time for a merlin rewatch i think


“You intrigue me, Merlin. Why does a lowly servant continue to risk everything for Arthur and for Camelot?
Time and again you put your life on the line. There must be a reason.”

“I believe in a fair and just land.”

“And you think Arthur will give you that?“

“I know it.”

“And then what? You think you’ll be recognised, Merlin? Is that it?”

under-giffed scenes // a 2017 rewatch
↳ 3.01

Come Home - Keith x Reader

Requested by anon: Can you do a voltron scenario where when goes to do his whole discovering himself thing at the Blade of Marmora, instead of when he sees Shiro he sees his s/o who wants to ‘go home and settle down together’? Bonus if his s/o is there and watching with Shiro

Love this request, especially because it gave me an excuse to rewatch the Blade of Marmora episode, thanks for the request I hope you like it :D

Also I may or may not have stolen the idea for the “remember the first time I kissed you scene from Arthur and Gwen’s scene in Merlin, but I just couldn’t resist.

Now I know this isn’t exactly what you asked for since it isn’t so much about them settling down together? Hopefully it’s still alright? What I was thinking of was doing a replacement scene of the bit where Keith sees his dad but instead he sees his s/o and it’s them married maybe with a young child? And she’s trying to convince him to stay? I didn’t want to add it to this one as it’s already so long but I could write that as a part 2, let me know :D


"Are you sure about this Keith?” Shiro asked; trying and failing to keep a slight note of panic out of his voice.

“Shiro I have to do this, this is my one chance to get answers about my past” Keith replied, pulling the last of his Marmora battle armour on.

Y/N noted the determined look on her boyfriend’s face and realised there was no way he was changing his mind, Shiro had seemed to come to the same conclusion as instead of arguing further he just sighed and nodded.

“I’ll give you guys some time” Shiro said looking between them and stepping out of the room.

“Keith…” Y/N started, she knew what she wanted to tell him, those three little words that neither of them had said to each other yet, she so wanted to say it but the words just got caught in her throat .

“Just…just be careful okay”

“I’ll be fine Y/N, stop worrying” Keith tried his best to put on a reassuring smile but Y/N could tell he was nervous, and he had every right to be, either he succeeded in this combat trial or he died trying.

Keith would have to be stupid not to be afraid of failing, Keith may be headstrong and cocky but he wasn’t stupid.

“Hey” Keith said softly, bringing Y/N out of her thoughts “Could you do one thing for me?”

“Anything” Y/N replied earnestly.

“Show me that beautiful smile of yours”

Y/N chuckled slightly although it may also have been a slight sob, there were tears in her eyes, as she realised this might be the last time she spoke with Keith, and try as she might she couldn’t muster a smile.

Keith placed two fingers gently under Y/N’s chin and tilted her head up so she was looking at him, he gazed into her eyes for a moment and tenderly wiped a stray tear from her cheek before continuing.

“Do you remember the first time I kissed you?”

And despite everything Y/N couldn’t help but let a fond smile cross her face at the memory, remembering how nervous Keith had been when he had pressed his lips against hers for the briefest of moments before pulling away and how she had laughed and pulled him back in for a longer kiss.

“That’s more like it” Keith said with a smile that mirrored her own.

Then without warning Keith’s expression grew serious and he leaned in to kiss Y/N passionately, one hand resting on her cheek, the other coming up to cradle her the back of her head. Y/N’s arms instinctively rested around Keith’s neck and deepened the kiss, they stayed there kissing heatedly until an awkward cough behind them broke their collective trance.

They moved apart, Y/N blushing slightly, she had completely forgotten about Shiro.

“I’ll just errm…” Y/N gestured outside the room and gave Shiro and Keith some privacy to say what they needed to say, partially to give her some time to cool down. When outside the room though, her thoughts raced, the main thing on her mind? The fact that she hadn’t told Keith she loved him. This might be the last time she saw him and she was too much of a chicken to say three little words?

Y/N shook her head, she couldn’t think like that, she had to be positive. Keith was going to be fine and when he finished this trial and was safe…then she was going to tell him she loved him.


Y/N winced as Keith took a blow to the side, it was agonising watching him in this much pain, unable to do anything to help him, she could feel Shiro squeeze her shoulder in reassurance, but he was nervous too, she could feel it.

“Surrender the blade and the pain will cease”

“Never” Keith growled through gritted teeth.

Y/N wanted to scream at him for being so stubborn, if he would just give up that damn knife he would be safe and he could come home.

“You are not supposed to go through that door” and yet Keith charged through into the next room anyway, Y/N had lost count of how many rooms that was now, but in the next room Keith did something unexpected.

Instead of fighting he threw his knife and jammed one of the floor panels before they closed and jumped through it, and went down to the lower level where is adversaries had been coming from. Y/N almost cheered in relief, he had solved it…hadn’t he? But then he collapsed  the strain of fighting had finally caught up with him. Shiro and Y/N both tensed with worry, but he’d be fine right? He had finished the trial, they had to help him.

“The trial is not yet over” the Blade of Marmora member, who stood with them, uttered, as though reading her thoughts.

“What do you mean?” Y/N asked angrily “He solved your trial, he won”

“The trial is not yet over” was the only answer she received.

“But you have to help him, he’s badly injured!” Y/N continued, half angry, half pleading.

“Y/N…” Came Shiro’s voice from beside her, Y/N turned to looked at him and noticed he was still watching Keith.

But Keith wasn’t alone, helping him to his feet was…Y/N? How was that possible?

“It’s a virtual mindscape, created by his suit, reflecting his greatest hopes and fears, and at this moment your friend desperately wants to see you”

Y/N processed all of this as she watched Keith and this fake version of herself reunite.


“Y/N?” Keith asked shakily, looking up almost in disbelief as Y/N nodded and offered him her hand, to help him up.

“What happened?” Keith asked as he got unsteadily to his feet.

“You did it!” Y/N said, clearly relieved “You passed their trial, now all you have to do is give them the knife and we can go home”

Keith paused for a moment looking sadly at Y/N.

“Keith, what’s wrong” she asked, her voice full of concern.

“You know I can’t give them the knife”

“Why not? Don’t you want to come home…with me?”

“You know I do, but….”

“But nothing, you beat their stupid test, you have nothing to prove; least of all to me” Y/N said softly, coming closer to Keith and resting her hand on his cheek.

Keith closed his eyes sadly, he hated doing this to Y/N, he didn’t want to hurt her but he couldn’t just give up now, not when he was so close, why couldn’t she understand that?

“Y/N I can’t just give up, I have to get answers”

Y/N’s brow furrowed in annoyance and she withdrew her hand from his cheek.

“Keith…I want us to be together but I don’t think I can stay with someone who’s so selfish”

“Wait…no…Y/N I want us to be together too”

“Well then you know what you have to do”

“Y/N I want to be with you more than anything…but I need answers about my past”

It was at that moment that Y/N turned and began to walk away.

“No Y/N please don’t go…please…I…I love you…”

He began to run after Y/N but then there was a white flash of light and he fell to the floor unconscious.

When he woke up Y/N was there hovering over him, tears in her eyes.

“Y/N you came back…” Keith said weakly.

“Sssh it’s OK, it wasn’t real, it wasn’t really me, it was a mental projection…yet another trick from the Blade of Marmora”

Keith sat up slowly as Y/N’s words registered.

“Hey Keith?”


“I love you too”

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Merlin prompt with Arthur "wait a second is THE Arthur Pendragon jealous??! Merlin get over here!" "ohh it's quite rude to swear in front of a (lady/princess) is it not?"

Omg, thank you! I’m fangirling so much about Merlin because I’m rewatching it! :3

Originally posted by dididdou

I stared at Arthur, analyzing his expression. He noticed this, because he did his best to break the silence.

“All I’m saying is…” He said, trying to buy some time to think of something else to say. “You don’t know him, so you should be careful”

“Wait a second… is the Arthur Pendragon jealous?!” I smirked, my grin growing bigger when he blushed ever so lightly. “Merlin, get over here!”

Our friend, who was preparing the table at the other side of the room, heed my call. 


“Arthur is jealous!”

“What?” Merlin laughed, always ready to tease our royal friend. 

“I am not!” The blond retaliated, offended.

“He says that the lovely prince we met the other day could have hidden intentions” I told Merlin, deliberately mocking Arthur.

“The charming, polite and kind prince?” The dark-haired one said, still laughing. “I don’t think so, sire, you must be jealous indeed”

“I’m not bloody jealous!” Arthur shouted, getting too carried away by our teasing.

“Oh, it’s quite rude to swear in front of a lady, is it not?” Merlin was definitely having fun. 

“I did not swear, Merlin!” 

“Are you sure? Maybe your jealousy is blinding your judgement”

“I’ll accuse you both of treason” Arthur was blushing, and it was such an amusing sight that both Merlin and I couldn’t resist.

He just refused to stand there and take our jokes, so the blond just walked away. Merlin and I remained there, laughing and joking.

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i JUst saw you were in the Merlin fandom so uh maybe a Merlin AU with Nico as Authur and Will as Merlin (But he kinda specializes in healing magic and like brings Nico back from the brink of death all the time )

  • will visits the market closest to the di angelo’s castle once a week probably and one time while hes there he gets caught in the middle of the knights’ training and a couple of the knights start trash talking him for getting in the way and literally the one thing that will says back is essentially calling nico a 12 year old and nico basically responds with ‘pal you better not show your face here again got it’
  • and wills ready to get the heck out of there but he overhears someone plotting to crash the king’s dinner that night to kill the prince so wills like “ok guess im also gonna crash that dinner and use my magic to stop that from happening hopefully nobody sees me”
    • thankfully instead of ending up getting burned at the stake for practicing magic inside the kingdom, will gets rewarded for saving the prince (who turned out to be that jerk hanging out with the knights at the market) and the king offers will the position of nico’s servant/bodyguard
    • will gives his fakest smile and is like “yes thank you thats totally what i wanted to come out of this situation please dont kill me”
  • so will has to wait hand and foot on nico the total jerk and thats not even the biggest problem!! bc nicos super against magic users and has no idea how to be polite!! so he keeps ticking people off and getting on their bad side so they come back to try to kill him!!! and ofc will as the bodyguard has to keep getting him out of trouble
  • will manages like 2 years of saving nicos life over and over and somehow never gets caught even when hes using magic literally constantly, and over time nico stops acting like a complete and total jerk??? at least to will???? like sometimes he still does but will can tell its just teasing and they sort of develop,,,,, a relationship??? almost??? theres feelings there but they cant say anything to anyone and can only act on it in private
    • hazel’s the only one they can talk to bc theres no one nico trusts more than hazel they tell each other everything (except for the fact that hazel also has magic???? her and will bond over that and nicos always confused about what they could possibly have in common)
  • nico ends up way more hurt then ever before once bc someone managed to get him and will separated and when wills finally there to heal nico he’s too afraid to let nico fall asleep bc hes too injured and what if he doesnt wake up??? but he has to heal him asap or hes gonna die real soon
    • so wills like “nico u need to listen to me very carefully im so sorry i never told u but i have magic and thats how ive been healing u all the time and thats what im gonna do now so please dont be angry im doing this bc i love u and if u dont let me then youre gonna die so please just hang on ok”
  • he gets nico healed and gets him tucked into bed and he sleeps for like 2 days and when he wakes up he makes will get in the bed with him and will thinks theyre gonna cuddle but nico hits him bc how dare will never tell him he had magic did he really think nico would have him killed????

now i wanna rewatch merlin so thanks for that but im in the middle of a voltron rewatch so,,,,,,

thanks for the suggestion!!!! i hope this is what you were looking for!!!

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merlin for the fandom ask thing

thank you!! i love and miss this show so much

favourite female: morgana
favourite male: merlin
3 other favourite characters: arthur, gwaine, kilgharrah
3 otps: this one is hard because i was like 9-12 when i was watching merlin and i didn’t really care about romance at the time so uhh. let’s say freylin, merwaine and maybe morgwen ? for some reason i never got into merthur (i really enjoyed their dynamic as platonic tho) although maybe i will if i rewatch the show idk
notp: no idea. probably none
funniest character: gwaine
prettiest character: nimueh ! now that i think about it she might have been my first gay crush asjkjs
most annoying character: maybe agravaine
most badass character: morgana
character i’d like as my bff: merlin
female character i’d marry: morgana
male character i’d marry: merlin. it would be a classic friends to lovers trope since we’d also be besties
character i hate/dislike/least like: agravaine

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