play with the edge of his cape while he was talking to the cops. (He almost melted when he heard the kid try to do a Batman impression.)

  • Batman once let a small-time crook get away because the young pregnant teenage cashier went into labour. He stayed the whole time with her and she name the kid ‘Robin’.

  • Bruce once caught Tim trying to sneak out of a public event. He covered Tim’s escape and brought cake with him afterwards.

  • Batman has an ‘Open Door’ Policy that the entire Young Justice has taken advantage of at some point or another.

  • Bruce some how managed to acquire baby photos of all his Batkids. Including Jason, Cassandra and Damien. No one is entirely sure how.

  • Stephanie once came home crying because of a boy. The next day, the boy apologised and begged Stephanie not to set ‘her uber scary dad’ on him again.

  • Bruce totally does all the voices when he is persuaded to read to the younger Batkids. In a really good mood, he even acts it out.

  • Batman has a first aid kit with Justice League band-aids. 

  • Dick instigate ‘Post Mission Sleepovers’ after he caught Bruce checking on all of them at least twice a night after ever major mission, regardless of who went or what happened.

  • It’s an open secret in Gotham that Batman is a total softie for anyone under the age of 10. 

  • Bruce will go the supermarket at 10pm for feminine hygiene products and ice cream should the need arise.

  • Bruce will use any opportunity to brag about his kids.

  • Every piece of art work one of the Batkids did, no matter how bad or at what age, gets put on the fridge. No Exceptions. (Until Alfred put his foot down. Now they all go on a wall in the Batcave. It’s already 3/4′s full.)

  • Batman will give the Silent Treatment if one of his kids is unfairly criticised.  (Booster Gold was never the same.)

  • Bruce takes grounding to a whole new level.
Badass Barbara Headcannons

:: She once fought lol the bat boys at once and beat them all.
::She once saved Damian from getting crushed by a collapsing, burning home.
::She stoped Dick from getting shot in the head by kicking the gun, shooting herself in the foot.
::During her time as Batgirl she refused to go to let anyone else treat her wounds as she could do it herself.
::She has hacked the Batcomputer so many times Bruce gave up on stopping her and granted her complete access to it.
:: Bruce trusts her with his life.
::She will fight anyone who threatens anyone she cares about and will plan it so it she can not be beaten.
:: She is the only person who scared the Batman


stardustkr7‘s Barista Headcanon: Jay and Babs

Artist: JBadgr


I did the thing.

Based off of stardustkr7‘s brilliant post <3 Barista by day; antihero by night!


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